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Man and Sister Charged with Incest in Trafford

“A brother and sister have been charged with felony incest after Jefferson County deputies found them having sex earlier this month in Trafford, officials said. Ronald Stewart Howze, 44, of Trafford and Lori Ann Rotton, 41, of Smyrna, Ga., remain jailed, with bond set at $50,000 each… Authorities said Howze’s wife telephoned deputies and, when they arrived, pointed them to a home in the 2300 block of Gurley Road on April 7 just after midnight. A deputy saw the siblings having intercourse in the wife’s bedroom. The deputy asked Howze to stop, get dressed and step outside, said Sgt. Randy Christian, spokesman for the sheriff’s office. The deputy opened the door after a minute and saw they had not stopped, Christian said. ‘At that point (Howze) stopped and stated, ‘I guess I’m going to jail,” Christian said. The siblings told authorities they knew they were related and confirmed that they were having sex, Christian said, reading from the incident report. Both had been drinking. Howze was arrested and Rotton, who appeared to be highly intoxicated, was taken to a hospital and treated for excessive alcohol, Christian said, citing the report. She was charged later. Howze said in his statement that a doctor had given him a ‘death warrant.’ ‘He had been told he had cancer and planned to go out crazy,’ Christian said.” —Birmingham News (US)

(Thanks to hludens for the link.)

A number of blogs and other web chatterers picked up on this story, though the exact details have been difficult to tease out of (more?) legitimate news sources. Here’s a satellite shot of their street and the the guy’s mug shot — looks like a winner. The sister’s mug shot has apparently been deleted. Interestingly, the sherrif’s web site lists her address as a homeless shelter — apparently she’s a winner too. From the same site you can see that both perps had their birthdays earlier this month. Maybe this was some sort of twisted celebration?

While it’s hard to imagine being jealous of this guy, apparently his wife suspected what was going on and led the police straight to the scene of the crime. You don’t have to be a civil libertarian to wonder about the propriety of what happened at that point. Which is more heinous: an avowedly consensual act of incest between mature adult siblings? Or policemen literally coming into somebody’s bedroom to observe them engaging in consensual relations? To be fair, the cops may not have wanted to burst down the bedroom door. If the guy’s wife insisted that there was a crime occurring, the police had an obligation to investigate. But still, nobody likes the thought of Big Brother in the bedroom.

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May 12 2005
8:22 pm

If I had a sister, I’d fuck her too.

May 14 2005
6:53 pm

These two are adults. So, they fuck, so what? It’s not like the guy is porking his 10 year old daughter. Sounds like jealousy, to me

May 28 2005
5:11 pm

…i know the guys ex-wife… the one he’d been married to before this one who ratted him out…
he doesn’t have cancer either… he’s lying through his teeth!
His kids used to come to my house! awwww that’s sick! well… when you’re drunk, you’re drunk…

May 28 2005
5:50 pm

We know the Ex-wife also, the poor girl picked a loser for sure. Here’s their mug shots from the Jefferson County Jail’s web site.


Jun 6 2005
1:33 am

What 2 concenting adults do behind closed doors, that causes no one any harm, should be beyond the reach of the law.

Alex Howze
Jul 21 2005
7:38 pm

This is my father’s cousin. This is one of the many reasons I stay away from that side of my family.

Aug 3 2005
3:49 pm

there both adult.i see nothing wrong with having sex with a family long as they are legal age.

Aug 19 2005
12:54 am

As long as there is no harm it’s all good, but in this case, there was harm, there was a wife!! (regaurdless if she was a beatting or mental) if he wasn’t married there would have been no call, no jail, no harm, no foul.

Sep 27 2005
11:46 am

They should not have been charged because they are both consenting adults, its not like it was rape or coercison

Oct 2 2005
2:18 am

the guy looks inbreded. maybe his parents were bro and sis.

Oct 21 2005
1:42 am

i see nothing wrong with having sex with your sister i have sex with mine all the time but i do say you shouldnt have sex with anyone but your wife if u married

Oct 25 2005
11:58 pm

hopefully he got to cum in her before going to jail..

bro4sis nyc
Oct 29 2005
12:21 pm

Lucky guy. I’d love to fuck my older sister, she’s 41, but has no idea I think about her. It’s onething if its sex between with younger siblings, or one older and the other underage, but 2 grown adults in their 40’s seems fine to me. Only wish my 41 sister would be open to it.

Nov 2 2005
1:36 am

Well I tried it with my sis and it did not go well at all. We were in our thirties and went on a camping trip. It was raining and we went in the tent and started drinking. I asked her if she remembered how we used to fool around as kids, (Mutual MAsturbation)
and how I thought it would be cool if we could do it again. It took a lot of coaxing, but she finally gave in and we both got naked. Her body was OK, but not like I fantasized, and I decided to eat her pussy and kiss her tits, I could tell right away it wasn’t going to be hot. She never got turned on and I finally gave up, but not before asking her to jack me. I have a nice cock, and wanted her admiration of it more than anything else. I think she agreed just to get it over with, but my sexual tension had grown to unstoppable point and had a big boner on. I got her to hold it just right and she brought me to climax with a huge cum that she saw. Afterwards she felt used and really angry. My advice, “Don’t go there”.

Nov 5 2005
12:17 pm

hi, its nice to hav sex with your sister is very hot and i had sex with started when we both are alone in home.i went and asked her tat,my underwear are wet so i want ur panty.she start laughing and later she gaved me one.i used it in front of her..and she got aroused and started removing her i used to fuck her once in a week.

Dec 20 2005
3:48 pm

dude you’re all sick fuckos. Stop cock blocking me from banging your sisters.

Nicole McFadden
Dec 26 2005
3:11 am

very cool i support incest on all ages and all levels. sincerely..

Dec 30 2005
9:54 am

Me and my sister are married. We started fucking when I was 27 and she was 31. Incest IS best!!!!!

Dec 31 2005
3:58 pm

My sister and I began a sexual relationship when she was 42 and I was 39. My brother-in-law (her husband) died on the operating table about a year prior and I was divorced for almost two years. She does not have time for dating (two kids and a thriving law practice), nor is she interested in the dating ritual (or as she calls it “The Kabuki Dance.”) But, she is certainly young enough to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh.

Her kids were off to summer camp, my kids were off visiting grandma with their mother – so, we decided to go on a Caribbean cruise together. To save a few bucks we shared a stateroom. Hey, we are bro & sis! We’ve been in real close contact before. We’ve seen each other undressed before. We’ve even slept together in the same bed before. What could possibly happen? Well, we boarded the ship as brother and sister, but disembarked as lovers, too. Neither of us planned it to happen. Neither of us even saw it comming. We both think it will last for a really long time.

Apr 2 2006
11:07 pm

Big deal, I am 22 years old and I seduced my conservative sister. Now, we have two kids and are not mutated at all. Genetic fears brought about by incest are just a damn hoax. She loves me and I love her, happy ever after.

Apr 6 2006
3:45 pm

My younger brother and I have been living together as husband and wife for over twenty-one years now. We first had sex in our early teens and have been faithful to one another for all of this time. I became pregnant with our first child at seventeen and gave birth to a healthy boy. In an attempt to be able to lead normal lives, we left our home country of Namibia and moved to South Africa. There we lived in Cape Town for a while where our eldest daughter was born. After that we moved to Pretoria where we had another daughter. Finally we moved to Port Elizabeth, and when I became pregnant with our youngest daughter in 1995, we decided to get married. It is incredible the ease with which we managed to get married. We have moved back to Windhoek with our children. Our family has accpeted us and supports us. All our children our healthy and we just cannot understand what the fuss is all about.

Apr 17 2006
5:44 am

Hi All
I am really interested in all the comments here. I had a sexual relationship with my Sister when we were in our teens, but no longer. However, I live with my wife like Brother and Sister and we like it that way. She refers to my parents as Mum and Dad. This is a fantasy version of incest but its legal.

I run a Support Forum for Consanguineous couples (Brother/Sister, Mother/Son/, Father/Daughter) so please visit if you are interested and would like to post with others about the subject. Visit my website link below.

j bexby
Apr 25 2006
6:46 pm

when i was in my early teens and my sister in her early 20’s,she would strip and allow me to give her oral sex frequently.i see nothing wrong with brother/sister sex acts

May 31 2006
4:03 am

Hi all
As you will now realise, you cannot post your email address here. Perhaps you would like to visit my site and post there? There are a lot of men and probably women – even mothers, who would be interested in talking to you about these sort of things.

Jun 22 2006
5:55 pm

For any of you interested in incest fiction, have a look at first book for sale (click on link below) – Infinite Blue Heaven – A King and A Queen. Let me know what you think.

Sep 17 2006
12:31 am

I was in bed with my wife a couple of weeks ago, as i was licking her hairy muff she moaned out her brothers name. I said what?? I asked her if she thought of her brother like that..she said yes and wanted me to call her sister. It was the best sex we have ever had… she was screaming out…Justin my baby brother fuck your sisters pussy. Itwas so hot

Sep 19 2006
7:22 am

i dont see anything wrong if both r agreed 2 have sex..but it should b in safe mode & let parents & society never knows..

Oct 24 2006
10:53 pm

Both of my parents remarried after they divorced. Thus, I got two step sisters in two different towns and states. we enjoyed sex a lot. I see no problem with this. I’m visiting my mom for the weekend and my step sister will be visiting too. We will find time to fuck.

Jan 20 2007
4:36 pm

The laws against consensual adult incest are nothing more than the tyranny of the majority. Most people do not like incest, but that is not a valid reason why the power of the state should be deployed to prevent those of us who do like it from enjoying it with other adults. Consensual sex between two adults that is conducted in private is well beyond the range of what can be legitimately prohibited by the state or society. The fact that these two were arrested and charged with felonies is the real crime here. His wife was clearly upset with for having sex with his sister. Adultery is wrong, but it is not a criminal wrong. He was not faithful to his wife, and while that is grounds for divorce, it is not grounds for a prison sentence.

The laws against incest should be revised to increase the penalties for those who molest children within their families, and decriminalize incest between consenting adults. Incest within the context of abuse or child molestation is a horrible crime and should rightly be resisted and punished by society. Incest between consenting adults is not a crime, it is merely unpopular.

Rob Moth
Apr 5 2007
11:01 am

I have to agree with Hans and many other contributors. We have been brought up in society to think that any type of sexual interaction between for example a brother and sister is wrong. I agree in the case of wide age differences. However consider two teens growing up during a period of “discovery”, in some situations (as was mine) my sister and I found ourselves in eachothers company quite a lot without parental supervision. We got curious and started fooling around. This went on for around 8 years and it was great fun. I can understand that some people get the ickies or heebie jeebies but unless you have been in the situation you will never know how good it feels to be experimenting with your sister. If it wasn’t socially unacceptable I think I could easily have stayed with my sister for a long long time.

Jul 25 2007
10:44 pm

I’m 20 and my sister is 25, and I now and then I think about getting it on with her and ultimately fuck her. We have never done anything sexual but I do jerk-off in her panties (without her knowing) and she likes to slap my butt now and then.

She’s hot and my friends have kept saying that to me. At first I ignored it but now I’m feeling sexually attracted to her. We hang out sometimes and I enjoy her company…I think people outside think we are a couple but I don’t mind it at all.

But if the incest is consensual, then I guess there’s nothing wrong with it even they are doing nobody harm and using protection to avoid pregnancy.

Oct 26 2007
9:17 pm

I see my wife has already written to share our experiences with you.
Today, as a thirty-four year-old, I can say that I am happy and content sharing my life with the one woman who really understands me, the one woman who really makes me happy and the one woman who matters most to me.
It was of course outrage from our family that greeted the discovery of our relationship, but not even their anger could drive us apart.
Our secret became family news during 1992, when on a visit to our mother in Khomasdal, Windhoek, she discovered us together in bed.
Viona, who is the eldest in our family, was born out of wedlock, and was raised by our grand-parents who also gave their name to her.
It was during 1994, while we were still living in Port Elizabeth, that we started exploring the possibility of getting married.
We found that the different surnames on our birth certificates contributed a great deal in pulling off what we always thought were impossible.
Today, after four children with this incredible woman, I can truly say we are happy and still in love.
Love-making with her is as extraordinary today, as it was when we were in our teens. As teenagers she taught me how to make love, and today, still surprises me on the odd occassion.
Love they say, keep you young, especially if it is with the one you love.
I want to shout this from the rooftops: “Viona, my sister, my lover, my wife, I love you as much today as the first time we discovered each other!”


Feb 15 2008
8:40 am

was 13 year old ny sister was 9 year old when we stast have sex to day we are adult we hace two kids one girl 5 year old one boy 2 year old we love each other o do anything for my dear sister people don’t knock till you have sex with your brother or sister you know you like sister and my self don’t care what people think it what we think that count as long as we love each other

May 31 2008
11:28 am

Me and my brother have been having sex together for years.It started when I was 13 and he was 15. Our babysitter told us it was impossible for siblings to conceive, and although we doubted the truth of it, we wanted to believe. We used to have mutual masturbation sessions since before we were teenagers, but I let him go all the way.After a pregnancy scare I went on the pill. We almost always have sex when our mother is out. Our dad died when we were very young.I’m 18 now, and I have no intention of stopping having incest. We plan to buy a house together when we can afford it, abd maybe have kids then.

Craig Saxon
Aug 15 2008
10:13 am

I started having sex with my sister and girl cousins, aunts, stepmoms and pretty much anything female that walks on two legs.

I am pretty happy with the relationships I have with my sister although she never gets me a birthday card or remembers our anniversary (of our first encounter).

I knew Ronnie Howze and his sister. He was a short prev and Lori, his sister was HOT HOT HOT!
Now of course, it looks like she is engaged in incest sex. Nasty looking for sure.

If I was drunk I probally do her too. I hear Ronnie has been heald from his tumor-

Love to all my buddies on the Perv Board.


Oct 7 2008
12:38 pm

The incest taboo will soon give way to incestuous marriages once the much-awaited gene therapy succeeded in curing congenital anomalies, because it is the one and sole objection from the side of conservatives against such human bondings.

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