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Mother Arrested For Having Sex With Son’s Friend

“A 36-year-old mother was arrested Monday for allegedly having consensual sex with a friend of her son. According to the police report, Mary Lee Worley admitted to the victim’s father that she had sex with the 15-year-old boy in her home while he was spending the night with her son sometime last month. The victim told his youth pastor about the incident, and the youth pastor then confronted Worley about it. Worley is charged with lewd and lascivious acts with a minor. She is currently out on bond.” — (US)

Nobody looks attractive in his or her mugshot, but if you have a look at Ms. Worley’s, you can see that she might be an attractive woman. Take the stress of criminal charges off her mind, get her a little sleep, put on some makeup, and she could easily be the sort of hot mama — the MILF — that teenage boys jerk off to. And indeed, by all accounts her encounter with the fifteen-year-old boy was consensual.

What’s the big deal, then? If it seems weird even to classify this story in the pedophilia department, it’s because most boys would be more than happy to have a sexual experience like this in their past. It might have been imprudent for Ms. Worley to indoctrinate this young man into the pleasures of the flesh, but it hardly seems illegal — however, seems is definitely the operative word. The age of consent is the age of consent and the law is the law, so technically Ms. Worley committed a crime. Nevertheless, it seems like much ado about nothing. Should Ms. Worley have to spend the rest of her life as a registered sex offender just for playing the role of older woman in this young guy’s own personal fantasy version of The Graduate?

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Jul 22 2005
12:34 am

I don’t know about you, but honestly, I find the idea, regardless of the legality, of a 36 year old mother going after a 15 year old to be somewhat lacking in good judgement, especially if it’s her son’s friend. A parent doesn’t take advantage of the position like that and should know not to give into a fucking 15 year old, however “wily” he might be.

Seriously, eye-roll inducing.

Jul 22 2005
1:33 pm

Calling this ‘no-big-deal’ is a double-standard. If the sexes were reversed, or if they were both men or both women, nobody would question hanging the older person out to dry.

Jul 23 2005
1:28 pm

Trala- that’s a very good point. If a 36 yr old man had seduced a 15 yr old girl, or even if he just gave in to her crush, it would still be deemed rape.

However, a lot of guys seem to lose their virginity in this way, having lost it to an older woman, or older female family member.

A friend of mine lost his virginity to a hooker, which must be both a very good, and very bad way to lose it.

Jul 29 2005
11:34 am

It *is* no big deal.
Had it been a man with a teen girl I would still feel the same: it’s their own choice who they have sex with.

Age of Consent laws are nothing but a bad compromise. All sex should be assumed to be legal unless it can be proven in each individul case that one of those involved was incapable of consenting or did not consent. “Innocent until proven guilty” so to speak.

Jul 29 2005
5:37 pm

i wouldn’t mind doing my best friends mom

mohammed al-mamhoon
Jul 31 2005
2:25 pm

*sigh* Age-of-consent matters are always debatable. It’s always hard to say whether a certain 15-year-old was mature enough to decide for his/herself. AOC laws are usually tuned for the most immature, but they have some sense.

Aug 4 2005
9:51 pm

‘Cool’ Mom Pleads Guilty To Charges

Silvia Johnson admitted giving marijuana, methamphetamine and alcohol to eight Arvada West boys at parties she frequently hosted at her home between the fall of 2003 and September 2004. She also admitted having sex with five of the boys.

In return for pleading guilty, the rest of the charges against Johnson were dropped.

Authorities say Johnson hosted the parties at her home nearly every month for a year beginning in October 2003. Johnson was to have been arraigned twice before, but arraignment dates scheduled in May and June were each delayed.

Johnson allegedly told investigators she held the parties because she wanted her daughter’s classmates and other students to think of her as a “cool mom.”

Aug 12 2005
6:20 pm

i wouldn’t mind have hardcore sex with my friends mother. acually i would love to do that

Aug 27 2005
10:40 am

The woman was probably acting out a fantasy, she
had all along, and finally had the chance to
capitalize on it, good for her, as long as she
didn’t force it on him, what goes on behind closed
doors, is getting harder to keep private, with all
the spyware available. So if one endevores in such
goings on,.. keep your third eye open, and your mouth shut. The way these teens grow today, whether its the food, or what,the boy in this case probably had a big dick for his age, and she saw right through it,…like I said , Good for her.

Oct 3 2005
9:09 pm

Idont see anything wrong it. I was eating MY english teachers pussy at the age of 14.

Nov 15 2005
11:09 pm

I found out that an 18 yr old dude was screwing my mom last summer. Was quite a shock.

Nov 16 2005
9:41 am

I think sex with teenagers should be OK. I also think this crap about sex offenders registry is rage inducing. Sex offenders need to band together and form a cell based freedom fighter organization. Kill anyone who protests them. Kill Oprah. She is one of the ones responsible for that stupid list. Kill everyone.

Nov 24 2005
2:13 am

SO give me ur opinions. Does anyone here think it’s ok that an 18 year old guy screwed my mom?

Dec 1 2005
2:11 am

Its Not OK when SCREWED

Dec 4 2005
7:12 pm

I think this kind of situation needs to be taken to the supreme court to debate over first amendment rights. I feel that this woman did break the law, but not the ethics in it’s foundations, if you get what I mean. I kind of feel the same as hotspot but I brood over this all the time and I’m never sure what a better law would be. It’s just a bit of philosophical debate like the abortion gig, you know………

Dec 10 2005
8:57 pm

I must compliment Alonzo’s judgement on this whole thing, he seems to be under no delusions. I think that a 15 year old boy probably has some judgement and shouldn’t have all these laws that make it harder to get laid. To suggest that they have absolutely no clue what they’re doing is kind of degrading to them. It’s age discrimination, and therefore the whole idea of prosecuting this woman is an outrage to any 15 year old.

Dec 10 2005
9:00 pm

Oh and yes, several of my friends have very hot mothers, not to mention my mother has some very hot friends. heh heh heh

Dec 11 2005
10:10 pm

But Cody, would you screw one of your friend’s moms?

Dec 17 2005
3:30 am

15 year old boys nowadays can temptate anybody better then 30 year old. She should not be imprisoned.

Cody's Mom
Dec 23 2005
10:51 pm

Cody, you’re an idiot and you don’t know what the term “age discrimination” means. You’re only 14, which is why you think 15 year olds have enough wisdom and experience in life to make good decisions. They don’t.

Dec 25 2005
3:48 am

This situation shows how laughable the justice system can get given that this woman had to face criminal charges. This is an instance where the guy is certainly more than willing. It really makes me angry that this woman is going to be labeled a sex offender for the rest of her life. Ridiculous!

Jan 1 2006
5:16 pm

When I was 18 I screwed my best friend’s mom. He left for the Navy right after high school and I was home for the summer before college.

She was an abused wife. Before my friend’s dad (her husband) left he used to beat the shit out of her on a regular basis. Sometimes I could peek at her undressing and I saw black and blue knuckle or kick marks on her ass, tits, back, and everywhere. Even with her clothes on you could see bruses on her all the time.

I don’t think I had ever seen her smile. She was happy to see me visit and smiled at me. That’s probably what made me think she wanted to fuck.

rahul roysin
Jan 23 2006
3:10 am

oh my god what i wouldn’t give to be laid by my best friend’s mom.i’m no pervert but once i had blissful sex with a friend’s mom and it is etched into my best friend’s mom felt that since i was so horny,she would make love to me and prevent me going to a pro and get spoilt.guess she was right all along.she satiated me amply and i’m doing fine and am 24years now

rahul roysin
Jan 28 2006
7:18 am

so what’s all this fuss about a no deal at all. a lot of boys have their first experience of sex from an elder woman,either a neighbour’s busty wife or with a best friend’s hot busty mom.if a mom feels like giving in to a boy half her age and her child’s friend it’s her prerogative,isn’t it

Feb 3 2006
7:10 pm

Is anybody following this story?
(Atlanta Ga) Lisa Clark, a 37-year-old woman who is married to a 15-year-old boy.

Jul 26 2006
7:14 pm

Hey, I wish my friends mom had been so nice to me. My first woman was a prostitute. My friends mom would have given me greater memories. In the mom’s defense, the young stud probably showed her his bone and it went from there. A friend of mine showed a mom his bone one day while swimming in the farm pond…he later went to the house whith her and had a good time. I always wished I had followed up with my thoughts. I think this happens all the time and no one tells.

Oct 10 2006
10:16 am

i dont have any problems in sleeping with my best friends mother, if she wants to.i think it is very nice that she wants me,& i’ll be happy to give her such a thrill

Oct 22 2006
11:49 pm

Hey I’d fuck her best friends as well as mom’s buxom sister and her brother’s awesome hot wife. No problem.

Nov 22 2006
4:13 am

Let me ask all of you a question, Would you admit if a friend of yours fuck your MOM?

Jan 13 2007
8:42 am

I’ve been going upside down with my friends mom and my cousins mom.Its really no big deal cause their husbands are old and the wives are young and spicy.Every time i go at them and fuck them up i feel sorry for them having small dicked husbands.

Aug 7 2007
9:19 pm

She sshould face charges just like a man would. What fucking hypocropsy it is that if it were a man he would be in prison no matter what. Because sociaty has this double standered for men and woman any thing sexual that happens to a man or boy, everybody thinks it is okay but it is not.

Nov 4 2007
11:34 pm

hell id do anything to fuck a mom….. rofl. but yeah, it was innapropriate, but who cares in this case? its not like this mom is a monster.

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