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Fat Girls and Feeders

“Welcome to the weird world of fat erotica, a sexual subculture where FAs (fat admirers) seek out huge women. Fair enough — different strokes for different folks. A welcome antidote, even, to society’s obsession with thinness. And the women here do talk of how liberating it is to be considered attractive after years of being mocked and shunned. But there’s a dark side to all of this. Within the FA community there are men known as ‘feeders’, who encourage their partners to gorge themselves to become as fat as humanely possible. And the fatter these women get, the more dependent they become, relying on the men to wash them, move them and, of course, feed them. It’s all about control and dominance — the familiar dynamics of any abusive relationship.” — Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

(Thanks to alanr for the link. Alanr also points out that there is some interesting background in the “About Feeder” section of this feeders web site.)

At first sight there is something deeply shocking about fat girls and feeders. It’s one thing to admire girls with Rubens-like figures, it’s another to want them to become human behemoths, mountains of flesh. Who could find that attractive? Is there something sexual about it? How do the feeder and the fat girl consummate their relationship? Do they have sex? How do you find an orifice hidden in those mounds of flesh? Or does the guy just jerk off in front of her, like a sculptor in love with his creation?

On reflection, though, the shock wears off. It is not as though this fetish is without parallel. It calls to mind Chinese foot-binding, in that it incapacitates a woman in order to fetishize her. It also calls to mind necrophilia and coprophilia, in that it finds beauty in something that most people find repellent. If people can get off on cadavers and fecal matter, why not extreme obesity?

What remains a little weird is the concept of feeding. This news story refers to a documentary that featured a couple named Mark and Gina. Mark was obsessed with the thought of creating the world’s fattest woman, so he set out to “grow” his wife. He managed to get her to 380 kilograms (Americans: over 800 lbs!) — but it practically killed her. She had to have surgery and currently she weighs a mere 190 kilograms (about 400 lbs). Mark now “mournfully observes Gina’s still-considerable bulk, struggling to accept her. ‘I miss the statistics,’ he says bleakly.”

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Disco Stu
Apr 25 2004
3:08 pm

This is almost spousal abuse. I mean “growing” these women could lead to increased risks of heart disease and other medical problems related to obesity.

Fat Lover
May 1 2004
9:36 am

Female Fat is pure SEX to me – I love huge overlapping aprons and undulating rolls of stretchmarked shocking flaccid slop. Side show exabitionist fatgirl freaks who love to show off their sexual mountains of fat are my favorate people.
My wife is currently over 900 pound. I would have to be 2 feet long to penetrate her. The last time we had “that kind” of sex was 4 years ago when she was 750 pounds. I love sex with her now even more, sinking deep into her flabby folds of overlapping fat gives me the biggest orgasums I have ever had. Watching her compulsivly eat herself even fatter is the most thrilling part of my life. I love her growing fat, every new pound of her flab gets me even more excited.

May 5 2004
12:16 pm

People shouldn’t be encouraging their lovers to be fat, even if they feel can find sexual graticfication for obese, immobile waivers of what the human race is meant to resemble.

I have my own biases about obese people. I don’t see what is so great about having sexual relations with someone who revoltingly resembles a dying corspe on the brink of yet another junk food marathon.

That guy Fat Lover probably loved to bury his genitals in the abyss of the rolls of fat that obese chicks’ possess. That explains his ‘orgasms’. Did you know that fat and obese chicks tend to have looser vaginas? I guess the rolls of fat sort of made up for the fact.

Jun 24 2004
9:17 pm

Julie wrote:
>Did you know that fat and obese chicks tend to
>have looser vaginas?”
Might I ask where you got your facts, Julie? As an ob/gyn nurse and a fat girl, I am here to correct you! I am 45 years old and 265 pounds and my husband is still amazed at my “schoolgirl tightness” (his exact words) You have your facts totally wrong, my dear! Fat girls actually have TIGHTER vaginas than their skinny counter-parts because of the compression of the vagina by the surrounding extra fat! If you would have researched before you shot off your skinny mouth, you would have found out what every ob/gyn doc knows…to do an exam and pap on a fat girl, they must use a heavey duty spectulum to hold open those feriously tight muscles! Fat admirers all know how deliciously tight we are and the fat haters don’t know what they are missing! So until you might be inclined to do some digital exams on some of your fat friends, don’t write about things you know nothing of!
Thin may be In, but Fat is where it’s At!!!
the groovy misspoovey

Jul 18 2004
12:14 pm

Obesity is a huge problem of western culture particularly. It causes diabetes, heart disease, joint destruction, hypercoagulable states, gastrointestinal cancer, fatty liver disease, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, impaired fertility,depression, depressive psychosis, suicidal ideation, loss of function and reality, extreme relationship problems and troubles with raising kids, getting and maintaining a job and those are just the beginning. It has been proven that calorie reduced diets and exercise will only effectively promote sustainable weightloss if the individual has a body mass index of less than thirty to thirty five and after that, the only real valid options are either radical digestive surgery or death. Radical means that a section of the GI tract is ressected and various tubes are relocated etc so that food cannot be absorbed. This is painful and complicated not to mention that when most people get to this stage , they have a ten or twenty percent chance of dying during surgery. After that, it is a slow and painful process to recovery and weight loss.. regular vitamin B12 injections for the rest of the patient’s life and the most foul smelling diarrhoea as a result of the surgically induced malabsorbative state are only a few of the unpleasant things that these people have to put up with until their dying day after this radical last resort.
The surgeons who do these operations often require two tables to fit the patient on whilst needing to borrow the local health trust’s most ample hoist (of which there are only a couple per trust)to haul the recovering post-op individual from bed to bath etc. The surgeons often say that operating on severely large people is so indimidating simply due to the amount of fat that stands between himself and the true abdomen!
As a trainee medical professional, I have spent a great deal of my time recently attending obesity clinics and the most important thing that I have taken from this experience is that these people have no lives ad they are dying. Obviously, I am referring to those who are morbidly obese but the theme is similar throughout – poor self esteem, poor relationships, poor daily function and increased morbidity.One lady wanted to lose weight so that she could wipe herself after going to the toilet. Her husband had fed her up to this point of sheer dependence and he looked horrified when she was told that she needed radical surgery or else she would be dead in eighteen months. Horrified that she would be losing weight, not that she was clinically dying!
It is easy for me to speak with rage about feeder mentality for hours but it would serve no purpose. Feeders are perverts who to my mind are slow-murderers. They cause personal, physical and social pain. They need help. Obesity is something that many people are genetically predisposed to or who have diseases that cause it. To purposefully induce that state in individual who one supposedly loves is of the cruellest and most warped order.

Jul 20 2004
3:34 am

Luanne is right!I’m fat and my boyfriend always remarks at how tight I am. Not only that, but it’s very warm, almost hot down there, because of the insulating fat. Men who have been w/ fat chicks know.

Stringfellows IN THA FLESH!
Jul 22 2004
5:34 pm

900 pound, jesus. does she get a letter from the queen when she reaches 1000pounds?

Jul 26 2004
12:13 am

Well said, Laura.

Fat Lover
Jul 27 2004
7:09 pm

You people do not get it. FAT is the ultra aphrodisiac. All of her overlapping cellulite bubbled stretch marked slop spread out on the bed. Her legs forced apart by growing rolls of expanding blubbery flaccid creased fat. Watching her eat, as I get rock hard, biting her fat.
I have cum 30 times in one day porking that fat blob of mine. I love FAT, everything about it is sex to me.

Aug 22 2004
4:51 am


On another note, i have a 11 year old sis that is so fat she can barely move. Seriously, getting out of bed is hard for her. I think that is so descusting when people are that fat becuase their not even human any more, there just a GIGANTIC balloon of nothing but fat that continues to eat and get bigger. Whats cool about that? its pethetic. But trying to see by baby sis lift her 300lb body out of bed, jiggling every roll of fat on her, while she thinks about the tables of sweats my parents are about to shove into her mouth at breakfast is just sad. Its fun to see her fall tho, she cant get back up lol

Dr Pervo
Aug 25 2004
4:55 pm

11 year old sister? 300 lbs?? mmmmmmm.

Aug 31 2004
9:36 pm

yes very well said Laura!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fat Lover
Sep 9 2004
7:24 pm

300 pounds at 11, yea when she is 18 and of legal age she should have put on another 300 pounds or so making her 600 pounds of sloppy hanging flaccid blubber. Just like I love them.

Then you can set me up with your sister and we can have plenty of FAT sexual fun. First thing I will do is set her up in her feeding room. wall to wall ultra FAT pornography will surround her as she is videoed 24 hours a day. Plenty of fat fetish perverts, just like me, will pay to watch your sister eat her way to 1,200 pounds! WWW. will be your sisters web site. I will have my friend Hypno Chick hypnotize your sister into eating even more than she already does. “relax, your getting more and more hungry. Food is your best friend eating will make you feel fantastic. All your cares will evaporate, food food is what you want.”

As she eats herself fatter and fatter I will film every new pound. I will blubber fuck every distorted crease of her bulging FAT. Oh what a heaven, her staring at me as she downs an entire cheese cake. Me getting harder & harder as I take deep plunges into her jiggling fat. A shaking waving sea of blubbery pornographic fat slop.

FAT sex shows for all the world’s FAT fetish perverts! Your sister will be the biggest side show sex freak of all time. Oh I will be sooo good for her, don’t you think?

Sep 13 2004
6:44 pm

Too many liars in here.

Sep 14 2004
2:35 pm

Fat Lover is obviously not serious. You people that reply to his comments are idiots!

Sep 21 2004
5:20 am

I’ve looked closely at quite a bit of the media coverage which alleges that “fatness” is genetic. First, the issue has become highly political and is muddied by too many laymen, so don’t take what you read for granted. One of the most frequent mistakes is to confuse “genes” with other systems of heredity, which I should emphasize, can interact with genes, but are hardly understood. We do know that genes alone could not produce even 1/100th of human variation, and that is statistical. I am just a layman myself, but I have not read anything that absolutely proves that there is a gene which makes otherwise quite healthy people fat. However, it is entirely true that a person may find the odds stacked against them, for reasons beyond their control.

Writing that off to “genes” does speak truthfully to an overweight person’s real predicament for two reasons. First, there are environmental factors as well which are beyond their control, but I believe are not beyond our responsibility. We could take on poverty and McDonald’s if we wanted. Dismissing “fat” as the fault of genetics I think is holding up reform. Fat is a social ill, it is harming people, we need to tackle it, and not shuffle the blame onto the genes of the people who are overweight.

Second, while an overweight person may never be able to get their own weight down to being normal, they can do their best, and this is going to set an example for people around them. Given how complex heredity really is, as I mentioned, there are more factors we need to look after than just genes, which might make our next generation overweight like us, or worse. I admit the odds really are stacked against most overweight individuals so that it may seem their weight is immutable, but making the effort, itself is a virtue.

Any notion of thought which blames a national problem on an individual, is wrong. This includes people who think it’s “your choice” to be overweight or not. It’s our problem, all of us have to solve it. Our politicians in particular are at the locus of the problem. Weight problems correlate very strongly with poverty, something that other nations fight hard against, but we do shit for. I can see why people get discouraged, because so much of this is beyond the individual’s control, but if you give up, things are never going to change. We have to keep thinking about it, keep looking for things you the individual can do, no matter how small.

That’s my measured, political opinion. Now personally, I’ve been derided ever since high school for being “skinny,” and at 5′10, 130 lbs., I’m pretty safely in the medically-recognized “healthy”/”normal” range.

I don’t feel that I am always treated normal however. I have been flagged by counselors as anorexic, few stores besides Shepler’s carry my size, and I might be just as disappointed as an overweight girl when I decide her body is just so different compared to mine that I’m not attracted to an otherwise great woman. I seem to attract alot of bullies too, and while they never say anything about my size, they are invariably a notch bigger than me, and usually accuse me of being vain, and therefore gay. There are overweight persons who have it worse than me, but this is a national epidemic, my “skinny” life is not unaffected either, and skinny folk ought to be willing allies of anyone fighting “the weight problem.”

Horrified In Ohio
Nov 12 2004
5:48 am

To the person who laughs at their morbidly obese sister falling and ot being able to get back up, you are a monster laughing at a little girl like that!! You should be forced to wear a suit that makes YOU weigh 300 lbs and causes you to fall when you try to get up and down, then see how YOU like it!

Dec 11 2004
11:00 am

to the 11 year fat girl, you’d better lose wait fast otherwise one day you’ll fall over and won’t be able to get up as some sick paedo will have his c*ck up your ass and you won’t be able to stop him as your too fat. Eat less exercise more you moron.

Dec 27 2004
2:20 pm

There is nothing wrong with a feedee/feeder lifestyle if it performed by two consenting adults. most relationships of this type are loving,kind and caring.I happen to know that Mark
is a wonderful and loving husband and has been unjustly vilifide. It is my understanding that Gina herself is very upset by Mark’s portrayal
as a selfish asshole. The so called documentary was made only to sensationalize and missrepresent this type of lifestyle out of pure ignorance. It
is not a form of abuse any more than anal sex
or wife swapping. What ever floats your boat and
its not for others to judge. I have been involved
in a feeder/feedee relationship with my wife for
over 18 years now and we both enjoy ever minute of
it. When we married she weighed 475lbs she now
is up to approx. 825lbs. The sexual gratification
we both receive is incredible. We have two lovely daughters 14 and 16 both are large girls and my wife had no major problems with the pregnancies
even though she weighed over 650lbs with the last one. Everyone has a different idea of the perfect relationship and thats what makes up the spice of life. So if you think fat people are gross well, just remember thats your opinion and one persons poison is anothers pleasure

Jan 9 2005
7:40 pm

There’s just something so sexy about watching someone so fat that they can hardly move. oh god

Jan 19 2005
2:05 am

This is just fucking ridiculous. Now don’t get me wrong, I do like a woman with some meat on her bones. Especially around the hips and butt, but jeez that’s just fucking sick. Even for me. While I do find skinny or what most call “average” unattractive, There’s just something about an obese woman that’s just sickening. Why the hell would someone want someone so fat that they become sickly. how are you going to fuck a woman when she is sick all of the time? and how can you take the smell? When obese (IMO anything over 300 pounds) women sweat, they smell like raw ass and horse shit. Sorry but I just cannot achieve and maintain an erection. I barely can keep myself from losing my lunch.

Feb 3 2005
3:34 am

The thought of having a wife that is very soft and that I sink into is just mesmerizing. If I could learn to love such a goddess I would love her to the end. I am not a feeder I just love the woman that I am with to be big and soft. Real soft and really really big!!!

Feb 10 2005
7:22 am

Anyone who can suggest that a relationship which encourages someone to eat so much that they risk; heart disease, diabetes, the destruction of joints and bone matter, several forms of cancer, liver disease, loss of fertility, depression,loss of movement and a total inability to care for oneself; is a loving one must be a very sick puppy indeed. There is nothing wrong with finding a big girl (or man) attractive, everyone has their own ideas of perfection, but when these ideas extend to risking one partners life then this becomes VERY wrong. A relationship which encourages one person to put their life at risk is NOT loving, any more than a relationship where one partner hits another. The ‘feeders’ have been described as enjoying the ‘caring’ aspect of the relationship; and I am sure that they are superficially very caring to their victims. The desire to eat until one becomes imobile indicates a vulnerable psyche and these ‘feeders’ are merely taking full advantage of that. No one would suggest that a relationship where the woman has frequent black eyes was loving no matter how caring and attentive the man appeared to be. This abuse would be investigated. I fail to see how ‘feeding’ differs.

Feb 18 2005
10:15 pm

wow that was soo well writen rcv i totaly agree to what you said, i have been seein a guy for a while and have just realised that he is a feeder, so ive done my reasurch and have come up wiv lots of different views on what a feeder is and does, but have figured that there are lots of different lengths of what a person wiv a feeder fetish finds attractive, for example he might get turned on by a few pounds of wight gain but then also to the more extensive extream of them bein imobile (which i think is taking it too far) pluss i am a big girl myself but i also hava pritty face and i just dont wanna put on that much wieght so i think hes gunna have to go! ha ha ha but big is always better hee hee!

p.s sorry for my english i cant write it very well!

Fat Renee
Feb 22 2005
4:26 pm

First just let me say that most of that program “Fat Girls and Feeders” was mostly fabricated. I have been in a feeder/feedee relationship with my husband for almost 15 years and it is consensual. I have never felt forced, coerced or abused in any way. Most feeder/feedee relationships are based on trust and love for each other the same way other so-called normal relationships are. Many people derive sexual pleasure from food and being fed by their partner. Why do you think many foods are considered aphrodisiacs. It very is natural to equate food with the oral pleasures. As far as feeders leaving their feedee after they get board or when health problems manifest themselves, I have only heard about this in rare cases. In fact Mark and Gina (the subjects of “fat Girls and Feeders”) are still together and will be for a long time to come. In fact I believe Gina wrote a letter to the producers of the show stating how disappointed she was in the portrayal of their lifestyle. Bottom line is don’t believe everything you see on TV. This type of so called journalism is the lowest form of sensationalism out there. Its only purpose is to garner ratings and of make money for the people who sponser it.

Feb 23 2005
12:17 pm

Fat women rule, fat women are the most beautiful women on the planet. I would love to have a gigantic babe to feed. There is something incredibly sexual and decadent about a huge woman eating and being pampered like an enormous princess. Believe me If I had a woman who was 800 lbs I would attend to her every need. Total devotion is what its all about and that is what feederism is all about. To willingly become completely dependant on your partner and to become totaly devoted to your partner for their every need. It is the ultimate in sacrifice and trust. Honestly, how many other so called normal relationships can boast that? Especially in todays world were marriage is treated like a used car. Disposed of when it becomes to costly to maintain.

I’m very sorry if people out there think that this kind of activity is wrong and dangerous. But let me remind you that there are a lot of other dangerous activities that we willingly induge our loved ones in. Things like rock climbing, sky diving, auto racing, hang gliding just to name a few. all these activities have their risks, yet their ok. I don’t get it. It seems to me what it all boils down to is that some people just find any sort of sexual activity out of the norm. offensive. Also please stop playing psychiatrist, making judgments about other people’s mental health without knowing them is asinine. You can’t understand someone’s else’s motives or actions simply by reading bullshit posts or watching ridiculus television programs.

Mar 24 2005
12:52 am

-”and I might be just as disappointed as an overweight girl when I decide her body is just so different compared to mine that I’m not attracted to an otherwise great woman.” ~ Travis. Women are made to be curvy and soft (not necessarily obese, but are genetically engineered to carry more fat on their bodies than men). If you really want someone with a body similar to yours, you should be questioning your sexual orientation.

Apr 1 2005
6:44 am

How can you people complain about how obesity is such a “problem” when there’s countless numbers of people in the united states and abroad who are homeless and underfed?

I’ve met lots of fat people, and honestly, they don’t seem that unhappy unless they’ve been mistreated by those who are more socially accepted. It’s the homeless and starving who seem desperate and despondent.

Those of you who describe obesity with words like “disgusting” sound less like you’re looking out for the interests of fat people, and more like you’re looking out for your own sexual ideals.

You need to realize that people can make their own decisions about how they want to live. It’s those who have no choice, but to live in painful circumstances that you should be focusing on (and certainly this includes some fat people).

Apr 4 2005
7:51 pm

I was wondering if anyone might know of any type of profiles or studies that may have been done on “feeders”, if there is some reference or common bond that draws them to this preference. I am a “FAT GIRL” 4oo+ @ 5ft tall.

Apr 9 2005
10:20 am

Likesemhuge, comparing feederism to risky sports is totally misleading. When you feed your mate to morbid obesity and beyond, you are not taking a RISK, you are ENSURING that she will be deprived of her ability to take part in basic human activities like washing and walking that most people take for granted. How many people do you think would go skydiving if they knew that they would definitely have an accident and become paraplegic?

Also, to you and everybody else trying to defend your actions by saying that people have no right to jugde your “tastes” or motives: The problem with feederism has nothing to do with it being disgusting, or uncaring.

In fact, it has nothing to do with aesthetics or motivations at all. I don’t care what other people’s tastes are, or whether they do things our of love or compulsion. You might be perfectly loving and devoted partners just as you say and you’re right, people have no right to criticize you because “fat is gross.” But people do have a right to criticize you when you are doing something that condemns someone to a life of hardship and dependency, not to even mention the risks of terminal illness and death, regardless of what your reason for doing so or her willingness might be.

If you honestly loved a woman and you enjoyed providing her with heroin and she liked surrendering herself to this situation, does that make it right?

Apr 14 2005
10:53 am

I have read all of the responses above, and the following is my general response to them as a whole:

What makes anything right or wrong? and who controls who? Our country was founded on CHOICE, LIBERTY, and “IN GOD WE TRUST”. And God wants us to have FREE WILL! God wants us to learn by choices we make of our own FREE WILL. Anything that is FORCED AND NOT BY CHOICE, history has shown, God knows, and we should also know (by our own rebellious rejections), is doomed. What makes any of us like or dislike anything? We were all meant to be individuals, all with our own little quirks, talents, hobbies, desires, turn-ons, turn-offs, looks, personalities, etc.; and THE BETTER THAT PEOPLE, as a whole, CAN accept that fact and LIVE AND LET LIVE, THE BETTER OFF THE WHOLE WORLD WILL BE.

Apr 15 2005
2:54 am

dont bring God into this- He above all wont justify turning people into animals. The simplest example- one of the seven main sins is gluttony.

Apr 17 2005
12:30 pm

Sexual gratification is one of man kinds strongest desires, and he/she would do anything to satisfy it. Even if it means slow self-destruction, but if both partners are consenting, then really it is only thier own fault for destroying themselves. On the other hand the pleasure they experience must be amazing, for who would go to such great lengths to become or help someone become morbidly obese??? Really they are just living up life to it’s fullest, in thier perspective. Anyways fuck everything else do whatever you want, it’s a fucking free country and you only live once….

Apr 23 2005
10:42 am

I think a lot of you people need to calm the fuck down. The bottom line is, it’s none of your business what two consenting adults do with their lives. Provide their actions do not violate the law, You should have nothing to say about it and to best of my knowledge becoming grossly fat does not break any laws in this country. Most people in this world are not equipt or qualified to judge other peoples personal lives. Worrying about how the other guy is slowly killing themselves is pointless. People take risks with their live on a daily basis and don’t even realize it. It’s only when something out of the ordinary comes along that the do gooders of this world come out of the wood work. They stand there and wring there hands and say “look isn’t this just awful”, and they don’t even realize how ridiculous they look.

Many of you seem to feel you have a moral right to criticize another’s lifestyle choices. But I ask you, how many of you are realy moral enough to take on that kind of responsibilty? As I see it, one of the problems we face as a society is the fact that, there are to many people worried about what their neighbor is doing and not enough about their own house.

Apr 25 2005
2:14 pm

I’ve never actually met a guy that was ‘into’ fat chicks….Are you sure you guys are real?

This isn’t some type of skinny conspiracy fuck with fat chicks to get them to think that men may actually find them attractive is it?

yea sure maybe to get laid, have your children, clean your house, cook your meals…. or thank God they could ‘overlook’ your weight because of your sparkling personality and ‘wonderful sense of humor’ …………oh, or there’s well she has such a pretty face…………

What the heck?! Men actually LIKE fat chicks?
And OMG they want to make us fatter?!?!
yikes …really don’t we have to deal with enough sh$%^t already just being as big as we are?
5′4″ 230ish, four kids, too much good cookin

Don’t crowd boys, line forms to the right….hehe

Apr 25 2005
9:34 pm

Justme, I love you…

(platonically, platonically…)

Apr 27 2005
3:43 pm

I agree 100% with justme. The way some of these people are enraged you would think they were paying the grocery bill for these fat fucks.

May 2 2005
12:44 pm

rcv, you talk like you are sure that you have the facts. yet what you say is an opinion. I’m not going to get into any (serious) flaming here, so I’ll continue.

heard of the Gaining Goddess? she is an online model, and is a feedee/foodee. her husband, I have been led to believe, is a feeder. He does not force her into gaining, she does it because she loves to eat, and the feel of her fat.

I am a feeder, and my fiancee is a feedee. she has recently shot passed 350 pounds, even though I prefered her at around 300. I don’t care what she weighs, really. She is always beautiful to me, and I know she enjoys gaining.

In all honesty, is probably a bit dark and heavy, so it’s not really the best site for telling the world what every single person is like, who declares themselves “feeders.”

And if you’re going to start mocking us, then why not mock the anorexic?

May 5 2005
5:39 am

i have a little sister how weights 17 1/2 stone
seeing the fat jigal and wable as she walks down the stairs to get 12 pack of mars bars and and a choclet milk shake seeing her bell flop over the shorts she got on then her hard atempted to walk up the stairs her bum exploding out her shorts and as she reches the top of the stairs stoping to chach her breathe back be for lying on her bed and eating a 12 pack of mars bars
then at lunch her mother brings in 2 big macs for her she crams them down and complanes shes still hungery so she gets a super sise piza you can see the belly growing the rolls and rolls cameing
but she loves it.

Go on girl eat

May 5 2005
8:48 am

I AM SHOCKED AT THIS EXCHANGE. Not at what anyone has said – whatever floats your boat, even if it is a cyber wank (which some clearly are) or even cyber abuse (which we all have to bear, if we post). But what shocks me is the astounding illiteracy of some of those posting, with quite extraordinary spelling. What sort of education are these people getting?

Sneering English Villain
May 5 2005
1:25 pm

‘It’s none of your business what two consenting adults do with their lives. Provid[ed] their actions don’t break the law, you should have nothing to say about it.’ Who’s being proscriptive now, ‘JustMe’? Why shouldn’t I experience feelings of repulsion when ‘consenting adults’ choose to spend their lives fucking eachother up to the point of irreversible damage, even death? Don’t I have the right to express my feelings? The illiteracy noted above is less shocking than the moral indolence that your stance implies. As social beings, we have not only a moral right but a moral duty to criticise. Criticism is communication. Criticism is honesty. Criticism is exchange – something a mealy-mouthed solipsistic brainwashed prig like yourself can hardly be expected to appreciate. It would seeem that you live in a bubble, consisting of not only the laws that protect you physically, but also the unchallenged set of relativistic formulae that prevent the slightest whiff of other people’s thoughts from penetrating.

May 6 2005
2:39 pm

To the idiot that calls itself Sneering English Villain, I never said you didn’t have the right to your own feelings on the subject. My problem is with the people who take their feelings and attitudes and inject them into other people’s lives and you strike me as one of those people. You call criticism an exchange. But an exchange of what? Ideas? Not the way you and your ilk would use it. I believe the criticism you have in mind is more of an invasion into the lives of the people YOU feel are morally and socially inferior. As I said before provided no laws are broken, what two consenting adults do with their personal lives is none of your business. It all boils down to a basic right of privacy. But I wouldn’t expect a socialist product of a European nanny state like yourself to even remotely understand the concept.

May 8 2005
11:27 am

“Sneering English Villain”… do you even know what half of what you just said means? Ever heard of Netiquette? You might want to look up on it. There’s not really any point in trying to use “long” words when you’re flaming somebody. It’s the lowest and probably the most stupid thing to do. If you didn’t like what he said, don’t try to insult him for it. Instead, give your view(s) with the sufficient backing-up. It gets things running more smoothly, believe me.

Yours, HiM (the hairy, angry Scotsman)

FAT Lover
May 11 2005
7:17 pm

FAT Heaven
My perfect weekend. At 4:00pm I drove 15 miles through the country to my 700 pound girl friend’s house. The last time I saw her she was 550 pounds of dangling blubber. God, Oh MY GOD is she FAT,much fatter than before. Overlapping slabs of hanging FAT. A huge belly apron of pendulous dangling belly slop – All of her fat made my knees weak, she is the most thrilling pile of sex that ever existed. She was very hungry so I kissed her and left to get three extra large Sicilian pizzas. Eating and watching her eat two large pies was a heaven of sexual gluttony.

Then we started to kiss oh the feel of her deep soft overlapping flab got me harder and harder. I helped take her dress off and she laid back and lifted that huge apron of fat as she spread her flabby jiggling leg rolls apart. What a site – roll on top of roll of sloppy flaccid blubbery FAT!!! I started to sink my body into her huge rolls of stretch marked, cellulite bubbled flab. deeper deeper, I sank. I helped hoist her 150 pound belly apron of fat upward as I pulsated into her undulating fat. Then I sank into her fat flabby lips then plunged into her hot wet hole. Deeper harder in and out holding armfuls of blubber biting mouth fulls of soft sexual FAT.

I EXPLODED again and again — eight times in a row. then I fell into a deep three hour sleep. Awaking to the feel of her overhanging fat slop I got hard as a rock again – and again – I came. We made love over 30 times that week end. Her compulsive eating, her blubbery slop, her incredible love. What an absolute HEAVEN.

May 16 2005
7:52 pm

I really feel sorry for these freaks….I have know for sometime that the american people were mentally retarded and this feeder/feedee business
is just one prime example…Why does the male feeder himself not gain weight up to 600 to 800 lbs…Hell I thought partnership was 50/50…
another reason male feeders like this type of ugly
is he doesnot have to worry about her complaining about his looks,faults,body,sex or anything that he does. Where a nice looking slim built woman might not like what he has to offer…His dick might be too little… his nose might be too big.
or he just plain can’t fuck… he can’t even get a hard on when she has an attitude…so get slop sow so you can cum her attitude was destroyed along time ago.

May 17 2005
3:05 pm

Hey Molly, is English your second language? The termonology used here is feeder\feedee and thats exactly what it implies. The feeder does the feeding and the feedee does the eating and gaining. There is nothing 50/50 about it in this respect and no one claims that it is. The only controversy seems to stem for the fact that certain individuals claim it’s consensual. You would understand that if you were capable of any form of reading comprehension.

So being that you appear to be to stupid to even understand the issue at hand, don’t go shooting your mouth off and disparaging other people’s mental capacities. Especially when it appears that yours may be sub par.

Jun 3 2005
4:34 am

I’m sorry to have been away so long as to just now be responding to the responses that followed my April 14th submission, but the following is what I have in response to those now. (Take note that anything in quotes is not my words, but the words of those I’m responding to.)

To Catka:
First off (”don’t bring God into this”), God is in Everything whether you like it or not! It is not up to us to bring Him into Anything.

Second off (”He above all won’t justify turning people into animals.”), the physical form of people is animals whether you like it or not! We are souls/spirits that live in animal bodies and feel what those bodies feel. We eat animal flesh and we desire animal flesh.

Then, third, I don’t know where you get your “seven main sins”, but my Christian background has taught me that a sin is a sin is a sin. “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” And, again, it is not for us to judge each other. God’s love will teach us, His children, what we need to do if we are doing wrong. This teaching that I speak of USUALLY DOES NOT come from a book.

To d-desade:
It is very true that our physical bodies crave sex nearly as strongly as they crave food and, as I said to Catka, if whatever we do is wrong, the loving powers that be will show us a different way.
As for living only once, my personal belief (from studies I’ve done and according to most major world religions, and even Christianity in its first centuries of existence) is that that’s not true. Reincarnation is a fact. Take it or leave it; but sooner or later, you’ll take it.

To Justme:
I agree that it’s nobody’s business what 2 consenting adults do behind closed doors, but I take it one step further than you do. You say, “Provide their actions do not violate the law”. However, I’m in America and so I must say that there are some ridiculous laws out there that think that it’s their business what people do even behind closed doors, and I ask that, if it’s behind closed doors, how are they going to find out? That would be invasion of privacy. It’s even invasion of privacy and unconstitutional to even make such laws because such laws are based on fanatical religious beliefs and this country was founded on freedom, including freedom in religious beliefs. As you said, “Most people in this world are not equipt or qualified to judge other people’s personal lives.” Well, how do you think that politicians are elected and laws are made? – by the rule of the majority, which is “most people”.

Even though it’s sad, I can’t help but to be amused in agreement and understanding of your words, “They stand there and wring their hands and say ‘look isn’t this just awful’, and they don’t even realize how ridiculous they look.”

I totally agree with your last paragraph too.

To toomuchgoodcookin:
I just looovvvve your sense of humor. God bless you.

To london:
I’m amused with agreement with your words. However, some of these people might know English only as a second language; but if not, their schooling must be lacking. In either case, the right thing to do is to just pray for them to learn better writing skills. They’re probably really nice people otherwise.

To Sneering English Villain:
What??!!! “As social beings, we have not only a moral right but a moral duty to criticise. Criticism is communication. Criticism is honesty. Criticism is exchange – something a mealy-mouthed solipsistic brainwashed prig like yourself can hardly be expected to appreciate. It would seeem that you live in a bubble, consisting of not only the laws that protect you physically, but also the unchallenged set of relativistic formulae that prevent the slightest whiff of other people’s thoughts from penetrating.”

I must admit that your entry is VERY thought-provoking. At first glance, I don’t like criticism. I see it as most people probably see it – as mean and narrow-minded, unaccepting of the “live and let live” policy, which allows God to correct what is wrong in our actions. However, I do have to admit that I do like criticism’s honesty, which you point out. Too many people are pretentious, leaving other people in the dark about things that they could benefit from knowing, which is a form of dishonesty. In this respect, I agree with you that criticism can be good. This is known as “constructive criticism”. However, criticism can also be bad, when it is not delivered properly. It can be very hurtful and destructive. Yes, we are a sensitive lot. But are we in such a bubble, as to not allow other people’s thoughts in, when we enter this website, read other people’s entries, write our own, and look for responses?

I challenge you to try to put yourself in the place of those you criticize.

To Justme’s second entry:
Even though I agree with you, we should avoid mud-slinging. This only brings us into the realm of doing the very thing that we are against.

To HiM:
I think you’re cool, and I agree with your response to Sneering English Villain. Read mine. I think you’ll agree too.

To molly:
Where do you get your definition of mentally retarded? You’d better watch out. Fate may make you that which you accuse others of being. Also, you seem to have a narrow-minded attitude about feeders. Guess what? I have an ex-husband that weighs at least 400 lbs. and I never got to more than 180 lbs. (unpregnant) while with him. Also, I weighed 130 lbs. in high school and I’m now a feedee, who weighs 215 lbs., which is a little past the preference of my current husband’s weight desire. However, he has loved me at any weight that I’ve been with him, ranging from 140-240, and I first reached 215 between 8 and 9 years ago while with him. I love to eat fattening foods, but I’m not heavier than I am only because I want to please him. Also, I like my lover having a chubby belly, which he sometimes has and sometimes doesn’t have. His weight has ranged between 169 and 210, in the time that we’ve been together, at the height of 5′10, and he usually weighs somewhere in the middle of this range with a round belly, probably because he knows that I like it. If you ask me, I think that calling any act that’s pleasing to a lover as being mentally retarded is mentally retarded.

Best wishes to all!

Jun 3 2005
11:36 am

To group everyone feeder into a group is, in my opinion, outrageous. I have been a feeder for about 5 years now, and I have yet to see the person that I feed grow to the point of obesity. Yes, I am a feeder and an FA, but not every FA or feeder likes to see their mate grow to be 900 pounds. Personally, I like to be able to feed my partner, having them enjoy it themselves, and leave the option for them to gain a few pounds to them. I worry sometimes about my partner getting too large and contracting a heart disease, so I tend to stress not getting to the point of extreme obesity. But still, to think that people are classifying feeders as people who like to see their feedee grow to immense proportions is just… just, ugh!

Jun 3 2005
5:45 pm

LOVEEVERYONEANYWAY , I like where your head’s at. Keep it smart, man. More people should reply like that!

Jun 13 2005
10:42 am

I have been doing some casual research on this weird shit for some time now, and the inescapable fact is any feeder who claims they don’t want their significate other to become grossly obese is LYING. Their whole M.O. is to feed their partener until they literally are just enormous piles of blubber. One deep seated recuring desire among feeders is to turn their partener into the world’s fattest person. We as a society have become so consumption crazy, that we now have people with sexual preferences for huge jabba the hut like inhuman blobs. WTF is going on?

Feeders, are in my opinion a blight on society, even NAFFA has come out against the practices of these cretins. Even though their numbers are small, they should be treated as any other sexual predator. Just look at how they operate. They find a lonely fat person with very low self esteem or in some cases mentally unstable. Then coerces and convinces them that fat is beautiful and bigger is better and slowly turns the poor slob into an eating machine, slowly killing them with food. The coercion that they use on their victim is almost inhuman. they usually prey upon the victim’s deepest insecurities and fears and all this just to satisfy their perverse sexual desires. How can any sane person defend this sick practice. I don’t care if there are no laws preventing this from happening, it still doesn’t make it right. Feederism in its extreme form is and always will be morally depraved.

To those of you who would defend these creatures, ask yourself this. How would you feel if your son or daughter fell victim to one of these sickos. Just imagine having to sit by and watch this bizzare and tragic scenario unfold in front of you. What would you do? how would you like it?

This sick shit needs to stop. Since our society is so willing to pass laws protecting obese people from discrimination, then why not protect these same obese people from feeders. I feel that feeders that cause the death or harm of a obese person should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Jun 13 2005
4:17 pm

Oh my fucking god! Who actually gets off on this crap? Are there really sick people that do this stuff to another person? How can any one think that a huge bloated dying whale is sexy. For the life of me I can’t fathom this kind of relationship. Hey its all right if your into big women but shit, 8-900 or 1000lbs thats just outrageous.
Just think about the logistics of the situation. Since they can’t move how would you wash a slob like that or better yet wipe their blimp size asses? Do these feeders enjoy being up to their elbows in elephant shit? Do they enjoy the smell? Or swimming the fat slobs sweat? What about feeding them? does a feeder work three jobs just to pay the food bill and if so when do the find the time to feed their fatty? These are some of the questions that come to mind and I’m not to sure I want the answers.
I’m not even going to touch upon the moral implication of such a relationship because I can’t even get past the gross nature of it all. It never ceases to amaze me what some people will do to get their jollies.

Jun 13 2005
5:12 pm

It really amuses me to read the outrage and revulsion some of you have for us feeders. Well I got news for you. Your moral outrage makes us laugh. This is reality and there is a lot of fucked-up shit out there. So get used to it, we feeders are least of your problems.
Like it or not, as long as their are fat pigs willing to sell their souls for a little loven and a life of over consumption we feeders are going to be there to take advantage of the situation.
Why are we to blame? why don’t you take a good look at the so called victims? Just how many of these obese people do you think would have contributed anything constructive to society anyway? Most would have ended up on public assistance because they are weak selfloathing parasites. So if you really stop to think about it we do society a service, we take these pigs in, care for them, make them feel loved and wanted and provide them with the pleasures they crave…FOOD as much as they can eat and then some. We even do the nasty jobs of cleaning them, something nurses in hospitals don’t even want to do. So what do you care if they get huge and die? We live with that problem not you. We’re the ones that have to pick up the pieces and start over.
So the next time you think of some fat 800lb slob as a victim, look at it from a perspective of reality . Feedees don’t deserve your sympathy any more than we feeders do, we’re just people getting our rocks off any way we can.

Jun 14 2005
4:22 am

i don’t understand why everyone thinks the feedee is a victim. i love to have a man get turned on by watching me eat or feeding me. my belly feels so nice when it’s full and after a nice day or laying around the house and eating i usually have t he greatest sex (with myself or otherwise). now i’m not that big of a girl…5′2″ 160lbs….and i can see where it may be a problem when someone gets to large to function properly, but i see nothing wrong with liking weight gain. hell. my exboyfriend and i still update each other on girls we notice gaining from time to time. and everytime it makes me so hungry. please stop acting like the feedee is the victim here. I WANT TO BE FED.

Jun 14 2005
1:45 pm

Can I say that feederism is just as morally injust as the diet industry…

Jun 17 2005
10:29 pm

This is a very interesting thread..

First off, I’d like to say that I’m not biased against feeder/feedee relationships based on the sexual aspect. I believe that’s something personal and private, and to each his or her own. However, I am shocked that these relationships end up with such extreme results. There’s nothing wrong with some fat, but feeding your lover until she (I suppose it’s a female most of the time) gets medical complications is just wrong. I’m not saying that every feeder/feedee relationship ends up like that, but in a way it is abuse. The feeder may not have the intention of harming the feedee, but nevertheless the feedee does get harmed physically and that makes it the same as an abusive relationship, in my view. How can anyone live normally when she weighs 600 lbs? That’s like paralyzing someone on purpose. The feedee may want to be fed and dependent like that, but how do you know she’s not brainwashed? What one wants is not always what is best. Giving more food to an obese person that has health problems is like giving more heroin to a drug addict. Again, there are exceptions, but I still believe that most feeder/feedee relationships are wrong and harmful.

To London, all I want to say is that your post struck me as hilarious because it seemed so random. Good point, though.

Jun 18 2005
7:04 pm

You should have a look at this feeding video.

Lots of girls like to feed to grow big like me.

Jun 25 2005
10:05 am


Jun 25 2005
1:53 pm

Please don’t shout.

Jun 27 2005
1:35 pm

To Confused, first off please turn off your caplocks you’re shouting. Second your boyfriend appears to be a closet feeder. If he is secretly desiring a hugely obese women then you either have to just go with it and become a feedee or get out of that relationship. Eventually his secret sexual preferences will spill out into his real life and it will spell disaster for your relationship. Believe me, I speak from experience. I’m a feeder and was not always as open about it as I am now and it cost me a long term relationship when I finally came clean with my preferences.
As far as explaining this type of behavior goes, for me it has to do with going against society’s norms. A grossly fat woman purposely eating to gain weight is a turn on because most people think of it as deviant behavior. I also love the huge jiggling softness of a obese woman and everything that goes along with it and I mean everthing the good and the bad. When I married my wife she weighed almost 450lbs and was 5′4″ tall everyone said I was crazy to marry a woman like that. Now after three children and 10 years of marrage she weighs almost 690 incredible pounds and I would not change or reduce 1 once of her. The reaction my wife elicites from people when we are out in public is a never ending source of entertainment for us. The looks of shock, horror and amazement are just priceless. Also our sex life is outstanding and the bigger she gets the better it gets. It all comes down to personal preference and lifestyle choice.
I hope I explained this well enough to you because it is a difficult thing to explain. I think you and your boyriend need to sit down and talk about what each of your needs and desires really are.

ferdinand eze azuka
Jun 29 2005
10:12 am

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Jul 1 2005
1:51 pm

I don’t know what everyones problem is but it’s nowhere near as bad as some of you make it! Some guys just like fat girls, simple as that. So what! They desire more of a good thing. Many Feeders are not like Darkfeeder and they all don’t desire they’re feedee to become mountainous blobs of fat. Feeders and feedees are different just like everyone else. Some have limits, some don’t. Many feeders love they’re feedees for more than their voluptuous bodies. They enjoy their companionship and company and wish to keep them around as long as possible. There are way bigger problems in the world and this is no worse than Drinking too much or smoking 3 or 4 packs of cigarettes a day or having promicuous sex every weekend.

If you’re not into it, so be it.
but don’t look down on those who are. I’m sure you like something they find disgusting as well.

Jul 5 2005
11:03 pm

All this talk of victims and predators is ridiculous. The truth of the matter is both feeders and feedees are in a way victims. Victims of there own selfish desires and greed. Nobody can convince me that feedees are just passive victims of lurking predatory feeders. It is absolutely insane to believe that a person would unwittingly sit there and eat themselves into immobility simply because their partner deceived and cohered them to. Even if you were the stupidest person on the planet, wouldn’t you notice that you could no longer fit through a door or no longer could walk? Wouldn’t that set off alarms in your head, like hey this is bad for me! I should get help! Tell me what the fuck does it take? What kind of idiots do these fat pigs take us for?

So here is my take on feeders and feedees. Feedees eat and get huge because they want to. Feedees generally go along with their feeders because they want to be taken care of and live a life of sloth and gluttony. Gobbling up everything they can including food, money and attention. I’m sorry, the fact of the matter is there are a lot of greedy gluttonous pigs out there. Some are just more willing to degrade themselves to achieve their life’s ambition of being totally dependent leaches. Look at the facts feedees usually only regret their life’s choices after its too late. Even after being repeatedly told by doctors to lose weight, they still ignore the warnings. Then and only then, when they are at deaths door, gasping and farting out their last breaths do they decide to beg for help. What’s even more ridiculous is that they usually claim that it’s the feeder’s entire fault that they are so obese. They play the roll of the victim so well. Once free of their so-called feeder they look to other people for aid and sympathy and almost never take any responsibility for their own situation. Truth be told feedees are just as responsible for their downfall as their feeders are. Maybe more so, because as the old saying goes you reap what you sew.

Jul 6 2005
12:42 pm

Wasnt there an episode like this on Seinfeld. :P

Jul 13 2005
11:14 am

feedees are sexy… thank god for freedom of speech

Jul 14 2005
1:21 pm

Feedees are disgusting…thank god for harpoons.

Aug 5 2005
4:17 am

tu chez,

still think there sexy though

Aug 5 2005
5:01 pm

You fatties and your fat pig children suck, let them eat till they die screaming like the pigs that they are. Then butcher their hog like carcasses and feed the starving people of the world.

Aug 15 2005
7:45 am

A lot of the posts on here are extremely ignorant. Personally I think being 800lbs or whatever isn’t very pleasant but its what people enjoy.
I also think that in some feeder/feedee relationships there is an element of BDSM but thats ok. (I’m sure some of you might take offence to that comment but it’s true, or at least for me it is.)
What people need to realise is that not every feeder/feedee relationship is going to have the same preferences. Yes some might be founded on abuse, and thats wrong, but its the same with any other relationship.
Whilst some might prefer their partner to become so huge that they cannot even move, others would just like a bit of extra meat.
I don’t think you can generalise this at all. Yes there are extremes, but generally a concensual loving feeder relationship is fine.
I mean come on, each to their own.

Aug 15 2005
5:07 pm

This is a subject that is very near to me. My mother was and still is a feedee and my father a feeder and growing up in a household like that has scared me deeply. I am the oldest of five children and left or should I say fled my home shortly after graduating H.S. My earliest memories were of my father forcing my mother to eat huge quantities of food every day. He would literally force the food down her throat and abuse her physically as well as mentally. My mother started life as an obese child and became a morbidly obese adult and weighed as much as 400lbs when my father met and married her. She also had little self worth and absolutely no backbone when it can to anything my father wanted. By the time I was old enough to attend school my mother had already become to fat to leave the house. My early memories of her were of a huge woman with a bloated sad face unable to even walk across our small living room without assistance of a cane or walker. It also seemed that she was always pregnant and was constantly nursing one of my brothers or sisters. By the time her last child was born, I was 11 and was forced to take on many of the daily chores of caring for my mother while my father was at work. At this time she could no longer leave her bed and was eating continuously without my father forcing her too. I guess after years of my father’s abuse and feeding she just broke and gave up and gave in to my father’s desires.
By the time I reached junior high I was taking care of my house bound mother from the time I got home from school till the time my father got home from work. I was required to make her dinner and whatever food she wanted, wash her gross sweating rolls of lard flesh, and worst of all help her with going to the bathroom. Then I was required do my homework, look after my younger brothers and sisters and have dinner ready for my father when he got home. If I failed to do any of these things to either of my mother’s or father’s satisfaction I was punished, which usually meant being beaten by my father. When my father would finally get home he would close himself in the bedroom with my mom and force-feed her until she would almost pass out. Then he would call us kids into the room, make cruel jokes about her and call her derogatory names and encourage us to do the same. Most times my mom would just laugh it off, playing the part of the jolly fat woman but deep down she must have been desperate to escape.
I wasn’t the only one to suffer under the yoke. As my sisters and brothers got older they too had to assume similar duties. As time went by and the more help my mom received the less she would do for herself. She became more and more demanding, combative and verbally abusive. Her own despair at being trapped in her pathetic life would continuously spill over as anger and resentment towards her own children. By the time I left home she must have weighed well over 900lbs and resembled an enormous sweating inhuman blob. Trapped by her own self-loathing gluttony and her revolting bloated body, she became a terrifying raving monster with an insatiable appetite and never-ending list of demeaning demands. That was 7 years ago and my mother’s condition has only worsened since then. She is now to the point where she can no longer breath even when being pumped with oxygen from a compressor. I expect that when she dies, which will be soon, a wall will have to be removed from their house just to remove her body. What they will do with it, god only knows. I only know that I wish to be as far away from it as possible.
I realize that my experiences may be from a different perspective than the rest of the comments here but I feel that it needed to be said. Anyone pursuing this type of extreme lifestyle should bare in mind the emotional scares that you freaks can cause when children are misused during your pursuit of you’re deviant sexual gratification. Personally I don’t give a fuck if you’re a sick diseased turd and eat yourself of feed your partner to death just don’t have children while doing it.

Aug 31 2005
4:21 am

Many people seem to have the misconception that Feeder/Feedee relationships are abusive….that’s just plain not true (at least for me it’s not true)I’m a feeder to my girlfriend…and let me tell you for me it’s not about domination at all…I just like the way chubbier women feel…is that really so bad? it’s just a preference …and actually I suppose there IS a factor of dominance…but also one of submission…see to me when I see my girlfriend and she’s bigger than me and when I’m right up against her stomache I seem tiny and quite honestly it makes me feel very submissive…so it has aspects of both so it’s very well balanced and definetly NOT abusive…hell I go to everyone single one of her doctors apointments to make sure that she’s okay…and so far..she has been and I’ve gotten her from 130 to 203 so yeah…I don’t call that abusive….although there ARE abusive ones out there…they definetly aren’t in the Majority…and quite honestly I’m getting quite sick of the misconception that every single feeder is abusive…people do it because they don’t understand it and try to find any and every grounds to hate it on…and plus it’s just easy to clump people together instead of ACTUALLY learning about people as indivduals…I’ve liked bigger girls since I was 4…and I’m 18 now…and I’m astonished by how many people just can’t accept the idea of diffrent preferences…because that’s ALL this is…a preference.

Aug 31 2005
4:29 am

and then again there are some people who hate feedee’s just because they hate fat girls to begin with…in which case your just narrow-minded and I pity you because your views of the world shall forever be conformed by your own narrow mind and you will never get so see the full picture of this lovely world of ours…(also I apologize for posting twice in a row because I know it bugs some people…)

Sep 1 2005
12:01 am

Even though fat women turn me on and all this feeding business too (i just jerked off reading some of the comentaries); one must accept that the whole feeder/feedee idea is pretty twisted. Heck, i’m not even american, and in my country (Colombia) such an idea would be taken as worthy of a mentally ill person. What i fear is that all the feeder/feedee business becomes a merely sexual question, with no feelings involved. And, as we all know, without love, sex is meaningless. From some comentaries i’ve read, it seems to me that it’s all a sexual fetish, with no true love from either part. I hope i’m wrong, and God forgive me for jerking off and reading this webpage.

Sep 2 2005
11:34 am

I find it somewhat depressing that in a weight obsessed world we see only the extremes represented by the media.

I happen to find chubby girls absolutely adorable. This is not because I have some sinister desire to rob a girl of her self asteem and thereby dominate her. I like chubby girls because when I look at them, I get aroused. It’s as simple as that. I love nothing more than a cute pot belly and a bum I can park my bike in. It is no more a choice for me than it is a choice for a gay man to be attracted to men.

And I’m not alone. There are many, many men and women who are attracted to a more ’substantial’ partner. (Substantial when compared to the media-projected ‘norm’.)

But when was the last time you saw a documentary about people like us? You never have. Why? Because it’s boring. And The truth often is.

So there are only two types of men represented by the media: The ‘normal’ one’s who like a size 4-8, and the ‘freakish’ one’s who like a woman the size of a bus. And all of you ladies between size 10 and size 20, well, according to the media NOBODY finds you attractive. You are sexual refugees.

Of course, that is the size range of most of the women on earth.

Let us not forget the practices in Afica of fattening up their women to obesity. In some cultures fat truly is attractive. It’s the norm. With western eyes it looks barbaric, but with African eyes western women look like insects.

Sep 20 2005
1:51 pm

When you boil it down feederism is really an over glorified fetish, but a fetish that can be moderated and intergrated into life. Its sort of in the same catagory as S&M. I suppose that sorts it out, I think S&M is freaky, but I don’t disagree with it. Im sure many people into S&M think feederism is weird and wrong, many of them probably won’t disagree with it.

However its the people with the loudest hate who get noticed and as a result distort the truth and focus on the extremes in order to prove a point. Feedees become freak shows in the eyes of the media and it is banished into the realms on an underground cult.

Unlike S&M the products of feederism are more extensive and permanent. You get fat, odds are you’ll be like that the rest of your life. S&M can be secretive, there is no lasting visible effect, at least I hope not.

Ok, basically what im getting at is justifying feederism. Feederism is only justified if the couple truely love eachother for who they are… a paradox, isn’t the feeder only into the altering of someones physical appearance and, therfore, who they are in the first place? Yes, some feeders are, they are the ones to avoid.

Those who have more respect (or restraint) will love someone enough not to force their partner to do something against there will. Men who are FAs and arent only attracted to the fattening process but actually adore the features of a BBW. Those are the ones who will love their girlfriends. A girlfriend first a feedee second. However we hear very little about these relationships.

I suppose you could catagorise feederism into two groups: Intensive and temperate. Intesive being feederim and the fattening of a woman either against her will and or only being attracted to her because of her weight gain, is likely to dump her if weight gain stops.

Temperate is having a girlfriend who gains weight either because she’s comfortable with it or she wants to. Relationship will go deeper than simply feederism.

Then again theres probably a spectrum where different people fit in towards each end.

Well that was simply me trying to justify feederism in genuine loving relationships rather than something abusive and underground. Feederism should not be a fetish taken lightly.

Sep 30 2005
11:04 pm

My brother is a Firefighter/EMT and he was called out not long ago to aid the local ambulance crew with a woman who was extremely obese. In fact, this woman was so large, she had to have a stool to rest her stomach on to be able to stand up. The men were going to lift her onto the stretcher to get her into the ambulance but she insisted on standing up and getting on it herself, saying it would be easier for all concerned given her size. When she went to stand, she missed laying her stomach on the stool as she normally did and the weight of it dropped, ripping one of the main arteries from her heart, killing her instantly. There was nothing any of the emergency medical crew there could do to save her life.

Occurances such as this can and do happen ALL the time to people of such large size. I cannot count the times we’ve heard of calls that he’s gone on where people have had to endure pain and suffering that simply was not necessary all because they were abnormally large. But, what always sticks with him most (with all of the crew really) is the embarassment and humiliation these people endure. The guys take every measure to try to make things as easy for them as possible because they know by the look on the poor patient’s face, not to mention the tears in their eyes, what they’re going through, but nothing can ever take away the pain and the heartache they have to go through when a slab has to be called in from the morgue because they’re too heavy for the stretcher or when the floor of the ambulance is buckled from the weight of them (yes, that has actually happened before).

Having someone you “love” be so large isn’t something to be proud of or boastful about. It isn’t something that you try to encourage… at least, not if you’re in your right mind. If you really love a person, with all your heart, then I should think you would want to be with them and grow old with them. If you love someone you certainly don’t encourage them to walk down a road that leads to their own eminent death and destruction, especially one that will, in the end, very likely be full of pain, heartache, embarassment, misery, and a miriad of other hurtful emotions. This so-called “feeder” isn’t the one that’s going to have to suffer through such things. He’s not the one that’s going to feel such pain and heartache. If he really cares about the woman in his life, maybe he should take that into consideration.

But that’s the problem, isn’t it. Men of that mentality don’t think, do they? They don’t care what her ultimate outcome is. What they care about is what they get from the “here and now”. Thinking ahead isn’t even a consideration is it? What a shame…

Oct 2 2005
8:00 am

To “Concerned”…

Wow, that was presumptious!

Incedentally, I suppose all of you against feederism are also against Anorexia? Not that they’re related ata all. Anorexia is *actually* a mental disorder, I believe. I do appologise if I am wrong, of course.

Feederism is, as I see it and as I practise it, somethingh for both parties to enjoy. As long as they’re both enjoying it, then I think it’s classed as feederism; an erotic act (or fetish, if you so wish) which both partners should enjoy.

But the moment the feedee stops enjoying it, is forced into gaining, it is abuse.

Of course, this is just my opinion.

Oct 6 2005
4:35 am

I am not a feeder, what i do like though is watching a women who really enjoys eating and doesnt care about calories, i love it when they say “ummmm” as they are eating. I went to McDonalds once with a girl who ordered a shit load of food, i just thought that was class, its def a sexual thing for me. Can anyone explain this fetish??? I love big women, stretch marks etc, i wish i could be round them all the time but they must have a womanly figure, when girls get like a tub shape its not attractive.

Bjørn Rossland
Oct 30 2005
6:19 pm

I am a 35 year old father of 2. I love big fat grannies, and I wish my wife would join in.

Nov 7 2005
12:01 am

I definately agree in the fact that you shouldn’t encourage anyone to become a complete blob, and that feeders need to restrict themselves. Kind of like the anorexia and bulimia issues that have been going around lately.

I am an FA myself, and enjoy good pudge in women. I have to say I don’t like completely obease women, just a good belly and theighs, and a figure. But when it does become a health risk I don’t know… 300? Then it is very much time to step in and really to lose weight. The partner does need to get fat for the compainion if he or she wants to anyway. You can’t let your sex drive control your love life. It isn’t shallow to have one, but it becomes when you can’t look out for yoru companions health. You can live without fofilling a simple fetish. Thousands do. Including ones with the very skinny attrations.

Nov 7 2005
12:33 am

For me, nothing is hotter than watching a very fat girl eat. The heavier the girl and the more she eats the better. FA-UK you sound like your ideal parter would be a foodee, this is a person who gains most pleasure from the act of eating in itself, but without the desire to gain weight. Personally the gain is the most exciting part for me, 400+lb women are just incredible in bed!

Nov 7 2005
1:58 pm

uh, there is a difference between things like anorexia and this, btw- they’re mental disorders. just being skinny isn’t, though.

Nov 10 2005
6:14 pm

It really is amazing the emotions the subject of feederism elicits from people. Especially the first time they hear of it. Because of it’s widely varying degrees of intensity it can really be a tricky subject to defend. As many of the earlier posters have expressed, not all feeders are willing to grow their feedees into immobile monsters. But there are those that do. I know this for certain because I was married to one for almost twenty years.
When I read the comment by “Darkfeeder” I actually got the chills. That individual reminds me so much of my ex-husband it isn’t even funny. Until about a year ago I was married to a man that wanted nothing more but to feed me until I could not move, even if it meant he had to do every last thing for me. The really sad part of it is he almost succeeded. I was married to him for almost twelve years and I have always been a fat woman with a love for food. But in that 12 years, I went from being a 375 lb, active, SSBBW to a wheezing, barely mobile, 680+lb, eating machine and believe me when I say, it seemed to have happened almost without realizing it.
Many people including my parents have asked me how I could have let myself go so badly and my answer has always been the same. For a fat woman like me who has always had issues with food and was always told not to eat and lose weight, feederism can very rapidly become an escape. It becomes an escape from the pressure to conform to societies ideas of beauty. At first it’s fun and in a sense, liberating and practiced in conjunction with incredible hot steamy sex, it becomes an irresistible drug. Your partner tells you your fat is beautiful and that eating is sexy. That it’s right for you to indulge in your oral pleasures and that it will make you a happier, more, well adjusted person. After a few years of this you begin to believe it and you live in denial. You convince yourself that you can control your appetite and the weight gain. But in reality you’re fooling yourself because by this time you’ve given up complete control of yourself and food becomes the driving force in your life, and that’s when things really spin out of control. I basically became a slave to food and a prisoner of my own gluttony and all the while my ex took full advantage of this. Without getting into anymore of the gory details, for me it became a nightmare of food, sex, physical and emotional torture.
But about three years ago I did receive a wake up call, it was called pregnancy. It changed my whole outlook on life. I finally began to realize that maybe there was more to life than just eating and living with the abuse. At over 600 lbs pregnancy was an incredible challenge. There were times when my doctor and I didn’t think I was going to make it. But at the end of 9 months and a hellish delivery I was blessed with a healthy baby girl that I named Patricia Marie and my life was forever changed. One year later I filed for divorce from my husband and started my road to recovery. With the help of some great medical professionals and inspiration from my child I have lost over 100lbs and have started to get my life back.

Nov 12 2005
4:00 pm

Karen, I think your post was very interesting.

And yes, see- there are cases like this, I can’t deny it. But there are things like this in almost every sort of fetish.

again, than you for your post. Quite personally, I’m glad to hear that your doing something to get your life back. Some people can suit perfectly being over 600, it is true, but more often than not, there are many complications.

Nov 21 2005
2:10 am

Down here in the deep south, we like our women large, and bare-footed with just a flimsy thing or two on, running ’round the house. It don’t hurt none if they’re hot and sweaty either. There’s nothing like taking a break from fishing and getting a little bit of tight pussy from a large woman on a riverbank in the middle of the night while the cool breezes blow up your ass. Oh yeah!!
By the way, ain’t nobody can cook like a big fat woman, cause they know what eating good food is all about.

Nov 23 2005
10:35 pm

To dixie-moon: Bert! is that you, you son of a behive, you talking about Eula mae again? She’s done run off with one of them fellers from the carnival since you and mama’s been in jail.

mutual gain
Nov 25 2005
5:47 am

Ok, I read most of the posts…. You people seem to believe that it is just the men that fatten the women, oh no, in some cases both gain, in other cases it is the woman that fattens the man. My girlfriend and I are both gaining weight.

ted gramer
Nov 26 2005
4:18 am

Doesnt it hurt when chicks double your weight are sitting on your dick?

Nov 28 2005
5:08 am

This is just another example of western excess, you people thinking it’ “normal” to be 400lbs are way off the mark, the only way your obese ass can even survive on this planet is because of our advanced society that was built by people who would of thought of your little fetish as horrifying and would have probably sent your ass out into the woods, you would never survive in the woods or away from western society without becoming a meal for atleast several predators. It’s NOT NATURAL. And next time you think about stuffing your face think about all the children in 3rd world countries that could probably live several weeks just on the energy of just 1 pound of your pathetic fat, you sicken me, get some help.

James Bond III
Dec 1 2005
9:23 am

Just wanted to add a few comments, not all guys that like fat girls are into feeding, and its quite a seperate thing from a preference for bigger girls…I love BBW (Big Beautiful Women) and SSBBW (Super Sized Big Beautiful Women)but i have never really understood the feeding thing i do believe it has to be about some control element on the mans side, but its also a submissive act on the feedee, but its not abuse if both parties agree to it

Why do i like fat chicks? i dunno really im a big guy myself but regardless i just like it when a girl has bigger breasts, bigger boobs, bigger thighs and i find the soft flesh on a womans belly a real turn on, i dont think there is an answer why do some people like blondes, some people like leather or BDSM or whatever, its just what we are and if it makes people happy let them be free to explore it

Dec 5 2005
12:37 am

No, it doesnt hurt a bit when a woman more than twice my weight sits on my dick. Their soft bodies cushion and spread their weight.

The largest woman I have been with (and am still currently seeing) weighs about 450-500lbs and is somthing like 5″3.

She is incedible in bed, as she bounces her entire sexy body wobbles, her body bulging in different places depending on her position.

To all the fat-haters in here, get a life.
There are big women out there and men who adore them.

Dec 5 2005
4:20 pm

Amen jeff, couldn’t have said it better.

Dec 9 2005
6:20 pm

Hey Karen, do I really scare you that much? Or are you just afraid of your inner self? You can make all the inane noise you want about being a victim but those of us that have been there know the truth. I know you really want to gorge and be a lazy fat slob. If you didn’t you, wouldn’t have gotten so fantastically fat in the first place. Why don’t you tell us all the truth? Deep down you loved every minute of your former lifestyle. Because in actuality you were just as in control of your relationship as your feeder was. Think about it fatty, who was it that wiped your enormous ass when you couldn’t reach? Who was it that washed your sweaty blubber rolls. Who cooked, cleaned and supported you all those years? Who had sex with you and pleasured you when you were too gross to even be considered by another man? Who powdered, moisturized and cared for your fat filled bloated carcass? I could go on and on because in many ways you got the best of the deal. I know you enjoyed every minute of it. I’ve seen the gleam in a fat, feedees eyes when she is being fed all her favorite foods. I have experienced the air of satisfaction and control an obese feedee exudes while forcing her feeder to do all the unsavory choirs necessary to keep her comfortable. You talk about your ex-husband like he was some kind of fiend. But in reality you loved what he did for you as well as to you. You know he worshipped you and was probably destroyed by your decision to divorce. You were and still are an all consuming parasitic blob and deep down you still acknowledge this.
So why don’t you be true to yourself and come look me up. I’ll keep you and treat you like the fat, deviant, oral, pleasure, loving princess that you truly are. I feed you all your favorites until you burst. Believe me you will live a short but very happy decadent life, with everything you will ever need or want. All you simply have to do is ask and it will be yours. So stop this charade and be the gorgeous, sexy, food, swilling, beauty you were born to be.

I’ll be waiting to hear from you.


Dec 11 2005
9:00 pm

i would love to have a bigger lady. there so loving and are very good in bed. besides that i wish i could find one. i would love to have a good roll in the hay with one . help me find one pls. i have more than enough for the right bigger lady.

Dec 15 2005
10:21 pm

Okay, it’s been 6 months since I last checked onto this site and the following are my new responses:

To Fatforme – June 27th:
You seem cool and maybe sexy. Your last sentence would be good advice for about any couple.

To Sofuckingwhat – July 5th:
You’re the first entrant that’s inspired me to write my mental point of view as a feedee. Frankly, I really don’t like to be waited on, and I don’t really have to be. I weigh about 224 lbs., I’m 5′3″, I’m rather a (mostly mental) masochist, and I like to wait on my man. However, I see weightgain on a woman, that is prodded by my/her man – particularly in a society like ours – as a sort of mental S&M. On my very first date, when I was 14, I noticed that my boyfriend seemed to be buying more food for me to eat than I was used to eating. So I let him know that I had lost 8 lbs. over the summer and it seemed that he was going to make me gain it all back. I weighed 112 lbs. on that date. Then he responded that he’d not only make me gain the 8 lbs. back, but he’d make me gain an additional 8 lbs. so that no one else would want me. He wasn’t a sicko. He was a really cute and intelligent guy that I’d known since I was 4 years old and, honestly, his statement kind of turned me on. His statement might have been born out of insecurity and self-centeredness, but it brought out this innate feeling inside of me – a feeling of enjoying a guy exerting this kind of control over me to some extent. It seemed sadistic, but I didn’t know what that word meant then. I just knew that I liked it. The whole idea, in fact, of women being controlled by men, was such a turn-on to me, and I was still a virgin. Four years after that, my first fiance’ also tried to control me by putting weight on me. I was in the D.E.P. for the Air Force and there was a weight limit that I wasn’t too far from. So he tried to make me too heavy to enlist. My experience has been, and a Reader’s Digest article I’ve read has also indicated, that men often do like to control women by putting weight on them. I have found this to be a big turn-on to a certain extent. However, I don’t think that feedees are totally helpless victims. Also, I believe in catharses. However, Hollywood doesn’t provide such things for feeders and feedees. They could, but they don’t. I’d love to see feeder/feedee soft porn films by the dozens. Would anyone else here? If they did provide such films, though, they should provide a wide variety of start and finish weights for the feedees and have a realistically corresponding proportion of the sex roles of feeders and feedees being played.

To Caressfg – July 13th:
Applause. Applause.

To Caressfg – Sept. 20th:
We’re not God. It’s not up to us to have to justify feederism. If it happens within a couple with enjoyment on both parts, who should care? No one! By the way, I liked your probable accidental pun in the last sentence of your entry on this date.

To Nofatchicks – July 14th:
While we’re thanking God, let us remember the commandment, “Thou shalt not kill.”

To hatespigs – August 5th:
Luke 6:37 (New Living Translation)
Stop judging others, and you will not be judged.
Stop criticizing others, or it will all come back
on you. If you forgive others, you will be forgiven.

To pebbles – August 15th:
I’m a feedee, and I believe you are certainly
right about the feeder/feedee relationship being at least a little S&M and that everyone has their own taste variations with it.

To Freeatlast – August 15th:
How old are you? You seem so full of hate.

To Lee – August 31st:
You indicated that you had gotten your girlfriend from 130 lbs. to 203 lbs. How delightful. My husband got me from about 145 lbs. to about 225 lbs. It’s so deliciously enticing to go against the sermons of society, isn’t it? And I appreciate you posting twice, you sexy thing. Please don’t take me wrong by that last comment.
I guess I just find feeders SO sexy and mine lost interest in feeding me a while ago. So now I use feederism literature to get off to.

To Charles – September 1st:
What a turn-on it was to me reading that you jerked off to these commentaries. Mmm. Guys like you are very sexy to me. As far as love with sex goes – sex can be fun and stress-relieving in any case, but consideration and caring for the other person should also always be present. This doesn’t require marriage, though. Don’t worry so much. Caring seems to come natural for you. God’s not going to hate or punish you for relieving your urges with jerking off to websites as long as you’re not depriving someone who needs you to have sex with them.

To Fabio – September 2nd:
You’re a sweet, sexy guy too, and I agree with you about the media except that you need to understand that the media is about advertising products to make us what the popular thing is to be, which is usually what is the hardest thing to be. In countries that prosper, where there’s a lot of fattening food, skinnyness is what is desired and what is in the media. In poor countries, where there is scarcity of any kind of food, however, what we consider obesity is what is desired. It seems that we are a rather contrary lot. In reality, from what I understand, normal guys like girls either in the size 2-8 range or in the size 10-16 range. The rest are the real rebels, but they shouldn’t be ashamed of that. They and fat- bottomed girls are what make the rocking world go ’round.

To Concerned – September 30th:
So many people go through pain and suffering without being abnormally large. I know. I’m watching my mom go through it. I agree with “Sofuckingwhat” – “Truth be told, feedees are just as responsible for their downfall as their feeders are”. However, it’s not just that. Our society is so pathetic about this weight issue. Very large people shouldn’t have to be any more embarrassed for over-eating than heart and lung patients are for smoking and liver patients are for alcoholism. People encourage their loved ones to smoke, drink, take harmful drugs (even those from doctors), etc. However, they’re not picked on like obese people are. . .and who’s to say how much someone cares for someone else?

To Darkfeeder:
You’re my prize entrant. You seem like you could be very sexy and very playfully sadistic, and yet possibly too dangerous to get close to. Do you actually hate plump women or would you care to help ME with my orgasms? If you’ve been reading the entries, I probably seem like a slut to you; but I’ve truly only been with 3 guys in the past 13 years, and that’s by choice. Sure, I’ve put on some weight and I weigh about 224 lbs., but I weighed only about 130 lbs. when I graduated from high school and I’ve had plenty of admirers. So do you want to have some verbal fun or whatever? You’ve gotten me curious about you.

To James Bond III and jeff:
Right on! Right on! Right on!

To ted gramer and whatthehell:
People like you are to be avoided. I’m sorry. I’ll pray for you.


Dec 16 2005
1:25 pm


So, you’re curious about me and you think I might possibly be a little dangerous. Well, I’m not really, dangerous, at least I don’t think so. But my ex-girlfriend/fiancé’s family might not agree. But I never claimed entering into a feeder/feedee relationship with me was for the faint of heart. If you don’t mind my asking, (because you have me curious) why would a seemingly emotionally and sexually mature woman such as you need help with her orgasms? Is your current feeder is not getting the job done? Or are you just bored and looking for a little play time?

Talk to me,

Dec 17 2005
3:51 am

To Fatforme:
Because of some of your words indicating your inclination toward “going against society’s norms” and liking things that “most people think of as deviant behavior”, I’ve got to ask you something – if you’re still around. Do you like Alice Cooper by chance?

To Darkfeeder:
First off, I was kind of surprised at your rather prompt response to my post to you, but thank you for that.

Secondly, you got my call sign wrong. It’s LOVEEVERYONEANYWAY, not LOVEEVERYONEEVERYWAY. Of course, I realize that there’s a chance that this was no accident, and I guess that I can see how you might interpret my actual call sign as meaning nearly the same thing as what you typed it as. However, the meaning that I had intended was rather like LOVEEVERYONEREGARDLESS. I mean, I think that people should love each other regardless of their imperfections, which we all have, and regardless of their deviances, which are inevitable since we are all individuals. I actually derived my call sign from the bumper sticker slogan that I saw, “Praise God Anyway”. I just liked “Love Everyone Anyway” better, and I thought that most people probably would. Although the idea of loving everyone EVERY way provokes intriguing thought upon my very open mind, I realize that most people are restrictive regarding who they have sex with, and I respect that. I just don’t think that people should be so restrictive regarding loving others as people, which are things that they themselves (or we ourselves) are. By the way, how did you derive your call sign?

Next, to answer your 3-in-1 question about my wondering if you would care to help me with my orgasms – As I wrote in my response to “Lee”, my feeder “lost interest in feeding me a while ago”. After I reached 180 lbs., he lost interest. Then I continued gaining weight only because he liked cooking and he had gotten me addicted to his cooking. However, I don’t weigh any more now (at about 224 lbs.) than I did 8 years ago. I’m still with my feeder, though, and have been for the past 13 years. The other 2 people that I’ve been with in that time are close male blood relatives of his. I’ve been with each once – in threesomes with my feeder (er ex-feeder) when he double-teamed me with them. He hasn’t been into putting more weight on me nor even fantasizing about it anymore, though. However, I still have fantasies about it myself, and it’s also true that I am looking for some added spark for my sex life (or, as you put it, “bored and looking for a little play time”).

I got another question. When you talked so derogatorily about “fat” women, you seemed like you might not really like them. What are your true feelings about them and, if you do really like them, why did you talk so negatively about them? I can understand negativity if you’ve been hurt. You don’t have to worry about me doing that (that is unless you come to scare me too much, which would cause me to disappear into thin air). I’m a very sensitive person regarding mine and even others feelings. I’m not looking for anything serious, but I would like a true and caring friend that I can exchange a lot of fun with. By the way, I keep no secrets from my “ex-feeder”. I’m just not like that. He knows about our little correspondence, and he knew even before you responded to what I wrote you before. He also said that he was turned on when I told him that you responded tonight, AND he is VERY heterosexual. I mean, he’s gotten intrigued by a website that he found about wife-sharing, and we’ve fantasized about that idea a lot over the years.

Are you still curious about me? Thanks to your prompt (somewhat enticing) response, I’ll be thinking about you when I masturbate tonight.

Dec 19 2005
12:59 am

Damdest brunch of screwed up hillbillies I have ever seen. you can’t love someone when you are encouraging and assisting them to ” eat themselves to the grave” you people have painted some rosy pictures…however, imagine on a 90 + day you are laying under this “woman” who is sweating all over you and she has a big wet spot under each tit and up along her butt crack!!!!!!!!!yuk!!!!!!!! no thank you!!!

Dec 19 2005
8:36 am

To tony:

A lot of this is game-playing. However, everyone has different tastes, and you’re entitled to yours. Just let others be entitled to theirs also. If it wasn’t meant for some guys to be interested in fat women, there wouldn’t be fat women.

Dec 19 2005
8:50 am

To tony:

Furthermore, as my guy friend just pointed out to me, if it’s 90+ degrees, ANYONE would be sweating.

Dec 19 2005
12:42 pm

Don’t be surprised by the quickness of my response. I check this site every few days. I find most peoples reactions to feederism fascinating. I find it hysterical how the vast majority find it so repulsive. It always amazes me how seemingly normal people feel the need to criticize things they have no clue about and how they believe everything they hear or read in the media.

Sorry about screwing up your call sign, my mistake. To answer your question about my feelings for fat women, I have to say I love fat women. I wouldn’t have a woman any other way. But what I guess you’re referring to is some of my feelings of dissatisfaction for my last relationship. Without going into a lot of detail, lets just say after nine incredible years of devotion, it went bad due to the meddling of her immediate family. I guess I have trouble hiding some of my anger towards what has happened. It’s still pretty raw. Believe me when I say I don’t have any animosity toward all fat women, just certain ones.

As far as my call sign goes, “Darkfeeder” is a sometimes, used term among people involved in feederism. A darkfeeder is the type of feeder that is more intense than the so-called norm. Of course as with anything, there is a range of just how intense they can be.
They can range from extreme enablers to sadistic force feeders. I like to think of myself as somewhere in the middle of that range. Although most darkfeeders like myself feel the extreme urge to grow their feedee to mammoth proportions, they are also the ones that tend to be the most meticulous when it comes to their feedees daily needs. The outside world would view us as insecure, monstrous, control freaks. But as usual, they would be wrong.

So your ex-feeder is into threesomes and is intrigued by wife swapping. That could turn out to be very interesting for you. I know you said that you both have fantasized about wife swapping, but how do you really feel about it? Do you really think you could get past the fantasy stage and go through with it? In years past my ex-girlfriend and I used to host a New Years Eve orgy/gang bang of sorts. It was usually three or four other guys and sometimes their girlfriends, we would all get together and just let it happen. The only problem with it was that it could cause some rather awkward moments throughout the rest of the year. You tend to never look at your friends the same after that. I’m not saying that things like that aren’t fun, because they sure as shit are. But if you two decide to go through with anything like that, just be careful.

To Tony:
You know what I do when it’s ninety plus degrees and I want to have sex with a gorgeously huge woman? I turn on the central AC. That’s just what us screwed up hillbillies do when it gets fucking hot. Besides it really doesn’t what size your woman is or what the ambient temperature is. Because if the two of you are not breaking a sweat during sex, you aren’t doing it right.

Dec 20 2005
3:32 am

To Darkfeeder:

You seemed to misunderstand something that I wrote again, but this time it was probably at least as much my fault for not explaining it very well in the first place.

Your words indicated that you thought that I was talking about the threesomes (that my partner and I had had with other guys) and the wife-sharing (I indicated our interest in) being 2 different things. That was probably because of a difference in the terms (one mine and one from a website) and my reference to us having done one (the threesomes) and us being intrigued by and fantasizing over the years about the other (”wife-sharing”). However, 2-guy threesomes (like we’ve had) and wife-SHARING (like what that site was about) really ARE the same thing. Whereas, wife-SHARING and wife-SWAPPING AREN’T quite the same. The “swapping” involves at least 4 people with females changing partners, but the “sharing” doesn’t usually involve more than one female. The “Wife-SHARING” website, as it’s called, involves people interested in getting together for 2-male threesomes, gangbangs, and/or even just letting the wife/female of a couple be in a twosome with someone else. In case you were wondering why we would fantasize about something that we’d already done – One reason is that, just like with anything a person’s into, the fantasizing is often present when it’s not actually happening, even if it has happened in the past (ie. my fantasies about my partner feeding me). (Interestingly, my more recent feeding fantasies – those in the past year or so – have had someone else feeding me because of my partner’s loss of interest in that activity.) The other reason why we’ve fantasized about threesomes (or wife-sharing activities) after having had them is that we haven’t had the opportunities to have them as often as we would have liked because we frankly have had trouble finding people in our area that are interested in this activity that are also people that we would be interested in. But, granted, we don’t get out much either. That was why we were intrigued by that website – as a possible source for meeting people like that, even though we’d rather NOT meet them through a source like that. Also, I mostly only mentioned my partner’s interest in that website to you in order to emphasize to you that he’s NOT interested in threesomes to get it on with other men like some people seem to think when it comes to wife-sharing threesomes. They just don’t understand how some guys just enjoy sharing their wives/partners without a full swap taking place, which brings me to why we’re NOT really interested in wife-SWAPPING. Not only does my partner usually wear out before I do, but I want sex more often than he does, I never tell him no, and he’s much more interested in sharing me with others than I am in sharing him with others.

I’m also glad that you do actually love fat women and you weren’t being viciously sarcastic, but I’m sorry that you had such a heart-breaking experience. I can understand how certain features about a person, that has committed offenses, can tend to turn one against others with those features. I have an ex that was rather fat, who turned out to be mean. So I used to have some of those same feelings regarding fat guys. (Interestingly, he weighed over 230 lbs. at 5′8 and, once I gained just 30 lbs. with him, putting me at 170 lbs. at that time, he started telling me that I needed to lose weight while he didn’t care for himself to lose weight. Now you tell me who’s warped?) However, I’ve also found that our society helps greatly to give fat people complexes that can turn them ugly, just as, on the other end of the spectrum, it makes celebrities feel like gods that are better than other people.

I also find it interesting that you said what you did regarding families meddling, and that’s because I was just talking with my partner recently about how there hasn’t been enough emphasis in society on how much families play a part in the survival of marriages/partnerships. In fact, my partner’s siblings have been causing some problems between us recently. That’s why I was talking about that issue with him. About all marriage vows typically include something like, “What God has put together, let no man put asunder” and/or “Speak now or forever hold your peace”, which a lot of people either don’t take seriously or they take it to just mean that they shouldn’t come right out and say that you should break up. However, I think that it was meant that you shouldn’t do ANYTHING to cause ANY problems between the couple. That’s not to say that I think that break-ups shouldn’t happen sometimes. I just think that they should be more a choice between the couples. It’s challenging enough to keep relationships together these days without others causing problems in them. My guess is that your partners’ relatives were like the criticizers on this page. Am I right? If I am, it makes me curious about how much your partner of 9 years weighed, start to finish, that they were criticizing you about. I’m also curious about what weight you like your partner to be. I told you some of my weights, including my current weight, but it’s okay if you don’t want to tell me. I’m just curious.

Take care and I honestly would like to find another way for us to communicate than on this site with a rather large audience. (That’s large as in number, not necessarily weight. LOL.)

Dec 20 2005
4:50 am

To Darkfeeder:

By the way, I loved your post to tony. You’ve not only made me laugh now, but you’re still making me h*t.

Dec 20 2005
10:39 pm


Thank you for clearing up my confusion regarding wife sharing and wife swapping. I had no idea there was a difference. But you clarified it quite well. I wish the two of you lots of luck with your endeavors to expand your pleasure. You only live once, so go for it and indulge yourselves. Living out ones fantasies is one of the few things that keep our lives from becoming dry as dust.

You’re 100% right about my ex partners family. Which at first I found quite amusing, especially considering my ex-feedee was an extremely large girl (approx. 410lbs) when we started our relationship and had been very heavy all her life. So I guess it was ok for her family to overfeed her but it wasn’t ok for me. (how hypocritical and fucked up is that?) But in all fairness, I did help and enable her to gain a tremendous amount of weight during the nine years we were together. In fact she gained so much weight that she was pretty much housebound most of the time. Which was perfectly fine by me. I believe a woman can never be too big. I could tell you more but as you have already noted this forum is not conducive to private communication. I too wish we could communicate through another venue. You intrigue me.

BTW. I too have thought about you during masturbation. Even though you are a bit thin for my taste. (But I could remedy that)

Dec 22 2005
1:24 am

To Darkfeeder:

I hope that I didn’t sound too condescending with my previous explanations. Tact isn’t a strong point with me, and sometimes this even spills over into the carefully-considered words of my writing.

I have a website that I could (as I understand it) post here for you to email me through. Would you be interested in me doing that or do you have one that you wouldn’t mind posting for me to email you through?
Dec 22 2005
6:43 pm

gaining goddess is indeed being fattened up

but that is because once she’s fat enough, they plan on eating her up.

she’ll be able to serve a large group very well with that fat ass of hers alone, not to mention those huge thighs!

Dec 22 2005
9:34 pm

To sed….:

Hungry, are we?

Dec 23 2005
1:26 am

Im kinda halway on this. I like women who have a few extra pounds on them, but when they get so overweight they cant move, it just makes me sick. I mean, how could you get to that? What did they do to get like that?

Dec 23 2005
3:51 pm


I moderate a Yahoo group called The Art of Loveembig, if you like you could possibly contact me through that. But if you would like to do it your way, that’s ok too. Just let me know and we can get to it.

Dec 25 2005
3:56 am

To Everyone (especially Darkfeeder):

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes!

Dec 26 2005
4:31 pm

i’m reading all of these stories getting very hard.why cant i find the right bigger lady.if any one knows email me at randyjhnsn pls. i would love to have a nice bigger lady riding my manhood.

Dec 27 2005
1:05 pm

Darkfeeder, are you still around? It seems that I made a mistake.

Dec 29 2005
10:53 am

Looks like we got a budding love affair going between a feeder and his prey. Be careful LOVEEVERYONEANYWAY, one day you might just find your self on a forklift ride to the bariatric ward.

Dec 30 2005
1:32 am

To Sofuckingwhat:
Thanks for the advice.

Dec 31 2005
11:32 am

OK, enough bashing fat girls, how about fat men. A website I recently visited had this:
Guys with potbellies turn women on. For decades, men have been under the erroneous assumption that females crave buff men with rock-hard abs. This couldn’t be further from the truth.
According to a new survey by the “What Women Want Society”, most ladies prefer a portly boyfriend with a protruding gut, because it suggests that the man could care less about superficial issues, such as health and personal hygiene, which affords him more time to lavish attention on his mate.”

One attractive 33-year-old legal assistant, who completed the survey, puts it this way: “I’ve been with gorgeous guys, and all they talk about is their good looks and their boudoir expertise. Those men are too conceited for me. I prefer a real man with a spongy belly that hangs down over his size-52 belt.”
Along with repulsive potbellies, the survey also shattered other misconceptions about what ladies desire in a man. Women actually adore macho jerks who wear lots of gold chains and cheap cologne. They also go for unclean louts who are obsessed with sports, who give false compliments, who are overly aggressive, who drink to excess and who can belch the William Tell Overture.

Dec 31 2005
1:16 pm

In response to wintermoon’s post:
I’ve found that it seems that Goldilocks discovered the truth about these matters a long time ago. I mean – I’ve been with all shapes and sizes of guys, and I’ve found that average seems to be the best as far as complexes are concerned. People (at least guys) who are particularly unattractive or particularly attractive either one TEND TO have personality issues, and that’s because of our society’s superficial influences on them. That’s not to say that those toward the extremes can’t be a great catch. In fact, they can be an extraordinary catch, but they need to be able to look beyond society’s attitudes and that can be very hard. I personally do like a little pot belly on my guy, but not too much overall pudge (like up to 220 lbs. at 5′9 or taller is fine). Also, I’ve found that it’s not necessarily true that a portly man isn’t superficial – at least when it comes to his woman. That’s B.S. In fact, this article that you talk about emphasizes the double-standard that’s been in place for at least about 100 years. It’s ironic too because I’ve read that women are supposed to be the ones to naturally have the extra layer of fat, and real life indicates that this is so. However, as I said in my Dec. 15th post to Fabio, we seem to be a rather contrary lot. But a personal example that I have to back up my point, as I wrote to Darkfeeder earlier, I had an ex that weighed over 230 lbs. at 5′8 and, once I gained just 30 lbs. with him, putting me at 170 lbs. at that time, he started telling me that I needed to lose weight while he didn’t care for himself to lose weight.

I can totally concur with the idea of not liking muscular men. A man that’s toned is fine, but I don’t care for bulging muscles in the least. To me, they TEND TO be like what was said about the school bully toward the end of the movie, “Just One of the Guys” – that guys, like him, pushed their muscles to the limit to either make up for “a lack of IQ or a small weanie”, which are 2 things that I like my guy to not be lacking with. In fact, I prefer nerdy types that are into things like computers rather than sports. I question your last couple sentences. Where did this survey come from? I don’t mind belching and a little macho attitude, but are these women gluttons for punishment or do they just NOT know what it’s like to have a nice guy that’s sexy? And yes, sexy nice guys do exist. I didn’t used to think they did either. Of course, these women might want someone that they think no one else would be interested in so that they don’t think that he’ll cheat on them. I tried that once, and the guy turned out to be mean and had other issues too. Then he just decided to leave me after not very long. I finally got my sexy nice guy when I went for someone that I thought was cute with my own unique taste of cuteness. I mean I really thought that he was cute, but other people told me that they didn’t think so. I was also looking for someone that lacked a hot temper when I found him.

Jan 4 2006
10:28 am

I am surprised no one mentionned male gainers. I am a 20-something guy who is an FA, but also is a gainer/part-time feedee. I am married to a wonderful girl (who weighs around 320lbs). She is helping me gain and reach my dream weight of 350lbs (currently 254lbs).

Jan 6 2006
11:29 am

Dear LOVEEVERYONEANYWAY, How fat are you this week?
You sound like a wonderful girl with a “well rounded” (if you knowhutimean)personality, who’d fit in nicely with the boys down here in my neck of the woods. Heck! most of’ems galfriends weigh as much as their pickup trucks anyways. Fat Womens is treated respectfully too..that’s cause we was taught to be. So the next time you’re looking for something new, hop on a greyhound and come on down, plenty of greasy fried southern food here..yum yum
We’ll pour the pounds on together.

Jan 9 2006
9:22 am

To dixiemoon,

To answer your question, I weigh 227 lbs. today at about 5′3. Now, I got a question for you. Are you a guy or a girl? I would think a guy, but then you talked about us pouring the pounds on together and this forem has mostly talked about fat women.

Jan 9 2006
9:30 pm

227 lbs? why LOVEEVERYONEANYWAY, I weighed at least that much when I played football in high school. Most all them “skinney minnies” I knew in school are now big as a house (if yaknowwhutimean). All that good living helped. Heck, they don’t have too many of them “feeders” down this way, it’s just grab what you can before it’s gone. I guess everybody’s their own feeder.
You know LOVEEVERYONEANYWAY, I was only funn’ing you when I wrote that and here’s you a little southern poetry about life and living: “When you’re a’courting her, she’s the apple of your eye, but after you’re married, it’s just root, hog or die.”

Jan 13 2006
10:39 pm

One of the “contests” at college was inviting the ugliest, fattest girl you could find, to a “hog party”. Of course she didn’t know what type of party it was and that she was the butt of the joke. It was usually too late before she realized that she had been set up to be humilated. Lots of decent girls whose only fault was their weight, were left in tears and they would usually run out crying while everyone else stood around laughing. I never did understand the point of all this, I just felt that it was cruel and heartless.

Jan 15 2006
1:53 am

sicne the last time i was here,i found a bigger lady. we made love for hrs. he pussy was so tight, i could barely get inside of her. we had a alot fun. she had trouble taking me all inside her,i’m 11 inches and very thick . boy did she try. i love bigger ladies. she was very big on top.50ff’s we came many times. she can eat all she wants. just as long as she can ride me the way she did. she made me a very happy man.

hannah wilson
Jan 27 2006
8:29 am

I have recently done a bit of research on large women and feeders, the reason I write it as large women and not as fat girls is because I don’t agree with the title ‘fat girls’, the reasons for my research in to this subject is because I’m an art student and currently producing a print making project. I’m working on looking at the body in different ways.

I have found that this subject does not upset me as I thought it might, I’m very open minded and understand that what goes for somebody else doesn’t always work for another. The only thing that does get to me is that the love the feeders have for large woman, they made them eat which is fine we all love eating right? But I wouldn’t eat until I couldn’t walk or it was taking my life away from me. This is what I don’t understand that these men have strong feeling for their girlfriends but they make them eat and suffer from the food. Can somebody please explain this to me; do women like to suffer for their men’s needs?

Jan 27 2006
8:45 pm

Hanna wilson,
I’ll try to answer you, but it does seem to be a subject which varies from every person.
I’m enjoying this whole feedee thing with my girlfriend the now- she’s gaining weight, and to an extent, I’m “feeding her”. But she says that she wants to weigh 250lbs, and that’s it.

I don’t know if we could be considered a typical example or not, but we do indulge in the idea :)

and I will say that feederism’s a fetish. definately. some people enjoy weight gain, though, and i’m not entirely sure that that’d be considered a “fetish” as such, so sorry if that’s wrong. but what’s definately not a fetish is the preferance for fat people, which many people completely mix up.

I guess that feederism’s like many other things, though, fetish or not- it’s alright in small amounts, but I guess we can se that many of the relationships which lead to imobility are not very pleasant. which of course we don’t want :)

well, sorry that’s a bit long and rambling, but i hope it helps a bit.

Feb 23 2006
6:08 pm

I don’t get it. Anyone who would purposely force feed their partner or would willingly eat them selves into immobility is completely fucked-up. These people are totally undeserving of any respect. Who in their right mind would willingly become so fat that they can’t even wipe their own arse and who in their right mind would willingly volunteer to wipe that huge arse? The people that actively participate in these types of relationships are just another example of human depravity in all it wretched glory.
I know we can’t save everyone from their own self destructive behavior but this is just to bazaar to be ignored. I’m mean come on, just how weird and depraved does a relationship have to get before some kind of intervention occurs. If someone were slowly killing their spouse or partner over time in any other way, the authorities would be all over it like stink on a turd. I think it is outrageous that in today’s day and age, social services investigate families for having obese children and if social services sees fit, those obese children can be forcibly removed from their homes. But if you overfeed your wife to the point of death, it’s considered ok. It’s considered just another harmless sexual fetish….BULLSHIT!
It getting really ridiculous how we go to such extremes to protect certain segments of our population but turn a blind eye to others. I don’t care what age an individual is, if someone is purposely overfeeding someone and killing them in the process simply to satisfy their own depraved desires, it should be considered attempted murder. I don’t see how it can be justified any other way.
I don’t really know just how common these types of relationships are, but judging by the pro-feeder responses on this website I would surmise that they are more prevalent than one would think. Hopefully I’m wrong. Because with most of the industrialized world in the grips of an obesity epidemic the last thing we need is a bunch of depraved freaks running around exacerbating the problem.

Feb 26 2006
7:53 am

“OMG”, did you read what I said? you should. really. lol, we’re not all extremists.

Mar 1 2006
4:20 am

While I think that Fat Admiration is completely normal, although it does indeed emphasize the superficial over the emotional in terms of relationships and connection, feederism is a bit dodgy. It’s one thing to enjoy a relationship in which food is seen as a way to nurture and love one another, for example, cooking special dishes and desserts, and another to feed with aggression, like that which Dark Feeder is describing.

My beloved husband is a very big boy at just under 300 lbs., and when he is under stress or unhappy, it comforts him if I feed him things that he likes, it’s nurturing. I never, never, ever try to belittle or insult him because of his size and I think he is truly beautiful, inside and out. I love him with all my heart and soul! He is my hero and the center of my life. Which is why I would never be compelled to force feed him, especially to the point where his health would start to fail or even become housebound. Although I love to feed him and to show him how much I love him, and I LOVE his big jelly belly, I would rather any fantasy I might have about having a dark feeder/feedee relationship remain a fantasy only. If anything bad were to happen to my husband, I would be heartbroken for the rest of my life. A few weeks ago I accidentally opened a cabinet door and hit my husband right in the eye – he was totally fine, but I still cannot forgive myself for being so careless. If I can’t handle a little accident like that, how would I feel about the love of my life suffering from diabetes or angina?

When sexual fetish becomes the driving force of a relationship and not deep affection and love, both partners become nothing more than things that can be exchanged or discarded. Honestly, the wacky kid who was posting his kooky weight gain fantasies at the top of this thread had the best idea – if there’s a kooky fantasy you have, write it out, read it for a cheap thrill, share it with friends if you want. I understand that there is a subculture of gay men who fantasize about lovers with extra limbs (boytaurs?). They make Photoshop images and write fantasy stories, but obviously, they aren’t trying to arrange for limb grafting for their boyfriends. Why can’t it be the same for people with weight gain fantasies?

Apr 16 2006
6:16 pm

okay ive noticed this place hasnt been booming very much lately. I never posted here before and i am kinda young i just turned 18 but i have been an fa since about 6th grade. I dont think that being a feeder or an FA is a fetish it is more of a life style. But every person has something different that they look for in the opposite sex there are people out there with foot fetish’s and many other fetish’s and preferances. Everyone is different and i love fat girls and im not afraid to say that and to all other feedees and feeders out there, i commend you. thin= tiny hurtful inconsiderate nincompoops ( even though im pretty thin myself)

Apr 17 2006
7:27 pm

I agree with OMG – at least in part. Whether it is consensual or not, actively (or inadvertantly)contributing the the death of another should be considered attempted/assisted murder or manslaughter. New moves in passive smoking legislation and culpability are a prime example. Just because a criminal behaviour is confined to a consensual and loving relationship does not make it sacrosanct or above the law. If my husband enjoyed being half-strangled during sex and one day things went too far and I killed him, that would be illegal, right? I really don’t see the difference I am affraid – one is just a slower death. Afterall, it is medical FACT that extreme obesity is unhealthy and potentially life threatening.

As a biological anthropologist I must admit I find this oddly fascinating. Like a small number of other H. sapiens idiosyncratic behaviours, it goes entirely against the principles of optimality, evolutionary biology and psychology. Such an obscure form of harming another/self-harming.

The ethnographic occurance of ‘bride fattening’ in parts of Africa and elsewhere is of course duly noted. And – as the so-called ‘Venus’ figurines of the European Palaeolithic confirm – the admiration of large, healthy, fertile and curvaceous women is by no means a phenomenon uniquely reserved to contemporary Western society. However, it must be reitterated that neither of these examples can be viewed by any rational person as vindicating the super or hyper obesity described above by some of you – that would simply be the misrepresentation of academic research.

Apr 24 2006
9:31 am

Hello Everyone,

My name is Thom and I am currently working for Zenith Entertainment on the 2nd Series of the UKTV Style TV Series of ‘A Life Coach Less Ordinary’.

The Series follows a Rochdale based couple called The Speakman’s who run Life Coaching Courses to help people in various different areas of their life, whether it is achieving their life goals or getting over a phobia. There is nothing they wouldn’t be willing to help people with, and often help people with wide and varied issues. While we fully appreciate the work that your company is doing, and are in no way trying to detract from that, we would also like to offer individuals the opportunity of help in other areas of their life that they might have issues with.

We are looking for people to take part in the New series, so if you would like any more information, please do not hesitate to contact me by calling me on 0161 838 5764 or email

I hope to here from you soon,


May 1 2006
5:01 pm

After reading a number of these posts I just want to say that I see nothing wrong with being into a fat woman. Verity is the spice of life. But being sexually attracted to a woman or man that cant even fit on a full size mattress or could double as a full-size mattress is just plain wrong. Being attracted to one of these sick, gross, gluttonous, things is almost as bad as being attracted to scat. I mean can someone please tell me what one of you blubber fuckers see in feeding your significant other to the point of death. I dare anyone to try and logically defend this deviant activity. Because bottom line is, there is nothing good, healthy or right about this type of relationship and lifestyle. I don’t care how you slice it, going through life as an enormous immobile blob is perverted and morally reprehensible.

To my way of thinking there is just something inherently wrong with a world were some people starve to death while just on the other side of the globe, some people purposely grow so fat they cannot even stand up. In past centuries, faced with this type of inequality, the starving people of society would have risen up and eaten these fat fucks like the pigs they are. With the ever growing obesity problem in the industrialized world, it should be quite apparent that this type of behavior needs to be strongly discouraged.

BTW, I don’t care if you fat lovers or more politically correct types label me a bigot or an intolerant, insensitive, jerk, because what is wrong is wrong and trying to put an acceptable face on it is just plain BULLSHIT.

May 26 2006
2:20 am

Everytime someone discusses there wife’s weight on these forums the always get flamed?

How come is the only site I have seen where they don’t freak out when the subject of a spouses weight is brought up, but the site is a little mean though!

May 31 2006
12:13 am

I think, personally, that it all comes down to preference. I am 5′4″ and around 180 pounds. I know that I am not as fit as I could be, and sometimes I do get depressed over it.
My boyfriend loves my body, and would never ask or encourage me to lose weight.
He also would never ask or encourage me to gain weight.
This isn’t abuse, it’s just preference.
He prefers me the way I am, and I think that’s the way it should be.

Women are so sensitive to weight issues, and it is truly harmful when we’re labeled as “disgusting”. At least it is to me.

I am only 18 and I have seen my share of fat criticism. I don’t consider myself to be obese, but I understand that I am not at an ideal weight.

I am healthy and I am active, I am not a lazy person and I work hard. I am intelligent and civilised enough to know that a person’s weight often has little to do with eating and exercise habits, and usually has a lot to do with genetics and heredity.

If you don’t like women who are “fat”, find a thin woman and be on with it. Don’t waste your time or ours running your mouth about what you find appealing and what you don’t find appealing.

I don’t go on and on about how I find a bit of pudge on my boyfriend sexy or how I find extremely thin men to be unattractive. It’s just not an issue of public concern.

&Just because you find something unattractive, doesn’t make it an overall verdict of disgusting.

Each person prefers different things. Live your life and be on with it!

Jun 1 2006
2:52 am

I have always been turned on by the idea of being fat, even when I was little. I am petite (size 7 and 5′3″)and I don’t intend on ever gaining weight, but it DOES make me hot. I only like fat women, though, even though I am a straight female otherwise. I have a great bf, but sometimes I just get the urge to look at large women. I love 300+ ones, with extremely huge bellies. Kinda strange, I guess, and no one knows about this kink of mine, but I think morbidly obese women are fascinating.

Jun 16 2006
1:41 am

Wow, this thread has gone all over the place – some of them pretty dark. I’ve always desired fat women from when I can remember (grade 6) and love it when she is extremely heavy (350+ lbs). I’ve had feeding fantasies to fatten my girlfriends and have taken great delight in her getting fatter. For me the upper limit has been around 450 or so. Past that, it is difficult for a woman of average height to stay active and participate normally in life – there are exceptions to that of course. I’ve always taken great delight and been aroused by extremely pear shaped women.

Overall fat women are succulent, delightful and I’ve been lucky to spend time with the ladies I have.

Here’s to big girls that give soft squishy hugs and are comfortable enough with their bodies to let men like me enjoy them.

Jun 17 2006
5:48 pm

It seems to me that a lot of people here view the feeder/feedee relationship in terms of an aggressive male and a passive female, but I do not believe this is usually the case. The female feedees I have come across on the internet all appear to gain weight for personal reasons, not because they are being forced to by their partners.
Obviously, forcing or manipulating a woman into doing anything against her will is wrong. But if a woman wants to gain weight herself, and is aware of the risks involved, she should be perfectly free to do so. I would recommened checking out this site: about a woman and her husband who are both gainers. They do come across as creeps or perverts but just as regular people who happen to share an irregular desire.

Jul 8 2006
10:39 am

i knew this guy ounce who loved chubby women i was a size 6 at the time i was always on a diet because as a teen i had a weight problem and was always picked on and passed over by the boys for my slimmer friends so i became skinny and starving but i looked great and the guys asked me on dates,you would think being on deit drugs and starving all the time would make a girl unhappy but the lifestyle was so much better than being fat and ugly right, that was until i met gerry who was a fantastic cok and was always trying to get me to eat so i finally gave in a bit at a time just to keep the peace and because i really like the guy i thought he had nothing but good intention untill one day i got on the scales and realised that this sick bastard had talked and fed me up to a discusting size 14 only one dress size smaller than i was in high school then i went back on the diet and was he happy no way he was devistated saying weired stuff like how hard he’d worked to get me so chubby and how could i do this to him needless to say i dumped him for being so insenstive to how i was feeling only after some reaserch did i find out he was a feeder and was trying to grow into a fat blob parasite bedridden
and dying he had been planning on slowly killing me that in my mind is criminal to bad they don’t lock sickos lick that up.

Aug 14 2006
9:22 am

You fat lovers are all a bunch of sick fucks.

That is all.

Aug 14 2006
2:47 pm

Regarding the fat girls and feeders program that has sparked these comments. Video clips of this thing have become available on YouTube and I have to say that the individuals Mark and Gina are absolutely fucking nuts. Why someone would do this to a loved one and why that loved one would willingly go along with it, is completely insane.

If you have never seen fat girls and feeders please go to and check it out. I guarantee you will be sickened.

Timothy Wassel
Aug 17 2006
2:01 am

I think it’s important to keep in mind that there are obvious levels of devience.A guy who fantasizes about young girls might keep these desires strictly fantasy. He might have his girlfriend dress up in her old girl scout uniform, or he might go out and hurt a child. Devience isn’t a real problem until it HURTS someone. When you overfeed yourself, on a physical level, you are hurting yourself. When you overfeed someone else, on a physical level, you are hurting them. The problem becomes severe when you raise a child in this environment. Growing up in any sort of obtrusive fetish environment can be unhealthy

Sep 16 2006
6:46 pm

what ever happened to loving the person inside? obese, anorexic, or in-between(which is where most ppl of both genders fit). i am a domestic violence counselor and i have worked with both men and women. a person of either gender who forces their partner to be dangerously thin or heavy is not in love with the person inside. a person who chooses to be dangerously thin or heavy has trouble with self-image. when i say dangerously thin or heavy, i am talking extremes here where the person’s body cannot function. there’s love and there’s abuse and there’s a very firmly set line between the two!

Sep 22 2006
10:55 am

i dont see the difference between this and any other fetish, some of the women must enjoy being grown but this cant account for all theres some abuse going on with certain cases, i dont understand how someone could afford that amount of food … i see a marketing opportunity here for a smart fast food chain eager to cash in on the benefits of obese loving

Jacob Earls
Oct 25 2006
11:46 pm

Wasn’t there an article in Bodacious magazine about thtis

Nov 1 2006
6:23 pm

To all of those who think this kind of behavior is appalling the bottom line is this, some guys love to fuck enormous women and we all know that enormous women loooove to eat. So what’s the big deal? People should be allowed to choose their own fate no matter how stupid the rest of society thinks it is. If some guy wants his fat wife or girlfriend to eat until she becomes a massive sack of whale blubber and the wife or girlfriend is ok with it, then so be it. You don’t have to wash or fuck the fat smelly porker, so get over it.

We are not talking about children here. Obese people know full well what their piggy ways are doing to them. So you can hardly call them unwilling victims. Every time I hear about some fat pig being held captive and fed against their will I want to laugh my ass off. The only thing that holds these hippos captive is their own gluttonous nature. I have more respect for fat individuals that admit to being hogs than those that deny it despite the physical evidence.

nobody in paticular
Nov 1 2006
10:12 pm

i have a few things to say. i do not think it is right for people to say rude and obnoxious things to people that have a weight problem. also, it is not right to make fun or point blame to anyone but yourselves. i am not talking to anyone in paticular, but you should not say things about people’s sexual preference. also, many people say things that are very stupid and uneducated, like saying things about overweight people in general. just because you think somethings humorous doesn’t make it right because other people may say the same about you. the peple that have stood up for the overweight people saying that they hate being like that, well, i commend you for having the courage to stand up for yourself. and the people that are the feeders i have to say dont you have any compassion about your significant other? dont you realise that you might put them through undescibable health risks and disabilities. if you want to go like hat and the people that do it in a dignified way i have a lot of respect for them because they do not care about what people think. its exactly how are racist towards blacks or mexicans or the jewish religion and how people make false generalizations about gays or HIV positive patients. all those people are just as bad as you. but on a more ironic note this website was created to point and laugh at news events and different fetishes. i mean if your looking to run your mouth off hen go create your own chatroom or go to a website that does not have individuals that are closely related to any of the subjects. a great website to go to is it laughs at everyone and everything but finally dont laugh at people that are actually going through hell or truing to change or want to be like the way they are because its senial and childish.

p.s. i am somewhat overweight and i am in almost perfect shape except for the extra 10 pounds or so but other than that i am healthy. i have actually won awards for winning marathons and races and i have just recently got a scholarship to play running back at notre dame univesity and i can run the 40 in 4.67

Nov 2 2006
12:09 pm

To bornfat, AKA Queen of the stupid fat people:

I have a better idea. Instead of selling tickets to watch you and your blubbery significant other have sex, while don’t you just make a video of you two pigs doing it. You could market it as a new diet program. Because I sure once the average fat person gets a glimpse of your huge quivering Jell-O-like bodies they will never eat again. Imagine all the money you and tubby hubby would make. Just imagine all the ring-dings you could buy and shovel into our fat face.

BTW, pigboat, congratulations on gorging yourself up to 600lbs. Now all you need to do to complete this incredibly greedy and gluttonous feat is develop diabetes, have your feet chopped off and die of congestive heart failure.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate fat people, just the stupid ones.

nobody in paticular
Nov 5 2006
8:24 pm

thank you timmy that was actually kind of funny

Dec 1 2006
4:18 am

Totally dumbstruck over here. Wow.

Zero the Hero
Jan 28 2007
6:50 am

I’m a male gainer, and I just want to try to enlighten the people who say they can imagine someone getting somewhat heavy (or, someone liking someone somewhat chubby), but not REALLY big.

It’s all relative. I remember when I weighed just under 200 lbs, I never thought I’d get much bigger than that, but I did want to gain a couple more lbs just so I could say I was over 200. In college I got up to 263, and I just wanted to gain a few lbs to get up to 270. At the time, I never even imagined weighing 300 lbs or more. In fact, when I first got up to 250 or 260, I was amazed that I even weighed that much. But, after a year and a half of weighing 263, that became “normal” to me, and I wanted to hit 270.

I don’t think you can really imagine the effect of time. If you weigh 165, it’s easy to think, “If I weighed 300 lbs, I’d freak out and go on a diet and start exercising and get in shape!” Sure, if you woke up tomorrow at 300 lbs. But if it crept up on you over a 20 year period, 2 lbs here, 5 lbs there, by the time you got to 300, you’d think, “Hey, I’m not much bigger than when I weighed 280.” It’s all relative.

When I got up to 345, I felt pretty run down and started getting into better shape. I dropped 60 lbs, and I was walking a lot. But I had a desk job, and my weight crept back up to 340, 350, 360, 370, 380, and because I was still getting some exercise even as I gained, I felt a lot better than when I weighed 345 the first time. When I first got up over 300, I wanted to get to 333 (because I like the number 3.) I never considered that I might get up into the high half of the 300’s. It certainly never crossed my mind that one day I’d be pushing 400 lbs.

But it’s all relative. Today, I weight about 396, and have for the last year or so. I still want to get into better shape one day, but first I’d like to gain just 10 more lbs to put me over 400.

What would the 170 lb version of me say if he could see the 396 lb version? “Stop, that’s more than enough! I only wanted to gain 5 lbs and get up to 175!” But it isn’t the 170 lb version of me that’s trying to break 400 now. It’s the 396 lb version.

It’s all relative.

Big Babe
Feb 1 2007
4:19 pm

I have to agree with the last poster “Zero the Hero”. I’m a female feedee and the above post describes exactly what happens when you gain weight slowly. I’ve been a feedee for over 8 years and have gone from 410lbs to 670lbs and it really does creep up on you slowly. As you gain the weight you continuously make adjustments to your life and eventually you lose track of what it was like to be 100 or 200lbs lighter. I suppose seeing this from an outside perspective looks horrifying and incomprehensible. Many of you ask why would a person deliberately eat so much that their mobility and overall life becomes compromised? That is a hard question to answer. I guess for everyone it is different. I guess some of us do it for the shear gluttony and deliberate defiance of social pressures to conform to a thin is in attitude. While others like myself simply love to eat and find eating one of the most enjoyable activities one can engage in. For me eating is almost like a religious experience and it doesn’t really matter what the food is. It could be anything from macaroni and cheese to lobster, its all good and I love it all. It also helps that my fiancé absolutely loves feeding me and records my weight gain and increases in body size.

I have to admit that at times I’m not crazy about the weight I’ve gained. At over 600lbs just doing simple household and job related tasks become difficult and leave me out of breath and sweating. But the idea of giving up eating what, when and how much I like is just appalling to me. I know it’s not good for me and probably will kill me but people indulge in things everyday that are bad for them or life threatening. So why should I be different? My fiancé loves my huge body and our sex life is incredible. So why change what makes us happy?

I’ve read a lot of the posts here that convey people’s shock and outrage about feeders and their so-called prey. But personally I have to take the whole feeder/unsuspecting fat girl victim scenario with a grain of salt. When it comes to our so-called bad or self-destructive behavior, the vast majority of us go willingly to the slaughter and we enjoy our time in the spotlight. Us feedees are no different. We eat too much for a whole host of reasons and none of them are truly easy to explain and sometimes the effort to explain and resolve these reasons and issues isn’t worth trading the enjoyment we get from the effects they have on our bodies and souls.

Feb 26 2007
11:33 pm

i am sorry but a little chunky is all right but 200 lb and over is disgusting fat pig slobs the only thing on a women that can and should be extreemly massive are her juggs thanks by

Mar 9 2007
6:04 am

hahah chunky at 200lbs

Nothing is sexier than a real chubby woman (400+lbs), except perhaps a woman who is actually fat (500+lbs).

Mar 28 2007
6:07 pm

Where have “Darkfeeder” and “LOVEEVERYONEANYWAY” gone? No posts for a long time (especially from Darkfeeder). I miss their intellegent, playful banter.

Have they taken their relationship OFFline???

Apr 10 2007
9:54 pm

Wow, I found what Big Babe above had to say totally fascinating.

Even if you are an opponent to the idea of feeding you cannot deny that her writing was able to convey an intimate sense of what pleasures she derives from the practice and what her motivations are.

For myself, as someone who has an erotic fascination with weight gain (but will leave it at fantasy), I would love to read more from Big Babe. Her articulate writings would make for a wonderful website, and I would eagerly like to see/hear more.

I think that big babe, and her partner, are very lucky to have found mutual satisfaction in each other. The rest of us would do well, to try to understand better the feelings and beliefs of a system that may be foreign to us.

Apr 16 2007
2:43 pm

You know, somehow, this doesnt seem as strange to me as I thought it would. Most fetishes are about control or dependence anyway. There are people out there that go for people in comas. At least these girls like big babe are willing and conscious. But look out, being ‘overweight’ does shorten your lifespan.

Crazy Mad
Apr 24 2007
5:44 pm

Food, food, food, food, oh and more food. How can any self-respecting individual take these fat bastards seriously? Eating yourself to the point of immobility and assisting someone in that endeavor should be punishable by public flogging. Lets face it, who takes care of these pigs and their obesity related diseases when they can no longer care for themselves? Who do think foots the medical and housing bill for most of these prize hawgs once they reach the point of no return. Any idea what a custom bariatric ambulance costs? Any idea what the specialized hospital equipment need to treat these bloaters costs? Who do you think pays for their obesity caused diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and the other multitude of fat relate ailments? Any idea where the money to fund this crap costs? I’ll tell you where and who it comes from, your friendly neighborhood taxpayer, that’s who! John Q tax and insurance paying public, that’s who! It costs the US upwards of 75 million dollars yearly to treat fat fucks like big babe and her cohorts.

I really have no problem with the average fatty. My gripe is with the 500lb slob who can’t keep their pudgy fingers off of the ho-hos long enough to even draw a breath and their sadistic blubber loving other half. These idiots should be made to pay their own way or forced to live a normal lifestyle like the rest of the responsible public. I’m sick of everyone giving retards like this a pass, all in the name of individuality and political correctness. I realize that you are entitled to live your life by your own terms but when your irresponsibility impacts the rest of us something must be done.

May 1 2007
11:49 pm

If I could post a pic of me on here at the ripe old age of 6 mths old….I would show you that sometimes…people are just BORN fat. I grew up poor….there were never boxes of cookies and chips in the cupboard….we ate three square meals a day and we played baseball and freeze tag from dawn ’til dusk…..and still…..I grew bigger. I am now 32, 5′4, 290 pounds. 4 out of 7 of my brothers and sisters are also obese.
I have an active life, I walk every day, I have a 7 yr old son, and many friends. I have even had my stomach stapled and eating is not a bit enjoyable to me now but a necessity…and I succeeded in losing 70 pounds. So….now I am at the point in my life where I ACCEPT who I am. I have done what I can to be as healthy as possible and thats the best I can do. What hurts the most about the comments above is that fat haters truly believe that all people get fat from eating themselves into oblivion all day every day. In some circumstances…thats simply not the case.
I do however feel bad for the ladies who actually let themselves eat to a weight of 700 and 800 pds just to please the man they think they love. Thats not love girls…thats a death wish and a key in the lock of the stronghold these men have on your lives. Anyway…I couldnt let this go without a comment. Some people are born ugly…..some beautiful….some skinny….some fat… goes on.
PS……oh….and the comment about bigger girls having tighter pussies…its true… husband loves the fact that Im “tighter than a mouse’s ear” :)

Teresa the Plump
Jun 27 2007
12:57 pm

Many people let their prejudices lead them to hasty opinions, and there’s certainly been plenty of that in this thread. But there have also been some thought-provoking remarks, and those are most welcome. I’d like to add mine. I have a firsthand point of view to share. My story is a morbid one, but it might help some people to understand:

I weighed between 120 and 130 for a long time, but I had wanted to gain weight ever since I was a little girl. Even before I hit puberty and it became a sexual thing, there was a part of me that obsessed about fatness. After puberty, it became intensely sexual: a fetish, or, more appropriately, an obsession.

For me it was never about the actual eating—although that’s a very pleasant side effect. It was always about the feel of fat, the feel of being fat, and the thought of living inside a body that is ever more laden with fat. I wanted to get fatter and fatter, struggling to breathe, sweating uncontrollably at the slightest exertion, and unable to move on my own. Yes, I really wanted to become that.

For years I never acted on it because the greater part of me wanted to do other things with my life, and the kind of fatness I wanted would be all-consuming and prohibitive.

My fat fantasies finally won out when I was 22, at which point I decided to deliberately gain as much weight as I could. I wasn’t in it for the art or the pleasure. I took the straightest path I could. I ate all sorts of bad-for-you junk rather than luxuriating myself with gourmet pizza pies and homemade lasagna. I would chow down on bags and bags of fast food, week after week. Anything calorically dense and easy to eat quickly—so that I could fill myself up as much as possible before actually getting full. I counted calories in my head each day, and I wouldn’t let myself go to sleep most nights if I hadn’t eaten a big surplus.

Liquids were the key—dairy, or dairy and soda mixed together. Those devils food cakes were also good, along with the usual fast food suspects: burgers and burritos. I’d put extra butter in all my frying and baking, and I always made sure to try and eat as much as possible right before bedtime, since going to sleep on a full stomach maximizes fat production.

When I would awaken at night to use the bathroom, I made sure to eat a snack if my stomach could handle it. (Many nights I would be nursing a slightly sour stomach from the overeating, and so nighttime snacks weren’t an option. But when I felt up to it, I went to town.)

Eventually I got smart with the dairy, and switched from whole milk (hah!) to a mixture of whipping cream and whole milk. With soda, I’d just use pure whipping cream. Believe me, I would have drunk oil straight from the jug were it not for the fact that I can’t stand the taste and texture of pure oil. That’s why the soda is so important with pure whipping cream; it makes it taste like a rich milkshake rather than the dairy equivalent of straight oil.

I eventually got to drinking cream and soda each morning when I woke up, and each night before bed—a pint and two cans at first; although that number went up with time.

Oh, I gained weight all right. For the first time in my life, I was outgrowing clothes that had fit my whole adult life and much of my late teens. (Yes, I was a fashion square: I kept wearing clothes that I liked.) At the same time, I tried to cut out as much of my daily physical exertions and exercise as possible. I still had to do a fair bit of walking, and of course I had to keep up my apartment, but otherwise I cut out everything. I tried to move as little as possible. And I ate.

It took me half a year to gain 50 pounds. By the end of those first six months I was already totally out of shape, sweating quite a lot when I moved around, and getting short of breath after I ate. My chest started getting tight any time I went to bed on a full stomach. All of this was a surprise to me, because I hadn’t counted on symptoms like that when weighing just 180 pounds. But, then again, I had gained the weight very quickly—and I’m sure my cutting out all exercise had something to do with it.

My below-average blood pressure became above the normal range, and my cholesterol soared—and I wasn’t even 200 pounds yet. I resolved to soldier on.

In the next six months, I found another 50 pounds on my body. I loved it. I was going absolutely wild. The sexiness of my own body would probably have been enough to outrank a nuclear power station, if only they could hook me up to the power grid. When I hit 230, not only was I 100 pounds over my previous heaviest weight ever, but I had also soared past normal weight, through overweight, and into the obese BMI range.

I kept on eating. For the next six months I set a goal of 70 pounds, and I made it in just five months. This was the point where two things happened:

First, I made a boyfriend. That was crucial, because I was really getting out of shape badly. My original symptoms had intensified, and I was genuinely feeling like I weighed half a ton, even though I was still less than 300 pounds. (So, when people talk to you about “cutoff” weights at which weight gain starts becoming unhealthy, they’re talking bull. It varies from person to person, depending on their circumstances and body.) He was a feeder, of course, and was eager to help foster my decadence.

Second, I began to hit the “health problems” wall. Some people can skyrocket into ridiculously high weights before having health problems. Me…I wasn’t even 300 pounds yet. My doctor said my heart was not doing well, and that it was enlarging. There were a whole range of other health problems that went along with that.

But damn the torpedoes; full speed ahead I kept on eating, usually enough for four adult males every day. I passed 300 like a blur and didn’t look back. I started to become mostly bedridden by the time I was closing in on 400, although I still got around with a wheelchair. Again, many people much heavier than me are still able to get around somewhat well. I was an exceptional case, I think…so deliberately out of shape and so consumed with the desire to be fatter that my body was not up to the punishment of even 400 pounds. I had lost my mobility by my 24th birthday—the time of life when most people are in their prime. But you have to understand, I was in my prime too. Those were good days. I knew the end I was headed toward, and I greatly enjoyed those few short years where I was fat enough to be hyperobese but not yet suffering from distractingly or chronically painful health problems.

Losing my mobility caused my weight to skyrocket. I hadn’t realized how much time I spent moving around, shuffling, doing little chores like changing the laundry or getting out a new roll of paper towels. Now my boyfriend did everything. He even did the right thing: he married me. It wasn’t a Hollywood wedding, but I did wear a gown. And, to our mutual delight, I ate during the ceremony. It was sort of an in-joke, but the few guests in our apartment must have been truly aghast.

On my 27th birthday, I weighed exactly 619 pounds. I had recently been to the doctor—which was quite a physical undertaking, thank you—and she had given me the typical “lose weight or you’ll be dead in three years” scare spiel. I reacted to that with the same sexual glee that I always had. I ordered my husband to stuff me as soon as we got home, and I resolved to make that not only the last time I could ever fit in a car, but the last time I ever got out of bed. Don’t ask me why; I could only tell you that that’s what I wanted.

Eventually of course I lost the ability to stand up, and that brings me to the present day. I can’t tell you how much I weigh at this point—at least not exactly. But by using measuring tapes and some guesswork, we estimate that I am about 780. I take oxygen and a long list of pills prescribed by a doctor who we persuaded to make a house call on me from time to time. (Remember house calls?)

Sometimes I still can’t believe what I did to myself in just six years. My body is a formlessly obese, sweating, heaving bag. A friend told me last week out of concern that she listens to me breathe and doesn’t know how much longer I’ll be around. (My every breath sounds like a sharp, loud gasp. And that’s when I’m at rest. When I make love to my husband, he says I turn almost purple. I’ve passed out a couple of times being pleasured by him. (Speaking of that, I know we’re all shaped differently, but at least for me it’s a big falsehood that I can’t be penetrated. Even though I’m absolutely huge, it’s not really that hard for him to reach my very private parts. It’s because the fat isn’t in the places it would have to be in order to block entry.

Speaking of that, I say with some pride that each of my thighs is bigger around than an obese woman’s hips. My hips are over 11 feet in circumference. What do I do with my days, being so heavy that I can’t really move? Well, I’m on the computer a lot, obviously. I also watch television and films. But, through it all, I eat. I eat everything my husband puts in front of me, even when he’s kidding. And if I can’t finish it now, I finish it later.

It’s been a while since my last doctor’s house call. I’ve got dangerously high everything—BP, cholesterol, triglycerides, etc., etc. My liver is stressed. My kidneys are stressed. My chest hurts all the time, and pain radiates out to my arms. I don’t know if I have any of those other obesity-related conditions like diabetes, but I didn’t last time I checked (which admittedly was a couple hundred pounds ago).

My husband and I both understand that, yes, I’m probably not long for this world. I’ve eaten myself to the brink, and now all that remains is for the axe to drop. But I’d do it again in a heartbeat. What utter decadence, what wildly sexy days these have been. And, for the time being, I’m still doing okay. Today for breakfast I poured a quart of cream over a pound of rice, along with two cups of sugar, and bananas and strawberries on the side. (Actually my husband poured—and fed it to me. He usually feeds me my first snack and breakfast before he goes to work.) It’s almost ten o’clock now, and it’s taken me the better part of an hour to write this. I’ve got two mini-fridges that I can reach from my bed here. I’ll clean out one of them, then nap, and clean out the other one before my husband comes come this afternoon. Then we’ll chat, he’ll clean me up, and make us dinner. If he’s lucky, I’ll be feeling frisky tonight. (I’ve had to cut back on the sex ever since I started passing out during it.) I think his odds are good, because just writing this has made me awfully hot, and I can’t reach myself down there anymore. I’ve been toying with the idea of telling him to have his way with me without worrying about my safety. If I pass out, he can keep going until he’s finished.

My goal is to try and hit 1000 pounds before I turn 30. That should be pretty easy, I think, given the progress I’ve made in the past. But I can feel my body wearing out. The same heart that was already getting enlarged at under 300 pounds is now probably looking like a Buick at almost 800. So it’s a race against time! Wish me luck.

You might ask how I can be so “casual” about the fact that I’m going to die in my 30s or even my 20s. I don’t know. Different priorities than you, I suppose.

Jul 3 2007
1:18 pm

Teresa the plump, that was an incredible story that you told.

I wonder if you wouldn’t want to start exercising now. You can begin the same way that Rosalie Bradford did when she was at 1,200 pounds- by raising your arms. Little exercises that can be done while in bed.

I say this not because I think you are going to lose weight, especially at the rate you are eating, but rather because you worry whether you can make it to 1,000 pounds. I think of it as, imagine how much hotter it would be if you were healthy enough to eat yourself up to 1,200 or even 1,500 pounds.

Or even more.

I know that if I were lucky enough to be with someone like you, I would want us to both be able to enjoy sex as much as possible at your weight.

BTW, I would love to hear more about how your family has reacted to your journey.

Jul 5 2007
2:25 pm

To Teresa the plump,

You talk about being causal about an early death but the truth of the matter is that you were doomed the moment you decided to become a huge gelatinous slob. Your greed and gluttony is a testament to your piggish nature. The simple facts of the obesity epidemic is that some people were just born to be enormous hogs and their sole purpose in life is to eat as much as they can every chance they get. Getting to the point of death by eating so much is a depraved activity and is the ultimate form of self mutilation and destruction. Those like me and your husband are simply the architects of your grotesque demise and are a necessary part of your very being.

Gluttons like you are a feeder’s project to work on until completion. For most of us completion has a different meaning and for your husband his project completion appears to be your death. He is what we call a “darkfeeder”. He will only be satisfied when you are a huge dead blubberous beached whale of a corpse lying in your own sweat and filth. He will rejoice at your last labored gasps of air as you desperately cling to your piggish life.

As for you, you may think that this was what you wanted out of life but I have yet to see on dying feedee say that they would have done the same thing all over again given the chance. Most will cry, whine and deeply regret being such hogs and begin to make deals with god or the devil when they sense the end approaching. Most feedees are cowardly pigs and become massively obese slobs because of their inability to live and deal within the real world. They think their massive obesity insulates them from life and all its perceived perils but in reality they are only buying time before the reality of death looms at their double width doorways. I think that you are no different, you will scream, cry and beg for another chance when you time comes. You will regret every mouthful and every grease laden meal you gobbled and as you breathe your last gasps through your bloated lips you will say why didn’t I call Jenny Craig when I had the chance.

But take heart pig because for us feeders your kind makes our world a much more interesting place to live. I may sound a bit mean in my ramblings regarding your situation but in reality I think you are one of life’s gifts. You are a very rare gift to be treasured and pampered until your ultimate completion. Any real feeder worth his salt would feel the same way and your ultimate demise will greatly lessen the diversity that is the human condition.

Jul 10 2007
8:02 pm

First seven comments equals…… My gods people, get a life


Teresa the Plump
Jul 15 2007
12:17 am

Ye gads, Mister Darkfeeder…if I didn’t know how much it gets your rocks off for you to write like that, I might take umbrage! But rest easy: We’re in a land of perverts, and we both qualify as slightly nuts, so I think it comes with the territory. I appreciate your reply! =)

From the way you write, you see yourself on the dominant end of a sexual relationship. You certainly give the feeder a lot of credit for the feeding and fattening process, which isn’t always true. I’m sure that that’s how it is in some feeder-feedee relationships, with the feedee having ceded all power to her or his partner. But not in mine. My husband is the ultimate enabler, because I can’t even get out of bed anymore, much less do the work necessary to buy and prepare food for myself. But I eat because I like to, want to, need to. It’s my choice, and my husband supports it because he understands that it’s what I want.

In the practical sense, immobility is no different than any debilitating disease where one partner has to care for the other. You portray it as a public service that feeders are willing to deal with the feedees that, supposedly, nobody else wants. But that only applies to the sexual aspect of the relationship. The overall relationship is one of give and take, and there’s plenty I do to enrich my husband’s life besides eating, sweating, burping, farting, and making love to him. He’s not doing me or society a favor by being with me; he’s with me because he likes it and loves me. I have seen some pretty bizarre relationships in my life—enough to make me suspect that most people tend to be pretty darn perverted when it comes to their sexuality. Bottom line: There is someone for everyone. Fat women are no exception.

Back to you, though. From what I read into your delicious descriptions, you’re either insecure in the dominant role, or you genuinely resent women. I notice that you derided a few people in this thread, as well as your ex-girlfriend, for abandoning the life of a weight-gainer. But you also derided others, including me, for continuing to gain so much fat, foxy female flesh to the inevitable conclusion of immobile superobesity. I’m willing to accept that at least some of your haughtiness is simply a part of the game for you, part of the sexual gratification. You’ve got to talk tough and dirty to play out your fantasies and get your jollies. That’s cool! But the rest of it…only you would know for sure…and I wonder if you do. I sure hope you wouldn’t feed an unwilling woman. I sure hope you aren’t insecure with yourself, and, more importantly, I hope you think of women as more than vessels for gobs and gobs of fat. Other than that, more power to ya. It’s been two years since you wrote that rant against your ex-girlfriend. Maybe you’ve found another one by now? If you can find a woman who wants what you’re selling, I wouldn’t be surprised.

That’s because you are right, at least partly, when you talk about how much of a draw it is to some women (and a few men), to imagine a life of utterly no work, no chores, no exertions of any kind, imbalanced even further into the realm of decadence by unlimited food and obesity to the very highest echelons of human possibility. In a very macabre way, I am a trailblazer…a pioneer of sorts. All major feedees are. And you’re the trusty lieutenant on this voyage of mammoth flesh. I think many people—females and males alike—could be sold on the idea of a life with no work and maximal pleasures, whatever those pleasures may be. So, yes, I accept your charges that I am gluttonous, lazy, opportunistic, and, if not exactly undisciplined, then at least willing to throw discipline to the wind in favor of advancing my measurements.

Speaking of which, let’s talk about death. That’s where I’m going to end up in a few years, or maybe months if my luck runs out. Lately I have been swelling in my ankles and feet, and when I get too full I lose part of my vision. So I know where I’m headed, and the “bridge out ahead” signs are loud and clear. Some people meet their deaths skydiving because they love life. Others do it with fortified beer and wine because they hate life. I do it for the former…I love this life. I do wish that I could have it all, with the hiking and the swimming, but even more I wish I could eat it all, and fill up a whole bed with my squishy collops…and so that’s what I chose. I’m here by choice, not by self-deception. And I’ll die younger than many in the United States, but older than many in the less fortunate countries out there. Most of all, I’ll die having lived the life I wanted. That’s no shame.

You seem to derive great satisfaction from the thought of a woman eating herself so fat that it kills her—even though you speak of it as “self-mutilation,” as though it brought you moral disgust and you wished people wouldn’t do that to themselves. Again, I know you’re talking dirty there, but there’s something more—you’re either one hell of a sexist, or you’re insecure about the whole idea of participating in lethal fattening, and perhaps insecure that you’re “in charge” of the relationship. I wonder if you’ll tell me, because I’m curious about you!

In almost all likelihood, you are going to outlive me by a long time. You can take some security in that. I’m not far from 800 pounds, and your descriptions of sweating and gasping for air are entirely true. I’ve got nasty chest pain that leaves me in pain much of the time—so bad that I can feel it in my arms and neck sometimes. I was in poor shape before I gained a single pound of extra fat, and now with almost 700 such pounds on my body, I can only conclude that I have converted my natural lifespan into one of supreme corpulence and a swift conclusion. I take drugs to control all sorts of maladies, and oxygen to help me breathe. I sweat even when lying still—even when I’m asleep. I’ve got sleep apnea. Like I said before, a friend told me recently that when she hears me breathe, she can tell I’m on my way out. I’m not sure of this, but I think I have enough belly that it would drag on the floor, if I could still stand up. And, like I also said before, I get to the point of passing out when I make love, which is the only exertion I ever get other than struggling to continue my wretched little existence—“wretched” by the standards of most people, although not by mine; and “little” only to those who aren’t paying attention.

For me, it’s a wonderful life. The Internet gives me a passport to the world. I can still type, still click a mouse, still listen to music, and still watch YouTube. Television and movies give me plenty to do, and books provide me with a diet as rich as what I eat. I’ve got great food, a nice room in a nice home, and a loving husband. Really, I’ve got a better life than almost anybody prior to the 20th century would have dared dream. I can’t hike like I used to, or really do much of anything that involves moving, but “wretched” couldn’t be further from how I see myself.

That is why you’re wrong to think of me as a “cowardly pig” who becomes a “massively obese [slob] because of their inability to live and deal within the real world.” I’m certainly a pig, and certainly an obese slob—you should see the mess I can make when I eat—and sheer girth has made it impossible for me to now go out into the “real” world, but your character judgments of cowardice, weakness, and all that sort of thing are quite mistaken. They are the words of a predator who likes to torment his victims, but I’m out of your reach. Perhaps if this were real life it would be different…you could use your physical strength to try and control me. But this is the Internet, and even a nearly 800-pound young woman who gets out of breath just lying in her own “sweat and filth” in bed can escape your clutches if she wants. Maybe that’s also part of why you talk so tough: Maybe you’re trying to force women into believing that you can control them in this place. You will succeed with others, but to me you are quite the curiosity. You’re even cute! =)

I admire your resolve, to be honest. I admire that you’re willing to take the position you are, even though you are effectively anonymous here, because it’s a risky position. If the authorities ever caught you in the sort of relationship you talk about, you’d be looking at the possibility of jail. (And I’d risk being spirited away to some institution where they starve me to death and I die from some infection or heart failure.) I think to a certain extent, most people in society have to live the life of inhibition, constrained from their wilder dreams and ambitions by the rule of law. It’s the only way our society could continue to flourish. We sure couldn’t all be fat like me. There have to be people to stock the grocery stores, drive the trucks, mine the coal, and all of that. Those of us who have the intellect and the wherewithal to live outside the system—not necessarily beyond the law or “off the grid” in the contemporary sense, but beyond the moral ambit of social norms and tradition—can get away with pursuing our highest dreams, but we run the constant risk of offending people’s sensibilities, getting into trouble, and being persecuted by those who fear difference, independence, and change. I guess that’s just a very long way of saying that people like us live “outside the box,” because I hate using tired metaphors like that. So you’re an admirable find, Mister Darkfeeder, and to be honest I was inspired to write my first post in this thread because of you. Whatever happened to that other woman you were corresponding with a few posts back?

Anyhow, back to death! Perhaps when I finally do come near to death, I will feel twinges of panic and may even lose my cool completely. Perhaps I’ll writhe and wail and generally do whatever I can to protest the cruel hand of mortality, or feel sorry for myself at letting myself get so heinously fat. But, honey, don’t we all squirm like that when our time comes? It’s hardly a black mark on the honor of feedees like myself, when everybody turns into a simpering coward at the end. You will too. The image of a stoic hero taking her death in stride is as rare as an 800-pound woman who wants to get even fatter. Once the body begins to fail, it tends to hurt…a lot. Everything we fancy about our character and integrity goes straight out the window.

If I’m lucky, I’ll go in my sleep. You too. If I’m even luckier, I’ll be awake but the pain will be manageable, and I’ll stay lucid enough to hang on to my resolve—with the help of a few drugs. But even if I get unlucky, that’s a fate I am willing to accept, in exchange for this beautiful life of food and flab that I now enjoy. And I doubt my husband will be there rejoicing when I die. He’ll be feeling as bad emotionally as I will physically. He likes big women, but I don’t think he likes dead big women, or, as you so elegantly put it, “a huge dead blubberous beached whale of a corpse lying in [my] own sweat and filth.”

The whole point of this thread is for people to understand that fat women are not life’s greatest joke. Some of them are trapped by others or by their own weaknesses into obesity, but many others eat because they like to eat, or because they love being fat, or because they love the erotic hardships of being fat—the sweating, the gasping, the jiggling, the heart palpitations, all of it. Plenty of fat women (and men) are good people who chose their destiny willingly.

In my life I have made some good friends, had a positive influence on many people, and enriched the world around me. That’s a modest legacy, but it’s good enough for me. I’m primarily concerned with the here and now, and, in the here and now, life is as sweet as the cheesecake I will get to finish once I type this. My story may be a weird one, with the same cold night at the end that awaits us all, but it’ll be a happy one as far as human stories go. What a wonderful opportunity, to live as a human being! Don’t you pity the frogs and the rocks?

Anyhow, thank you for your wonderful post! I like to play dirty too, but this time I wanted to explain myself seriously. Maybe next time I’ll go along with your wonderfully florid descriptions of how I’m a heaving, overflowing blob. Go on, give me your best shot, and I’ll think of you next time I get some pleasure from my man. (But only for a few moments at a time…my husband knows how to make a lass turn purple and go “fwoosh”!) And do of course give me some feedback on my bullshit psychological evaluation of you based on a handful of posts you wrote while obviously enveloped in the febrile throes of sexual lust.

Nice again to meet you, Mister Darkfeeder!

As for you, Fantasy Feeder, thank you for the praise. But I won’t be doing any exercise. If I make it to 1500 pounds—which I almost certainly won’t—I’ll get there on the easy road. Exercise is for people who can’t see beyond the corporeal…or for those who actually like riding bikes and stuff more than being formless mountains of flesh. Either way. =)

Jul 15 2007
5:20 pm

Teresa the plump, I would beg to differ with you about the definition of exercise. Your description enters the realm of huge exertion when you talk about ‘riding bikes and stuff’.

I am a masseuse, and one of the forms of exercise we learn to do is passive stretches for clients who are too injured or too weak to move their own limbs. The work I do has been medically proven to lower blood pressure and pulse rate, as well as increase white blood cell counts and thus strengthen the immune system. I think that if I had the opportunity to work with you, I could increase your comfort in this life and work with you to live longer.

And it would be the greatest pleasure to enable you to grow even fatter. I would definitely have to work to segment the erotic part of my mind from the objective, medical part, but it would be a real opportunity for growth for me to work with someone like you.

In my own fantasies, I not only enjoy a woman’s beautiful, abundant, flowingly fat body, but sometimes I envision myself as the fattest person in the world. I think if I ever did follow that journey, exercise would be a part of my regimen because not only would I want to be _the fattest person_ ever, but also because I would want to retain the ability to stand as long as possible. The thought of standing there, with my belly dragging on the floor is such an incredible turn on.

Anyway, thank you for responding, and please, re-consider a bit of exercise in service of enjoying your body as long as possible.

Jul 18 2007
5:44 pm

So Teresa the Plump, you think I’m insecure and resent women? Well piggy I’m here to say you are all too wrong. I’m very secure in my role as a feeder and I absolutely love the fat gluttonous ladies. In fact why would you think otherwise? My entire life has been devoted to stuffing burgers and cakes down the greedy gullets of fat women such as you. They give me a reason to get out of bed in the morning and a purpose in this mundane life. I derive the greatest pleasure from feeding a greedy pig into oblivion and watching her progress toward an untimely end one forkful after another. After all who am I to stop a piggy from gorging themselves and becoming a living breathing mass of whale blubber if it is what they want out of life? My attitude toward this merely comes from practicality and the experience of living with gluttons such as you.
As for my ex-girlfriend, I was a bit put out by the way it ended but that is past and we are back together and we are due to marry in September. She is back to her gluttonous ways and I keep her meddling family at arms length. We both have vowed to not let the naysayer’s get in the way ever again and her weight has climbed back to the previous high of over 600lbs. I intend to keep her growing until the inevitable end that you and I both know will come one day. She isn’t exactly thrilled with the total concept of extreme feederism and its ultimate conclusion but due to her extremely piggish nature she doesn’t have much of a choice. Her gluttony will dictate where and when she will end up and nothing I can do will truly change that. You of all people can appreciate this and while we both know death by extreme gluttony can be forestalled through dieting and willpower it can never truly be defeated. It is a scientific fact that most piggy’s who lose weight the traditional way through diet and exercise, will regain it all plus within a very short period of time. Those that manage to defeat their gluttony are the extremely lucky ones. These individuals are few and far between and were probably never meant to be gluttons in the first place. The vast majority, that isn’t so lucky, will die encased in their own blubber from a verity of ailments that they spent their whole lives trying to stave off. I think that is a waste of a life. These individuals spend all their time denying themselves of the one reason they live for and that reason is food. In my opinion people should not be concerned with living as long as possible but they should LIVE as much as possible. This means giving in to the desires and vices that make you happy and give you pleasure regardless of your lifespan.
But it does not change my assertion that most people who eat themselves into gluttonous immobility are hiding from the everyday responsibilities of life. If you weren’t, why would you wish to withdraw into your world of mass consumption and physical isolation? Who but a coward would choose to become so totally dependant on another for virtually every little personal need that they must give up every form of human dignity? Tell me lady plump, do you find it pleasant when your husband must wipe you after a bowel movement? At that moment, do you feel good about yourself and the choices you have made? Or do you feel like a worthless fat bloated slob unable to control your impulse to gorge and grow enormous? A coward would look at the loss of dignity as no big deal and a necessary trade off in their need to hide from life and its responsibilities. A brave individual would use that loss of dignity as a spring board to helping themselves and gain control over their destiny. Where do you stand in this equation? Your answer will determine whether or not you are the typical cowardly glutton or the I don’t give a shit type of glutton that you claim to be.
As for your assertion that we all squirm at the moment of death you may be right. But for the so-called normal’s their squirming will come from a desire to continue on life’s journey and not the pathetic squirming of a pig that only now faces the harsh reality of their gluttonous ways. If you are lucky, your blubber encased heart will just give out, smothered by your shameful obesity. But don’t count on it happening that peacefully. You make the statement that you may lose your cool and beg for more time but I can almost state with certainty that you will indeed do just that. Your fat will quiver uncontrollably with fear, your mind will scream out promises to lose weight and become healthy and you will sweat profusely with the effort of just drawing each labored breath. But it will be all for naught because you have lived your short life as an enormous, prize pig, plowing through troughs of food like you are immune to the horrible effects it has produced upon your person. In the end, your final moments will be of regret for your revolting gluttony as your grossly enlarged heart explodes in a painful torrent of greasy cholesterol laden blood.
You claim that your husband will feel bad and will morn your passing and that may well be true for the moment. After all he does love and care for you. His feeling of guilt will threaten to overwhelm him especially when EMS comes to move your humongous corpse. The people responsible for the removal of your huge dead form will cast an accusing eye upon him and think ill of his part in this grotesque marital arrangement. He will have to endure the sight of his beloved gelatinous bride being rolled and or dragged by a dozen strange men to a waiting forklift or flatbed. He may even have to endure their jokes and musings regarding your sex life and his part in the grotesque display. He may have to give his permission for the removal of portions of walls and doors from the house you and he shared these many years in order to remove the sad blob that once was his reason for living. He may even be questioned by some not to understanding medical authorities and asked why he allowed you such a wretched existence and death. He will be publicly humiliated and looked upon as a freak and the sick enabler of your gross lifestyle and ultimate demise. He may even be shunned by family and friends for his part in your deviant life and death. How does that make you feel? Are you still willing to give up everything for a ring ding and allow the man you love to face such an experience? If so, you are a true gluttonous hog only interested in your own pleasure and the needs of your grotesquely enlarged stomach.
But take heart because his sorrow and humiliation will not last long as he realizes that at last he is free of the huge all consuming beast wife that he needed to feed and please daily. He will rejoice and get a feeling of elation that he has perhaps never felt in his life. He will finally get to experience a life without the gigantic life sucking force that has ruled his world these many years. He will be free of you and your gluttonous addiction. As time passes he will be on the look out for another pig. As we both know pigs are plentiful in this day and age and are out there leading their piggy lives just looking for a provider of food without end. Eventually he will scoop up another greedy fat slob and start the cycle of gluttony and death all over again. For the feeder it’s just a matter of course. There will always be a glutton willing to sell their soul for a piece of cake and their personal dignity.
So enjoy your time here on this earthly plain and stuff your fat filled, face and open your over, stuffed, cellulite ridden, thighs for your man. Because you and he are in for a not to pleasant future and will need all the good memories you can make to get you through the coming trials.

Enjoy Piggy

Jul 27 2007
5:38 am

I dont mind guys who are feeders only to an extent maybe like 20 pounds but not too much well not for me but for me to be a feeder of guy I would love it where can i find men to feed
wants a fat man who weighs 300 to start.

Aug 1 2007
4:26 pm

the return of darkfeeder makes me smile

Aug 2 2007
2:55 pm

Thank you curiousBBW I’m pleased that you are entertained.

Aug 4 2007
5:44 pm

To Darkfeeder: You are quite honest, harsh, but honest. I do have a question that you may not want to answer. Have you had any intimate dealings with the dying? The grief /relief you discribe is thought provoking, to say the least. And a little bit heartbreaking.
The dicussions you’ve had thus far with Loveveryoneanyway and Teresa the Plump are intelligent, intriguing and entertaining. I will not pretend to be in their class of qiuck witted banter. But I will say that it is nice to have you back in the fray.
Best wishes for you and your bride to be.

Aug 7 2007
5:18 pm

To 300plusqueen: My description of what could happen with a dying feedee comes from common sense and practical knowledge regarding feeder/feedee relationships and their inevitable end. I have never exactly reached that point with a feedee but I know of others that have gone through the horror of having their beloved glutton gasp out their last labored breaths and the subsequent aftermath of a feedee’s death. I myself have gone through a similar experience with my first serious feedee, whom while still alive was moved from our home in a basically immobile state of enormousness to a local hospital while suffering from abdominal distress. I’ve watched the horror on the face of a feedee to big to move while being told she was pregnant and about to give birth. And I’ve also watched the embarrassment suffered by my feedee while medical professionals examined her and were in total shock regarding her size and expectant condition. I also watch while she was trussed up like a prize hog for the slaughter on a delivery table while nurses joked about the size of her belly and overall state of extreme obesity. I also watched helplessly while so-called medical professionals lost both baby and mother during the surprise delivery. I’ve gone through the embarrassment of being called a freak, sicko and twisted enabler by family, friends, society and the local press. I’ve been the butt of jokes leveled at myself and my feedee from just about everyone regarding our sex life and relationship in general. I’ve endured countless fat jokes directed toward the women I have been intimate with or have been in relationships with. I’ve been through the grief and felt the subsequent relief as well. Just not under the same circumstances I described to Teresa. So as you can see I have drawn much of my commentary from personal experience and I fully expect to have to deal with it again in the future.

As for you are you a feedee or are you just hear like many others to view the freaks? Judging by your handle I expect you are a curious fat girl draw to the strange world of feederism but not quite yet ready to take that step into oblivion. Hopefully you will turn back before it is too late or perhaps you will not and become the next news feature in your local area.

Aug 8 2007
8:49 pm

Darkfeeder, I didn’t mean to bring bad memories back to mind. But it is obvious you write from experience, and that is why your voice is so valuable.
Your care and losses are much for any person to endure. Many people, but especially fat people have found that inhumanity crosses all borders and careers. Unfortunately my experience has shown that ‘medical’ and ‘professional’ are often mutually exclusive. The cruelest treatment and jokes seem to come from family and people in health care.
Of course, the issue of fat jokes being acceptable in the general population is another symptom of people being narrow minded and mean spirited.
Although there are many unusal ideas and approaches to life, (and death), there are few I would term freak in the derogatory sense. You are unique in your heart, understanding and abilities. So is everyone else on earth. It’s not bad, it just is.
As for me, I have always been big. I passed 200 pounds quite a while ago. I’ve slowly gained since then with numerous plateaus in between. It has never been a goal of mine to gain, and the few half hearted ‘attempts’ to loose were basically to get some overbearing belittler off my back. You wait long enough and often they’ll find another more malleable target.
I find eating a pleasure. The tastes, textures and full feeling are very nice. Taking a step into the erotic is easy.
My spouse is not into me getting bigger, and not a feeder at all. He will leave the table if he feels I am consuming too much because he gets grossed out. It doesn’t happen often, but it happens. To be fully accepted for who I am and how I live is a dream of mine.(I think it should be everyone’s fantasy). You have an extreme way of expressing yourself that , pardon the pun, feeds into that dreamscape. The devotion you express for your loves is a treasure that I hope they realize(d) was/is there.
I know I am not the only one who appreciates who and what you are. Just look at these posts! Not everyone agrees with you, but there has been respect for what you have to say. In fact, you seem to have a bit of a following right here! I imagine I’m just another one of Darkfeeder’s groupies! Just remember what a wide audience you command! ;)

Aug 9 2007
6:58 pm

Here’s an interesting thought that came up in conversation recently. Feedees are basically suicidal. (thers is suicide by cop, by your own immediate actions etc. so why not by fat?) And the feeders are Kovorkian in their role.
I am still mulling that one over in my mind. I can see the point, but I’m not altogher comfortable with the pschyobabble part it necessitates. Any response? Anybody?

Aug 10 2007
1:53 pm

To 300plusqueen:

I’m not exactly sure that feedees are suicidal. I firmly believe that they truly want to live but their overwhelming need for food and acceptance drives their fear of immobility and death into the hidden recesses of their minds. Truly suicidal people simply do not want to live but that really doesn’t fit the profile of a true feedee. Most feedees when faced with death from gluttony will at least attempt to evade the inevitable by hospitalization or a plea for an intervention of some kind by family or friends. The reason most feedees may appear suicidal probably stems from the fact that hardcore feedees live in denial of their overall condition until either an embarrassing episode with the outside world takes place or death is actively knocking at their door. I believe that most feedees that grow to immobility are in fact living out their fantasies of gluttony, sloth and control over their partner. For the feedee death is really not part of the equation, because death would mean a termination of the never-ending supply of food and pampering that a feedee requires physically and emotionally to be truly happy. The feedees I have been with in my lifetime have truly enjoyed their gorging and the subsequent obesity issues that follow. They also enjoy the control they exert over their devoted feeder by being too fat to move and requiring help with all their daily needs and wants. I have yet to see a feedee who was not in reality the most selfish slob imaginable. Their shear love of gluttony forces the feeder to become a slave to their enormous bulk much like a bloated queen termite that required the aid of her drones to see to her every need. I feel that this love of food, gluttony and control is contrary to any suicidal tendencies. In a way feederism celebrates life and the desire to indulge excessively in two of the greatest pleasures in life. Unfortunately feedees conveniently ignore the fact that their needs and desires might actually kill or harm them. For most of them living in the moment is what really counts.

As for the Kevorkian aspect of the issue, I think feeders are more aware of the death issue than the feedees are. Feedees always seem to act surprised when their gluttony brings all the issues of obesity and immobility crashing down around them, while feeders to some degree, get off on the results of their work. So in a way they do assume a Kevorkian style role. But I believe that the role of mercy killer only takes place in a rather abstract sense. As we all know the feeder’s true purpose is to increase the size and weight of his or her feedee by any means necessary and this is what gets them off. While the feeder is aware that his or her actions may be harming the feedee, it is not the feeder’s prime purpose or direction. I don’t think any feeder wants to truly kill his or her feedee. True feedees are very hard to come by and it should be the goal of every feeder to take every precaution to keep their fat feedee alive, eating and growing to colossal proportions.

BTW, I agree 100% with a statement you made in your earlier post regarding ideas and approaches to life. People must learn to understand that individuals and their various approaches to life and happiness are unique and we as a society must learn to accept this fact. The label of freak has become all too common in certain circles for those that do not march to the same beat as the rest of so-called normal society. This practice with certain exceptions needs to be curbed and we must all recognize that there is a great diversity of individual tastes and wants in this world. It is nice to know that there are people like yourself that respect this and understand the need for these concepts.

Aug 11 2007
8:26 pm

To Darkfeeder:
As I expected, your insight and explainations are rich in knowledge and experience. I would point out that there does seem to be a difference between a feedee’s intellectually knowing death is a possibility, and a more viseral understanding. I refer to Teresa, who will continue on a path that will kill her. Even a small suggestion from Fantasyfeeder to help prolong or enhance her life was rebuffed. Maybe suicidal is a strong term, but the ultimate escape from responsibilities and the ‘real world’ in her case is akin to a death wish.
I agree that being catered to on every level is a powerful part of what motivates a feedee. It is also obvious to me that much of the power, (a poor example but similar to S&M), lies with the supposed victim. Who wouldn’t want a devoted slave to see to their every whim and pleasuring?
I get lost at the point of medical complications as Teresa described. Personally, my extreme dislike of the medical professions would act as a barrier.
Thankfully, I am relatively healthy. I say relatively because I have avoided doctors for better then ten years. So who knows? I stopped taking them seriously when one a**hole insisted on an EKG for an ear infection. I can’t even imagine what so called care would be foisted upon an immobilized fat person. I would think your horrifying discriptions were not only accurate, but probably even toned down for the wider audience.

Which brings me to another area that I am fuzzy in my understanding. Your side as a feeder. Feeders sound as if they really get the raw end of the stick. Why punish yourself with all the work, the heartache, the disdain even from the fat community, and a good share of the humiliation? Certainly you are not evil, bad, twisted, manipulative or sick. Not any moreso then anyone else with unusal taste. So tell me, who takes care of you?
Darkfeeder, you’ve been very patient with me, and forthright, and I appreciate it. Hopefully, I won’t wear you down.

Aug 13 2007
1:31 pm

To 300plusqueen:

Your questions are good ones and the answers to most of them are complicated. First I would like to address the issue of feedee’s ignoring the inevitable out come of their extreme behavior. Most feedees once they reach the point of immobility and their health become severely compromised wake up to the undeniable fact that their gluttony must be curbed in order for them to continue living. Whether or not they can achieve this is another story, most can not. I believe that their gluttony is a hard wired part of their emotional makeup and only surgery can forcibly correct their behavior. Those that wake up to this reality too late, generally die a bloated and humiliating death but this death is not a sought after part of their lifestyle. It is merely a side effect of the abuse they put their bodies through in their pursuit of their most precious pleasure.

As for Teresa I believe her condition may not be as extreme as she would have you or I believe. Most feedee’s once the reach a state where they can no longer breathe will generally accept the fact that if they wish to continue on life’s journey they must accept help with their issues of over consumption. Not being able to breath is a frightening and very unpleasant feeling and to my experience no feedee would consider being as cavalier about a state of asphyxiation or heart failure as she claims to be. If she truly has accepted her condition as hopeless and has accepted that death is just around the corner, then more power to her. But I don’t think anyone would be that calm about dieing smothered by their own weight, do you? Which raises the real possibility that her situation is what the media would have you believe is the typical feedee/feeder relationship. Perhaps she has been emotional abused and totally brainwashed by her feeder husband. In some cases this does happen and the feedee will willingly submit to eating themselves to death just to please their feeder. But even so, most feedees when faced with death will at least attempt to repent their gluttonous ways and seek help.

Next, the issue of medical professionals and extreme obesity, traditionally medical professionals are not equipped or trained to deal with extremely obese individuals professionally or emotionally. When faced with a huge patient they fall back on what they have been trained to believe is the root of many diseases and that root is excess weight. The diet and pharmaceutical industries pump out huge amounts of propaganda regarding the dangers of being too fat. Doctors are spoon fed this propaganda and use it as a way to glean quick cash from the obese. While I am in no way denying the fact that extreme obesity has many health risks and the extremely obese have reduced life expectancies, so called health professionals tend to over use it as a catch all for every aliment that comes down the pipe. Also in many cases the massively obese receive sub-standard healthcare in general due to doctor’s refusal to treat extremely fat people with dignity and respect. My fiancé recently went to her gynecologist and the doctor, who by the way was a woman, refused to even allow my fiancé onto an examination table, citing that her weight probably exceeded the table’s and stirrups size and weight capacity. She claimed it was for safety reasons but in reality the gyno just wanted to humiliate my fiancé into a diet. My fiancé was told to seek out a surgeon that specialized in gastric by-pass and that she should return once her weight was under control and then she could be examined properly. This is only one small incident that my fiancé and I have had to face, most of the other experiences with the healthcare industry have not even gone this well.

As for the question of who takes care of the feeder in a relationship once the feedee reaches a state where he or she needs constant care and why do we punish our selves with the constant work, ridicule and humiliation? Well to be honest I don’t have a rational answer that will cover all aspects of feederism out there. Some do it for the high they get in controlling another person. Some do it because they need to feel needed by someone. Some do it to be vindictive and deep down wish harm on their feedee. But deep down most of us do it because it is just who we are. We do it out of devotion to the feedee and enjoy all the benefits of watching the feedee grow and eat and become immensely fat. To me there is nothing more satisfying then being with an immensely fat woman that requires my aid for almost everything they do. To me their self inflicted helplessness just oozes of decadent sexual desire. These women have been rejected by society in general because of their size and behavior but to me they are the epitome of human development. They are the perfect adaptation for the times we live in. Our western society is based on consumption and who better follows that premise but the big fat obese feedee? Mass consumption of food and consumer goods is what is expected of us all and the feedee symbolizes the perfection of the system as its ultimate consumer. For me the feeder, enormous heaving rolls of blubber coating the body of a beautiful, engaging, lazy female is truly the greatest gift I can think of receiving. Watching and helping a fat pig gorge and be all they can be is a passionate pursuit that gives me the satisfaction that I cannot find in other endeavors. Call me twisted, call me deviant or call me crazy, I don’t really care.

As for you what, brings you into this strange and unusual world of feederism. Do you desire to become a feedee or feeder or are you merely curious. You seem to have an extremely open mind regarding this subject and it’s somewhat frightening activities and that is quite refreshing for a change.

Aug 15 2007
6:15 pm

To Darkfeeder,
The points you made are good ones. Obviously the answers have to be complex. Why do any of us do what we do in relationships? Your insight has helped me understand a little more of the choices made by feeders and feedees.
There are many examples of people indulging in dangerous, even deadly, behaviors. Whether it be smoking or other addictions, thrill seeking daredevils or merely speeding on the highways. Certainly they don’t get half the nasty comments to which you have been subjected.
I have gone to different threads on Pervscan. Part out of curiousity, part out of self exploration. There are some things that made me say Eeww. But even that doesn’t give me the right to insult, belittle or judge another. (although I do draw the line at informed consent be it by age, menatl ability, conciousness or species)
Perhaps because others have been so quick to judge me that I try to be the opposite. I don’t know.
What I do know is that in even the most mundane, mainstream people/relationships there are twists, turns tweaks and brokeness. No human is perfect, so it follows no relationship will be either.
I don’t mean to sound morose about it. Life, love sex are all wonderful things. Many paths to satisfaction here are Earth have a destructive element.
My concern is the communication between people. Personally I would find it dfficult to have some- one suffering because of my actions. However, you have pointed out the mutual consent and pleasure of the feeder. Abuses that may arise in these relationships are for those who choose it, and not of anyone else’s concern. (although some natsayers would direct you to increased insurance rates, health care costs, industry losses due to days off etc. I think any economic argument is a smoke screen for little minded peolpe, how about you?)
For me, the aspect of being a feedee has a definate appeal. Although my concerncs about health issues would be a big factor. I hate doctors as a general profession. My fear would be too strong to ever be a ‘true’ feedee.
That said, eating is a very sensual pleasure for me, and being able to indulge and have that pleasure shared is very erotic and definately makes my heart beat faster. So you tell me, do I strike you as more feedee or curious?

Some Girl
Aug 17 2007
6:44 am

That’s pretty gross. What a bizarre form of objectification.
Even more gross are the replies to this…I mean, first there’s a freak talking graphically about his fat wife (not meaning gross because of her, but he seems pretty vulgar) then there’s some chick dissing fat people, then a woman saying fatter women have very tight vaginas. Wow.
I don’t think anyone should be encouraging obesity, only because of the health problems. And also the weird domination thing.

Aug 17 2007
5:40 pm

Some Girl;
Let’s be realistic, when dicussing what a person finds attractive physically in another it is ALWAYS ‘objectification’. It is only after a relationship starts that you get to know each others’ personalities etc. That is the point where a relationship may fail or not. But the attraction is initially what you would deem superficial. I agree some of the posts use vulgar language, but in dicussing human form, relationships, sex etc what would you expect? Juvenile folks will always be with us. Same with the dissing and less then articulate defense/responses.
I’ve been working out the ‘domination’ thing myself, and if you had read more then the first few posts I’m sure that it really isn’t a clear case of top and bottom as in S&M. (which from how you write would also be quite a shock to you)
Last the health issues… which is, in my opinion, your most valid point. However, as long as it is a person’s own wish to be fat, or get fatter there is really nothing more to say. Many everyday activities have great risks to them. So even though encouraging some one to be unhealthy is an objection worth examining, be fair and look at ALL the ways we encourage each other to put ourselves on the line. One of my previous writings included a short list of smokoing, drinking, speeding but let’s add some things that happen every day as traumas sample come into my lab. Motorcycle accidents, falls from decks (three deaths this summer alone), skiing etc. Think about it before you answer.

Aug 22 2007
1:36 pm

To: 300plusqueen.

You hit the nail right on the head when you mentioned that people do all sorts of dangerous activities and take foolish chances with their lives. The difference between feederism and other dangerous activities is in perception only. The very thought of growing so enormous that you cannot move is abhorrent to most and the idea of helping, encouraging or enabling someone to become that way is looked upon with even more of a jaundiced eye. Why this is I really don’t fully know but I’ll bet it has something to do with society’s ingrained hatred for fat people and the gluttony and sloth they supposedly represent. This form of medieval morality is disguised with concerns for the health and welfare of the feedee, healthcare costs and individual’s rights. But in reality it is driven by the shear revulsion of the very idea of the sin of gluttony. If people could develop the brains and ability to step back and separate these ridiculous notions from the reality of peoples wants and desires, this world would be a much more tolerant and arguably better place.

You are also right about the abuse factor in feeder/feedee relationships. Abuse can only take place if one of the individuals allows it. Feeders do not seek out poor helpless fat girls and feed them to death. Feeders find fat gluttons with deep rooted desires to live out a fantasy of gluttony sex and total pampering. Face it, what woman in her right mind doesn’t want to be pampered 24/7. Many would sell their souls for a life like that. Big fat girls are no different. Most would rather eat rich foods and lie about like pampered princesses than have to face a world that tells them they are unworthy and unacceptable. I feel that the truly courageous ones act upon those desires and live out their gluttonous lives through feederism.

As for you and what I think you truly are, I think you are a very open minded mature woman with an insatiable curiosity for the so called deviant side of life. This does not mean that you wouldn’t make an excellent feedee, because you probably would. All you need is the right exposure to a feedee/feeder lifestyle and I think you could be easily hooked. This doesn’t mean you would grow to mammoth proportions, like my Renee, but I think you could benefit from a little erotic feeding and the pleasures of over indulgence. Am I right or am I way off the mark?

Aug 27 2007
8:08 am

I would say that you have a very good idea of my approach to these things.Thuinking about erotic play that includes feeding me is very hot. All that sensual pleasure from smell, taste and touch! Mmmmm.
I have definately had you flash through my mind while closing my eyes and savoring something in a creamy sauce. Being that I had a celebration this past weekend there was a lot of good food and ‘Mmmm-ing’ (No disrespect to Renee). What is a little sad is that there is still a body image thing. The issues of fat enough, thin enough, boobs or butt enough gets tiresome. So even without much possibility of mammoth proportions, are there feeders out there a little 300 pound woman could get interested? How do you think most feeders reveal themselves?

Aug 27 2007
12:20 pm

To: 300plusqueen

There are plenty of feeders out there interested in smaller women. But rest assured if you get involved with a real feeder you will be required to grow. As I said it may not be to huge proportions but a true feeder likes his woman to gain as well as eat. Gaining and growing is what makes it all real for a feeder. The feeder’s ultimate goal is to see results of the work he or she puts into the relationship and the feeding of his or her feedee. Feeding someone and not seeing a gain is a bit of a let down for most feeders. True feederism is not for everyone and fantasies have their place but I think what you are looking for is a guy who thinks like you and is into using food for erotic sex play. These guys are not real feeders but like to use naturally erotic items such as food to enhance the sexual experience. If you still have some body issues and don’t want to become at least a 400lb mountain of fabulous female flesh then stay clear of a real feeder and find a nice guy who is just into the fantasy aspect of the feederism scene. But if you are willing to gain weight and become the object of complete desire and affection to the point of slavery then I suggest checking out local BBW dances and their like. Guys who love large ladies abound at these functions and a great many have feederism tendencies.

As for how do feeders reveal themselves I think most wait until they are comfortable in a relationship with a fat woman and then slowly institute feederism practices into the relationship. This is how I’ve always operated and it has usually worked pretty well. On occasion I have gotten horrified reactions from the women I was feeding as she started to gain significant amounts of weight and in these cases I’ve usually called the relationship quits. My relationship with my fiancée, Renee started out normal enough. When I first met her 5 years ago she was struggling to maintain her weight below the 350lb mark. She was trying to deprive herself of everything she really wanted in life simply to try and fit into a mold that society said she should try and squeeze into. I immediately set out to destroy that concept and introduce her to what she deep down really was. In the process we hit a few snags along the way, one being her family’s idea that becoming an enormous whale was somehow terribly wrong. But we eventually got through that narrow minded, misguided issue and have moved on. She is now approximately 620lbs and would like to top the scale at 650 or better by our wedding date. You see, I feel that some people are just meant to be obese gluttons, it is in their genetic make up and there is really nothing anyone can do or say that will change that. This is why so many obese people regain all their previous weight after dieting themselves down to an unrealistic physical state. Real weight loss and the maintenance of that loss require a will that allows the individual to achieve their goal and maintain that goal for a lifetime. Most fat people don’t have this will and are never going to find it. Some of these fat people only want to lose weight and stop their excessive eating because they are told by society that their obesity is wrong. But in reality all they want to do is gorge and not care about their ever growing weight. They also long for a world where their size and weight doesn’t matter regardless of how big they get. Feeders provide that safe world to the glutton that longs to be a big pig with no societal consequences. We do our best to provide that safe haven to the huge fatty but even our efforts will eventually fail and the fattened feedee will be faced with either death or humiliation at the hands of a world that abhors and pities them all at the same time. This is the reality of feederism and once you commit to its premise it cannot be escaped.

Aug 27 2007
4:45 pm

You’re right when you say that many fat people only think of loosing weight because of pressure from society, family and lovers. Sometimes it feels like a bad Twilight Zone episode where you never escape high school’s drama. The judgements never stop. The humiliating comments and mean spirited gestures just get sooo old to have to deal with every day. It makes working up the energy and the trust to find a special some one all the more discouraging.
Dating in any atmosphere is stressful. Fat dating is even more stressful. (Movie and popcorn? Prepare for pig sounds from the back row) Other ‘deviant’ behaviors have been thrust out in the open so often that to hear about them is almost mundane. (But then I suppose most folks don’t wear the leather to the movies.)
I agree that how feeder/feedee relationships are viewed is very strongly tied to fat phobia and bigotry, which I imagine makes their dating even more truamatizing if they go out to eat. Many small people will share food or feed each other on dates. It’s intimate, erotic etc. (Have you? I’d like to think you and Renee have.)
You know of the interactions with the world that yield the potential for uncivilized manners. How sad that everyone basically wants the same thing (to be accepted, desired etc) and yet there are those who can’t allow the lucky ones who have found what they want, with who they want, to enjoy it. Makes a kinda pathetic statement on some of the population out ther, doesn’t it?
Anyway, I’ve gotten way off the mark. I apologize. Chalk it up to a bad day. But I would like to thank you again Darkfeeder for your wisdom and patience. It can help make even a bad day better.

Aug 30 2007
12:40 pm


Sounds like you are having a bit of a rough time of it. All I can say is, I understand the stress that you go through when dating but don’t let the various obstacles to the enjoyment of life get you down. People are always going to criticize what the do not understand. That type of behavior is born of ignorance, hate and to a large degree fear. The common poor perception of fat people comes from the outdated belief that all fat people are somehow weak and failures in life. As we both know all truly intelligent people know this to be a false perception and those that haven’t figured that out yet are truly pathetic. In actuality it takes courage and strength to be fat and face a world that is hostile and judgmental and that is an undisputable fact. Just because you eat more or are larger than the so called normal person, it has nothing to do with your viability as a valuable person. People who openly poke fun of the fat or obese are nothing more than either pathetic creatures with self image problems or ignorant fools with absolutely no social acceptability. Both of these types operate from the fucked up idea that they need to feel superior to those that THEY deem as inferior in one way or another. They also feel the self absorbed need to point this perceived inferiority out to everyone that will listen and this makes them sick attention whores with little to offer an enlightened society. So in reality they are the ones with the extremely severe personal flaws and not the fat person they so love to harass.
As for my personal feeling on feeding in public or dating a fat woman, I have no problem doing it and woe to those that say anything contrary within in earshot of my fiancé or myself. Luckily I am endowed with a less than personable public persona and the physical attributes to match my perceived bad attitude. This of course is a false impression of the real me but it has its advantages when out in public with they type of woman I have always been attracted to. Being out in public with a 600lb woman has its own set of challenges that most people cannot even begin to imagine and having idiots berate you is just one more issue that is unnecessary and annoying in the extreme. So when it does occasionally happen my reaction is usually not pretty to say the least. I’m not normally a violent person and I’m not condoning violence but on occasion bloodied knuckles and harsh language have gone a long way in persuading some retard that their choices in life haven’t always been the best.
In closing just let me say that I am flattered that you find my insights into this different life style interesting and up lifting in some way. I do believe I have a very good handle on the subject and my perspective as a practicing feeder provides some realism into a subject that is truly misunderstood by most and viewed as cruel and bizarre by many.

Aug 30 2007
4:24 pm

Your my hero.

Aug 30 2007
4:25 pm

oops. you’re (not your)

Aug 31 2007
12:53 pm

I’ve been called a lot of things, hero has never been one of them. Are you sure you are ok?

Sep 2 2007
5:27 pm

I’m much better, thanks. It sorta surprises me that you have not had anyone openly admire your honesty and integrity. Your willingness to live, practice and defend the principles you have, (as well as those you are with) are admirable. Isn’t that a basic thing for a hero?
Furthermore, it is obvious that you are an articulate and intelligent man. It’s just nice to know that in some corner of the world there is somebody that is laudable that loves fat women. Hope your holiday weekend was great. Hooray for Bar-B-Que!

Teresa the Plump
Sep 3 2007
8:58 am

I’m back!

Well, I was never really gone, but it’s a big Internet.

Actually, that’s maybe the sweetest thing about being bedridden in this day and age. If one has enough imagination, the Internet is a passport to the world. I can lie here in my indolence yet click my way to sights and spectacles unseen by even the fittest people of times past.

I say that because, with so many people in our society freaking out over women who are a few pounds too fat, I guess I feel compelled to point out here that my quality of life is pretty good. But before Mister Darkfeeder makes another “wiping” reference, I’d have to admit that all is relative. It’s pretty good for me, at least.

I’m going to try some HTML in this post. I dunno if PervScan allows ordinary posters to use it, so don’t laugh too hard if I fail miserably.

First, a kind word to FantasyFeeder. I really appreciate your concern for me. One of the things that truly annoys me about anti-fat bigots is that they make so much fuss about our health, yet the truth is that they don’t care one damn bit whether we live to eat another day or keel over right there on the spot. They’re being mean and dishonest, plain and simple, by using the health angle as yet another path to insult and attack both the merely overweight and the truly fat.

But with you, I can see that you actually do care. And maybe the reason you care doesn’t have much to do with me as a person so much as that I’m pretty darn fat and that’s a big turn-on for you, but at least it’s still honest caring. Thanks!

As to your sexual fantasies, I think you’re in the majority of FAs in that you dream of lithe and energetic women whose fat is a flowering, flowing fountain. But that’s not really what I fantasize about. What turns me on is the sheer heaviness of being heavy; the torpor and bulk and slowness. If I can make myself short of breath and sweating by eating, or by my feeble exertions here in bed, that’s the stuff that does it for me. I like being encumbered by my own fat, almost drowning in my own flesh, as it were. Most people’s sexual tastes are pretty damn weird if you pry, and mine are no exception.

I do like to justify myself by pointing out that my fantasies are more in line with reality. There’s no such thing as a 1000 pound woman who can walk. There’s no such thing as a healthy 1000 person. The fantasy lit conveniently ignores that, but reality never does. Fat isn’t muscle; it never will be; and the scores of FA fantasy writers who like to pretend that strength increases proportionally with body fat, are just fooling themselves so as to live out their fantasies within their imaginations.

I’m here to tell you that getting fat is physically debilitating under the best of circumstances, let alone for people like me who sought it out actively, turned into couch potatoes on purpose, and gained tons of weight very rapidly! When I started putting on weight, I got progressively slower and less nimble. I wasn’t even officially “obese” yet before I had problems just getting around. Small problems, to be sure, but they got bigger even faster than I did.

That’s just how it is. And while it is true that one’s muscles grow somewhat to handle the extra bulk, mine never had much of a chance, since I lived such a profoundly sedentary lifestyle—on purpose—once I started to get heavy. And, really, even the most vigorous and vivacious people start to lose it once you’re talking about four, five, six hundred pounds.

But, yeah, as for me…I don’t think I could have so much as gotten out of bed at six hundred pounds, let alone gone out on the town like Mister Darkfeeder’s Renee. (No accent over the E?) And now that I weigh almost two hundred pounds more, I don’t even sit up by myself. I lie in an easy state of recline, shifting (with my husband’s help) onto my left or right side sometimes, to stave off bedsores. (So far, so good…)

So, your suggestion that exercise in order to prolong my lifespan and quality of life, is not necessarily something that I want for myself. I’m not going to do any extra work, because, like Darkfeeder says, I’m toast in the end anyway. Why pretend otherwise? But if it makes you feel any better, lifting my arms is something I do already. I don’t stretch them out all the way, of course—although I just tried, and I can still do that—but I do move them around constantly in order to eat, read, play video games, and use the computer. If that’s not exercise enough, then I’ll just have to be one of those rare Americans who doesn’t get enough exercise. =)

However, I do thank you for your care and concern. And for making me smile. You’re cute!

Now…as for you, Mister Darkfeeder…it seems you’ve moved on without me, finding yourself a prettier, younger, slimmer fat chick to flirt with. I feel so betrayed! =P

Right off the bat, I want to say how different you are when you talk to me versus when you talk to 300plusqueen. She did a much better job of getting you to open up than I did—I owe her my thanks. (Thank you, 300plusqueen!) I think with me you’ve been writing more in your fantasy mode, and with her you’ve been more revealing about who you really are. Either way, you’re a very interesting case; what I wouldn’t give to get inside your head for a few minutes!

I didn’t mean to offend you about the resenting women remark—although it wasn’t as though I didn’t know that might happen. I’ll stand by my point, though, that you don’t have much respect for extremely fat feedees. You may love them, and desire them greatly, and receive satisfaction in your life from attending to them, and do much labor in their service…and perhaps you even admire them as well, for their gusto and immodesty, and sexual appeal…but your language isn’t the language of respect. For some strange reason that I haven’t cracked, I do think feedees make you feel insecure somehow. Maybe it has to do with the fact that the kind of woman you desire is universally reviled by the mainstream. Maybe you perceive that as an attack on your…I dunno…your manhood? Your wisdom? Your strength of character? Your tastes?

It was a hunch at first, but your conversation with 300plusqueen has borne it out; you bear quite a lot of pent-up aggression and hostility toward anti-fat bigots. I totally understand that; imagine how it is for the fat woman. It’s much worse for her than it is for the man who cares for her. When I was still able to go out on the town, I got plenty of hate from the haters. Even more so behind my back, when they thought I wouldn’t hear—or maybe they just didn’t care—or, heck, maybe they thought that all my blubber would insulate me from hearing what they said.

Like anybody who endures constant and major stress, at some point you figure out who you are. It’s a crucible. I can’t get out of my fat flesh and step into another body, and just be free of the hate. You don’t have that problem. You’re a secondary object for ridicule. I’m the one all those people truly hate. But I overcame that pretty easily, because I never took it personally. I always understood where they were coming from. Their hatred was based in their own ignorance and prejudice, and also in my sheer difference from them. And maybe there was even some repressed fat admiration. Just like all these anti-gay Republican politicians who are being brought down by gay sex scandals, maybe some anti-fat bigots love the lushness of a flabby, flowing female, or a quivering, mountainous male. I don’t know; I don’t care. The world is big enough for me and them to live together. Nobody ever physically threatened me, or tried to harm me. I’m sure there are some out there who would have done so under the right circumstances, but one of the secrets of power that you men rarely figure out is that the greatest of all power is to avoid confrontation in the first place, rather than have to engage in it and spend your energy trying to win. I mostly tried to steer clear of situations where I might be at risk for something worse than harsh words or rude gestures.

It’s been a long time since I went out into the sights of the cruel and callous public. Since then, I’ve grown fat and thick and insulated. On the Internet, I don’t usually talk about my weight, and when I do I usually describe myself only as very fat, rather than fess up that, despite still being not even thirty years old yet—the prime of life for most people—I’m mortally obese at nearly 800 pounds, suffering from heart problems and generally dismal health, and have been bedridden for a few years.

But you, of course, still seem to be in the thick of cruel culture’s crosshairs. And I’m afraid you haven’t dealt with anti-fat prejudice as well as I have. I sure don’t want your Renee to become house-ridden any sooner than she has too, but at least it will make things much easier for you (and perhaps for her) when that happens.

Until then, though, you will have to deal with their jeers and sneers. So will Renee, by the way—a point that you never bothered to mention, instead focusing on yourself. That’s the sort of thing that tells me you lack respect for the very fat. It must be tough for you: You need fat women, sexually. You are dependent upon them. They have this huge power over you. And that’s where my word “resent” came from. You don’t like being the controlled one. You like to be in control, and you see feedees as objects to be controlled, because deep down you know that they’re the ones controlling you—or, more specifically, your desire for them overrides your freedom not to be beholden to them.

Not that I blame you; I like control too. That’s why you and I would never work out! (Sorry, hon. But I’d totally do you as a one-night stand. Provided that you feed me beforehand, during, after, after again, and the next morning.) There’s nothing wrong with being the superior partner, if your mate is okay with that, or wants that. Me, despite being heinously fat, I’m something of a control-freak myself…so I understand where you’re coming from. If I suffered such blinding sexual desire for my feeder as you do for your feedee, I’d probably be frustrated too.

Your case has made me think about how I regard feeders. It occurred to me earlier today that, much like your love of feedees is rooted mostly in sexual desire and very little in respect, my love of feeders is rooted mostly in sexual desire and enablement, and not so much in respect. Now, that’s not how I feel about my husband, but then again he’s not purely a feeder so much as an FA best friend who’s willing to play the role of feeder as part of his commitment to me. I realized that, in my mind, feeders who are just feeders, and nothing more, don’t mean all that much to me. In other words, I don’t respect them all that much. Which is probably a character flaw on my part. But I have enough skin folds to take that flaw and hide it where nobody will ever find it. =)

But enough of my analysis of you. How about your analysis of me? You were right about some things, and wrong about others.

There’s one thing that you got exactly right: And, naturally, it’s hard for me to admit this, but here it goes: I lost control of my freedom a long time ago. I feel like, and I am, as you put it, a “fat bloated slob unable to control [my] impulse to gorge and grow enormous.” You put the word “worthless” in front of that, which isn’t true, but you got the rest right. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t change course now. I can’t stop eating. It brings my psychological misery to even think about being hungry and not eating. When I do feel hungry I eat immediately, and I eat huge amounts of food…as much as I can, sometimes. The majority of my waking life is spent in slavery to my insatiable sexual and psychological desire to gorge and gorge and grow ever fatter. I haven’t got the willpower to change my ways.

Thankfully, I do not want to change my ways. I think this attitude of mine is partly the result of my innate desires, and partly an engineered state of mind. I’m clever enough to know that I can’t beat my fate to live and die as a SSBBW. So I have spent what willpower I do have into making my life one that I find satisfying and fulfilling. Ten years ago, I would not have been happy with my current lifestyle. I would have chafed under the limitations. But my ambition to remain emotionally stable, and to be proud of whom I am and what I have accomplished, has led me to seek satisfaction in the life that I do have. And, sure enough, when I opened my mind to listen to the sounds of happiness all around me, they slowly became apparent. I am happy! I had to do some work to get to that point, but that work came even as I was losing my mobility. I never went through an identity crisis, and I have never suffered a bout of depression (in my adult life, anyhow). I know that I won’t ever get to live out some of my further-fetched dreams, like being emperor of the world or walking on the moon, or some of my mundane ones, like living to have gray hair, or having children. But I have accomplished many other things that are important to me, and I remain in hot pursuit of still others. Nevertheless, you are correct that I have little choice but to see out my life of massive overindulgence to its obvious finale. I have a strong will; I do not suffer from a lack of willpower or assertiveness. It’s just that I happen to have one, all-consuming desire…to consume!

So, well done analysis, Mister Darkfeeder. But in that very same paragraph, you also managed to blow it completely. I’m talking about how you call me a worthless, isolated coward who has withdrawn into her world of pillow flesh to escape the rigors and pressures of society, as well as her own fears and weaknesses. You say that I have abandoned my honor and my dignity. And you sound like you believe that. That’s what I mean when I say you don’t have respect for huge women like me.

As a matter of fact—whether or not you believe it—I don’t feel worthless, and I’m not a coward. You asked me how I feel when my husband has to wipe me, and then gave me two choices: I’m either a coward who has surrendered her dignity in order to escape from life’s responsibilities, or I should be using my immobility as a springboard to reforming my life and, presumably, dropping the massive weight that has immobilized me and will soon kill me. That’s a false dilemma. If it were true, then every very fat woman would be a coward. You can’t expect me to believe that. Maybe some fat women are cowards who use food and fat to withdraw from life. But I use food and fat to live life! This is what I have always wanted to do with myself! This was my all-consuming desire, my greatest ambition. How can I possibly be a coward for seeking to fulfill it? Especially when getting super-fat means enduring criticism from others, and losing my physical ability! I’ve paid a high price to get where I am. That’s not cowardice; that’s courage!

Now, about the poop stuff: If you really want to know—perhaps it won’t be long before you have to become a “wiper” yourself—this is not a problem for me, nor a source of shame. Peeing is clean and efficient, and when it comes to poop, simply remember this: I’m not incontinent. I can hold it in until my husband is around, and I almost always do. (The only times I don’t hold it are when I am sick from overeating, or just sick in general, in which case I let nature take its course, and we deal with the consequences much as folks occasionally has to deal with throwing up someplace other than the toilet, when they’re ill or dunk.) We have long since figured out how to keep the bed from turning into a cesspit. We know how to keep the mess from getting all over the place before it gets cleaned up. And we are able to keep me surprisingly clean. I value my hygiene. I have a lot of self-respect. Being fat does not change that. You could lick the insides of my thighs, and you’d have a better time of it than you would with many women who weigh six or seven hundred pounds less than I do. My husband loves to play with my thighs, and he’s not into scat (nor am I), so I trust his judgment.

As for the dignity issue…there’s no reason that requiring somebody else’s help to clean me up after having a bowel movement should disqualify me from my dignity. Rather, I think you came up with this idea because our culture has this childish taboo about feces. But if you can step outside the values of the cultural mainstream, poop is just poop. Needing somebody else’s help to deal with it is not the end of the world, and it certainly does not make me a coward to accept that help graciously.

If there is anything about being immobile that strains my dignity, it would be that I can’t go to some of the places out there that I would like to go. For instance, I love video games—I am in my 20s after all, and I’ve got plenty of free time. I would have loved to go to the PAX convention in Seattle last weekend. But I couldn’t, and I will never get to. That does hurt a little bit. Not nearly enough to make me give up my evil ways of gluttony, but it does hurt. It doesn’t even really make sense to talk about as a “dignity” issue. Actually, it just pisses me off. It’s frustrating. I can’t go to game conventions; I can’t go on drives; I can’t go to the market or the park or the movies; I can’t go the library; I can’t even scratch an itch on my backside or legs. That sort of limitation is probably the biggest source of stress in my life right now. But even when you consider it in its entirety, it’s not so bad. It doesn’t stress me out. It’s just a nuisance. We all have nuisances in our lives that won’t go away. This is mine.

Something that you probably got wrong, but not certainly, is your idea that I’m eating myself to death as some kind of defense mechanism. I definitely do not share your opinion, but it’s very hard for any person to be absolutely sure of their motives. It takes a lot of introspection to figure oneself out entirely, and I can say from my experiences with other people that the vast majority of folks never even come close to figuring themselves out, even though many of them are painfully simple creatures. So I cannot refute you with 100 percent certainty. I know that I am very heavy, and that I am not long for this world. I am fully aware I could die at any moment. Just last New Year’s, I was very optimistic about seeing my 30th birthday. But eight months and some seventy pounds heavier, my body has really begun to fall apart. My resting breath is painful for other people just to listen to. I can’t exert myself at all; I’ve even blacked out from the “rigors” of sex. I have many health issues, and many more that I’m not even aware of because I can’t go to the doctor, and I haven’t had a doctor come out here in quite a while. I am stuck in bed and can’t go anywhere else I might like to go, at least not in person.

So it is at least possible that I am eating myself into even further depths of obesity oblivion as a defense mechanism. But that theory doesn’t make much sense, Mister Darkfeeder. I began my ruthless regimen of self-indulgence and laziness at a very normal weight. I knew where it would take me, and I wanted to go there. My life at the time was a happy one. I didn’t have problems with family, friends, work, money, or personal ambition. I never took drugs and rarely got drunk. I was the pillar of stability that the screwed up folks came to for help and advice. I still am! (Lest you think I have lost all my friends. I did have to cut loose a few, who couldn’t see past my waistline and were becoming nags, but most were willing to accept that I am not insane and understand perfectly what I am doing and why I am doing it.)

Nothing about my state of mind has changed since then. So I would find it highly improbable, very unlikely, and quite a long shot to think that my eating is based out of fear and a desire to escape that fear into a foggy, flabby stupor of food intoxication.

That doesn’t mean that I am fearless. I don’t want to die. Few people do! Yes, my lifestyle will kill me, and yes I am aware of that. Yes, it frightens me. So it’s not like I don’t give a care. It’s just that this is how I want to live my life. You said as much yourself to 300plusqueen…you admire feedees who are willing to make the choice to live life the way they want to live it. Making that choice doesn’t destroy the fear of being mortal. To be honest, you’re probably more right than I am about how I will deal with death once the end draws near. I like the way you put it, in one bold, sexy, sadistic sentence: “Your fat will quiver uncontrollably with fear, your mind will scream out promises to lose weight and become healthy and you will sweat profusely with the effort of just drawing each labored breath.”

While I’m sure it won’t be as Hollywood-style dramatic as that, I probably will be overcome with fear and panic at some point, and wish against all reason to be delivered from my doom. But, Darkfeeder, so will you and everybody else who doesn’t die in their sleep or die instantly. It’s not a fat thing. Everybody wants a “Get Out of Jail” card when it comes to their imminent demise. You make it sound as though there is a difference between everybody on Earth but fat people, who fear death simply because they want to continue life’s journey, and fat people, who are squirming pigs for whom a lifetime of denying reality has now come crashing down on them. But that’s just your libido talking—your sexual fantasies talking. I know this because I have that same fantasy myself, except instead of my partner being the one to suffer that fate, it’s me. When I orgasm, I imagine having some immense and lethal heart attack—the ultimate punishment for my years of sedentary, super-obese debauchery.

So, yes, there is fear. But it is hardly unique to me, or to fat people. And while it may be tragic that I will die in my twenties or thirties rather than my seventies or eighties, being afraid of death doesn’t make me any less of a person, nor does it invalidate my lifestyle. Everything we do in life has an effect on our lifespan. Some things speed up the clock; others slow it down. Would you honestly want to argue to me that all of the former things are bad, and all of the latter things are good? Rubbish! You said it yourself: Life isn’t about living as long as possible. It’s about living as well as possible.

It just so happens that, for me, “living well” means eating myself to immensity and death. And, frankly, I’m lucky that I’ve lasted as long as I have. There are plenty of people who die from heart problems, yet weigh under 200 pounds. I weigh four times these folks, yet I’m still alive and kicking. (Well…I don’t kick anymore, but I can, er, look really stupid trying to kick!) When a person gets to be 300 pounds or more, the second thing you notice about them after their sex, becomes their weight. Fat becomes one of their major defining characteristics. There’s probably some evolutionary reason for that…some warning signal that this person is too far out of the ordinary, and not suitable for copulation. Well, I weigh much more than that. And I’m not a big girl naturally. I am modest in height and very small-boned. My ideal weight is probably about 120 pounds, give or take. (I passed that weight in junior high school, though, so I’ll never be sure.) Therefore, all things considered, I am very fortunate that my heart is still working at all now that I’m pushing 800 pounds. I largely owe my thanks to my youth, and my heart. Many people who gain weight rapidly, die soon after. Rapid weight gain puts an incredible strain on the cardiovascular system, not to mention the liver and kidneys. Being completely sedentary from day one makes it much, much worse. I’ve read about people who died at 400 pounds, 500 pounds, and they were younger than me! So obviously I went into this with a stronger heart than your average human. And obviously I have depleted the reserves of my youth, and used up a lifetime of heart strength. Thus, I actually feel somewhat grateful and relieved that I have lived to put the screws on age thirty. What it comes down to is that fear is not the only emotion in my bloated bag of feelings. Fear does not consume me, and if it does so at the very end of my life, then I will be a typical case.

Moving on, you spoke about how my husband will deal with the aftermath of my demise. I’m sure you’re right: It will be a tough time for him. He will experience the painful loss of me, as well as endless derision and scorn from the authorities…and maybe even some suspicion. Fortunately, he can put the latter to rest with my own writings and statements. Also, one of our friends is a cop with the local force, who might make for a good character witness if it really ever comes to something like that.

But, honestly, I don’t care. I am, as you put it, “a true gluttonous hog only interested in [my] own pleasure and the needs of [my] grotesquely enlarged stomach.” You got that one absolutely right. And I make no apology for it: I’m not in this marriage for his benefit, and he’s not in it for mine. We each get something out of it. That’s what makes it work. We both love each other. I give him company, comfort, conversation, pleasure, sex, and much more besides. He gives me all the same, plus a whole lot of food as well as my basic care. But the time he spends caring for my essential needs is not all that immense, and my income (I’m a freelance writer and editor) goes a long way toward offsetting “my expenses,” as though the female half of our relationship were somehow a parasite…which is what you imply.

Human beings do not come with a warranty. He knows he will outlive me. We’ve talked about everything you mentioned. He is committed to me and will be with me through the end, and he will willingly endure whatever comes after. I don’t think he will ever look back on our time together and see me as a “giant life sucking force.” Once again, I think you are projecting your own problems onto other people. Calling me a life sucking force is yet another sign that you don’t respect feedees. And depicting my widowed husband as one day awakening to discover that he is free and happy from his “life sucking” wife of times past, is a sign of your own frustration at being unable to escape your desires for very fat women. Once Renee dies, you’ll be free…for a while. And that’s something you apparently desire. It may even help motivate you to speed her fattening process. Honestly, Mister Darkfeeder, I’m hoping that she knows what she is getting into by marrying you! And I hope you know what you are getting into. But I think you do. I think that’s why you are such a frustrated person. You know exactly what you are getting into.

Life is a tough road to hoe, sometimes. =)

Lest I sound acerbic, my congratulations to you both on your upcoming nuptials. I wish you both happiness and comfort, and both of your desires fulfilled.

Speaking of which: Come on, man, give me your first name! You already have mine, and you audaciously gave us Renee’s name—without seeking her consent, I bet. You owe it to us to give us your own first name. Inquiring minds want to know who is behind the Darth Feeder mask.

That brings me to an end with your reply to me. Now I just want to tackle a few things said by you, Darkfeeder, and you, 300plusqueen, in your conversation with each other:

First of all, to you Darkfeeder, I am very sorry for you and your unnamed first serious feedee. That sounds like a horrible thing to have to go through, much more so for her—because she’s dead!—but also for you. I hope such a fate never befalls me. How heavy was she when they took her to the hospital? Had she been living comfortably prior to that? Did her life just come crashing to a brutal close suddenly, like in the space of one or two days? Or had she been on her way out for some time? For my part, it’s a minor fear of mine that I won’t have time to prepare for death, that it’ll just happen all at once without any forewarning—while I’m awake. If it were in my sleep, that wouldn’t be so bad, but it sounds like your girlfriend was very much awake when this happened to her.

I’ve never had the same bad experience with doctors. I’ve met a couple of nags over the years who have urged me—at much lower weights and blood pressures, cholesterol levels and all of that—to lose weight and exercise. But for the most part I was fortunate to have sympathetic, human doctors who were more interested in caring for me than lecturing me. The only reason I don’t see a doctor regularly now is that none of ‘em make house calls anymore unless you plead with them. My gynecologist in particular—the only one I ever had—was a very good doctor, and she never made me feel ashamed or foolish. I guess, as with everything, it varies depending on who you deal with.

300plusqueen, let me just be the first to say that your line about how your husband will leave the table if he thinks you are eating too much, is sexy! The thought of disgusting one’s partner by overeating makes me feel as Mmm as Darkfeeder does when he talks about what a pig I am.

But that’s just sexual fantasy. Moving back into the world of reality, it’s actually a horrible thing!

This man does not appreciate you. For what my worthless, ill-informed, anonymous opinion is worth to you: Sit down with your husband and tell him how you feel about being fat, and how you want to be accepted by him. Of all the people in the world, the one you are married to is more important than the rest (other than yourself), and his acceptance should not be negotiable, partial, or optional. Seriously, for whatever my genitals may be doing, my heart positively aches when you say it is a dream of yours to be accepted. That’s so sad to hear, when you’re talking about the person who supposedly loves you most in the world. If he really loves you, he will consider your feelings, and accept you. And if he cannot do that, you should not be his wife.

You have to sit down and have that honest, painful talk where you are absolutely honest, forthright, and assertive.

It will be painful, because you might lose. The marriage might fall apart completely, or, much worse, it might remain intact but wounded. I know you’re probably not excited at the thought of looking for male companionship again at your present weight, but just remember: There are many people out there who don’t hold it against women (or men) that they are fat. There are some who even find it attractive. Try the website “Overweight Date” (google it), or the Dimensions boards.

Well, that is, if it doesn’t work out with your current husband. I sure hope it does. But you need to talk to him about this. A spouse is supposed to be a source of strength…not a source of sadness or shame.

Okay, that’s enough of me playing marriage counselor. Let me talk about your next post, where you bring up the idea—mentioned by somebody else—that feedees are suicidal, and that feeders are killers. That has come up in this topic already, but I want to take a shot at answering it in my own words:

Doing something that is harmful to your health can be, but is not inherently, a self-loathing act. Being outright suicidal is one step higher even than that: It means that you actually have a death wish. Mister Darkfeeder is torn on this, because he does believe that feedees are shameful cowards, yet he also supports their feederism by exmaple. I’m not torn, and I think I can give you a clearer answer:

First, the feedee side of the equation: Very few feedees are suicidal. Some of them are probably self-loathing, and we can argue about the percentage. But from what I know, based both on my own experiences and my conversations with others, this strain of defeatist emotion is not a significant source of feederism.

Remember, with feedees, we are not talking about fat people in general. We are talking about fat people who have declared their intentions to gain weight for the sake of gaining weight. Amongst the general population of fat people, many of them are mildly to moderately depressed, because society sends some very negative vibes toward them. Some of them are majorly depressed. Some are not depressed at all.

Among feedees, there any of four primary motivations that can explain why a feedee is a feedee: sexual fetish, rebellious curiosity, entrepreneurship, and denial.

The first one is easy to explain. Sexual fetishes make people do crazy stuff. Feederism is not even close to the worst of it.

The second one is easy to explain. Society hates fat people, so naturally some people want to go against the grain. Because eating is physically pleasurable, many people have found feederism quite an easy way to be a “rebel.”

The third one is easy to explain. The market of declared Fat Admirers and “closeted” ones seems to be huge, and, human nature being what it is, there is a lot of money to be made in the sex industry by catering to the desires of FAs. Plus, because most people already have flabby bodies, it’s a very easy market to enter.

The fourth one is also easy to explain. Some people are unhappy with being fat, but have failed to lose weight, or have succeeded but then gained it all back. This can be more frustrating than some people are able to cope with, and so they resort to fantasy and self-delusion. One of the forms this self-delusion can take, is feederism. “Oh, I can’t lose weight. Well, actually, I don’t want to! Bring me a pie.” Deep down, they’re lying to themselves. But they’ll eat.

Now, with time, some of those “fake” feedees will actually come around to see the pleasures and benefits of food and fat. They will lose their old frustrations, and embrace a new way of life. I read a couple of blogs by people like that: Both blogs began as diet blogs, ironically enough, and, in the years since, have blossomed into firsthand accounts of their owners’ immense self-fattening. It’s a very humanizing and wonderful thing to read.

However, others remain frustrated always, and, as their feederism takes them further and further into the abyss of a body they hate, they just kind of slowly lose their self-respect, and perspective.

Of all the feedees out there, only that last group is susceptible to being self-loathing, let alone suicidal. The other feedees are nothing of the sort, despite the fact that massive obesity is not healthy.

How, then, do we reconcile feederism with not loathing oneself? Easy: The human mind can rationalize almost anything. And if a person likes to eat and be fat, they’ll find a way to justify it without getting themselves in a tizzy.

Furthermore, a small subset of feedees, myself included, actually derive sexual pleasure from the prospect of failing health, encroaching immobility, and massive heart attacks. That’s the opposite of self-loathing; that’s self-pleasure. What can I say? Human sexuality is quite a strange thing.

Now, let’s look at the feeder side:

I don’t have a lot of experience being a feeder, and I know fewer feeders than I do feedees. However, I can still muster the courage to venture three categories of feeder: sexual fetish, rebellious curiosity, enablement, and manipulation.

The first two categories are identical to those on the feedee side: These are the people who are either social rebels, or who get a sexual high off of watching their partner grow fat, sweaty, weak, and bloated.

The third category is a little tricky to explain. Some feeders become feeders because their partner is already a feedee, and, out of love, devotion, or some sense of sharing in a conspiracy or adventure together, will accommodate and enable their partner’s fattening even though it does not gratify any sexual fetish inside the feeder. These feeders are usually neutral or positive toward their mate, but may also resent it, yet do it anyway for any of the aforementioned reasons. If resentment should fester in a feeder, it may poison the relationship, and eventually lead to an attitude on the feeder’s part that the feedee is spoiled, weak, or no longer the person they used to be. This may indeed lead to the “killer” mentality of malevolent feederism. “Shut up and eat another burrito!” That’s a dangerous relationship, all the more so because it starts out perfectly normally.

The final category is easy to explain, but sobering: Feederism is highly susceptible to abuse. There are many abusive people out there, female and male. If one is trying to control their partner, one of the myriad ways that might manifest itself, is to feed them. Usually, it only happens if one of two conditions is met: If the victim partner is already heavily overweight, feeding them into further obesity may be an obvious means of control for the abusive partner. The other way it might happen is if the feeder himself (or herself) actually does have a sexual fetish. In that case, this manipulative quality piggybacks on the underlying fetish, and feederism becomes an obvious means of control. These types of relationship are destructive, often cold and loveless, and of course very dangerous.

Some feeders are aware of what will ultimately happen to their partners if they continue on this track of gorging themselves constantly. However, most seem to be either in denial, or blissfully ignorant—at least, until health problems start to develop in the feedee.

This is a perilous time for the feedee, because just as her or his mobility and self-reliance is fading away, it’s also the same time when many feeders freak out and split, or get tired of dealing with the real-world realities of living out the fantasy of having an immobile partner. Some feeders have contributed to the destruction of their partner’s health, and then have abandoned them in a time of need.

I would like to think that most feeders are not like that, but honestly I don’t know. And I fear this: Human beings are weak and are not prone to displays of courage, hardiness, or dedication. A feedee cannot simply get out of their fat body, but a feeder can get out of a relationship that has lost its appeal. I fear that this happens all too often.

But I don’t know for sure. I base my reasoning on relationships in general: Oftentimes, when one partner is going through some major difficulty, the other partner will just not be able to handle it. This is a major cause of divorce and breakups.

On the whole, I think feedees are less likely to be self-loathing than feeders are to be abusive. But it is my optimistic hope that both subcategories are quite in the minority.

Next I come to Darkfeeder’s comments about yours truly! Let me quote him here:

As for Teresa I believe her condition may not be as extreme as she would have you or I believe. Most feedee’s once the reach a state where they can no longer breathe will generally accept the fact that if they wish to continue on life’s journey they must accept help with their issues of over consumption. Not being able to breath is a frightening and very unpleasant feeling and to my experience no feedee would consider being as cavalier about a state of asphyxiation or heart failure as she claims to be.

I am not surprised that some would find it very hard to understand my position, or perhaps even to believe me. After all, how many 800 pound chicks are you likely to meet in a lifetime, eh? But you of all people, Darkfeeder, I would have expected you to believe me! You’re my feeder counterpart. I’m a “Dark” feedee, even though I’ve never used that term on myself before. You want to help women eat themselves to death. I want to eat myself to death. It’s not the “death” part; it’s the “to death” part. It’s not the destination; it’s the getting there—the journey. You of all people should understand that. My motivations to get fat are complementary to your motivations to get me fat. If such a person as you can exist, then certainly your foil is out there, somewhere.

Here I am! I’m several years later to this particular thread than you are, but I’m here. It was only a matter of time, really, before a scandalous and scrumptious, and no-holds-barred article like this attracted some true heavyweights. And there have been a few: One woman who started out in the 300 pound range, and is now well over 600 pounds. Another woman also in the 600 pound range. Well, I’m the next level: I’m in the 700 pound range, about to hit 800. Maybe someday an even heavier woman (or man!) will come along and post here.

To answer your doubt, I can only say with patience and obviousness that you are wrong: The vast majority of people who are extremely overweight and finally encounter major health problems, double and redouble their resolve to diet and exercise. And the vast majority of those, fail. They just fade away, becoming a part of America’s heart disease statistics, and other mortality figures. They are never able to turn around their lives.

I’m not one of the people who cares to turn my life “around.” I for one happen to like the track I’m on. And I’m not being cavalier! I wrote about my fears above, and about how I have worked to make peace with my ineluctable fate. The only reason I can be in a thread like this, saying the things I have said, is that I have succeeded. I am whole of mind, and calm in spirit. That’s a sign of emotional maturity, babe! I hate to trumpet my own horn, but if nobody else is going to do it for me, then I’ve got not choice. I am the ultimate feedee. I’m doing this because I want it—not because I have been tricked or forced into it, and not because I’m fooling myself.

You’re absolutely right that losing one’s breath is a frightening sensation. But it passes. And, really, that’s not what I’m talking about when I say that I get short of breath, and that my labored breathing frightens small children. I breathe hard because inside my bloated carcass is a heart and lungs that are the same size as when I weight a fraction of my current weight. Now they have to do tremendously more work. In effect, they are always straining, always pushing themselves. Actually, my heart is enlarged, so it’s bigger than it was when I was smaller, but that’s not a good thing. Anyhow, that’s why my breathing is haggard.

But this labored breathing is different than losing one’s breath entirely, like if somebody hits you in the solarplexus, or you take a bad fall on the ground. Sometimes I get like that if I accidentally exert myself too much, or if I have a bad coughing fit, or occasionally when a few other things happen. And, yeah, it’s scary. I can’t think about anything else, except some small corner of my mind telling me that it will pass. And it does. And I calm down. And I eat.

Or does it surprise you that a feedee’s solution to a stressful situation is food?

Next, you suggested the possibility that my husband is an abusive feeder who has brainwashed me. I can’t fault you for seeing that possibility because, as a feeder yourself, you probably tend to think of these sorts of relationship dynamics from your own point of view. But, really, I’m the engine of this eating operation. My husband is an FA, and a feeder, but I was a feedee long before I met him, first in spirit and later in practice, and I was already getting very heavy before we got married. (I think I wrote about that in one of my earlier posts here.)

I very much chose my own path. That’s why my husband is this man. I sought out a feeder. Naturally, somebody who would answer such a call, was himself looking for a feedee. It was a nice fit! Craigslist, Mister Darkfeeder! It is the most insidious, infernal, wonderful website since Google.

I went through a few relationships that obviously weren’t going to work. Then I found my guy. The rest is history. He’s not an abusive partner. Heck, he doesn’t even run the shower at night without getting my permission ahead of time. (The running water makes noise in our room.) He’s a nice guy! And he’s shy. I asked him if I could write his name here, for my previous post, and he said no. Actually, he didn’t. But I could tell he would have been embarrassed. He’s silly. But! I respect him.

And he respects me.

Oh, and Darkfeeder, your quote:

For me the feeder, enormous heaving rolls of blubber coating the body of a beautiful, engaging, lazy female is truly the greatest gift I can think of receiving.

That is awesome! Make it a two-night stand.

Let me just finish off with your comment here:

I feel that the truly courageous ones act upon those desires and live out their gluttonous lives through feederism.

To me, you speak of cowardice and withdrawal. To 300plusqueen, you call it courage. You are an interesting man!


And, just so you don’t have any doubts, let me say how much I love having your attention in this thread. You are as much of a freak as I am, but, putting that aside, you are a wonderful person and it makes me feel good to talk to someone as honest about all of this as you are. It’s hot; it’s intimate; it’s sincere; and it’s a damn find way to spend whatever ridiculous hour of the night this is.

Call me a pig again! Give me some more of your beautiful, florid language. Slap me down, hold my mouth shut until I gasp and turn purple, feed me a steak, and then feed me you! There’s no point having a thread this long without a little bit of risqué flirting.

Er…sorry. I couldn’t help it. Do you want to know something else that really bothers me about being immobile? I can’t friggin’ reach myself anymore. That. Sucks.

Until next time, live well, eat well, and show Renee what it means to feast.

Adieu to you too, Miss 300plusqueen. Mister Darkfeeder is the most awesome guy, isn’t he?

Sep 5 2007
4:43 pm

Teresa tht Plump.
Wow, you are quite verbose! It is difficult to reply to a post of such length. I would like to start with a comment that you probably will not like, and that is how you responded ‘kindly’ to Fantasyfeeder. It sets a whole tone as to how the rest of what you write is perceived, which is rather arrogant. I doubt you intend this.
Nowhere does Fantasyfeeder indicate a lack of understanding of your situation. You had a stated goal of 1000 lb before 30, and as a more holistic ‘medical professional’ he mentioned an idea to help you prolong life to achieve that end. Nothing was said about FA lit, or you being a lithe and energetic, not even fat vs muscle. Maybe as a SSBBW this was unwelcomed advice, but it did not merit the ‘kind’ reprimand and lecture that you gave.
As for the possibilty of the fantasy of standing and having the belly on the floor, I personally don’t see how it could be possible. However, that was a fatasy of his for himself, not another. Oh, and fantasy is fantasy…there really should be no need to justify them. Even yours that is ‘more realistic’.
On a related topic, perhaps Darkfeeder has been so kind and patient with me because I READ and not READ INTO what he writes. (I hardly think his reference to taking Renee, if that is her real name, out is a ‘night on the town’) Also, to trivialize anyone’s pain as secondary is callous.
However, Darfeeder doesn’t need me to defend him. He is much better aquainted with the acceptable etiquette of the feeders/feedees.
Now, my spouse of over ten years will rarely leave the table as I gnaw on the bones of a finshed meal. That is his perogative. Just as I choose to leave the room if he is involved in a game on TV to the point of cheering/jeering at it. It doesn’t happen often, but it does. Does he want me to get more involved with TV sports? Sometimes. Do I want him to stay and watch me crunch bones open and suck marrow? Sometimes. However, part of a real working long term relationship is allowing the individual to flourish. “to be accepted for who we are is everyone’s fantasy”. You conveniently skipped the rest of the post. It is yours too. Why else are you writing missives of your own story unless it is to be a part of, accepted by, a community?
Next. Feeders as Kevorkian are NOT killers. That was never said. Dr. Kevorkian enabled people who wanted to die. Agree with him or not, his motives were of compassionate care of souls who were heading for their demise and chose their own time, place and circumstance rather then bow to societal manifests.
The analogy to suicide was one where feedees who know they are going to die due to food continue on the self destructive cause of their death. Darkfeeder understood this and was not divided as to whether feedees were suicidal. He never said they were. He did mention some might be in a form of denial. Darfeeder was careful to qualify his answers with opinion words as ‘maybe’ ‘probably’ and did not entirely assume the role of psychologist. (you did read his answer to me, and not read into it, right?)
Your input as to the feedee side of the equasion is interesting. Although the explanations of motives are general, and not nearly as uncomplicated and flat as real emotion, they are a useful guide to pigeon-hole people in order to grasp a complicated subject. I am a little lost on what you would judge to be a fake feedee. Is there a limit or goal to the weight gain? Is it a sort of bell curve thing where at one end some true feedees will only want to gain a set amount and the other are those who will gain as much as humanly possible before death? Or is that the only true feedee?
As for not reaching yourself. I don’t know how much you can move your arms, or for how long. If this is overstepping I apologize, but I find that grasping some of the belly flab and pushing up towards the breastsand release (repeat), that the ‘ripple effect’ can do wonders!
Last but not least, absolutely agree that Drakfeeder is awesome. I told him he had a following here.

Teresa the Plump
Sep 6 2007
7:14 am


How true, I am arrogant indeed! And I was going to talk about arrogance with you, but when I went back and I looked at my last comment to Fantasy Feeder, I couldn’t find anything arrogant in it. He’s an FA who fantasizes about gaining, and I knew enough about the FA scene to make the connection between his recommendation to me and his own sexual fantasies. Now, that isn’t to say I did not appreciate the gesture. On the contrary, I did appreciate it, and I said as much—sincerely! But I declined his recommendation, as you noticed, and so I think what happened is that, when you read my comment to him, you ran with the “decline” part and misinterpreted the overall tone of what I said. This is understandable, because the written word is a hard place to convey tone.

Let me talk about arrogance for a little bit after all. Arrogance isn’t inherently a bad thing. We think of it as a vice because those who exhibit arrogance tend to be selfish, petty, and closed-minded people. And while I admit my occasional bouts of selfishness, not on your life am I the other two. Even when I was at my very worst—in my late teenage years—I had a good heart, and what arrogance I showed was the spreading of my wings…not the clipping of others’.

In addition to being a vice, arrogance can also be a sign of somebody with a strong and challenging presence, who engages with people inside their personal space. This crosses a line of etiquette into a place of emotional intimacy usually reserved for loved ones, close friends, archenemies, and thoughtless brats who don’t know any better. To all those ranks, I add myself. I engage with people; I challenge them; I challenge their ideas, their preconceptions.

Naturally, that causes tumult. “Who does she think she is?” some have demanded. Well, although their question is rhetorical, the answer is specific: I’m not going to live very long, 300plusqueen. Certainly not long enough to make friends with the world. But I’d still like to open up people’s souls and minds and touch what’s inside. Being aware of my own mortality has really helped me to get my priorities straight. So many of our encounters with fellow humans are spent in meaningless social posturing. So many of our words are wasted on empty platitudes. I want to live one hundred years, but since that won’t happen, I want to live as well as I can. That means no bullshit. The kid gloves come off. It means treating people like adults, and having high expectations of them accordingly.

To wit: Fantasy Feeder is a grown man, and I’m sure he won’t take it personally that some food-loving fat woman from the Internet doesn’t care to adopt his recommendation of a light exercise regimen. In declining him, I was not attacking him, and I hope he knows it. I feel nothing but gratitude to him for having offered his advice. All I was doing in my reply was declining to take his advice. And it wasn’t even arrogant of me, in this case. Just strong-willed. Sure, I could have phrased myself submissively or at least passively, but it just isn’t in my nature to bow to people my whole life. I think folks tend to mistake meekness for courtesy, and while I keenly value courtesy, I am not meek. Wasn’t it our own William Shakespeare who wrote, “This above all: To thine own self be true”?

Let me put it another way: Back when I was a “normal” woman, who spent a fair amount of time in the presence of other people, I took a lot of flack for being imperious. Often I would allow myself the indulgence of dismissing most of that on the grounds of my sex. Men and women alike seem to feel threatened by or jealous of assertive women. But when I would put the likelihood of sexism aside, and try to look for any real substance within their accusations, I could never find any. It’s easy to accuse somebody of arrogance, but what really matters is the motive. Am I trying to build myself up by knocking anybody down? No, that’s not what I’m trying to do. Am I trying to insult other people’s view of the world to solidify my own? No, that’s not what I’m trying to do. Am I just being a bully? Certainly not.

What I am trying to do is express myself, reason with those people around me, and make life interesting for all involved. That can be a hard thing to do, because we humans have such fragile egos. But if something I have written here, on a website for all things perverse, is too much for another person to handle…then which one of us has the problem, truly?

That about sums up my thoughts on arrogance. It also brings me to your next point: My verbosity. Goodness knows I am long-winded! Part of that comes from being a writer; I can write quickly and relatively clearly, making it “cheap” for me to spend time writing. Part of it comes from my personality; I can be obsessive sometimes—as you probably have expected, given my attitudes on food.

And part of it comes from my life in bed. Not being able to get up has a way of skewing my relationship with the flow of time. Remember that I am literally encased in my own fat. Life just slows down for me. It isn’t a big deal for me to lie in bed writing for four hours, because I’m going to be lying in this bed for those four hours no matter what. And so, when I write, I will keep on writing until I have said my piece. Sometimes I have a lot to say. And, also, I can tend to talk too much. Self-restraint is a glaring weakness of mine. Especially where food is concerned…

But if you read my previous, lengthy comment in its entirety, then everything has gone according to my hopes. I know for a fact that Mister Darkfeeder will read the entire thing, probably a couple of times—if he hasn’t done so already.

Speaking of Darkfeeder, I notice with an impish grin that you were very defensive of him in your reply to me. You like him! (And you’ve got good taste, hon.)

Although my comments toward Mister Darkfeeder are harsh, I would also point out that they are equally deserved. His sexual fetish involves the immobilization and eventual death of his partner! That’s pretty screwed up. But it also happens to be my fetish too, so it’s not like I am attacking him with the ignorance or prejudice of an outsider. He’s a freak, and I know it because I’m the same sort of freak.

And when I suggest that he is disrespectful of women, especially feedees, anybody who is being honest with themselves would have to agree with that. His comments speak for themselves; I don’t need to “read into” those at all…I just string them together. Call it sadism; call it lust. As the feedee, if I’m the one who has to die young—trapped in my own, sweating mound of flesh—then at the very least I can scratch and claw out a few hunks of the feeder’s skin before my time is up. Mister Darkfeeder is very Darkfeeder-centered. He has demonstrated an impressive lack of empathy for the feedee’s half of a gaining relationship. I just want him to think about that.

Why? Not because I want to hurt his feelings. Quite the opposite! I want to help him live a happier life. Something that you may have failed to pick up on in my regard for the redoubtable Mister Darkfeeder is that I can relate to him personally. I know exactly what he means and how he feels when he talks about fattening up a woman. This gives him and me a very strong bond. To put it bluntly, I care about him. Call it a small crush. I don’t know very much about him—not even his name at this point—but I know a little bit …and that’s a start.

Darkfeeder and I would not work out as a couple, because as things stand now he would not respect me. And that’s a shame, because otherwise he would be the perfect mate for this particular, deviant feedee. He would be a beautiful coconspirator with me, helping to fatten me up beyond all reason, to the very limits of my feeble existence, until I quiver and ripple and gasp my last breath in a soft, suffocating shell of my own female fat.

If only…

If only he had a little more respect for my humanity. Honey, I am okay with being fattened until I am too immense to move—something most of the people in this thread, and in the world, will never understand. But I am not okay with being treated like an object. And his fat women are sex objects to him, not people. Maybe that isn’t true in his entire life, but at least here at PervScan it comes out as a prominent frame of mind for him.

Your circumstances are different than mine. Your motivations are different. What I want is to get to know him better, and flirt shamelessly with him, and get him to say naughty things to me…and also help him to better respect the fat women who are or will be in his life.

I can only imagine how he will reply to me, if he bothers to reply at all. For all I know, he won’t. He would be in his rights to just ignore me, if he wants. And I can see why he might do that, or, if he does reply to me, why he might do so with aggression and hurt feelings:

We humans don’t like to be understood so thoroughly. It makes us feel transparent and perhaps even in some cases insignificant. Even so, most of us exude personality despite our tireless efforts to preserve a mystique, or an air of power. When Darkfeeder originally responded to me, I gained an insight into him. His comments were coherent, elaborate, and extensive enough to make that possible. When he opened up much more clearly to you, I corrected some of the roughness in my earlier portrait of him, and got a much better idea of who he is.

That gives me a hold over him. And when somebody with such powerful insight into who we are, challenges us, it can drive a man bonkers.

I think that if Mister Darkfeeder is the smart and sincere person he fancies himself to be, he will write back that, “Yes, Teresa, you are mostly right about me, except for a few small details.” Or, if I am wrong, he will patiently correct me in full detail. He knows that I’m not attacking him out of some bigotry like the others. I’m totally cool with feederism. My preposterously obese body is a testament to that. Hopefully he understands that my reasons for being adverse to him, are rooted in the best interests of himself and me alike. And I would do him in a heartbeat, if life were that simple.

Oh, incidentally: You raise an excellent point that Darkfeeder probably opened up to you more than to me because you “read” his comments whereas I “read into” them. But you make it sound like a bad thing. Of course people should “read into” one another’s remarks. That is a very important part of having a critical mind. And, really, there is no better way to get to know a person than to engage with them inside their defense barriers. If somebody lets you into their most intimate thoughts, you know them. That’s amazing!

Darkfeeder might not be pleased with me for butting into his personal life, or butting in on his conversation with you, yet I’m sure he understands what a “public forum” is, and I hope that, after he thinks about it, he will choose not to resent me for anything having to do with my butt.

Let me move onto your next comment:

Do I want him to stay and watch me crunch bones open and suck marrow? Sometimes. However, part of a real working long term relationship is allowing the individual to flourish. “to be accepted for who we are is everyone’s fantasy”. You conveniently skipped the rest of the post. It is yours too. Why else are you writing missives of your own story unless it is to be a part of, accepted by, a community?

You make some good points here. I didn’t ignore the rest of your post…I just had to keep my reply under twenty pages, ya know? Even I have my limits. =)

You’re right that any successful couple must afford the other their individual space and privacy. That goes double for introverted people like me. So, maybe I was wrong that you and your husband have a problem. But can you blame me for seeing it the way I did? When one’s spouse gets up and walks out on the other, that’s usually a sign of trouble. But if you think it to be a mere issue of individual space, then I accept your word.

Even better is your point about acceptance. We all want to be accepted. Why am I here writing? Well, first of all, this issue happens to concern my life in a very…immediate way. Second of all, Mister Darkfeeder’s appearance has made it possible for me to summon the courage to be brutally honest with my personal circumstances. I am really, really fat. And I am aware how much society hates fat people. If I talked about this on just any public forum, somebody would probably send Jerry Springer to my home. Another hundred people would probably send Krispy Kremes, with the postcard, “Eat up and die, fucker!” But that won’t happen here. The original PervScan article is several years old, and at this point the only people still leaving comments here are the hardcore ones, or the tiny trickle of curious newcomers (like me) who only just recently found this thread.

As you can see, this place presents me with a rather unique opportunity to talk candidly about the single biggest part of my life (pun not intended). So, that’s a huge reason (pun intended) for why I am here.

And, no sense denying it, another part of why I am here is that this thread gets me wet. Plain and simple. I can’t tell you how many hours of naughty joy this one webpage has brought me. Which reminds me: The thought of you cracking open animal bones and slurping the rich and greasy goo inside, is hot!

But, yes, in addition to all that, I also have some desire to be accepted. Not by everybody, mind you. But I do want to be accepted by the people who count. Part of my stark honesty and forthrightness is meant to help others understand me, if they want to try. People like you are an excellent example. You’ll probably never see 400 pounds, but you came in here not understanding why somebody like me would choose a lifestyle that is certainly going to kill me. Now, maybe you understand a little more…and, even if you don’t agree with my choice, perhaps you would find it harder to write me off as a crackpot, a self-loather, or some other miserable failure. Perhaps you have seen that there is spice to be had in life, even at 800 pounds!

If so, then I have gained some acceptance.


Feeders as Kevorkian are NOT killers. That was never said. Dr. Kevorkian enabled people who wanted to die. Agree with him or not, his motives were of compassionate care of souls who were heading for their demise and chose their own time, place and circumstance rather then bow to societal manifests.

My mistake. I should have written “assistive killers.” That’s what I had in mind when I wrote that part of my comment. I didn’t mean “murderer” by any stretch of the imagination. Sorry for the confusion.

The analogy to suicide was one where feedees who know they are going to die due to food continue on the self destructive cause of their death. Darkfeeder understood this and was not divided as to whether feedees were suicidal. He never said they were.

He did say that, just not in so many words. But he is torn, which I know because some of his own statements are contradictory. He knows quite well what the fate of a full-fledged feedee is. And although he has suggested that the feedees themselves are oblivious to their own demise until the end comes, I’m not sure he believes it. He acknowledged directly that Renee is at least nominally aware of what will happen to her. Yet on multiple occasions he has also said that feedees eat mainly to withdraw and escape from the rigors of the real world into the pampered fantasy universe of feederism. This would be called a delusion, a psychological defense mechanism against some source of stress. To propose such an explanation for a feedee’s rationale, necessarily involves some element of knowledgeable, self-destructive behavior on the feedee’s part. And maybe he’s close to being right: Maybe some the feedees he has known were able to trick themselves until the heart palpitations began. But not acknowledging your problems is not the same as not being aware of them.

Deep down, everybody knows why they’re doing what they’re doing, all the time. Folks just don’t like to admit to themselves some of the ugly reasons.

All of this leads me to suspect that Mister Darkfeeder might be saying that feedees are oblivious as his own form of defense mechanism. Maybe deep down he regrets helping them do this to themselves, or feels somehow guilty for deriving such pleasure at their expense. I don’t know. But I suspect there is something like this going on in his head. He might have called feedees oblivious, but my own (online) experiences with feedees who have had to stop gaining has been exactly the opposite: It’s the female (in the cases I know, the feedee is almost always the female) who first notices her health is failing and starts to get upset, whereas the feeder tries to rationalize these warning signs away in hopes of continuing his partner’s gaining indefinitely. Usually the female herself has to insist on a change of lifestyle. Only then will the feeder accept it—and sometimes not even then; the feeder might split, or might take hostile control of the relationship.

Anyhow, my conception of the feedee is different from Mister Darkfeeder’s. It provides for a completely non-suicidal, non-distressed, and much more purposeful feedee. And, remember, I’m the feedee. In your original comment to Darkfeeder on this matter, you specifically mentioned my name, and indicated that my path in life would kill me. So, now you’ve gotten an answer from me as well as from him, and I would point out that, while Mister Darkfeeder may have a great deal of interest in the matter, I have actually lived with a feedee for many years—myself. So my opinion counts for something here.

I am a little lost on what you would judge to be a fake feedee. Is there a limit or goal to the weight gain? Is it a sort of bell curve thing where at one end some true feedees will only want to gain a set amount and the other are those who will gain as much as humanly possible before death? Or is that the only true feedee?

The impulse to feed either exists in a person, or it does not. Body weight and physical health are irrelevant. So long as that impulse is there, and so long as the person continues to try and act on it, then we could rightly call them a feedee. I feel an almost frantic impulse to feed, all the time. Even when I wake up in the middle of the night—for whatever reason, even if it’s just to pee—the first thing I do is almost always eat something. Even when I’m so full that it takes me a couple of hours to make it through a single footlong sub, I still feel the absolute compulsion to eat.

Having the impulse to feed but not acting on it, does not a feedee make. At that point, it’s just a fantasy. As surely as wanting to be president and actually being president are two completely different things, so is wanting to be a feedee, and actually doing it.

Likewise, losing the feeding impulse, ends one’s feedee status.

I think the largest group of feedees are young upstarts who feel the impulse very strongly, and do try to act on it, but fail due to incompetence. Most people read the weight gain lit and imagine that a couple of huge meals will do it. No way! You’ve got to overeat day in, day out, to put on weight. And you have to keep doing that indefinitely. Believe it or not, most people do not have the discipline or the skill for that kind of hardcore fattening.

Feedees are different, therefore, than, say, foodies. And they’re different from mere gluttons, who might have acquired a flabby, spongy body over a lifetime, but without intending it. Being a feedee means you mean it. You want to eat. You want to gain. You want to be fat. It’s not about how good the food is; it’s about filling yourself up with it, to get as fat as possible.

Feedees like me, I think are very rare. First of all, gaining weight rapidly is very unhealthy all by itself. Gaining a ton of it very rapidly is downright abusive to the body. Many of the most hardcore feedees probably overshoot the mark and kill themselves early. I read a couple stories like that on various forums. One story I read about on a health forum: A young woman in her upper teens, who was already obese, suddenly started feeding herself to the breaking point. Sure enough, she gained 350 pounds in two years, at which point she was nearly immobile and was having problems breathing. So they took her to a clinic, where they put her on a harsh diet. She died shortly thereafter; her parents said it was strain on the heart. I don’t know if they knew she was a feedee. (She almost certainly was, even though she herself may or may not have been familiar with the actual word “feedee.”)

I’m not too far from that, since, after all, I’m still in my twenties yet I weigh enough for six or seven women my size. And I eat about that much, every day. It’s a completely different world. You might think overindulgence is easy, but it’s not. Just try sitting down and eating twenty meals in a single day. You can’t do it. I sure couldn’t do it when I started out. I still can’t do it in single sittings; I just graze all day, and stuff myself at symbolic hours to represent main meals.

As for not reaching yourself. I don’t know how much you can move your arms, or for how long. If this is overstepping I apologize, but I find that grasping some of the belly flab and pushing up towards the breastsand release (repeat), that the ‘ripple effect’ can do wonders!

I used to do that when I was thinner. I think that, much like the detachable showerhead trick, the “belly shake” is a treasured secret that most fat women manage to stumble upon sooner or later. Back in the day, I shook my belly not necessarily for the straight-up sexual dividends—because I could still penetrate myself back then, if sex is what I wanted—but more for the erotic allure of seeing my own vast flesh ripple and jiggle uncontrollably. Sometimes I would come pretty close to getting myself off just by doing that.

I can’t do it anymore, though. I still fondle my fat all the time, but I can’t vigorously shake myself for very long. My arms themselves are very heavy and out of shape, my fat already presses down on my chest pretty hard as it is, and my shortness of breath becomes a big problem fairly quickly. It’s hard enough when I have to turn onto my side, which happens a couple of times a day, most days. And I can’t even do that without my husband’s help. The lazier and heavier, and more immobile I grow, the further away my muscles get from being able to help me. I can’t lift my thighs anymore, for instance. Oh, I can flex the muscles buried deep somewhere inside the blubber, and make it easier for my husband to move them, but I can’t actually lift the entire thigh up into the air—and never mind the whole leg!

But I thank you for the suggestion! (Seriously, I mean it.) I sure hope that there are no hard feelings between us.

Sep 6 2007
12:19 pm

Hello fellow freaks teresa its a pleasure im a m ale feeder but feedee at heart when i look at it and a hardcore one at that what your saying and how you live and how you like to be treated is so me but i have a young family that needs me mobile at present and to be honest i dont have the courage to be true to my bondage but in time who knows i might give in to it i probably will because its me im a 1000 pound blob in a 17 stone body and i dream of being a feeders bitch but as i said lifes took another direction for the time being so tuff shit but im glad i found this blog because it really floats my boat hello darkfeeder and queen its a pleasure also keep the posts coming and teresa take care it would be a shame to lose you when we have only just met and do any of you use dimensions chat at all.

Sep 6 2007
3:16 pm

Hello luvtheobese,
You’ve come at a very interesting time. And a very good point that maybe Darkfeeder or Teresa the Plump would answer. Teresa, I know you’ve said you work as an editor(?) from home. The cost of these relationships must prove to be a hardship for some. Not just food, but if the feedee can’t telecommute a single income household is brutal to hold together in the best of circumstances. There may be more of you out there, but forced into supression due to finances.
On to the original response I had for you, Teresa.
*sigh* arrogance by definition is offensive: ‘to offensively exaggerate one’s own importance’ is how Webster writes it. I thought you might have meant agressive (which can be a positve trait) until I got to your line about ‘crossing the line of etiquette’ Civilized manners do not mean Politically Correct Bull. It does however demand that treating someone as an adult includes respect for their feelings and humanity.
There are times when pushing yourself into another’s privacy may be warrented – but I would suggest that quite often defenses may go up and what you want to say never penetrates beyond the superficial.I have been around enough of the dying to say that many manage to have high expectations of others, with a no bull policy without disrepecting others. If you are not submissive or passive GOOD. If you are aggressive in energy and single minded to your goals that’s even better. Many women could use more of that trait. Not just fat ones.
You do express yourself well. Similar to others with a harsh way of expression, my point was to merely suggest that you might be loosing the very audience you wish to address.
It takes more then this to rattle me. I have bad days when the a-holes get me down, but that could be said for anyone. No offense was taken by anything you wrote. The fact that you have much to say isn’t a big deal either. It just makes it a bit more of an effort to feel as if I have adequately responded. Especially since I am not a terrific typist. I have been known to talk for over four hours on the phone, so I will not throw stones.
As for Darkfeeder, of course I like him. I don’t believe I’ve made any *bones* about it (crunch – suck).
Your banter with him is maybe beyond my realm of experience with this culture. Alot of it from the outside struck me as typical in some S&M forums. Abusive name calling etc. I have seen some strong parallels in some the feeder/feedee relationships
decribed. If you feel that your humanity was rejected then you do need to explore that further with him. Not knowing for sure either state of mind when some harsh or ‘disrespectful’ words are said by one or the other, it is only right that I bow out. Though I do think you may be the harder judge, and maybe a bit more manipulative then he.
Reading into some one else’s words only works if you read enough to begin that you know which way to go. Obviously you share the ‘dark side’ of the same fetish, and that most certainly would allow you to make more assumtions then I could. The danger, again, is not paying enough attention to the other and assuming too much.
By the way, where did INTROVERTED come from as a self descriptor? I must be wrong in thinking that as far as private space is concerned that you ‘can dish it out but can’t take it’. So what is it? Are you a shy person in the real world, or is it because you are housebound that you use the term?
Going back I can see how you would think what you did about my husband and I. You were very quick to pick up on just a line or two. Your advice is good whether or not there are specific issues to discuss. I like long honest tlks. Although I have found most men would rather be castrated with the car keys rather then have a long emotional talk about feelings and the like.
You bring up an interesting point. That feederism is a dynamic state. It had not occurred to me that some one could ‘loose the feeding impluse’. Supress it for various reasons I could imagine. But loose it? I had been working under the impression that it is an ingrained trait. So a feedee may have a satiation point? a feeder too? Interesting.
I would most likely fall into your idea of a foodie or glutton, I’m not sure which. Although I am eating something whenever I can there are strtches at work of three to four hours when it would be impossible. A shame too, because I’d like to keep nibbling. I also eat for a variety of reasons, but I really do enjoy the full feeling and the sensuality of the act of eating. Good food is orgasmic,(you know the mmms and little grunt like happy sounds?) Although sometimes I eat it too fast to savor the flavor. Creamy or cheesey things are a favorite. Gaining or not doesn’t usually come to my mind, but food and eating are not ever very far from my thoughts.
Same thing with my fat. During the day as I do the tasks of living, it usaully doesn’t become a concious thought. If I brush my belly against the counter, or lift it a bit over the sink to brush my teeth then it come to the forefront of my mind. Most epecially at night, or relaxing, is when I can really feel the rolls settle. The pillow of my thighs and the soft heavy comfort of belly and breast creates a wonderful gentle sexual heat.
Sorry, got a little distracted there. Anyway, no hard feelings. I hope you have all the gratification (oral and otherwise) you can take.

Sep 7 2007
9:58 am

Hello again queen teresa and darkfeeder just thought id fart on a little bit more coz im bored plus i forgot to say im eroused by shockingly obese women that can no longer move and are pinned to there beds that they are trapped in but i also want to be in that position myself as ive said but ive chatted to many feeders and not met anyone who has been attracted to the fatandimmobile and also got off on been in that position themselves are they ashamed to say maybe or am i a bigger freak than my freak friends lol ill be honest ive never fed a women but i think id be very very good at it because id go on the lines of how id like to be treated in there position and all the submissiveness that comes with it so what title do i come under lol

Sep 10 2007
7:30 am

What have i said please continue im just someone with the same interests saying a bit about himself dont take it the wrong way do carry on.

Sep 10 2007
4:33 pm

I don’t think it was you. Darkfeeder is probably on his honeymoon. We may never hear from him again. Teresa surfs all over the net. She’ll probably come back, but it could be quite awhile. Patience.

Teresa the Plump
Sep 11 2007
11:34 pm

I tried to post my comment a few days ago, and again this evening. For whatever reason, it didn’t work. I made some changes, but to no avail. Maybe the thread is broken (they can do that when they get very long), or maybe powers that be just don’t like my long posts. =)

I’ll try again in a few days. If it doesn’t work, then I guess that will be that.

Sep 12 2007
2:45 am

Maybe you need to split it in half (or smaller portions)

Sep 12 2007
8:41 am

Hello queen thanks for the reply i understand and hello again teresa hope you sort your comment out as its needed asap coz theres nothink like a good long post about the lives we lead and all the devient bits that go with it.

Sep 13 2007
2:20 pm

Teresa the Plump:

Wow that was some response and I never expected such a thorough reply to my comments. I appreciate you taking the time to stop stuffing yourself for a moment to entertain us further with the rationalization of your very precarious situation. I would also like to say that your psychoanalysis of me was not necessary and was a bit off. I am in no way frustrated or resentful of feedees. I merely call it like it is. You say I look at women as sex object and not people. Yet I say to you, what man does not do this? If you want a sensitive feminized man, look elsewhere because you will not find him here. Experience tells me that real hardcore feedees are pigs to be fattened. They enjoy gorging and most wish to simply live a life of massive over consumption and sloth. Their gluttony drives their very being and they really do not care who or what is trampled in their quest for food. Pretending anything else is just plain ridiculous and referring to them as anything other than what they are is hypocritical to say the least. This does not mean that I do not love or have no respect for individuals that lead this type of lifestyle, I’m only pointing out the obvious. I believe that a feeder or feedee should have no illusions regarding who and what they are and they should accept that they are seen as deviants and gluttonous pigs by the general population. Unfortunately society dictates morality and by societal standards extreme feederism is not an accepted moral activity. I’m not saying that feederism is wrong but it is what it is and in today’s moral climate little can be done to change the perception that feederism is a deviant activity. So when you say I seen to have no respect for feedees you are wrong. I’m only referring to them as society in general sees them and their life choices. My choice of references or language toward feedees does not reflect my feelings of a societal attack on my wisdom, tastes or manhood. It reflects societal attitudes in the real world. I could care less what society thinks of me or my involvement in feederism. Society is welcome to its opinions and I welcome debate on this subject.
Also referring to you as a coward hiding from society may have been a little extreme. But face it tubby, by becoming a hardcore feedee, you are effectively withdrawing from any form of normal societal contact or interaction. In most cases only the mentally ill or people with irrational fears behave in such a fashion. Choosing to withdraw into a world of extreme obesity and gluttony is not something a person capable of facing life’s reality does willingly. So I still feel that feedees like you are hiding from something either real or imaginary and people that spend their lives hiding are usually seen as cowards. This doesn’t mean you are any less of a person. We all have our inner demons that drive us to do the strange and unusual. You have the right to deal with your own issues and build barriers around your private world as you see fit. So eat like you have two colons and burst at the seams for all I care. It is your right to do so and nothing anyone else can say or do should dissuade you otherwise. I meant no disrespect by calling you a coward, I only wish to try and rationalize why you are doing the things you are doing. Simply stating that you love food and enjoy being a gasping sweating immobile pile of lard is a little hard to believe for most people. By calling you a coward I was merely trying to discover your true motivation behind courting the grim reaper so openly. Even though I am a hardcore feeder and have indulged in feederism since before it was a true recognized fetish, I still struggle with the reasoning that motivates a feedee to willingly eat themselves to an untimely end. I only know that seeing a feedee eat obscene amounts of food and growing to mammoth proportions is to me life’s greatest pleasure. When you can step back and look at an 800lb feedee and say I made that happen, nothing is more emotionally and sexually gratifying to a true feeder.
BTW, I ran into the same posting problem you have had. Part 2 of this is coming.

Sep 13 2007
2:22 pm

Teresa the Plump:

Now as for the rest of this post and your analysis of my character; you were right on the money. I do require a feedee in my life to be a complete and happy person. I require the constant demand of a huge grossly bloated woman’s appetite to keep me focused on what I truly want out of life. But that does not mean I would accept any fat chick with an overwhelming appetite. All the other attributes of what makes a relationship click must also be in place for the big picture to come together. You are also correct about my dislike for anti-fat bigots. These creatures derive pleasure from degrading those they feel are less important than themselves. They lead trite and deluded lives with their ideas of morality firmly rooted in 11th century medieval concepts of sin. These creatures are laughable at best and deserve to be flogged publicly for their blatant intolerance and unacceptable behavior. I know it is claimed that discriminating against fat people is the last safe bastion of bigotry but it makes it no less wrong than bigotry against any other demographic. Why it is practiced openly and tolerated is beyond reason. It flies in the face of everything that is decent. Any FA or feeder should be similarly outraged, not to be is akin to being nothing more than sheep.
Now back to the subject of you and your husband. You claim he is ok with your decision to eat yourself to death and he is completely on board with the whole idea of the aftermath of just such an event. I say event because your death will be just that, a circus that will be broadcast across your community like a train wreck that people will be drawn to wither they want to or not. It will not matter what your own writings convey or who you know in authoritative positions because he will be viewed as a deviant creature that enabled you to carry out your perverted freakish demise one mouthful at a time. I say this with all due respect and it will be an unavoidable perception. I truly hope he knows what he is up against and is strong enough to come through the storm unscathed. Popular views of those that live with the obese and mobility challenged are one of sympathy and scorn all rolled into one. People will feel bad for him because of his devotion to an individual that is grotesque and out of control. But he will also be scorned as an enabler. Most people don’t know what its like to live with a food addicted obese glutton that craves food constantly and violently. People will look at him and say, how did you let her get so big? Surely a 1000lb woman can’t possibly obtain food and feed herself in the quantities that her massively enlarged body required. Remember in today’s society, you Teresa will be seen as the victim and your hubby will be seen as the victimizer. Make damn sure he is ready for the onslaught of questioning and accusations from the various societal entities that will undoubtedly view his involvement in your ultimate demise as criminal an immoral.
This leads me back to the premise that feedees are the ultimate selfish pigs. They care not what happens to those they leave behind while the need to gorge is upon them. It is only at the very end that true regret will make its mark and the desire to take a different road will rear its mocking head. I know this will ultimately happen for me and Renee we have discussed it and she still is in denial regarding this. She doesn’t think she will become totally immobile and die smothering in her own sweat and blubber. But I have no doubt that her end will be a classic example of death by extreme obesity. Massively obese feedees always face a harrowing death stemming from their absolute and overwhelming desire to eat themselves into oblivion. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances of their grotesque demise are. Each untimely end can be directly attributed to massive gluttony and out of control weight related issues. As I have alluded to before I am no stranger to this and I come to this conclusion by personal experience.
On a lighter note I would also like to thank you for congratulating me on my up coming wedding. Renee and I are so looking forward to this that day and everything appears to be going smoothly for a change, with one exception. At 635lbs Renee (as of this morning) is having some very expected mobility issues and it will be just a matter of time and several more pounds before she is confined to a power chair for almost all her mobility needs. In fact on the 22nd of this month she will be waddling down a 100 foot church isle like a beautiful magestitic white whale and will need to do it without stopping to rest and catch her breath. God willing she will be even heavier than she is today and odds are she will not be able to do it without stopping to rest, but she is determined to waddle down the isle under her own power and nothing anyone can say will deter her from the attempt. I simply cannot wait to see her huge incredibly beautiful shape in that white low cut wedding dress. Her outstanding breasts and belly will heave and roll as she struggles to my side. Her sleeveless bloated arms will jiggle with every movement of her inflated female form. Her chins and baby soft cheeks will quiver like Jell-O with every heavy step of her beautiful elephantine bulk. It will be a sight I will remember with awe and I will marvel at her incredibly inflated size. Luckily for her most of the ceremony she will be able to be seated so her perfect fat little feet will not need to bare the enormous weight of her beautifully bloated body. After the ceremony we will be having a reception with an all you can eat buffet and two wedding cakes. One cake will be for our guests to enjoy and one just for my incredibly huge and beautiful bride. Of course Renee’s cake will be considerably smaller than the guest cake. No single person could eat a 4 tier wedding cake in one sitting. But none the less, it will be a declaration for all to see of my devotion to make and keep her as fat as possible for as long as we are one this earth together. After the reception will come the Honeymoon. We shall cruise the Caribbean, (weather permitting) and I shall make certain that my gargantuan blubber bride gorges at every buffet and eats to near explosion at every turn and after a glorious ten days of food, sex and more food my enormously corpulent wife will waddle off the ship even larger and more beautiful than ever. I will be her slave forever and live my life in a state of ecstasy with a woman of insatiable appetite and massively abundant, ever expanding beauty. Now was that language the language of a feeder with resentment and disrespect in his heart? Because that my dear, that is how I truly feel about my mountainous beauty of a fiancé. I wish you and your husband could attend the up coming festivities and see for yourself just what I am talking about. Besides I think you would enjoy the buffet immensely.
As for my first name, I would love to give it to you but I think it may detract somewhat from the allure that you have built around this persona known only as Darkfeeder. I think by giving you my name I would be marginalizing the very idea of the stalking predatory feeder that you feedees tend to fantasize about. As you and I know feederism is full of dominant and submissive concepts that permeate the attraction to this lifestyle. Many feedees find the very idea of submission and force feeding to be a sexual turn on. I suspect that giving a name to this persona will give Darkfeeder an all too human face and some feedees reading this discourse will be let down somewhat by my all to mundane name. Perhaps if there were a more private venue we could communicate through I would be more inclined to honor your request. Until then we will just have to make due with what we have.
As for flirting I think we can do that very well. You and I are of a kind and we need the attention that this exchange can provide. You are a ravenous pig that needs to consume everything within your reach, wither it be food or attention, it matters not. As long as you are actively pleasured by whatever means available, you are content. In the mean time, rest assured that I will always be here to treat you to a verbal fucking that only I can provide a fat pig like yourself. You are an enormous insatiable hog that is on this mans earth for one thing and one thing only, to pleasure yourself with food sloth and grotesque sexual deviance that few have the stomach for and many would forbid. I want you to know that just knowing you exist is a sign that we freaks are not alone in this boring world of missionary position relationships and mundane day to day bullshit. I relish the fact that a piggish selfish slob such as you has found the secret of what makes them truly happy and I also relish the very idea that that very secret will be your ultimate undoing. When you labor to breath smothered in your own self inflicted lard remember my words and take comfort in the fact that gluttonous hogs like you make this world vastly more entertaining for those of us that wish to experience life outside the sexual box. It makes me smile to think that you will heave and roll your last as a monument to the freakish nature of the diverse human condition and that your life will be beheld by some as a frightening example of fucked up human deviant desires.
So until we speak again, enjoy yourself, gorge and drink to extreme excess. I hope this little exchange brings some stimulation to your lovely, friggin and otherwise unreachable female regions. I’m very aware that big fat piggy’s like you are afflicted with so much beautiful body that their enormous yet ineffectual arms are helpless to alleviate the sexual pressure that their oral fixations can bring. I on the other hand am not afflicted with such a handicap. I will enjoy a very pleasurable experience just thinking about you struggling and wallowing like a beached whale, as you frantically search for a way to provide the sexual orgasmic explosion you so desperately need. I’m very pleased that I can torture you in this way and I’m very glad I could bring more enjoyment into your food glutted immobile existence. I hope we can exchange more thoughts on our unusual lifestyle very soon and I would like to say that this has been a most fascinating exchange.

Sep 17 2007
4:10 pm

Nice talking to you darkfeeder ?

Sep 18 2007
12:16 am

to Julie and Laren.
Julie, you are a pathetic attempt at life. Enough said to you.

Lauren. Name one drug prescribed or otc that does not have similar side effects. For example. Of recent studies, the FDA and the Government are preparing a release detailing the urgency of a NEW Alzheimer’s disease. Yes. They call it YOUNG ALZHEIMERS DISEASE. No longer is it hereditary, nor is it confined to the elderly. Now it is shown (due to all the over medicated youth of the populace) that people as young as 15 can now suffer from Alzheimers disease.

In a drug that is offered by once a month injection to rid one’s skin of psoriacis, can and will cause immunal failure. This means if you catch a cold, you might die.

Now I ask you, oh smart one of science, Exaclty what is your point of FDA written thesis’ about over weight people? It is this same foundation that allows American citizens to take drugs that cause complete heart failure for relief of sinus alements.

Do us all a favor Lauren, go take a pill from the FDA has dubbed okay to take, and die. Or, to be nicer. Shut the fuck up.

Sep 18 2007
12:49 am

Yanno, I have read more and more of these posts. And find that alot of people talk a bunch of crap. Now mind you, the longer more “novle” like responses were kinda skipped through. But I must say this. We live in a supposed “FREE” america. Keeping this in mind, I would have to say tat it does not upset me if someone were to want to “eat thereselves to death” or “Gain up to 600lbs”. What bothers me is the simple fact of WHY anyone would want to stop them. I understand “Compassion”. I understand not wanting to see someone die. But what I dont get is, if one knows not the entire story behind one’s desire to do such thengs, the why call them names and berate them? I mean, I would not call any of the larger ladies a quitter that punked out on life because things didnt go there way. No. I would save that kind of name for people like the singer of Nirvana, or perhaps the guitarist of Def Leopard. These people “quit”.

So what if a person wants to be fat. Me personally, I can’t really say that I prefer one to the other. I DO know that heavier women are tighter. I DO know that skinnier women are more flexible. But whats the oint in all that? Ask most any guy that likes sex with a woman. The majority,)if being truthful), will tell you it is a simple matter of popping a nut. It has nothing to do with the size of the woman. That sounds piggish, I know. But at least it is an honest piggish statement. I find that, personally, one day I might want to view a thin woman. While on the next, I may want to view a fat woman. and to make it all shorter, the interest changes like the days. Black, white, latin, italian, asian, russian, arab and so on.

My point is simple, if a person likes a certain thing, then leave them be.

To the FA bashers, we dont pick on your because you like thin people.

To the thin bashers, What’s the point? when it is all said and done, a shit has been taken and another is on it’s way.

To all the large women, I find you equally sexy.

To all the thin women, there are only so many ways you can poke something into three holes. After a while, you get boring.

To all the FAs as you say, Whatever pops the cork dude.

To all the NON-FAs, get a clue, what you say does not matter to them. Move on and let it go.

I hope I have not offended too many with this. It’s late, I have writer’s block, and I am tired. Needed something to do, seemed good enough.

OH!!! Teresa, you would make an AWESOME penticostel preacher as you are as long winded as they come. (that’s a compliment)

Oh yeah, one more thing. My comments to Lauren and Julie. Those remain in effect. I am not tired enough to apologize for plain truth.


Sep 20 2007
11:41 am

Darkfeeder – Im “dying” (figuratively speaking) to speak directly with you… can you please email me?


Sep 20 2007
4:15 pm


What could possibly be so urgent that you would need to speak directly to me? The powers that be here at pervscan don’t allow the trading of email addresses for obvious reasons. As for my own personal feelings on this, I quite agree with the moderators of the site. This policy is for our own protection as well as the protection of this website. So for the time being, let’s keep our correspondence right here. Whatever it is you need to say to me can be said here. In all likelihood your anonymity as well as mine will not be compromised and should actually provide you with a freer, more open platform in which to talk.

Sep 29 2007
3:23 pm

Darkfeeder lets talk ive tried so why no response ? teresa you still about.

Sep 29 2007
3:43 pm

Not URGENT persay, more of an intent enthusiasm!

As per the PERVSCAN policy, I’ve created myself a myspace page: I hope to hear from you there soon.

Oct 7 2007
12:59 am

I’m still waiting….. I want to hear from feeders, but specifically DARK FEEDER.

Oct 8 2007
1:40 pm

Sorry Curious, I don’t do myspace I don’t get the whole idea behind it and it is just full of attention whores and children.

Oct 8 2007
1:43 pm


Very quickly, I’m still on my honeymoon but when we get back we’ll converse.

Oct 10 2007
4:38 pm

Looking forward to it dark.

Oct 10 2007
7:51 pm


Well MY research on feederism needs YOU and isn’t complete with you!!!!

I guess I have to give up on the hope that YOU can “give me” the ‘dark side’ of this fetish because after 22+ interviews I’m still looking for it….

Teresa the Plump
Oct 27 2007
11:14 pm

I am back again! (If anybody else is even still here…) I’ve split my reply into several parts because of the posting length limitation.

First, Curious BBW: What do you mean by “interviews”? That sounds exciting! Are you doing a documentary on feederism, or is this just for your own illumination? Mister Darkfeeder has already done good work explaining the feeder’s side, and I’ve explained a lot about the feedee side. Maybe if you offered some specific questions, he can tell you even more. Or maybe he’s creeped out at the idea of his quotes showing up on television. But I’m psyched. Take it to the people! If you’ve got questions for me, I’d love to try and answer them.

In other news, I now weigh over 800 pounds! Using our homegrown system of measurements and guesswork (since I’m too fat to get up and stand on a scale, if there even are scales that go up to my weight), we figure that I crossed the line sometime in the past couple of weeks. It is a thrilling milestone. When you get to be my weight, a few extra pounds don’t mean much. I sure can’t see them. Instead, it’s all psychological. The difference between 300 pounds and 400 pounds is the difference between a heavy normal person and somebody who is defined by their obesity. The difference between 400 and 500 pounds is the difference between somebody who can return to normalcy, and somebody who probably isn’t coming back (short of some major change in lifestyle). The difference between 500 and 600 pounds is the difference between a relatively normal lifestyle, and the onset of immobility—at least, it was for me. The difference between 600 and 700 pounds is that 700 is a realm that ordinary people never reach, and can only imagine. It is a life of insulation and grotesque indulgence, never walking nor even rising out of bed. A word of physical constraint, yet untold sensual debauchery.

But the difference between 700 and 800 pounds? For the first time, there isn’t much of one. Not physically. I’m actually feeling better than I was a few months ago. Maybe the summer heat just gets to me, but now I have less chest pain and an easier time breathing. Of course, all is relative. My typical breath would be your frenetic wheeze after jogging or doing jumping jacks.

Psychologically, I tell myself that I’m finally within striking distance of 1000 pounds, which is a major milestone for obvious reasons. I’m excited because I don’t yet have a mental picture of what life in the 800s is all about. I have yet to discover what sorts of new limitations and abundances I will be able to seize on to convince myself that my fatness is more profound than it was in the 700s. Plus, constantly being full and overeating is a big turn-on, and 800 pounds is sort of a validation of that. A sign of progress, if you will.

Teresa the Plump
Oct 27 2007
11:20 pm

Well, so much for that. I couldn’t post any of the other parts. I saved it on my hard drive and I’ll try again later.

Oct 29 2007
2:50 pm

Teresa the Plump : I’m doing my master’s thesis on the topic of “feederism.” If you’d like to hear more about it and would consider participating in an interview, please contact me through myspace ( ) and I’d be happy and excited to learn more from you too.

Teresa the Plump
Oct 30 2007
7:03 am

CuriousBBW: I don’t do MySpace. It drives me off the deep end. It’s like lemon meringue pie with all meringue and no pie. It’s fluff…people blast you with their music and idle comments, but don’t bother with real conversation. Is there anyplace else online where I can reach you?

To All: It looks like PervScan has outlawed comments more than a few sentences long. What a shame! This has been a delicious, sordid experience. I will miss Mister DarkFeeder in particular. Let me know if there’s some way I can get in touch with you. Otherwise, best wishes to you and your wife. Be nice and don’t let her stay so terribly thin for much longer. It isn’t healthy.

Oct 30 2007
7:40 am

Keep trying teresa or break it up best you can we need to keep this going coz i need to talk and share.You know how it is with our unusual preference that only we truly understand so please try.

Oct 30 2007
3:22 pm

With the limitations of PervScan I cannot post my email address on here. Yes, myspace is annoying but at least it’s one way to contact each other. You might even find DF on there too *wink wink*. It is possible to avoid the hoopla of myspace and just use it to reach very specific people; it’s working for me in this regard thus far. I hope you will reconsider and “we” will “see” you there.

Nov 5 2007
11:29 am

For the record PervScan has not limited the length of comments on the site. There may be an issue with the underlying software that runs PervScan. We’ll try to troubleshoot when the site returns from its brief hiatus later this month.

Meanwhile many thanks for respecting PervScan’s policy on email addresses. It may seem like a draconian policy but in the final analysis it works to the good of the site.

Dec 2 2007
9:53 pm

To All
Hope everyone had a wonderfully bountiful Thanksgiving. Of course, the approaching holidays add to the festive banquets of life. May you all be blessed with joys and pleasures where ever you seek them.
To Darkfeeder
I miss your tutoring, but I understand a newlywed life must keep you, um, quite busy. Do you cook or have it all delivered or both? Not that it matters, I was just wondering.
To Theresa
You sure gave up typing responses rather quickly. But then, I would imagine that smaller postings in larger numbers would never suit you. A shame, your writings were also interesting.

Dec 12 2007
4:59 pm

Hello queen hope your ok lets chat ask me anythink you want and ill be honest with you teresa and dark the blogs fixed so whats wrong lets carry on or are you both chatting in another place lol.

[...] on. I recently read an article on the subject of feeding by PervScan and afterwards, I started sifting through some of the remarks. Out of all those comments, one which [...]

Dec 13 2007
2:43 pm


Sorry it’s taken me this long to get back to you; I’ve been a little preoccupied lately. Is there anything I can help you with? I know you must be just boiling over with questions.


To answer your question – both.


Dec 15 2007
11:05 am

Darkfeeder read my first posts

Dec 17 2007
1:38 pm


It appears from your previous posts that you are a feeder but would like to some day become a feedee as well and that you are extremely attracted to hugely fat or immobile women. It is my experience that your desires are not that uncommon but for most these desires end at the fantasy level. It appears that because of this unorthodox attraction, you feel that you are on the extreme end of the feeder/feedee spectrum. In reality you are correct. Being attracted to or encouraging someone to become a huge bedridden slob is not a mainstream activity and is certainly part of the extreme level of the feeder/feedee fetish. Hopefully I am reading your intent correctly and if you have any specific questions or issues you wish to discuss regarding this please state them. Not to sound abrupt but I don’t do generalities well. If you have questions for me; ask. If the have issues regarding your attraction; state them and we can discuss this further.

Dec 18 2007
3:39 pm

Hello Darkfeeder,
I hope you’ve got the Holiday banquets all planned! You mentioned something in passing to lovetheobese that made me curious. (Seems I’m always curious, doesn’t it?) Have you ever had an attraction to the idea of being the feedee? Awhile ago Fantasyfeeder made a similar remark. I guess I’m guilty of trying to form a better profile of you extremely interesting, decadent and sexy people.
It would be difficult to imagine you as anything but a feeder, but you also strike me as secure enough in himself to admit to having fantsies beyond what your current role requires. Personally, I see the appeal of the feedee more then that of the feeder. I suppose that is why you get peppered with all sorts of inquiries.
I’m glad your back, it’s a great Holiday treat. I may have to have the whole Stollen with butter to celebrate! (I had half for a midmorning snack). Eat, Feed and be Merry!

Dec 19 2007
9:53 am

Darkfeeder you are reading it correct and your not abrupt at all i respect the way you talk about it and teresa to its good that ive found you both and you queen you must look at this as much as us so are you a feedee yourself be honest and darkfeeder ive got loads to talk about but im not gonna rush it all in one go and not make scence do you want to ask me anythink if not speak soon for sure.

Dec 19 2007
12:46 pm


All our holiday banquets are plan and are getting underway. The wife is in for a good stuffing this year and I intend to test her gluttony to its limits. She claims that she is up to the challenge and we will see what transpires. In any event it should be interesting to say the least.
In response to you question regarding my fantasies, I have to tell you that the idea of being a feedee has fleetingly crossed my mind at times. But I really have no intention or true desire to become a feedee. Feedees hold a special niche in the fetish world that my very nature would never allow me to fill. So I think you are correct in your assumption that I could never be perceived as anything but a feeder. As for why I get asked so many questions I think it is because of my perceived attitude toward feedees and feederism in general. Some people have relayed to me that my writings sometime come thru as angry and resentful toward feeders. But in reality there is no anger or resentment. I merely wish to portray a picture of how most fat gluttonous feeders really are. Most are simply pleasure addicted gluttons that wish only to overindulge themselves with food and pampering. This is not an uncommon human desire but hardcore feeders raise this desire to all new levels of depravity that cannot be ignored. I think many individuals involved in feederism feel this way as well but most try to ignore the facts because of the perceived immorality that society labels such a lifestyle. Most feeders do want to face the reality of being irresistibly attracted to a gluttonous food crazed beast that is willing to turn themselves into enormous dying truckload of whale blubber simply to satisfy their oral cravings and sexual desires. It’s pretty sick if you really look at it for what it is and hard to face for many of us. But in the grand scheme of human sexual desires and depravity it really just makes for a more interesting and exciting world.
I hope your holiday season is being good to you and you are getting all the delicious favorites you desire. I hope your holiday feasting is a satisfying experience and remember to enjoy every food and friend filled moment that comes your way. So stuff yourself and enjoy.


Dec 19 2007
12:49 pm


I’m glad you find my attitude and conversations with the various individuals here engaging, but what about you? You seem extremely excited just to be here and to have found some like minded individuals. So take your time and formulate the right questions and we will see where it leads.


Dec 31 2007
9:49 pm

Happy New Year Everyone! (especially DF)
I have thought about what Darkfeeder has written, and, dear DF, even if some of your words are of a rough nature, and the images you paint with words are not necessarily pretty, they are sexy. I think you get asked questions for the reasons you state, but also because there is that erotic edge to all your explainations. In the world of depravity feederism may be an extreme, but so are other outlets of erotic tension. Everything that you have said definately is outside the ‘norm’. So what. It’s all a matter of what you as consenting adults enjoy. Believe me, I’ve taken a gander at some of the other topics…and personally, I’d rather be fed, be waited on hand and foot, have the sexually urge build to maddening levels and seeking relief only my lover could bring… then eat poop, or do a dog. Call me closed minded, but I’d take a whale of a body any day.
Darkfeeder, I hope your lovely wife eats her weight into the New Year for you. Blessings on you both.

Jan 3 2008
1:55 pm

Best wishes to all the readers here in 2008.

Jan 13 2008
3:52 pm

To Anyone,
I have not participated in any Fat organization (NAAFTA et al),and I was wondering if they have any ‘official’ opinions on feeder/feedee relationships. Are the conventions or meetings welcoming, or is there a feeling of being outcast from them? From what I have seen, it is the latter. Does that make the few online forums the only place to exchange ideas, and support? (I might assume that with a feedee becoming immobile it would be for them) So how is the isolation/lonliness dealt with? If it occurs at all?

Jan 24 2008
9:06 am

Darkfeeder and queen all the best for the year ahead darkfeeder just read one of your last posts and you say about the label on our lifestyle by society very true but i think you have to agree that the fat girls and feeders program did not help us one bit what mark did to gina was not right she wasnt a feedee it wasnt her bondage she was just open minded and lonely or stupid id say she must of been to hell and back where as a true feedee dreams of that hell fantasises about that hell of been huge and helpless immobile from her weight and stuck in bed same with teighlor she wasnt a feedee either but dont get me wrong i love the program lol but i dont think we can shake the label off that marks gave us the way he went about the whole thing like a complete control freak what a tit even though i have the same interests as him where very different people the same might go for yourself.

Jan 30 2008
7:26 am

It was a long time ago, but to the person who’s husband described them as having “school girl tightness” If you’re 45, doesn’t that seem a little strange?

psycho bunny
Jan 30 2008
1:09 pm

This is just wrong…. i personally like fat girls….BUT NOT SO FAT THEY CANT FUNCTION IN LIFE!! anything over 400 lbs is wrong…sick… ew…i myself am a big girl (225) …but if i ever get over 300/400… i would just put a bullet in my head to rather than further humiliate myself. I think even if this feeder/feedee think is consenting adults….their should be guidelines… like i hear about these 800..900 + people and its just disgusting that someone would help/allow a woman to get that big… no matter the circumstances…..someone gets that big…STOP HANDING THEM FOOD! god damn.

Feb 12 2008
4:11 pm

To Psycho Bunny:

Calm down and stop worrying about what other people are doing with THEIR lives and start worrying about your own. Fools like you will never understand the importance of personal responsibility. You talk of creating guidelines because the feeder/feedee lifestyle disgusts you. Well let me ask you this, WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU! Who the fuck are you to decide what is disgusting and what needs guidelines, especially when it is none of your concern? Who the fuck are you to make statements disparaging our 8 or 900lb women. Who the fuck are you to feel disgusted at how our feedees become so monstrously and gorgeously huge. I’ll tell you who you are. You are the same type of person that wants warning labels on everything from toilet brushes to lawnmowers. You are the same type of person that wants everyone to not have access to weapons because they might get hurt or hurt someone else. You are the same type of person that sues a corporation because they produce a product that if used improperly could cause bodily harm. You are the crusading busy-body that every individual on this planet secretly wants to see disappear post haste.

Do you want to know what is truly disgusting in this whole crazy load of shit? It’s all your self-righteous moaning and false outrage over a lifestyle that isn’t even on the radar screen when compared to the insane whacked-out sick shit that infests the human condition. Get a life and find something truly abhorrent to complain about. Then maybe, just maybe you won’t look like such an ass when you voice your opinion.

Feb 15 2008
6:21 am

Your name about covers it. At 225 you are on the large side of normal, but you obviously don’t know when weight may begin to hinder everyday activities. At 225 I was still playing volleyball and soccer. At 310 I work (on my feet most of the day), do the housework, shopping etc., walk parks, malls and museums etc. Essentially, an unhindered exsistence. But you really didn’t define ‘function in life’, did you? Allow me… Aren’t we primarily here to love and be loved? (that is the main jist of all the major religions and the beginning of law). By your implied guidelines anyone who you’d judge less then whole/normal should not be here. When I was lighter I was no where near the best in the games I played, but it was fun and I had a group that accepted me. It does not sound like you have much support from anyone. The fact that you would rather ‘put a bullet to your head’ then be in the 300-400 pound range which would ‘further humiliate’ yourself is very telling, and very sad. Psycho, I think you need therapy.

Bjørn Rossland
Feb 20 2008
5:45 pm

I love to fuck fat ladies for many years, but now my wife has become like an elephant, and she smells like one too, so I have lost all affection for fat ladies now.

When you have to search half an hour to find her vagina, I give up, and when you still want to do it, you vomit because of the smell there is nothing more to like.

Fatfetish Sue
Feb 22 2008
9:59 am

I am nearly 500 pounds of overlapping rolls and dangling slop, and my boyfriend loves every pound of my blubbery flaccidly fat side show freak body. Yea people hate me cause I am so fat, they make fun of me, hurt me – screw them.

I am a food addict and my fat loving pusher man loves to bring me my daily food overdose. He loves it when I eat at him as he has sex all about my morbidly deformed fat side show. People think I am eating myself to death, I say everyone has to go sometime, and my way tastes better and is a huge turn on to my lover.

When I hear the word health, I reach for my gun, screw health and screw the world. I will continue to stuff myself fatter, have sex about my fat, and spend my time in a groggy daze of sexual excitement. This is my life if you don’t like it, then please drop dead.

Feb 25 2008
5:03 pm

Ok Bjorn:

If your wife has “become like an elephant and she smells like one too” It is because YOU failed to take proper care of her. A big part of a feeder’s job is making sure that your feedee is comfortable, clean, happy and free of anything that may make their bloated existence uncomfortable. If your wife was good enough to become elephantine for your pleasure the least you can do is wash that thang and take care of her like her elephant sized ass deserves!

As for your claim that it takes a “half an hour to find her vagina”, that’s ridiculous and you must REALLY suck in bed. I’m sure her vagina doesn’t get up and move from room to room when you are not looking, so it ought to be right were you left it last. How fucking hard can it be to locate? It can only be in the same place each time, so move something out of the way and look harder GOD DAMN IT!

Feb 26 2008
9:15 pm

I LOVE your response to Bjorn.(especially finding the vagina where you left it last)… I said it before, you really are a hero!

Feb 27 2008
5:25 pm


Please, I am no hero. In fact most people would rather call me a villain and I’m ok with that because in today’s society, that is what I am. Bjorn simply gave me the opportunity to showcase just how ignorant most people are when it comes to stereotyping the large ladies. I simply cannot stand it when people who have absolutely no clue repeat the same old tired lines regarding fat women and odor. Or fat women and the supposed difficulties involved when having sexual relations. It just annoys me no end that some individuals feel the need to run their mouths on a public forum without really understanding or wanting to understand the facts.
You know the deal. There seems to be a growing multitude of clowns out there that think they can insult and be inconsiderate to others simply because they think they have a right to. Well I don’t know about you but I’m finding that their antics are growing older by the minute and as I grow older, I have less and less tolerance (if that’s at all possible) for their egocentric and ill-mannered behavior.

BTW, I like your response to “Psycho Bunny”. It was obviously more civil than mine but nonetheless it was a spot on accurate assessment of the average brainwashed moron that wants to apply their own body image issues to everyone else in this world.

Mar 6 2008
9:48 pm

I am sorry the title of ‘hero’ makes you uncomfortable, but you do have the ability to respond to the sterotypes and tired lines with a marvelous combination of wit, intelligence and enough force to (usually) halt the assault.
You said (one of) my responses was more civil. That could be one way to look at it. The backstory is when I get mad I tend to loose any civil vocabulary (it’s the redhead in me) until I cool down enough to think clearly. Then in an effort to rise above my natural tendency to swear like a sailor I swing the other way. Compared to the indignation that evoked fury, I come off sounding whimpy or wishy washy. Rarely does it stop an offender. At best I get ‘explanations’.
I’ve listened to more justification for rude, narrow minded behaviors and judgements then anyone should hear. Precious few have bothered to listen to my side or reasoning.
I think most of these clowns need to put other people into a box. There’s a security in ‘knowing’ someone by a label, and not as an individual. It’s easier to judge others as one of ‘those’ and feel much better about yourself. The problem with the clowns is that they don’t think…about others, about their own self respect and integrity, about anything more spiritual or ethical then their next ego boost. It’s very sad, but still really, really annoying.

Onto a different topic –
I have another question: Do you think there would be more feeder/feedees out there if they could afford it? I mean prices are crazy, and not every feedee can telecommute. So it is essentially a single income household in many or most cases. That’s very hard to do. There maybe thousands who simply can’t afford to live as they would choose.

Mar 11 2008
5:28 pm

To answer your question regarding the idea that maybe more people would be interested in feederism if the could afford it, I have to think that the answer would be no. Wanting to become a huge immobile eating machine is something that only a select few people are willing to do regardless of income. While eating to excess gives a feedee a sense of liberation from society’s pressures to conform it also means giving up your freedom of mobility. Most people don’t want to give up the ability to move about and lead normal lives. I think you will find that the vast majority of feeders/feedees do so for the erotic pleasure that food and sex play provide and really don’t have an express desire to grow large as a house. I do believe that through our past correspondences you have indicated that even though you have an interest in feederism you don’t want to become immobile and give up enjoying your life outside your home. So in that respect I think most people would be more inclined to fall into that category and not into the extreme end of the spectrum regardless of income.

As you mentioned prices in all things today are outrageous and with energy prices skyrocketing the price of consumer goods are following right along. So living an extreme feederism like lifestyle is a difficult undertaking. Most people today are more concerned with just making ends meet and getting from paycheck to paycheck without worrying about stuffing their lazy pig of a partner full of fattening treats. Renee and I are lucky in most respects as that I have an excellent job and income and Renee has made a decent profit through the sale of her business, so financial issues are not in the forefront of our relationship. But even so we still have to watch the outgoing cash flow and sometimes that extra cheese cake or extra pizza must be substituted with something less expensive.

Bjørn Rossland
Mar 19 2008
9:20 pm

Darkfeeder !

Normally I would agree with you, but when that lazy Norwegian bitch stop cleaning herself, don’t want to be cleaned, what can I do?

To be honest, I brought her sister into our bed, and my wife really went crazy. Her sister is clean, heavy, beautiful and much younger, so now, my wife clean herself too, and the three of us fuck the whole night away. I am just waiting for the third sister to be 18 so she can enjoy it too because we have a very big bed….hehe

Pub Elf
Jul 6 2008
9:00 am

Um, yeah. This is pretty whacked, all right. Feeding a woman until she’s a helpless sack of blubber who sweats in winter and can’t even breathe? That’s so fucked up it’s almost awesome. It’s really stupid, though. I had a friend who was like that. She put on a whole bunch of weight when we were in college together. She was married about ten seconds after she graduated, and stopped going out of her house. She kept getting fatter, too. Me and her other friends tried to help, but she would always reply with a joke about how huge and shameless she is, and we’d all laugh.

Now I guess I finally know what was really going on there. She was actually getting a kink out of being such a gross blob. I suspected something messed up was going on, to be honest. The last time I visited her, she was WAY over 500 pounds. I basically said “WTF, are you okay?” And she just brushed it off. She couldn’t even get up. She asked me to get food for her, and she kept eating the whole time we hung out. She didn’t even care. She was past the point of any humility. She was skinny when we met. Now she was this huge whale who didn’t even look like a woman anymore. She looked obviously in discomfort, breathing hard, sweating, totally shameless—she hadn’t bathed, her hair was messed up, and she stank from all that unwashed funk and sour sweat. You know, I should have said something to her. I really should have. Because she caught pneumonia and died in the hospital just a few weeks later. The doctors said her heart couldn’t handle it. I could have told ‘em that. She was 26.

Hey, whatever! We’re all screwed up some way or another. More power to anyone who wants to be a total fat freak. Just be prepared to pay for it. She didn’t need to do that to herself…but hell, maybe she did. I read some of the posts in this thread…it’s crazy how blind some people are. I loved Teresa’s posts. God, she’s such a windbag! She should write a book. (Okay, so I’m not one to talk!) And she’s totally deluded herself. 800 pounds?! Yeah…let’s see how long her body can hold up the good life before it says “I give up!” and she croaks. But my favorite posts were Darkfeeder’s. That shit is fucked up. Seriously, it is fucking awesome when people open up their honesty like that. Everybody’s got a piece of the crazy inside them, but Darkfeeder’s is all out on the table for everyone to see, and he’s got enough for ten people. Rock on, Darkfeeder! And if you get your fix by porking up fat pigs who are too stupid to realize they’re on the way to an early grave, then hooray for you. I like a man who knows what he wants. You’d be surprised how many men have no clue whatsoever who they are or what they want.

Have fun, you fatsos! Eat lots, dance hard, die young. You know, I was skinny once. Now I’m about 240 and looking at this melty white blimp in the mirror every morning. I’ve already given up on slimming back down to my college figure, so maybe I’ll just go for broke and chomp a few burgers to see if I have a taste for this “fat is where it’s at” business. To be honest, I think it’s kind of hot to be an irresponsible slob who just sits and stuffs her face all day. That’s how I found this thread, I’ve got some definite feedee tendencies. So what the hey? I’ll give it a try. Wish me luck! But not too much luck, or I’ll end up a beached whale like some of you. Hahaha!

Jul 8 2008
5:50 pm

I can admit that I like chubby/fat guys.
I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having weight gain fantasies, or being attracted to bigger people.

But, to feed your partner until they’re immobile and completely dependent on you is wrong and disgusting. I don’t understand how that can appeal to anyone. The fact that this actually happens really.. saddens me. :(

Jul 9 2008
3:22 am

You are all a bunch of fucking losers. You are a fucking disgrace to the human race. Instead of wasting your time trying to rationalize your retarded fetish, how about you do the rest of us a favor and remove yourself from the gene pool?

Jul 11 2008
10:44 pm

HAHAHAHAHAhahahaha oh shit, I’m never gonna be able to take “Fat lover” seriously. That has GOT to be a fucking troll. BTW humanity is fucked up.

Jul 21 2008
5:40 pm

Are we bothering you? Well if we are tough shit. Did you ever stop to think that it’s angry little self righteous plebes like you that are the problem with the gene pool? Maybe if you spent a little less time worrying about what other people are doing to themselves or with their lives you wouldn’t be so fucking hostile. What do you care if some of us have an unusual fetish? Is it going to make a difference in your little vanilla world of so-called normalcy, and where the hell is anyone trying to rationalize it? Most of us that practice feederism know that it is not mainstream nor will it ever be, so rationalization is not even a considered option.

People like you are a joke, you think you have the right to judge others who don’t live up to your idea of what should be, when you don’t even have a clue as to your own place in society. Here’s a hint chief, everything in this world is a sideshow and outside of your little circle, your opinion counts for nothing. So shut the fuck up and enjoy the show and if you find it distasteful then look elsewhere. I’m damn sure that if everyone were like you, most of us would slit our throats out of boredom.

Pub Elf:
Thanks for the complements. It rare to find an individual with an open mind and ever rarer to find one that admits to it.

Jul 22 2008
4:25 pm

its so hot with a huge soft body… i have been with a woman almost 700lb. We had alot of fun and I never thought it was something negative with that. We did alot of wild things and she said she did things she never thought was possible.
So it can be very romantic and sexy with a huge super obese woman….but the man must be prepared that she will need help with things because of her size and weight … yes she need help.
If there are a woman above 500lb -800+lb. you can always reach me at yahoo… M4superobeseW write me an email…. we can talk about everything.. the media and people in general are so negative to fat people…when they need some care, love, friends, support, a hug…. remember..we all need love. (remember the young woman above 800 Rene Williams who died just after the surger… if whe was my baby.. i would help her lose some before that surgery…. it was said to hear about her…)If I will meet a large woman again….I will be happy….with her and we will have fun…..

Jul 22 2008
9:53 pm


I was waiting for you to write back to me, you sick fuck. I knew that you would write back, because you have absolutely nothing better to do than justify your idiotic fetish. This is entertainment for me.

You call me a plebe? You spent your entire worthless existence making trips to McDonalds so you could get off to feeding some greasy, obese tub of shit with no self esteem, and now you think you can talk shit about me, motherfucker? I am everything that you have failed to become — I am normal and I am accepted by society.

The only place where you can even get a modicum of acceptance is the internet, among other fetishists. In real life, you are an abomination — we are fucking disgusted by you. Don’t try to fucking tell me that everyone is different, unique, special, whatever the fuck. That’s preschool shit they use to make fucking gimps like you feel like they are worth something. I have the right to hate you as long as you have the right to breathe.

But you aren’t. You’re a fucking loser, a stain on the human race, and we will never let you forget that as long as you live.

queen nothing
Jul 23 2008
2:32 pm

King are you gay by any chance coz your getting far to angry about things that shouldnt upset you and dont concern you like your really bitter about somethink or have you been with a fatty and couldnt get your little dick in her or i bet your really screwed up inside so screwed up that you cant even talk about it with anyone coz its that bad and if not prove us wrong faggot whats your freeky side or what you class as a bit of freek you fuckin loner

Jul 23 2008
5:32 pm

Hey “Queen Nothing”, just out of curiosity, can you wipe your own ass?

Hahaha, shut the fuck up you fat sack of shit. You are worthless to society.

Gay pride
Jul 24 2008
8:49 am

Hey queen i see he mentioned ass in his post lmao and just look at the anger in his words hes bitter are you sure your not the fatty that he couldnt satisfy haha bye bye king

Gay pride
Jul 24 2008
8:51 am

Darkfeeder Get some balls will you and wipe the floor with this abused wife beater

Jul 24 2008
9:17 am


Hey faggot, shut the fuck up.

Queen nothing
Jul 24 2008
11:48 am

I see youve nothin better to do king you fucking loner come join us little dick hahaha

Jul 24 2008
11:59 am


I find this as entertaining as you. I always look for the opportunity to call a spade a spade and you make such an easy target. It almost requires no effort at all.

You claim to be accepted by society but in reality intolerant little haters like you will never be accepted by decent society so shut the fuck up and just wallow in you self righteous hatred. It’s truly comical that you are oh so confident in you self imposed superiority and yet it is you that are inferior in everyway. Your reaction and demeanor demonstrate your lack of understanding of just how diverse society can be. You give every indication that you are nothing more than a chest beating loser trying desperately to justify the fact that you are at least not as fucked up as those around you. You seem to have all the insecurity of a whipped dog and it’s laughable that you stand there and claim to be normal.

As for what I am, you have no FUCKING clue what I am. You can’t grasp that concept because your limited life experience and intelligence prohibit you from understanding anything beyond your black and white world of archaic moral right and wrong. But you are right about one thing. I have not become everything that you are. Unlike you I have grown into a reasonable educated adult with a life and an open attitude toward the diverse and unique. You on the other hand are a groveling tyrannical little shit with an overly bloated sense of your own importance. You are a fucking ineffectual cretin, a boil on the ass of society. But don’t be disturbed by this because you are not alone. Angry little ineffectual turds like you abound. You build monuments in your limited minds to your own self proclaimed societal worth, while all along the more enlightened and intelligent members of society find you mildly amusing and abhorrer your intolerance and anger. My advice to you is to get a life and stop interjecting you limited opinion into the fray. Every time you open your foul mouth you only serve to make yourself look the fool.

NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GO AWAY the adults are trying to converse.

Oh and BTW, I fully agree that you have the right to hate me. Just be advised, that everyone has the right to think of you as a moron for doing so and they would be correct in their assumption.

Gay Pride;

I don’t need to wipe the floor with the KING his knuckles already do that for us all.

Jul 24 2008
12:18 pm


I almost forgot, You claim that you were waiting around for me to answer you and you claim I have nothing to do? Look at the dates retard, It would appear that you were just drooling over a possible response from me for almost two weeks. Now what does that say about your wasted life, you fucking loser?

Queen nothing
Jul 24 2008
4:11 pm

Way hay love it darkfeeder thats just how i picture him a big fuckin ape full of steroids with a massive complex the fuckin joke i bet hes slappin his wife about as we speke wishin she was a man hahaha but in reality we are dealing with a shity arse kid by the sounds of it

Jul 25 2008
5:11 am


Write me another fucking essay, shithead. I didn’t even bother to read that shit past the first paragraph, you fucking bore me. Honestly, why the fuck do I bother? I have better things to do than argue with some jaded social leper. Like fucking hot college chicks who you would never have a chance in hell with, for example.

Queen nothing
Jul 25 2008
9:35 am

HaHa told you all hes a fuckin ponce on an ego trip whos only arsed about himself and how good he looks and hes judging again coz he doesnt even know what you look like darkfeeder so how does he know you wouldnt stand a chance and i cant believe hes still here why doesnt he go and chat to these so called hot college chicks the fuckin greese monkey

Jul 28 2008
3:26 pm


ROTFLMAO, we all know what the deal is with you so shut the fuck up. You couldn’t even wait 24 hrs to respond which means you are just sitting there drooling waiting for my reply like the lifeless loser that you pretend not to be.

As for your obvious joke about banging hot college chicks please save the fantasies for the less perceptive of us. We all know that doing something like that is what you someday aspire to do and has nothing to do with the piss poor reality that is your pathetic life. If you want and ask politely, I can relate to you just what it is like to bang hot chicks and even give you some pointers (for all the good that will do) because face it pig, that’s probably as close as you will ever come.

Jul 28 2008
10:40 pm

Honestly, I don’t know where the fuck you get off calling me a loser. Yeah, I check this page once a day when I am bored at work, why does that make me a loser? Like I said before, this entertainment to me.

You say I don’t have a life? Look who the fuck is talking. Your fucking screen name is a throwback to some dumbfuck fetish, and you are posting on pretty much the only website on the internet where that fetish is accepted.

Oh yeah, and we both know that you don’t get any pussy under 300lbs in real life. I’m 20 years old and I am bodybuilder, I get all the pussy I need. Don’t fucking kid yourself loser.

Jul 28 2008
10:41 pm

Oh yeah and “ROTFLMAO”

What the fuck does that even mean you fucking nerd?

Jul 29 2008
3:01 pm


“I’m 20 years old and I am bodybuilder, I get all the pussy I need. Don’t fucking kid yourself loser”.
I’m sure your fantasies are quite cathartic for you but you are most likely full of shit. You do know that nothing you claim can be substantiated here? So you only look foolish making such statements.

BTW, why do you care what other people do with their time and energy? If darkfeeder and his ilk want to practice their brand of kink in the privacy of their own homes it is REALLY NONE OF YOU FUCKING BUSINESS, YOU FUCKING SNOT NOSED BRAT.
The problem with you kids today is that nobody ever taught you any manners or respect for other people and you better learn some soon before someone drops the hammer on your stupid shit.
Now go about your business and get some work done before the boss gets wind of your slacker like tendencies and throws your useless ass out into the street.

Jul 29 2008
5:00 pm

What 20 year old doesn’t know what ROTFLMAO means?
(for the newly joined and poorly educated it stands for ‘rolling on the floor laughing my ass off’) Why would ANY college coed want some thing so lacking in maturity and intellect? There isn’t a body on earth worth lowering yourself to that level for. That’s why they invented batteries and massage head showers!
How many gym bunnies get a chance to check the internet site every day at work? Aren’t they all to busy grunting and lifting things for no other reason then to make they’re bicep measurement exceed their IQ?
Give me an honest MAN with a kink he’s willing to own up to any day.(I’m still a fan of yours Darkfeeder)
Normal is a statistical term, and not one that should be used for the utter disregard of those who fall outside the ‘norm’. I am sure King Nothing is abnormal too. After all, what King proclaims to have Nothing?

Aug 4 2008
3:28 pm

300plusqueen: Right now I am imagining you sitting on one of these fat-people go carts making fun of me for going to the gym and lifting weights. Thanks for the laugh. Oh, and my user name is a reference to a song that was popular a few years back. I guess you wouldn’t be familiar with it, though, since you have been living in a cave with losers like DarkFeeder forcing twinkies down your throat.

Justme: Did you forget to take your Thorazine this morning grandpa? Bitch about my generation all you want, you baby-boomers are the real fuck-ups and everyone knows it.

Aug 5 2008
11:55 am

King Nothing:

If it wasn’t for us baby boomers you wouldn’t exist…..Hey, wait a minute, I guess we did fuck up in that respect.

So, since you are a product of us so-called fuck ups, what exactly does that make you? Did you ever see what happens when you make copies from inferior originals, lol?

Bottom line sonny, is that when our generation is gone and your’s is left to flounder like the usesless slobs that you are. You will be left with absolutely nothing. Most of you will exist as fringe dwelling apartment renters acting as slaves to your electronics and cell phone addictions. You owe everything that you depend on to us and you are the most useless generation to come along in American History and that dipshit is what everyone knows.
So again, maybe you are right in that we did fuck up when shaping your so-called generation. Appearntly it is our fault that you are a bunch of ignorant, junk food addicted, cell phone dependant, pop culture loving, hp-hop sucking slobs.
Now go play your X-box and veg out because that’s what you and your ilk do best and don’t bullshit us anymore about how buff you are. We all know that generation X-large is populated by doughboy baggy pants wearing losers.

Aug 5 2008
12:07 pm

I just skimmed through these postings and I have to say that I think it’s cool that some people aren’t afraid to let their unique strangeness hang out.

But the last few posts really struck me as funny because this KING NOTHING guy is calling everyone here losers while he himself keeps coming back to be bitch slapped time and time again, ROTFLMAO!

Keep it up KING, you’re really providing the regulars here with some quality entertainment.

Aug 5 2008
4:34 pm

Hey Lucifer, shouldn’t you be writing some goth poetry for your imaginary Myspace friends (the only people who can put up with your shit) right about now? Get the fuck off my case.

Justme: Have fun trying to wipe your ass ten years from now, old man. I’ll be in the gym getting mah swole on regardless of whether or not you believe me.

And you’ll be in a fucking retirement home bitching about “kids these days” while leeching off of the economy that you fucked up with your Reagans and Bushes.

Aug 6 2008
10:41 am

300plusequeen: I see KING NOTHING has expressed a mental image of you on an ECV while making fun of him. I guess we now can see what his freak is; apparently he likes to be humiliated by hot fat girls. As for his comment about going to the gym and lifting weights, we now know it just a metaphor for masturbating ferociously to your imagined image.

Justme: Don’t be too hard on the child; he’s going to have it rough enough in the future when the reality of life and his own stupidity hits him square in his ignorant face.

Lucifer: You’re very right, K.N. is quite entertaining. This site hasn’t seen this much action in months. It’s amazing what just one tard can do liven to up the place.

KING NOTHING: Thank you from all of us, slapping you around has been a pleasure. Now do yourself a favor before you look any more the fool and find a nice safe place where you can mature and grow the fuck up.

Aug 7 2008
10:59 am

Hello everyone. I’ve haven’t checked here for some time. Nice to see a good ‘discussion’ up and running again. Also decided to finally write a post.
King Nothing… You are making a blatant fool of yourself. Notice how more and more ppl keep writing stuff against you? The point I’m getting at is that you do seem like a bloody idiot who is fuelling the sterotype of a dumb, stupid (and every other word with similar meaning) American who is constantly making emotion filled arguments. Not once have a seen any common sence or logic in any of your posts. Further fuellig the stereotype, you refuse to accept any new information that may seem out of the ordinary to the perfect, ignorrant little world you are so used to being shielded by. With every silly new post you make, you are digging deeper into your own grave. And it doesn’t help your cause at all when everyone else refutes all you say.
This is coming from an 18 year old. That’s right, I’m 2 years younger than you. And I tell you now that I have a lot more common sense than you could dream of having. Word to the wise, stop making our generation look like ungreatful fools who dont know how good we’ve got it yet think we know best. Also i can’t believe you didn’t know what ROTFLMAO meant. Thought that was a given this day in age.

For the record, yes I do find fat women attractive. If she’s cute, sexy, good personality, etc, and at least 300lbs (preferably 400, 500 or bigger) then I’m interested. Im an FA to the bone. And before you try and insult me King Nothing, I am in a position at university where I could have plenty of skinny hot chicks if I wanted. But I prefer fat chicks.

PS: Darkfeeder and co, you guys are cool. At least you show that there are logical people around in the world that use reason over emotion. Also, I hope Tereasa the Plump makes a post soon. Im interested to see how close she is to her goal of 1000. Best of luck to her.

Aug 7 2008
3:23 pm

Darkfeeder: I’m glad you knew what King Nothing was saying when he mentioned ‘fat people go carts’. I had images of squishing into a Mini-Cooper! Seriously though, the boy has problems that can’t be addressed here. As to his image of you forcing twinkies at me…. not bad, but do you ‘do’ Hagan Daz? Picture the huge spoonful after spoonful melting as you shovel it in faster. OOH, the shivers inside and out that would cause!
Aussie: Thank heaven! There is hope for the future after all. I was beginning to think anyone five or more years younger then myself was inheritantly a brain dead egotist. Doesn’t matter what body type you are or prefer, your open mind and willingness to listen allows me to appreciate you. There’s some lucky fat lady just drooling for you to come into her life.

Aug 7 2008
3:53 pm

Aussie: How much can you bench press, nerd? You are a pig fucker just like everyone else, which is the only reason you felt like you needed to write a 500 page essay on how terrible I am.

300plusqueen: You are fat and digusting and nobody will ever love you outside this internet forum.

Darkfeeder: Go ahead and hi-five your internet friends, but remember that the reason everyone is ganging up on me here is because they are all FAT FETISHISTS just like you. If this was a horse fucking board and I came out and said that fucking horses is fucking digusting, the result would be exactly the same — old men with pedo mustaches and gangly nerds writing angry messages at me on the internet.

Aug 7 2008
7:02 pm

King Nothing. I’ve already beaten you. You are already at the point of throwing petty insults at me in a sad attempt to win this argument. If you re read what I wrote about logic and reason you may begin to understand where Im coming from. And trying to compare how much we could bench press is bloody laughable. I’ve had friends ask that in a sad attempt to win arguments and I just laugh at that question every time I hear it. HA HA HA!
Since your interested though… I can bench between 50kg – 60 kg (thats 110lbs – 132lbs). Not bad for a 6ft 180lbs guy who only restarted at the gym three days ago. But thats all that needs to be said about it.
300plusqueen: I appreciate your kind words. I will admit that I do have an ego but I do my best to keep it under control. Brain over brawn friends.

Thought I may as well make known my stance on feederism. In a relationship, I try fattening my girl up just a little bit by always spoiling her with food treats but I never try to get her to the point where she is a huge immobile mass of flab. If my girlfriend or any girl ever said to me ‘I wanna gain weight and I want you to feed me until Im immobile’ or words to that effect, then I would take part in the intense feeding process until she became completely bedridden, massive and oh so gorgeous.

Aug 8 2008
6:24 am

You can barely press half your bodyweight, don’t kid yourself, that’s fucking pathetic. I press in the 200s for reps, and I deadlift in the 375-400 range also for reps. In other words, I could beat your scrawny ass into a pulp and if you encountered me in real life you would probably be smart enough to stay the fuck out of my way. So in the end the little 18 year goldenboy for this retarded, digusting fetish turns out to be nothing more than a weak, gangly little nerd who struggles to bench press 110 lbs. I saw a 5′2″ girl doing 115 the other day, she is more of a man than you will ever be.

You know, you guys seem to get off on the fact that people are ganging up on me. Well consider this — everyone who has spoken against me is a fat fetishist, and I was directed to this little thread by a popular internet forum filled with people who find people like you absolutely revoluting.

Have a nice day, losers. I look forward to reading your drivel.

Aug 8 2008
4:22 pm

Did you expect not to get responses to your insulting small minded rants? Of course people of a shared opinion in aspecialized forum will try to defend their reasoning. The problem has been that you are not reasoning, you are name calling and not even trying to have a conversation. Why should anyone treat those sorts of outbursts with logic or respect? How silly.
You have a mind, you have your opinions …Good! So express them in a way that allows dialog. WHY don’t you like fat people? What sterotypes do you believe? Does that makes anyone open minded to large body types an arch enemy? No one you care about is obese?
If I came to your gym looking to change my life would you help? Or would you insult and deride me to the point of tears and hopelessness until I left? If you did that wouldn’t you be part of the ‘problem’? What use is the gym if only your idea of a fit person could come? We both know you did not reach your impressive bench press numbers overnight. You have to be determined, diciplined, and strong minded. The measure of a man is not in the physical strength (although that certainly has it’s appeal and in your case may be evidence of other attributes), but in his convictions, compassion, courage and so much more.
I could gain weight to a point, but I have trouble with the mobility issue. Darkfeeder has been quite up front with aspects to be considered from both feeder, and, as best he can, feedee perspectives. Clearly it takes a unquie view of relationships and trust and discipline for the feedee to get to such enormous size, and for the feeder to take care of her.
Although now that I think about it, not necessarily because some one becomes incapacitated. After all, all it takes is a freak accident or illness and any partnership may encounter a disabled person. However, becoming a caretaker of anyone is stressful. As a rather independent personality, becoming completely reliant on another is a bit frightening. To actively seek this sort of relationship, despite the pleasures it may bring still is a difficult concept for me.
I could walk through the fires of hell for those I love, and they feel the same for me, but no one mentions that here… so for lust? Am I the only one assuming that love is also present?

Teresa the Plump
Aug 10 2008
8:46 am

Also, I hope Teresa the Plump makes a post soon. I’m interested to see how close she is to her goal of 1000. Best of luck to her.

Alas, I’m not going to get to 1000 pounds, or even 900. I’ve been very sick all year and have gone down from my all-time high. Not because I want to, but because my body has lost its strength to maintain such a fantastic intake.

This has been an excruciating and humiliating journey for me, not just physically and emotionally, but mentally. I’ve had to face up to the fact that I have been living a lie for the past several years. What began as a defiant foray into my fat fetish turned into a monstrous obsession that ruined my whole life. My doctor told me point blank that I have a 30 percent chance of living through the next six months. (It’s less than five months now.) I’ve been in and out of the hospital three times. That all by itself was bad enough, but the reasons I had to go are much worse. Never mind all the diarrhea and the vomiting from my obsession with food and alcohol. Never mind that I’ve developed diabetes and now have to take shots. Never mind that I’ve suffered internal hemorrhaging from my blood pressure. Never mind the dislocated hip. Never mind the kidney failure, the liver problems. Never mind that I’ve gone blind in one eye. Never mind all that small stuff.

It’s the big stuff that’s getting me down. No way in hell was I leaving my house unless I was dying, and so that’s what it took. I always knew my weak link would be my heart, but I was so fucking clueless about it. I actually looked forward to it. My entire life had become a grotesque sexual fantasy gone amok. Reality gave me a clue real fast. Early this year I caught the flu, which gave me a heart attack. A god-damned heart attack! Way much more fun to fantasize about during sex than to actually experience. A fucking heart attack at fucking 29 years old. That’s how much I had screwed myself up.

It was the beginning of the end. Two weeks after I came home I caught pneumonia from something I had picked up at the hospital. That led to another heart attack—this time followed by several more in the hospital. I’ll spare you the lovely details. Bottom line: I’m finished. You have no idea how miserable I am. I’ve been bitchy and emotionally wrecked practically all year. I’m sick as a dog. I have the strength of a little baby. I have the mental function of our friend King Nothing. I’ve given up my work as a freelancer. I’ve stopped reading and writing. I don’t do much of anything anymore. I’m too tired, too angry, too sick, too depressed. I’ve alienated myself from a number of my friends. My fault, not theirs. I even managed to get the lusty, horny Mister Darkfeeder to stop talking to me in our e-mails on MySpace.

Most of what made me happy in life disappeared during my years of massive weight gain, until my only remaining ambition was to fatten my bloated body to some mythical limit. Well, as Solomon supposedly said, this too shall pass, and now I’ve got nothing left but to run out the clock. Do you know what the worst part is, though? I’m so deeply ensnared by my own feedee mindset that, even now, I can’t stop. I can’t change my ways. I don’t eat as much as I used to, mainly because it makes me sick, and because I’m groggy or sleeping so often, but I still eat as much as I can, and way more than I should. I’ve even managed to gain some weight back.

It really wounds me, knowing that I could have prevented this. I knew better all along. I’ve had heart problems for years, some of which I knew about but which were mostly unknown. I had the chance to get them diagnosed and to treat them, and didn’t. I had the chance to lose weight, and didn’t. I had the chance to get some damned exercise, and didn’t. What I did do was abuse my chance to gorge myself into oblivion. Now I am suffering from advanced heart failure, with the aforementioned life expectancy of a house fly. I’ll be lucky to see my birthday at the end of the year. Well, fuck. I’ve lost my will to fight. I’ll eat like a pig until the day I die, and then I’ll die like one, a rotting massive roll of flesh that has long since lost her humanity, lying in her own rancid filth in Mister Darkfeeder’s proverbial bed of gluttonous, sex-driven self-mutilation.

It’s not true what they say about fat people having no self-discipline, no self-respect, no control. But it can become the truth when you do what I did, and let yourself grow into an immense blob. God damn…it was so much fun for a while. It was so awesome. I lived a dream. But I never got what I really wanted, because what I wanted was not to get fat, but to continue getting fatter. I had that for a while, but it didn’t last. Now I know that it wasn’t worth it. If I had everything to do over again, I would never have gone down this road. If only I could go back in time and tell that to myself.

So, no. Sorry to disappoint you, but there will be no 1000-pound party. All I can say to you is to never, ever encourage your girlfriend or wife to strive for immobility or anything beyond that. Don’t let it happen. The human body cannot survive at 800 pounds. 300 pounds, 400, 500…sure. I should have stopped there, but I have an addictive personality, and my husband was all too willing to take me at my word and help me eat myself to the point of death. I was doomed almost from the beginning. The more I ate, the more I grew obsessed with eating. The heavier I got, the more I felt I had to gain. Too much is never enough.

That’s enough out of me. Nobody wants to hear about the fattie apostate whose own luck turned south and has now turned against the entire premise of post-immobile obesity. I check this board regularly, hoping for something worth replying to. When you mentioned my name, I figured, with the posting problems repaired, I’d drop in and say what was on my mind. Now I’ve said it. Except for one thing:

Mister Darkfeeder was both right and wrong about me. All those things he said about me being a selfish coward were true the whole time, and I didn’t realize that because it was all just flirting to me. He really knows how to turn a gal on. But he wasn’t just flirting. He meant it. And he was right. He was also right in predicting my change of heart now that I’m sick. But he was wrong about me in thinking that I am a feedee by nature. I’ve always had my fat fetish, and my feedee impulses…but I never seriously acted on them until I was 22. That’s when I became the monster. My fate didn’t have to happen. I hope anybody else who is on the road to willful super-obesity realizes that, and decides to rethink their future.

Aug 10 2008
8:21 pm

King Nothing. I hope you realise that you sound very childish still comparing how much we can bench. 300plusqueen summed things up pretty well. You have been doing gym work for some time, I only decided to start doing it regularly last week so nuf said on that. Now would seem like a good time for you to stop posting and leave here on the best terms possible. And take your biceps and ego with you cause I’m sure even you can tell that it isn’t very appreciated here.
Teresa: I’m really not sure what to say. I am terribly sorry to hear what has happened to you. I hope you recover as best as you can and even gain back some of you bubbly optimism that we saw in you first few posts. I wish you all the best and I’m sorry that my words can’t be of any significant help.

Aug 11 2008
4:05 pm

“You can barely press half your bodyweight, don’t kid yourself, that’s fucking pathetic. I press in the 200s for reps, and I deadlift in the 375-400 range also for reps. In other words, I could beat your scrawny ass into a pulp and if you encountered me in real life you would probably be smart enough to stay the fuck out of my way. So in the end the little 18 year goldenboy for this retarded, digusting fetish turns out to be nothing more than a weak, gangly little nerd who struggles to bench press 110 lbs. I saw a 5′2″ girl doing 115 the other day, she is more of a man than you will ever be”.

ROTFLMAO!!!!!! Isn’t it oh so convenient that the net doesn’t allow for you to back up any of your pathetic 3rd rate smack talk? Face it dumbass, you’re nothing more than a detestable little runt desperately trying to prove that you have balls enough to hang out with the big guys. The obvious reality of the situation is that the only repetitious activity you are capable of is the continuous way you are making a fool of yourself on this site. As for any RL intimidation ability you might have, a real hard-ass tough guy wouldn’t need too crow about their ability to beat anyone to a pulp because they would be secure enough know what they can and or cannot do. In other words, you little piss soaked diaper, if you were actually secure in all that you claim, you wouldn’t feel the need to bleat on about it and pathetically try some useless attempt at intimidation.

300plus queen:
Yeah, I do Hagan Daz or anything else your belly desires. It all feeds (pardon the pun) into my purposes.
As for trying to argue logic with the King Dickhead; don’t bother. His type cannot be educated or even taught a modicum of tolerance. He has all the manners and intelligence of a common house fly and is about as relevant. The only time he will remotely develop some manners is when he actually opens his mouth to the wrong person in RL and ends up wearing his ass for a hat. But I’m doubtful this will ever happen because there is a high probability that in reality he is just as pathetic as his grammar school bravado suggests.

Don’t worry about King Limpwrist and his chest beating. What can you expect from an idiot that aspires to be the spiting image of a roided out stegosaurs? I guess he can take solace in the fact that his aspirations are at least partially met in the fact that he already has a brain that functions on the level with the afore mentioned extinct reptile.

Teresa the Pump: Holy Shit! You’re still breathing. The last we spoke I expected the next communiqué to be an obituary. All kidding aside, I just want to say thanks for the insight into your world. I’m sure it’s been an eye opener for all those who think that feederism is just about food and sex play. Addictions rarely have room for moderation and rarely end without severe consequence.
Don’t think that I’ve cut you off in anyway. It’s just that I didn’t think your last months, days or hours needed to be intruded upon by my told you so attitude and gloating. I truly do feel sorry for you, not because of you present condition (that was inevitable) but because you only now realize the consequences of your actions.
Well such is life and we all make what some would refer to as insane choices. But that is our prerogative and we must all learn to live or die by those choices no matter what.

Aug 14 2008
7:11 pm

Theresa the Plump:
I am sorry to hear of the state of your health. I have found, that working in a hospital, most people really don’t fear death…it’s the process of dying that is painful and terrifing. There is little to say to console you, but in your own words… you lived a dream, it was amazing. There
really isn’t more to say about anyone’s life, (unless you go into the altruistic aspects that is so admired.)
I hope you and your husband find some comfort and peace with each other, and the circumstances.

Oct 12 2008
3:14 am

Haven’t checked back here for a little bit but seems mo one else has either. Darkfeeder, how are things going for you and your wife. 300plusqueen, hope everything is all good. Teresatheplump, still hanging in there? Best wishes for you.

Mar 11 2009
4:01 pm

Wow haven’t checked in here for a while it appears that things are pretty dead.
Aussie: Theresa the Plump passed away a few months back. It wasn’t entirely unexpected. She sealed her own fate quite awhile ago. On a lighter note I’m doing well and so is the wife and child.

Take Care

Mar 13 2009
10:09 pm

Fat chics are great,I’m a good lookin guy and have no prob gettin it, I’ll chase a fattie first, they tend to be less inhibited,( so that means less BS), they definetly are more sensitive to the touch, are their pussies tight ? I dont know but it just fits in just right,mmmm, they are more up front with us guy.I treat them with respect , cuz they are lookin for the same thing I want,TO GET LAID so I should treat them like I want to be treated.
Trouble is there’s a lot of asshole guys who want to go and just fuck her and not make her feel good about it then just run out on them.Make her feel good about herself and WOW you are in for a hell of a good night.My guide lines are… as long as she still has some shape to herself,ideal is bout 5′10 225-250 lbs isn’t down on herself about her weight and doesn’t think/feel that you just want to use her, you are in and #1,(my secret) is take care of her first, cuz if she already got what she’s givin she will be a lot more enthusiastic about takin care of you

Apr 13 2009
3:42 am

Hi there,

This is my first time actually posting, but I’ve been tracking the site for months.

I’m not a feeder or feedee or interested in the lifestyle in any capacity beyond an intellectual one. Let me explain. I am a filmmaker.

I’m finishing up my senior year at school and along with it my thesis film, which was inspired by this website. It’s called “Jack Feeds Elysa,” and you can guess what it’s about.

I just wanted to say that you are all wonderfully weird people and even though my film is decidedly a dark comedy, I make it clear that feederism is a loving and mutual pursuit and is no more twisted than some of the things that occur in “normal” relationships, whatever those are.

The premier is in May and I’ll find a way to make something of it available on this page.

Special thanks to Darkfeeder and Teresa_the_Plump who provided extra inspiriation, and you can be assured that with her passing I will be dedicating the film to her.

Take care. I’ll be in touch.

Apr 15 2009
7:30 am

Darkfeeder, I haven’t been checking here too much since my last comment. Shame to hear about Teresa. Hopefully she did not suffer any more than she already had. I must admit it is phenominal that she was able to gain so much so quickly. Hope her husband is coping alrite.
Glad to hear you’re well tho.

JFE, best of luck with the film. Would be good if you could get it up on youtube or something like that. Even if you’re not into the whole feeder/feedee thing, surely just reading this page must have given you some interest in fat chicks ;)

Would be nice to see a ‘healthy’ discussion starting up again. We need some bbw feedees/gainers leaving posts

Apr 21 2009
3:45 am

I love fat chicks. Everything about their body shape gets me more excited than a skinny girl. I promise you fat admirers exist, and it’s no different than being attracted to skinny girls. However, I am not and could never be a feeder. That’s just disgusting.

Apr 21 2009
3:45 am

I love fat chicks. Everything about their body shape gets me more excited than a skinny girl. I promise you fat admirers exist, and it’s no different than being attracted to skinny girls. However, I am not and could never be a feeder. That’s just disgusting.

Perplexed and Amazed
Apr 28 2009
3:04 pm

The other day I saw something I thought was unimaginable until now. I was in the parking lot of a local mall it was late in the afternoon and there were not many people around. As I walked past a row of cars I heard a noise off to my left and there was the fattest woman I’ve ever seen taking a squat poop as she was squeezing here immense bulk between two parked cars. She was wearing a large pink tent like sun dress and no visible underwear as she had the dress hiked up over her massively bloated backside. She was grunting and farting like nobodies business. She had two companions with her, a guy and a teenage girl, probably husband and daughter, (I’m guessing) and she obviously was in distress over the ordeal but her companions seemed rather nonchalant about the whole thing. At first I was shocked and appalled but I soon came to realize that this poor women probably didn’t have much choice as she was so huge that it was obvious that a normal wall hung public toilet would never support her weight. Furthermore her extreme size made her look less than human and sort of gave the impression of seeing an elephant at the zoo taking a dump.

Not wanting to stick around for the final outcome I quickly made my way to my car and as I was leaving the parking lot I saw her two companions ushering their waddling blob into a waiting van. It apparently took considerable effort to heave the massively obese pooping monster into the vehicle as it was rocking like a boat caught in a storm. After getting over the initial shock I found the whole episode so funny that I could stop laughing the entire ride home.

Now you may ask what does this have to do with feederism, well just judging from the size of this woman and the fact that she appeared to have obesity related mobility issues one would have to conclude that somebody was bringing her huge quantities of food on a constant basis. How else does someone who is obviously to heavy to get around well get enough food and become so big that using a normal toilet should become impossible? I suspect that at least one of her companions must be a feeder and in the process gets off on this woman’s addiction to food. If this was indeed the case I have to ask WHY? Why would you purposely do something like that to someone you supposedly love? Just judging from the fat woman’s facial expressions and obvious embarrassment I’m sure she wasn’t happy about the fact that she had to defecate in a parking lot all because she was to fat to use a public restroom. To me it looked as if her companions couldn’t care less and were perhaps annoyed at the inconvenience of it all. I guess I don’t understand how any self respecting person could let this happen to themselves and how any supposedly loving and caring partner could do it to their significant other. Maybe someone here could shed some light on this and help me understand the apparent brutal and deviant nature of it all.

May 5 2009
11:50 am

Hey guys,

Just thought you might want to see the trailer for the film. It’s a little bit spoilerish, but I think it sets the tone nicely.

May 11 2009
3:45 pm


Interesting trailer, too bad more audio isn’t provided. I for one would like to know what made you choose feederism over any one of the myriad of fetish activities out there. Was it for the comedic value that you felt it would elicit or simply for the shock value that you knew it would create? I would also like to know what the actors themselves and the rest of the individuals attached to the film thought of the subject matter. Feederism usually elicits a very strong visceral and negative response once people understand what it is.

May 11 2009
10:49 pm


I’m pleased you appreciated my trailer, as your words on this page provided some inspiration for Jack’s character. I assure you that, while I have embraced the humor in some of the situations, my movie is not a mockery of the feeder lifestyle.

In fact, I play on the “visceral and negative response” you speak of. In one scene, paramedics come to Elysa’s aid after she blacks out during sex. She refuses to let them take her to the hospital, while Jack says nothing. As he shows them to the door, one of the paramedics gives Jack a soul-crushing look of disgust.

Jack is perceived as a victimizer somewhat until the end of the film, in which a revealing flashback shows the mutual nature of their relationship, which has existed all along. It’s at this point that all of my test audiences changed their tune and embraced it as a love story and not a horror story. I even got a glowing review in the Providence Journal.

During my casting calls, which I taped but haven’t watched in a while, I explained feederism to my actors and gauged their responses. Most of them hadn’t heard of it, but were not at all judgmental. In fact Wendy, who plays Elysa, professed that it was tame compared to some of the things she’d been exposed to.

I admit openly that I am not a feeder or even particularly attracted to overweight women, and that my interest in this project has been one of objective fascination rather than personal interest. However, I am sensitive to the fact that feederism has not been portrayed positively (or even accurately) before and I wanted to see if I could rectify that some. I hope I’ve eased your skepticism some. I’ll try to make more trailers/scenes available after the premiere this Wednesday.

May 28 2009
1:45 pm

So how did the premier go and how was your film it received? Did you get the reaction you were looking for? Did the audience understand the message you were trying to convey? My guess is you got anything from revulsion to nervous hysterical laughter. I’m not trying to be obnoxious here, I’m just curious. As stated before and as you can see from the many posts on this site, public reaction to this stuff generally and understandably runs toward the negative. It would be refreshing to hear that your audience found the subject less than horrific.

Jun 4 2009
2:58 pm

I love food. I love having sex with my husband who loves me fat. I love being fat.

Whats the problem?
Jun 13 2009
11:18 pm

long time reader, first time poster.
i love this thread. i love checking back on it frequently. Mr. Darkfeeder, I love your posts. I myself am also an admirerer (spelling?) of SSBBW’s, no such thing as a woman who is too fat for me.
I was lucky in my life to have had such a goddess decorate my life, over 600lbs of warm, beautiful,soft,kinky,funny,smart,unique, and so many more words of a woman (she has since passed) but let me tell you, once youve had supersized fat, you dont want to go back!
so just wanted to send out a hello, love this thread, i hope more post and let others know how they feel, thanks and good day!

Jul 9 2009
2:05 pm

I want to see pics of “Karen” when she was a “SSBBW to a wheezing, barely mobile, 680+lb, eating machine”


Jeniffer you have the right idea. If you are happy being fat or fatter, and your husband likes it… ENJOY life.

Jul 10 2009
4:38 am

yea i agree


Jul 10 2009
1:45 pm

I also agree, Karen should show off some pictures. They would probably be fantastic. But I doubt that’s going to ever happen because as Mr. Darkfeeder explains in many of his posts, a lot of feedees are very unhappy with who and what they are and go to great lengths to avoid facing the reality of their own nature. So I guess we are going to have to make due with imagination.

Oct 6 2009
5:24 pm

Where is everyone? This little forum is quite dead these days….

Sad :(

Oct 9 2009
3:33 pm

Wow, a post. How have you been curious?

Oct 15 2009
1:11 am

hey darkfeeder. didnt know you still checked back here. Id like to say that my wife, that when this conversation began, was 282 pounds and 20 years old, motivated her to become as fat as possible. she has gained doubled her weight in these four years. weird, she was actually motivated by these peoples discussion and the ones like king nothing

Oct 20 2009
4:10 pm


Being motivated to gain by the actions and opinions of people like King Nothing is called, giving a big “Fuck You” to the so-called norms and pressures of conformity that exist in our society. I applaud you wife’s decision to become a huge hog. She is fulfilling the idea of what she wishes to be. Just tell her to be careful in what she wishes for because it can easily come at a high price.

the Pressure of Conformity
Feb 25 2010
10:12 pm

“Being motivated to gain by the actions and opinions of people like King Nothing is called, giving a big “Fuck You” to the so-called norms and pressures of conformity that exist in our society.”

This is funny. I’m a person of normal weight who thinks your sick and hopes you die but only for a few seconds or so whilst your in my immediate view. Once your out of sight your out of mind and your big “Fuck You” is nothing more than a falling tree in a vacant forest.

Please, I implore you, keep eating until you die.

Mar 9 2010
1:10 pm

To The pressure of conformity:
Funny you should use the word vacant near your closing statement. I was thinking of the same word while reading your stupid foaming little diatribe. Only instead of a forest I was applying it to your cognitive abilities. Once again a self important judgmental little turd shows its inability to even understand the issue that it rants about. You and the other 49% of the knuckle dragging populace can eat shit and die and the sooner you do so, the deeper the human gene pool will be.

To Darkfeeder:
Keep doing what you are doing. The world needs more people like you who have the courage to set themselves apart from the herd. Let the lemmings of this world follow each other right over the cliff.

Mar 23 2010
12:07 pm

Just to let anyone who’s interested know, I’ve been working on a DVD for Jack Feeds Elysa with commentary and bloopers, etc. It should be available online sometime in April. I’ll post an update here and on my YouTube account.

Darkfeeder, if you email me your information, I’ll definitely send you a free copy. Otherwise, it’ll probably just be $10 including shipping.

As for the premiere, it went very well. People were definitely shocked and amused, but more than a few were drawn in and interested, especially when I reveal in the credits that there are real people with this sort of lifestyle. To this day people who saw it tell me how it affected the way they view obese people, how they no longer pity them automatically, etc.

In fact, the main gripe people had was the length. Some people walked out before any of the feeder content occurred because they saw on the program it was thirty-two minutes and didn’t want to sit through it. Thirty-two minutes is long for a short film, especially a student one, but everyone who did see it, including the critic from the Providence Journal made a point of saying how it didn’t feel long at all and it flowed nicely.

Mar 26 2010
2:16 pm

Thank you for the offer, I appreciate it. But there really is no way for me to give you my info in this forum. Personal contact within this venue is frowned upon by the owners of the site. But congratulation on the success of your opening, I’m sure it was gratifying to experience after the work you put in producing this film.

You say the film affected the way that people view the obese and they no longer automatically pity them. I would like to know how the film changed their point of view and in what way. As you can see from many comments here most people view the severely obese with a mixture of disgust, repugnance and pity; if you take out the pity then you are only left with the disgust and the repugnance. Many people believe that the obese are for the most part, lazy gluttons who spend their lives in denial of their condition. So am I correct in assuming that your little film only propagated those feelings of disgust and revulsion or did it change people’s point of view in a way that was unexpected.

BTW, I’d like to echo the disappointment a few commenter’s have expressed here on the fact that you didn’t use a ssbbw for your film. I feel it probably would have added an extra element of realism and shock value. If you ever decide to produce a project with related subject matter again I would check the FA/BBW community for help in finding a willing participant. In the past there have been several ssbbw/feedees who have taken part in various independent films, TV programs and documentaries. In fact if you pitched your film project as a fat positive venture, you probably would get more interested parties than you could handle.

May 9 2010
12:55 am

I’ve just lost the last 5 hours of my life trying to read through all the commentary here. It’s a huge understatement… but I have to say that I’m more then thrilled that I did.

May 18 2010
3:12 am


I haven’t checked this discussion for some time but lovely of you to grace this it with your presence. Must say I’m a big fan of you.

May 25 2010
1:34 pm

Well, well if it isn’t THE Heather herself. You honor us just by taking the time to read through this all this insanity. I sincerely hope you stick around and add your point of view to the mix. I for one would be very interested in your take on the subject.

May 25 2010
10:36 pm

yeah seriously Heather, we’d all love to know what you think. Big fan of yours too :)

Jul 15 2010
4:41 pm

Hey Darkfeeder,

How fat is your wife now? Is she still alive or have you fed her to death. In my opinion freaks like you should be arrested and jailed for attempted murder. As for your poor fat pig wife she should be chopped up and fed to the starving people in Africa or boiled down for soap. I can believe people like you even exist in our society how do you get away with this sick shit and how the hell do you sleep at night?

Aug 30 2010
12:29 pm

I love very supersized women. 600-700+. But I am not a freak because of that. I am very normal and also very helpful I have been together with a large women around 700lbs. It was great in every way. The worst was to deal all bull shit talk about us.She was very normal in every way just happend to be a very large woman. Same dream and wild fun fantasies. Nice, caring, very pretty.
I grow up with very large people around me and for me it was normal. I have always treated large women with respect….so I enjoy and feel comfortable around large women. The thing now is….I dont have a large woman. If you are or if you know a woman who would like to have friend….tell her about me….friends first….
Okay, if I will hear from a woman 6-700lb…I will be glad….I am sure it can be nice for both of us.
If you are and people around you treat you bad….its sad…I know to well how it is. If you just want to have someone to talk to, you are welcome too.
Big Hugs

Jan 31 2011
8:31 am

Is this forum dead? I have enjoyed all the postings on here. It’s too bad it didn’t become more of a confessional place for real 500+ pound women to talk about their stories. Where’s the best place to go now to hear more stories from the fattest women?

May 14 2011
10:24 am

I am disgusted by fat girls, they make me want to puke. Being fat is a disease, and working out is the cure. So, you can either die the fat, ugly, pathetic excuse for a girl you are, or you change that. It’s obvious that the guys who are into fat girls isn’t getting any. There is not such a thing as “BBW.” Beauty does NOT come from within, that’s bullshit. So, remember it’s a CHOICE to be overweight.

BeautifulAnd Healthy
Nov 5 2012
5:33 pm

I don’t think there’s any problem with being overweight. It’s these men who want to make woman so fat they control them, its dispicable and abusive. They come as there ’saviours’ and love the woman, but destroy them at the same time. These women need help.

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