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Teen Charged with Having Sex with Younger Sister

“A 17-year-old Germantown young man who ‘liked how it felt’ to have sexual relations with his 8-year-old sister faces up to 60 years in prison, if convicted… The brother said he knew the sexual activity was ‘wrong’ and he ’should not have been doing that with his younger sister’ and was asked why he continued to engage in the activity. ‘I liked it and never had a girlfriend. I knew it was wrong the whole time. I liked how it felt. I would have rather done it with someone else,’ he said in the complaint. It started in January — the brother was 16 and sister 7 — while the parents were downstairs and the brother asked the sister if she wanted to know ‘what it was like to kiss like a boy and a girl on a date,’ the sister said in the criminal complaint. The brother had the sister come into his bedroom and he kissed her, then had her start to perform oral sex, the complaint says. In early May when the two were home alone, the same thing happened. On July 1, it happened again until the older sister came home and asked what they were doing. The sister said playing ‘20 questions’ because the brother told her not to tell anyone or he would get in trouble, the complaint says.” —GM Today (US)

It’s not uncommon that a little sexual experimentation occurs between a brother and a sister, and for that reason many people would be inclined to dismiss such a thing. “It might be wrong,” they would think, “but it’s not illegal.” And that probably is the relatively reasonable attitude to take toward it, except in this case there is an unusual factor: the age disparity between the brother and the sister. It’s one thing if a brother and sister of approximately the same age practice kissing. It’s another thing if a young man old enough to get a driver’s license practices much more than just kissing with a girl nine years his junior. That changes everything, doesn’t it? The age disparity almost puts it on an equal footing with the sort of incest that occurs when a parent molests a son or daughter. It’s not two kids playing anymore. It’s an adult and a child.

That being said, you also have to wonder how exactly this became a criminal complaint. The older sister discovered the two of them playing “20 questions.” But then what? You’d be inclined to think that the sister wouldn’t just call the police. The obvious thing would be to tell the parents. But then would the parents call the police on their own son? It’s hard to imagine they’d expose their son to such a jail sentence unless he were a complete ne’er-do-well anyway. And even if he were, they’d probably try to resolve the situation on their own. So how did the police ever get involved? Did the older sister actually call them? Or did the parents take the eight-year-old to the hospital to be examined, thus prompting the doctors to notify the authorities?

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Jul 14 2005
2:17 am

A parent would be more likely to send his or her son to jail if that were necessary to protect the daughter, I think.

Jul 14 2005
4:36 am

wow, i wonder if he could bottom out in her??

Jul 26 2005
3:32 am

this 17 year old man should pay for what he did related or not related to his sister he knew what he was doing and he knew that it was wrong if the this person should be punished meaning of the law if this goes on with out no punishment then what is the law for. we should be protecting our children. sincerely from miss ruth

Aug 3 2005
5:16 am

In the words of Helen Lovejoy: “Somebody please think of the children!”

Aug 3 2005
4:52 pm

“An older person can, in good conscience, sleep with a younger person provided the older person obeys the Four Big Nos of Sleeping with a Young, Inexperienced Person: 1. Tell no lies. 2. Transmit no diseases. 3. Make no babies. 4. Break no hearts. “

Aug 18 2005
1:47 am

I think that before they put this guy in jail they should put him in rehab because if he got perverted enough to have sex with a sister almost 10 years younger than him,he must be sex obsessed.

Aug 19 2005
7:00 pm

while i agree its wrong,i dont think a long jail sentence serves anyone.i can imagine the sister her whole life thinking shes somehow responcible for her brothers incarceration.certainly some family therapy,but jail i dont think so…..

Aug 21 2005
1:39 pm

i judge 17 years old isnt a man, hes still a teen, a minor, if he was such a adult like i have heard clames. then he would be able to buy his own liquare , go to night clubs past curfew laws. and sleep with 30 year old women without any problem…but if u ask yourself, would he have problems doing these adlut things, the definate answer would be yes….

so therefore i concude that this 17 year old kid isnt a adult at all.

hes a kid that made a mistake and should be given a second chance. he is very young, very inexperanced. and should be forgiven, if he where a 50 year old man or even a 30 year old man that IS a true adult and has experance in life, then the story would be different.

thats my judgment on the case, next case please

Aug 28 2005
3:51 pm

oh yeah, blowjob from your 8yo baby sister, thats HOT!!!

Aug 28 2005
8:21 pm

Wow the only thing sexy that fucking your 8 year old sister is hearing her hips snap.

Sep 5 2005
8:53 am

Here’s my 25 cents: After reading this article which not too surprising seeing all that I have seen these days I can only try to put myself in that Horny adolecent’s shoes. I remember being that age with hormones raging and rock hard erections you may or may not know how to make them go away or have been shown or had anyone around to explain, assist, teach etc… It seems to me that the older brother knew what he was doing when he asked little sister about the Kiss but he really wanted a blow job so he could release his load. I would think that the old saying “Do onto others as others have done to you” might apply in this situation. Remember he did have an older siser unknown age? I can only assume that due to the boy keeping it in the family rather than seeking out a victim outside the family that this maybe the case. IF this was done to him by older sister by CHANCE! He would only be repeating what was done to him or what he experienced. Startinng in January & Keep in mind: “The brother said he knew the sexual activity was ‘wrong’ and he ’should not have been doing that with his younger sister” but with who? The orginal artice says in early May the same “thing” act occured kiss & BJ but when parents were on vacation and the two were home alone on July 1 was the day that big brother busted, ripped and tore lil sisters hymen until the eldest sister came home asking them what they were doin. The article also says that HE, Brother touched lil sister 4 times since December so touching occured prior to January kissing and petting that happened once every one to two weeks. If the oldest sister was the one that experimented with brother touching, kissing which led to sex while the eldest sister was dating which during that time of 7 months left bro hanging what would you you be left to do? It’s too bad lil sister had to experience that at such a young age 10-15 is usually the preferred by adolesencent pedo’s and judging on the cocks I have seen on the brothers age range now days I can safely say that I would rather it been me. But you can’t blame the kids and he does not deserve such a harsh punishment even though he is already on a really really bad path now. Where the hell are the PARENTS? They can have kids but not take care of them or watch them. Man that’s really the worst. Maybe had the parents loved thier own kids not only would they have known about what’s right what’s wrong, good touching bad touching, if a boy is that bad off then Mother or Father better do something about that quick.

Sep 8 2005
8:39 am


Keith M.
Sep 28 2005
9:10 am

I agree. Sned him to a mental hospital or something, or just buy him a whore for a few hours.

Just something about doing your own sister, much less your 8 Year Old sister, isn’t right.

Oct 21 2005
1:37 am

heck i see nothing wrong with having sex with your sister but i do see something wrong with the age difference bc me and my sis have had sex all our life but we about the same age and do it all the time

Nov 27 2005
11:20 pm

My sis abused me when I was 14 and she was almost 21. She was sex onsessed and literally scredwed me over and over again. I am not complaing though.Though I am the victim I have loved every minute of our little relationship. But is my sister guilty as this guy?

Nicole McFadden
Dec 27 2005
3:01 am

this is awesome. Ok, I know its been said but for the record I agree the age is the real problem here.. thats a bit messed up. Still.. prison is not the answer.. I think they both learned a lesson, the daughter learned that somethings are not to be played with yet and the boy learned not to act on impulse like that.

I think the son should have been taken aside by his mom and pleased. No, I’m not kidding.. lol I am a mother and thats what I would have done. Unfortunately I only have daughters but.. if I had a son…lol

Oct 19 2006
2:27 am

well i did not have any sisters, only brothers, but i did have fun with my younger first cousin when i was 13 and she was 10. we decided to play dr one day upstairs. when she saw me nude she said who that looks just like my dad’s banna. we felt each other. she kissed and licked me. my mom let me know years laterthat she new about it but it did noth bother her

Nov 18 2006
12:05 pm

reading what he did to the eight yr old girl gave my cock an erection i would love to play with her specially if she doesnt wear any knickers

Dec 3 2006
10:55 am

I see no problem with that. Kids will be kids. I bet he had fun. 60 years to pay for it. wow.

Mar 28 2008
4:01 pm

60 yeas?!?!? for kissing his sister?!?! i kiss my sister all the time… What country was this in? Sisters and brothers should be allowed to do this privatly w/o an outside force (besides parents) barging in and changing the rules based on age, gender, and race! There should be complete equallity on all three things. If there is one thing i dislike is when people frown upon topics such as incest, inter-racial sex, age differencial sex, and homosexuallity as long as the parents and the children in charge don’t care… they should have the right to privacy unless proven to be violent, abusive, or have commited acts of hazing, harrassment, or rape! You all can send your opinions and hate mail to ADDRESS DELETED BY ADMIN. I would like to hear what country this was in and what the outcome of going to court was (including how far through the system it goes [supreme court?]) ty and have a good day with your 10 year older/younger wives!!!!!

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