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Fiery Lust of a Stinky Sex Sicko

“A pervert who got a sexual thrill from covering himself in manure and setting fire to things terrorised a farmer’s family. David Truscott prowled Clive Roth’s farm at night wearing shiny red shorts and latex gloves, causing thousands of pounds of damage… On one occasion, he stripped off, climbed into a muckspreader full of manure and committed a sex act. Another time, the weirdo, who owned 360 pairs of girls’ knickers and slept in women’s pyjamas, rolled around in manure while attempting to set fire to a tractor… Prosecutor Simon Jones said the Roth family became increasingly terrified by Truscott’s behaviour, Matters came to a head this month, when items were stolen and the imprint of buttocks appeared in manure, surrounded by tissues. Police set up a surveillance operation and caught Truscott, who was carrying a bag full of underwear, women’s trousers and firelighters.” —Daily Record (UK)

(Thanks to alanr for the link.)

One of the common principles behind perversion is that it transforms disgust into lust. Feet can be nauseating, with their calluses and sweaty odors, and yet there are people who find them irresistibly erotic. And the mere sight of a dead body is enough to cause post-traumatic shock in some folks, and yet to necrophiles a cadaver is a fantastic sex toy.

Coprophilia operates on the same principle. The thought of touching fecal matter is normally repellent, and yet in coprophilia it acquires some sort of erotic charge. Of course, there are different levels of coprophilia. If you’re powerfully attracted to someone, the thought of that person peeing into your mouth might not be so sickening. It establishes a connection between the two of you — between an intimate part of you and an intimate part of him or her — and often it foreshadows a consummation of mutual desire. Frequently urine sports are just a detour on the route to love.

But what about people who are into real excrement — fecal matter, defecation, caca, shit? It’s one thing to have someone pee on you and quite another to have someone shit on you, poo on your tummy, take a crap on your face. That separates the softcore from the hardcore. Still, you can see how this might be exciting if the person crapping on you is someone you really, really desire. Which is what makes it strange to imagine this guy with the manure fetish. In many cases, coprophilia positions shit as a means to an end: shit is one stop on the route to love. But in this case, the guy presumably doesn’t experience much connection with the cattle producing the manure, which makes the shit into an end itself.

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Oct 6 2004
10:44 am

Those who find feet erotic find BEAUTIFUL & shapely feet erotice – not ugly ones with corns / bad shapes & bad smells. Just as those who like breats do not like old sagging winkled ones.

Remember also: North Amemerica is obsessed with breats – it is a mastofact culture. Most Africans on the other hand find them to be ugly worn out sagging lumps of flesh.

Remember also: that there are some erotic smells. Studies have been conducted with concluded that attrative looking people smelled better! This translates to feet (& other things) too! Therefore an ugly foot smells bad while an attractive foot would smell better or certainly have a more pleasant aroma / odour. Smelling some (female) feet might make one want a snack as the average ATTRACTIVE looking foot has the aroma similar to that of nacho chips. Not what one would consider an offensive odour.

Dec 27 2009
12:51 pm

Why send him to prison?
He will only get out and do it again.
This guy needs Serious psychiatric help…

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