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Girl, 17, Charged for Allegedly Having Sex with Boy, 14

“A 17-year-old Sheboygan girl was charged Thursday with misdemeanor sexual assault for allegedly having sex with her 14-year-old boyfriend… [The accused] admitted having sex with the boy between 10 and 15 times, according to a complaint charging her with fourth-degree sexual assault. She faces a maximum of nine months in jail, if convicted. Police began investigating when the boy’s mother reported he might be staying overnight at [her] house, the complaint said. [The accused] told police the boy had claimed to be 16.” — Sheboygan Press (US)

(Note: PervScan removed the teenager’s name from the excerpt of the report.)

Apparently there is a teen sex panic in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. The news reports that, the day prior to this arrest, a 17-year-old boy had been arrested for having sex with a 14-year-old girl. At least the local Assistant District Attorney is consistent. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a girl doing a boy or a boy doing a girl. If one of them is underage, he’ll arrest the other.

If you’re a thinking person, it is difficult not to feel a sense of outrage at a story such as this. In the first place, a law may be a law, but to arrest a young person for sleeping with her boyfriend simply defies common sense. If it were really a crime for a 17-year-old to have consensual relations with a 14-year-old, half of America would be in jail. In the second place, the local press did not hesitate to post the young lady’s name, address, and photo. It’s the scarlet-letter treatment, publicly shaming her for an act that few people in the world would consider a crime. In the third place, the age of consent in Wisconsin is 18. When both the accused and her “victim” are legally underage, how can one be charged with a “misdemeanor sexual assault?”

Rather than have an age-of-consent law that stipulates an absolute cut-off age, wouldn’t it be more reasonable to consider the age difference as well? Imagine a law that defines the age of consent as 16, but only with a difference in age greater than 3 years. This would make it legal for a 14-year-old to sleep with a 17-year-old but not a 40-year-old. Perhaps the severity of the crime could even be weighted by the age difference, so that it’s less of a crime when a 20-year-old sleeps with a minor than when a 40-year-old does. Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

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Chris Finch
Jan 23 2009
1:31 am

1) You’d have to pay me to sleep with her, regardless of her age

2) Most 14yr old guys would love to fuck a 17yr old, but it hardly ever happens.

3) If she is 17 and she is banging 14yr old boys who think Bacardi Breezer is hardcore, then what does that say about her own self esteem? Will she start dating 12yr old boys when she has served her punishment?

4) Nobody should really be even considering having sex until they are fully physically and mentally formed (ie 18 to 21), have reasonable self esteem, and preferably, dont still live with parents.

5) epic fail.

Jan 23 2009
7:49 am

Chris some of your comments just leave me shaking my head. Then I recall chatting on messenger with you a few times and you explained that your a 20 something virgin. Not sure what your hatred of sex and people that have sex is but teenagers always have and always will have sex.

Teens having sex have more to do with biology than self esteem, it`s a natural evolutionary process. You really need to get laid.

*No Offence Ment*

Supervert, I was just discussing the `Romeo and Juliet` laws yesterday on another forum. Here in Michigan it was just passed in Noverber 08. I have a friend on the SOR for 10 years now for consensual sex at 18 with a girl a couple years younger. He did 1 year in prison and has been screwed ever since. He got a letter from the state in December that he is eligible to have his conviction erased and get off the SOR.

Its about damn time states are realizing how bad some of these laws passed in the mid 90`s are. The politicians took away any descretion and ability for judges to use common sence in these cases.

As a parent of a 16 year old boy the SOR scares the bejesus out of me. If he gets some from the girl down the block he`s potentially screwed for life.

Jan 23 2009
7:56 pm

In Ohio, the law says (or at least, one instance in the law says) that anyone eighteen or over cannot have relations with anyone under sixteen. That makes sixteen and seventeen golden times of boning anyone of any age. And legally. I guess that’s the important part.

Sorta like that age buffer you were talking about, but much simpler for the math-incompetent average American.

Also in Ohio, lies can extend that age down to, like, thirteen or something. She woulda been in the clear two-fold in our awesome state. Or Canada. Too bad WI doesn’t have any contact with that place. That’d set ‘em right.

Jan 23 2009
8:19 pm

“Teens having sex have more to do with biology than self esteem, it`s a natural evolutionary process. You really need to get laid.

*No Offence Ment*”


Maybe the seventeen year old girl shouldn’t have fucked the fourteen year old boy, and vice versa. Furpo is right though, it’s biology and self esteem isn’t really involved here. People sometimes make the wrong choices but it’s their choice. I definitely think the difference factor should be a factor here, that is with the three year difference. If the age of consent is sixteen or eighteen and someone is up to three years younger than, let’s say, seventeen, like fourteen and they have relations with fourteen then they shouldn’t be so harshly penalized, if at all. They definitely shouldn’t go on the Sex Offender Registry or the SOR! That thing really fucks up lives! If both were teenagers and the age of consent is eighteen, then technically, according to the letter of the law both of them should be considered minors and the case should be thrown out. This is crazy!

Jan 23 2009
9:56 pm

I don’t think Chris has a problem, some people develop later then others and some early. Regardless
’sexual freedom’ is a new and ‘modern’ concept and I think it is extremely true that that girl obviously does have extreme self esteem problems probably form never having a proper father figure in her life. The sexual revolution gave a whole generation of people huge issues..and you can see this by the fact that most western women are so screwed up in the head and get fucked and chucked so much.

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