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Mom Strips at Son’s Birthday Party

“A Pennsylvania mom is going to jail for allegedly stripping at her teenage son’s birthday party. Prosecutors charged that 35-year-old Patricia Johnson provided the entertainment when plans to ride go-carts fizzled… Authorities say Johnson bought beer for her son and three friends and licked their faces while she did her striptease act. Johnson says her unusual behavior was fueled by pills and alcohol.” — (US)

(Thanks to alanr for the link.)

You wonder how these things get started. You can imagine Ms. Johnson realizing she forgot to make the reservations for the go-carts. “Oh! I’m so stupid! The boys will be so mad! What should I do?” In the Yellow Pages she happens to notice that the entry right after “go-carts” is “go-go girls.” That gives her a little idea…

Seriously, a lot of parents want their kids to think that they are “cool.” Ms. Johnson probably fantasized about her son telling his pals what a “cool mom” he had. Buying beer for thirteen-to-sixteen-year-old boys stretches the definition of being a cool mom. Shaking your tits and licking the boys’ faces definitely steps over the line.

Besides, rather than being a cool mom, isn’t it really more important to be a good parent?

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Apr 20 2004
12:56 am

Dang, this is indecent. She oughtta be imprisoned, there she’d really learn how to be a good momma.

( do you suppose those impressionable 13 year olds actually saw some flesh they hadn’t seen before? Scarred for life.)

May 4 2004
5:23 am

I wish I had a mom like that. Of course I’d want my party to be a bit more private so she and I could spend some “quality time” together.

May 5 2004
12:32 pm

The stripping was taking things a bit too far. Why didn’t she just hire a strippergram?

May 30 2004
4:12 pm

My friends mom did that except we where the right age

merve perve
Jun 23 2004
10:49 pm

What a turn-on!!! I’m still jacking-off thinking about it!!

Jul 9 2004
2:28 pm

nothing wrong with sex education

Aug 30 2004
8:17 am

Her son was 13 and he was complaining? When I was thirteen, I was thrilled to see any woman’s tits! It doesn’t matter that she’s his mother, she is just a woman to a horny young boy. I had to actually try to see my mother naked when I was a teenager, and he’s getting it without even trying! When you’re that age it doesn’t matter – I wanted to have full blown sex with my mother. I bet he just pretended to not like it since he had other friends there who would make fun of him if he admitted enjoying it. If I were him, I wouldn’t invite anyone else to the party next year…

chucko Declown
Dec 9 2004
12:05 pm

How did authorities get involved? Id have let Mom strip, send the friends home and party with mom all night

Dec 22 2004
3:57 am

what a loser. Poor kid will have to hear about this for some time huh.

Dec 28 2004
4:14 pm

I would consider the chap pretty lucky. I know I tried desperately at that age to see female flesh. About the most I saw then was my mom in her panties and bras, some of which were a little on the revealing side.

Jade Pearn
Jan 1 2005
6:30 pm

You lot are fucked up, like i know this is perv web page, but fuck!! why the hell would you wanna fuck your mum?? its your mum?! Really, what is the appeal? enlighten me!

Jan 24 2005
4:30 pm

it’s obvious that the woman had some problems, what she did was indecent and stupid, but why the hell send her to jail for that? it’s ridiculous. i bet the kids weren’t “scarred for life”, they were just happy to see a real naked woman at last… and by this age pornography and alcohol aren’t a taboo to kids anymore. the only person who would have got to “suffer” in this story is the son, who probably would have got teased a bit at school, big deal. now with court and jail and media attention, everyone has to suffer. it’s stupid.

Jan 24 2005
9:32 pm

I can relate to the kids at the party…
my friend got his aunt to dance (strip) at his party, it was fucking HOT!!!!!!!!!! she was about 43 and still relly hot i’d never been intrested in “mature” women until then

If any one whants to know how this ends e-mail me PLZ!!!!

Jan 24 2005
9:46 pm

dude you should e-mail griff that’s friken hot

any wayz i heard he DID fuck his mom and then in the moring he called the police

Feb 8 2005
10:51 am

thats charming i would not fuck my mom u sick fucks shes a great gal but thats my mom dude get a life

Feb 15 2005
6:30 pm

most of your comments are pretty ageist and the “it’s gross it was his mom” is just coming from the norms placed on us by society

Mar 2 2005
2:00 pm

If he doesnt wanna fuck his mum, il do it for him

Mar 8 2005
3:59 pm

My mom stripped for me on my 18th birthday, but I didn’t know it was her because she wore a mask. She took off my clothes as well during her dance. After her dance was over and we were naked she offered sex. I was horny as hell now so I went for it! Right after my orgasm she ripped off her mask. I of course was sick afterward, but I have to admit it still felt great! We do it about twice a week now. Anyone that tells you incest isn’t pleasurable is wrong!

the mighty dillz
Mar 11 2005
12:32 pm

dudes…. this shits funny. maybe his mom should suck my MIGHTY DILLZ… lol pEACE sylis

Bring it on!!!
Mar 11 2005
8:10 pm

hey thats hot (not my own mom but you know) If any of you have a mom that could suck my dick e-mail me

Mar 21 2005
7:47 pm

you guys are fuckin gross

Mar 26 2005
8:58 am

i would love if mom stripe for me and i will not be wored. i will fuck her ass, not only me i will also ask my friends to bang her.

Mar 28 2005
12:28 pm

I’d just fuck her right in front of my friends and let them watch me cum inside her just to see the look on their faces! Of course, I’d probably have to move to Siberia afterwards since I couldn’t admit to any of them that I actually enjoy fucking my mother. But hey, I guess a true friend would understand

Mar 30 2005
3:56 pm

my mom is not the best looking but she is alright. i probably wouldnt mind my mom stripping for me. i defenitly would not mind her going down on my cock. cum on her 36c tits and do her in the morning. but thats just a fantasy though. another one of my fantasy is my sister. she has even bigger tits. but thats for another time. later yall

Lord Kain
Mar 31 2005
9:31 pm

A stepmom like that would be nice. I wonder if she was reminiscing the good old days. Too bad these kids were probably bad tippers.

Apr 5 2005
2:28 pm

I’m not really big on sex with my mother (I don’t know, it would just be weird), but I have to admit that my mom does have some really nice big tits. I’d sure like her to do a topless dance for me and maybe a blowjob afterward. Maybe I’ll ask her for my next birthday.

Apr 17 2005
10:34 am

DUDES! Get some HELP!!!!!!!

Apr 18 2005
5:07 am


Apr 18 2005
6:37 pm

Hey guy thats really hot I’ve had sex with a milf before and that was the best thing ever

I’m looking for more if you can help even pic or a vid of real moms that would be great.

by the way i have a copy of griff’s storie if any one wants it! and it is hot!
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Apr 22 2005
5:07 pm

god thats hot aww crap i just got jizzm on my key bored

long dong
Apr 30 2005
6:12 am

the son should screw the dog first than his cat than his dad than go to the police ha ha ha….than in jail let a big n i gg er fu ck him in the a ss he like that…….

May 7 2005
12:12 pm

i think that kid’s mom is actually pretty kool,i mean by buying the kids beer,i would shit if my mom bought me beer. but if my mother tried to strip i would smack the hell outta her…….oh and long dong or whoever dont fucking say that word bitch

jim bob
May 18 2005
10:44 am

wow you crazy guys, well a fucks a fuck but then again it is your mum, i think we should all share mums this is a much better scenario. i will fuck any and all mums available and anyone that wants a slash at mine i will give you the addres of the cemetery that shes buried at, no worries see ya lads

May 24 2005
10:29 am

well these comments just go to show the mentality of the common “MAN”. Or at least you all think you are MEN. From a woman and Mothers perspective…this so called “MOM” should never have crossed that line. It is just as sick…that she thought of it as it is for him. If not sicker…She is his MOM!!!!!!!! If this were a dad stripping for his daughter and her friends and then having sex with them… you would all be saying he is sick and should be in jail but because it is the other way around you all think it is cool….Once again the mentality of a MAN.

May 30 2005
5:18 am

I gotta disagree with the ‘mentality of MAN’ comments. My ex-girlfriend has a thing for her Daddy. Still does, probably. She even whispered it in the most inopportune moments.

My current lover has a thing for her sons, and fantasizes about them on a regular basis. Evil, mean bugger that I am, I encourage it, and make me tell me her fantasies. *shrug* If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

It’s not just the males to have teenage incestuous fantasies. Ladies? Any comments?

Jun 2 2005
9:23 pm

Dam you guys are fuckin nasty ! she’s ur mom u guys are talking about!! What if ur mom strips on ur birthday party and u fuck her and ur fuckin dad finds out! then u guys ass will get kick ! well any ways u guys are really despert for sex cuz u cant get it with any cute girls ur age !!! Fuckin loser !

Jun 9 2005
4:46 pm

i wish i had a mom that did that. i dobn’t think that it shoud matter it is her kid. but their isn’t an exeption for the other kids.

Hate Society
Jun 12 2005
10:41 pm

Ok, I’m not too keen on Freudian Philosophy, but I do remember hearing that, because we (young men) are raised by our mothers and are around them the most of any female (until we move out), it is instinct for us to want to have sex with ‘em. I would imagine that the same is true of young women with their fathers, though prolly not to the same extend, having less testosterone and whatnot. As for why people are calling it sick, I would blame society for forcing us to deny our instincts, our deepest desires. In my mind, that is far more perverse than what this mother did. Speaking of whom, given that she was under outside influences, I would say lock her away, but if she was acting out of her own free will, I would say more power to her.

Hate Society
Jun 12 2005
10:43 pm

By the way, Sue, I wouldn’t be too surprised if you are simply surpressing your emotions for your father for some reason or another. I would say look deep in yourself at some point, when you feel some sort of solitude, and just see if you are simply trying to act normal in the eyes of society. Just a thought.

Jun 15 2005
10:24 pm

Coooooooooooool, Yeah, incest should be legal man.
Just think about it. If your mother is fit and at the most – 38, maybe 39, and shes on a bed legs wide open and arms inviting you. OR she’s riding on top of you on the bed – COOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.

Jun 18 2005
1:55 am

man, i wish my mom would strip. not with my freinds there but in private so i could get the after show, i would fuck her brains out!

Jun 23 2005
6:42 pm

listen all.. alot of guys out there can relate to this because we all have the same fantasies wheather we would like to admitt to it or not. come on what guy at one time or another hasnt wanted to see his mother naked or even wanted to try to get it on with her. its all part of frauds therory. i know if mymother wanted to strip at any of my parties i would really be turned on. never ,mind she is your mother she is still a woman first and foremost.just because she bared you dosent mean a whole hell of alot in todays’s society.we hear about incest on telivison all the time. why should stripping at your sons Birthday party be so bad.. ? i th8ink alot of the laws are scred up anyway but thats just my opinion

Jun 25 2005
1:03 pm

i wish i had a mom like dat

Jun 29 2005
12:54 am

I’m in my late fifties, divorced and not presently involved with anyone. Just a few years ago after my father died I moved back to my home town and back into my mother’s house in order to facilitate her staying in her home of 35 years. I was whacking myself off quite frequently at night in the bedroom just across the hall from her — if you can imagine — thinking of her big tits, how hairy her cunt likely was and how she might just like to suck her “little boy’s” cock off — imagining back when she would have washed and dried my “little peter” while giving me a bath. I leave my door ajar at night, the moon coming through the window usually illuminates the room quite a bit and I’m sure I have sensed that she has stopped outside on her way to, or from the bathroom without turning the lights on — and watches me stroking off, cupping my balls or shooting my wad up on my chest and rubbing my jism in. She normally wears a light lycra type top and bottom bedtime attire which fits fairly tightly to her crotch, with the top showing the outline of her bra-less big tits hanging down. Many times when I have hugged her goodnight I’ve had a hard-on and it has rubbed against her such that I know she can’t have missed it — not that I’ve necessarily done it intentionally. She has retained her great looks, and as she had me when she was really young there isn’t quite the usual age gap — in fact on several occasions waiters or waitresses have mistaken us for a couple. as for my younger teen years I don’t recall being particularly engrossed with having sexual thoughts about her — but at puberty I was aware that she knew I was masturbating as my skin magazines I hid under the towels in the bathroom linen closet would be slightly rearranged from the way I would put them, and she would ask me periodically what was that “hard/stiff stuff” on my hand towel in the bathroom?? Obviously it was dried cum, but I would tell her it was plastic cement I used on my model airplanes. I’m not sure what I would do if some night she walked in while I was stroking and took a hold of my cock — at my age is this more strange, or less understandable than for younger boys or men? I guess the question is — is there an age limit to incestuous thoughts and/or action?

a mom
Jun 30 2005
10:18 pm

from a moms view i could see this as a BIG turn on. i went to a nude beach with my boy when he was 18 i was 35. of all the naked males he had the biggest penis there i think.he spent the whole time wanting to be around me.he said my body was nicer then anyones there.we met 4 other mom son couples there and they were all happy.1 of the couples actually made love in the open they were so horny to show us.

disgusted person
Jul 2 2005
6:02 am

u mother fuckers!! no pun intended, u sick bastards if she’s ur mom she has blood ties to u…when u “fuck ur mom” there r high chances of birth defects now if somthing like this were so “cool” then y does it cause a very serious disease? ill tell bcuz its fucking wrong u assholes! jeez u have a 50 yr old jerking to a fucking granny how is that a turn on get off ur fat ass and get laid u fuck! “ooo thats cool..if my mom striped for me id fuck her brains out” if its so cool and shit ask ur mom to do it she will bitch slap all u mother fuckers silly…. peace out yall

*next time u think of ur mom…..fuck ur hand u bastards*

Jul 2 2005
4:29 pm

Man that aint shit, the other month my friend let his twin sisters strip as well as his mom. Later that evening, after 2 cases of beer some pot and smack, we hit the skins like rabid dogs. The night was such a blur we got no idea who got who pregnant. For his sake he is hoping im the daddy to all three girls. But im sure is him all the way since im sterile.

Jul 4 2005
5:04 pm

To “disgusted person” – did you not think that pregnancy, because of age if for no other reason, is impossible? Secondly I do see and date other women periodically so this isn’t a total obsession with my mother, nor substitute for other adult relationships within my own age group, or younger. Thirdly and most importantly it wouldn’t really be sex solely for the sake of sex — it would be love making, as it is my mother whom I love, and I did come out of her womb so there is the strongest bond possible. What would be the problem in, to some extent literally, and certainly figuratively returning occasionally so to speak — “to the warmth of the womb”?

Jul 4 2005
5:08 pm

To “a mom” — thanks for an intelligent, honest and insightful response to my post and questions above. I am curious as to what took place between your son and yourself after that warm, tender, but sexually charged episode you described, how many years have passed, and what is the status or your relationship with your son in that regard these days? Would be very helpful to me if you could project forward to say when you would be late 60’s/early 70’s and if you and your son’s circumstances at the time were similar to my own and my mother at this time — would you still have sexual interest? Would you initiate further activity if he didn’t, but you knew he had sexual needs, aware of his masturbating and it possibility might be related to you? How would you initiate it? If you wouldn’t initiate — but turned on and interested in further sexual activity of some kind even if not actual intercourse — what would you like him to do or say in approaching you on the subject, and his interest in doing so? Hopefully “a mom”, you will pop back in here again, and I thank you in advance for your further thoughts, ideas and insights on the above — very helpful to me.

Jul 5 2005
7:49 am

just another skank .

Jul 5 2005
2:49 pm

Hey isnt incest a very natural sexual response at least for all the freudians out there. Im sure dads share a similar thing with daughters. Its a primal instinct response. From the days we were cave dwellers and the younger males would upsurge the older dominant male, primarily the father.

So again I say, incest is a very natural reacton, albeit a socially unacceptable one. That still doesnt detract from the fact that boys will be horny and moms will be only too happy to oblige. Certainly this will also depend on the mothers inhibitions. But instinctively i think its within her to respond affectionately. It has to be a survival mechanism, I mean think of it. If you and your mom were the last ppl on earth I’m sure darwinism would dictate you mate. No matter how reprehensible an act it may be.

Remember incest is a man made construct. The stigma, the connotations are all man made. The act on the other hand is very natural. In fact I think I might go now and try something naughty with mom.

Jul 5 2005
5:07 pm

So true Sancho — incest is only taboo based on present day societal mores, attitudes and constructs as you indicated. Actually, incest isn’t even illegal in developed countries as far as I know(?) That in itself must say something that over the thousands of years of civilization / society and religious edicts on more or less everything of human activity and practice — that it hasn’t been officially ruled illegal, hence by implication not rigidly immoral, nor totally perverse either I guess is the conclusion one could draw? Any luck with your mom? LOL

Jul 5 2005
7:46 pm

Sexual incest – versus – incestuous child abuse. I should reframe my comments and thoughts in posts above to clarify that in my opinion incest no matter what the parent / child combination or activity — is totally UNACCEPTABLE and I would think SHOULD be CRIMINAL if the parent is at the same time, or in the process is mentally and emotionally “brain washing” or dragging their child through the parent’s own warped or extreme unresolved emotional / psychological baggage, or driving a wedge between the child and the other parent / family. That is, the sexual aspects should be positive in terms of REINFORCING the child’s own sense of self, gender, identity and ability to grow, function and progress in the world on all fronts, and also should enhance the mother/son shared experience and bonds. In the process the child should NOT become totally dependant, nor caught-up in solely mimicing their parents’ emotional state / biases, or only living or existing THROUGH that parent, with a pathological desire to “please the parent” at all costs to their growth and future development into normal adult life, relationships, goals and aspirations. I guess that also brings me to clarify my thoughts that sexual incest be restricted to perhaps no earlier than puberty (for males at least, I have no idea relative to daughter-mom/father) when although not fully “of age” — at least males are old enough for basic consent or to know whether remotely interested or not, eager to learn, experiment and hopefully gain some formative insight into their sexual changes and drives taking place.

Jul 6 2005
12:34 pm

Yes aooghaa, for a number of years actually :) lol. But me and mom had a very healthy way of bonding. Mom used to shower naked with me at an early age and I was cheeky with her always. But as far as full fledged sex is concerned, my intimacy didnt extend to more than just consented petting, and this was more or less as innocent as could be. She would always dress in front of me, and I would fondle and suckle her massive breasts until age 16 in a very playful manner mind you. After which time those activities dwindled as I made new girlfriends etc.

But if your asking if it was bad or good? I would have to say very good, at least insofar as providing a good bond between parent and child and also making me see the female form as a very natural thing. And not a shameful and taboo subject like most prudish and bias ppl would like to enforce.

Furthermore, I owe all my sexual education partly to incestuous engagements. Since my first view of the naked female form was mom, my first play was my aunt, and my first step at fooling around was my truly gorgeous slightly older and very willing cousin Rita. So I applaud these kinds of experiences, for anybody in fact, and they should by no means ever be shamed in the least. They can prove to be very invaluable lessons in your own sexuality and highly desirable and pleasurable experiences. Toodles.

Jul 6 2005
6:58 pm

Sancho – thanks for the background. Curious here … how old are you now … or how many years since last sexual contact with your mom? Albeit no actual contact since sixteen as you said, how about even periodic thoughts since then of wishing it was still ongoing? Or, has there been “chit-chat” back and forth with your mom, even in humour perhaps, about the “old times” and “rekindling” maybe? I realize if you are married or otherwise in a fulltime relationship it reduces not only the strong sex / need / desire to perhaps, and in the least makes time, practicality and opportunity perhaps problematic as well to do so — but if you were in my circumstances of fifties, full access on a day to day basis with mother with no others in household — would you consider re-activating? Or are you saying, for you / your mom — that was then, this is now — it is something that no longer is possible, nor desired by either? Obviously whether your father is alive (hopefully so) would have some/major impact — however if your mom is alone how do you know that if you were so inclined that she might not be as well at this point in her life? These might be truly assinine questions from your perspective at the present, but from my perspective thanks for your continued insights on this.

Jul 7 2005
3:01 am

Well as you may already have imagined, girlfriends are a very timeconsuming affair indeed. All the moments spent away from mom, are filled by other ppl. One can say that we have grown apart and are in a stage of life very different to all those years ago. I am in my late 20s and I’d be lying if I was to say that she doesnt play through my mind at least once in a while.

There are times when I may be showering and she steps in on me and smiles flirtatiouslly while she hangs a towel up. But i am still ok with her privy to all areas of my life. I remember I had a similar relationship with my aunt. And she even once taught me masturbation with her very hands! I sometimes walk in on mom or my aunt washing their hair or showering even to this day and this is in the most natural experience for me. There is no awkardness at all not one iota thanks to relationship we share, and they are completely unabashed at standing hours on end naked to half naked discussing personal matters with me.

I do to this day fondle them, but the situations involved are very different almost subtle in nature. When once I used to openly touch them at will, nowadays they will make situations arise, and have a pretext for this engagements to occur. An example might be that they may be dressing and comment that they believe their breasts are not symmetrical or that they have widening hips, I of course being the concerned individual I am, will be only too willing to give my expert opinion, which will be accompanied with fondling etc.

They are proud and strong women but I can only assume that they like to give their consent in a more subtle way than before, being perhaps alittle more self conscious about the maturing relationship we still share. On the other hand my cousin Rita is completely shameless, and will call me and tease over the phone about our very explicit encounters. She makes no secrets about anything and will often ask me over. At times inviting her best ladyfriend available for some fun.

All I can say is that in conclusion, the people comfortable with sexuality be it incest in nature or otherwise, are usually the ones enjoying a more fulfilling lifestyle anyways. All those who are in opposition better find a good hobby because there is nothing worse than to be a slave to your own inhibitions and preconditioned world views.

Jul 14 2005
9:24 am

When I was 16 I was at a friends party where his mum took me off into her room (I was visiting the upstairs lavatory) and told me she wanted me. She was only wearing a kinda silky gown thing, and she undid the belt and let it fall open revealing her nakedness underneath. It was pretty hot. I used to have fantasies about her at that time too. Then again, I used to fantasise about shagging virtually anyone female back then!
And at 16 I was only horny, horny kid. She was 40 something but still “hot”. What was I to do?
It was my first time and only took a laughable few minutes! But when I went back downstairs I realised as soon as I saw my friend, that I’d just shagged his mum. I was kinda nervous incase anyone found out (I guessed I’d get in trouble) but no-one ever did.


Jul 14 2005
7:10 pm

I’m a newbie to this place but am turned on by the thought of gorgeous moms getting it on with their sons. Too bad more moms aren’t posting … would be great to know their thoughts!

Jul 16 2005
10:06 pm

Thanks for the additional feedback and background Sancho as to the changes and subtleties in the nature of activities in this area with your mom and aunt over the past 10-15 years. Obviously I guess even within these areas the nature changes with normal course of growing, changing and exposure to the adult world for males. Indeed as well with adults perhaps as changes in needs / drives with your mom and aunt, versus their own personal circumstances or state of being back then, versus now?

Anyway, thanks again for the insights and your interesting thoughts and comments.

Jul 16 2005
10:15 pm

Graham — yes, it is unfortunate more mothers aren’t responding here. They could be a great source of information, more background and insight into the whole subject of mother-son sexual interest and activity — for BOTH. One did respond above — short but interesting with her comments of discussion and thought of mother-son activities being a “BIG turn on”.

Jul 16 2005
10:24 pm

Dave — interesting story of your first sexual escapade — being with an older woman. Obviously you saw your friend normally many times afterwards — assume you must have also seen or run across his mom thereafter as well? Just curious, what was her response to you when you saw her — no mention whatsoever? — like it didn’t happen? Or she acknowledged it with you in some way but didn’t initiate any follow-up? Or YOUR decision NOT to become involved again even if an opportunity presented itself? Did you have any further relations with older women or was that it and you’ve only been involved with your own age group since? Thanks.

daddy's girl
Jul 18 2005
2:28 am

I agree incest should be legal. I had my first sexual experience with my dad. I’m grateful to my dad for my love of sex. Daddy was a great instructor and I’m forever grateful. Since the first time I had sex with daddy I’ve been horny for more. Sex with dad is the best.

Jul 18 2005
11:53 pm

come on you all its your MOM!!!!!! why would you want to fuck i mean thats sick maybe you guys should see a doctor soon and wouldnt you feel funny if you got you own mom preganant

Jul 20 2005
11:26 am

ewwwwww that is so nasty, it makes me want to vomit! especially the fact that my mom is almost sixty.

Jul 25 2005
1:12 pm

how can i tell my mom ii want to have sex with her is it ok?

Mama's boy
Jul 25 2005
3:31 pm

If you had a mother as hot as mine, you wouldn’t wonder why she makes me so horny. Every one of my friends agrees that my mom is a MILF, and hey, I’m just a guy like them, so I think they’re right! A great body knows no bounds, including family ones. I know she’s my mom, but she’s HOT! I won’t bore everyone with the details, but one day I finally got her to have sex with me. My friends were SO jealous when I told them that I fucked her. They said that if they had moms that looked like mine they’d screw them too!

Jul 25 2005
7:48 pm

if he was 18 it would been ok for her to strip for her son .

Jul 26 2005
1:12 pm

hey mamas boy tell us the details

Jul 27 2005
11:49 am

I am a mother and i have been called a milf a lot!!!! one day i asked my son what it ment whith out hesitation he told me I was proud of my self we were really close for a long time so it wasn’t hard to find a way to get him turned on by his mom. I got my idea from here I took him to a nude beach. he had a big one and it was mostly just me and him on the beach i got him to harden up and i took him back to the hotel room and sucked his dick. I know it may seem wrong but it definatly felt right. (thanx a mom)

Jul 28 2005
2:06 pm

dam ur a cool mom!!!i wish my mom did that 4 me!

Jul 28 2005
8:15 pm

my dad died when i was 13 and mom asked me to keep her company that night. It was quite innocent nd I was still naive but during the night I woke up with a hard on and cuddled up to her from behind. I cery slowly put my arm over her and let my hand fall very gently on her tit..she had big tits… and started to massage it. I couldn’t help but press my cock up against her ass and eventually I took my hand from her tit and put it on her pussy and kind of explored it. I could feel wetness and thought she’d peed but then she reached around and took hold of my cock and began playing with it. She rolled over and before I knew it she was using my hand to get herself off as she jerked my cock and the next thing I knew I shot my load all over her. She didn’t stop doing herself and I was worried hearing her moan and feel her squirm but when she came she got a towel and cleaned us both and then held me close to her and told me it was okay. A week after the funeral she came to my room naked and got into bed with me and cuddled me and told me I’d have to be the man of the house now and help her with things and she started playing with my cock. It wasn’t long before she was sucking me and from then on I shared her bed eventually having full sex with her.

Aug 3 2005
9:50 pm

okay. all of you people that are spouting off at the mouth about how sick and vile it is to want to have sexual relations with your parents should stop and try and realize something. Everyone has different sexual tastes and fetishes. some people hide them very well and repress them for fear of being blackballed from the society that they know… others are very open about their sexual desires because they’ve learned over the years that it doesnt really make a whole hell of a lot of difference what anyone else thinks but themselves, and if they feel good everyone else can go play hide and go f**k themselves. as long as the mother-son, father-daughter, brother-sister, mother-duaghter, sister-sister, brother-brother, father-brother are consenting adults who really cares if they have sex? you? why? why does what other people do in their sex lives bother you so much? personally i think it’s more about you, than it is about them. seriously some of you need to grow up.

Aug 7 2005
9:32 pm

hey guys im totally there with your views on mum pussy its not our fault we r born like that 4 years i thought i was sick but now ive seen so many of u like me wow its great i use to fear god will punish me if i think like that but the3n again its such a turn on to hear about son n mother doing it i think its the bond we r always comparing our girlfriewnds to our mum i would say its nature if their is no harm done so do it i think the ban should be lifted on insest its a man law same as homosexuality is ok now a days why not a son n mum enjoy their shagging all the best i hope to hear more about mum n son and 4 those who doesnt like what we r saying piss off we r living in the land of free

Aug 17 2005
7:20 pm

Ithink it was nice of the mom to do that for her sons birthday party . i wish you had pictures to go with thes story.

The judger
Aug 21 2005
9:02 pm

This sounds like a case of
Genetic Sexual Attraction Syndrome

Next case please

Aug 25 2005
9:16 am

i saw my mum striped and i felt sick it was the worst day of my life but my aunt striped and that was differnt story

bill evans
Aug 29 2005
8:28 pm

my mum always walks around the house naked

Sep 2 2005
10:26 am

woah she walks around naked????? why??

Juniof Brown
Sep 3 2005
10:52 pm

My mom taught me to eat pussy. and i used to have a teacher that let me look up her dressd. Iloved looking up her dress at her pussy through her pantyhose. her name was NAME DELETED.

mr big
Sep 18 2005
9:52 pm

i want to have sex with my mom and i dont know if she will. What should i do?

Sep 21 2005
2:26 pm

see it’s wrong but we are human and if we go on it we will not be able to know our sons from our brothers

Sep 23 2005
11:07 am

thing you can do:

1: come on to her

2: “acidetly” let her see you naked and see what happens (give you an idea of what she thinks of you

3: same as the last cept make it happen and pop a bone and touch her a littel

4: accidently walk in on her while she is naked (also posobly naked) (it worked on my friends mom really good and better the second time lol)

Sep 30 2005
2:50 pm

Any time frame for this plan of yours, xoicx?

Oct 2 2005
2:45 am

i think incest of all types happens way more than people think. especially when they are young siblings learning about their bodies and curious. doesn’t mean full blown intercourse but it could be touching, licking, kissing, sucking, etc. but if incest is only considered as full intercourse with a relative then i bet a lot of people have at least touched, kissed, or had fantasized about a family member at one point in their life. i wonder if anna nicole smith’s son has fantasized about his mom when she wasn’t fat. i think every boy would’ve if they had a mom look that good and found her pictures.

Oct 2 2005
9:39 am

I have a daugher who works at a local gentlemans club. I enjoy going to see her strip at work. and she likes me coming by. Somrtimes when she gets off she comes by to see me. She has such a sweet shaved little pussy. By the way she just turned 22and is no virgin. the first time happened on her 18th birthday. Not by me, her brother, Iwatched and instructed.

Oct 4 2005
5:17 pm

i wonder if sexual relations like that (incest as u guys r talking about)really happens? All all u guys speaking truth or just fantasizing?

Oct 4 2005
10:18 pm

definitly try number 4 last

Oct 5 2005
11:16 am

Well if your going to get all Fruedian than lets remember frued was a Coke fiend (when was it ever good to take advice from a coke addict) and a sex Addict . Than you would have to remember that it was a stage in development also .Meaning the desire to sleep with a parent ,the odeipal or electra complex was a stage in early childhood development . Which means the desire to sleep with your parent means your probably still in the infantile stage. So it actually is nromal if your developmentally slow , somehow or just really really immature. Westernized pyschology seems to be a good fall back for Assholes with development problems to justify there deviant behavior.
Even in primitive societies it was not normal to commit rape or incest . Even neatherals would think fucking your mom was screwed up . Because for some reason normal humans can sense the usefullness of the diversification of genes. Look at the Royal family for christsake most of them look like monkeys and have some serious screwed up genetic problems from inbreeding .

Oct 5 2005
7:06 pm

Right, but I meant for the whole scheme, like should one wait a month or so in between steps, or what?

Thanks again.

Oct 6 2005
7:29 pm

Hey everyone! I just read all of the posts, and enjoyed them all. I would really want to have sex with my mom, but I don’t know what the first approach should be, can someone please help me out? She hasen’t seen my penis in a while, so that may be a good idea, can I please have some help?

Oct 6 2005
8:36 pm

Can someone help me? I asked my mom if she would suck my cock about 8 months ago and she started laughin i don’t think if it was from shock and did’nt expect me sayin it. anyway after that i just left it. she seems normal with me, anyone know what am to do, how do you know if she would want to have sex?

Oct 6 2005
10:21 pm

Marc, I feel the same way. I would want my mother to suck my dick also, but I am waiting for someone to give me a tip on the 1st approach to see if she wants to or not.

Oct 6 2005
11:14 pm

yea ok, don’t try that what i did, does’nt work
because they don’t expect it. i don’t know what to do also, hope someone as any good tips ect..

Oct 7 2005
12:25 am

Okay, we will wait together for ideas :)

Oct 8 2005
1:22 pm

well,for the first time i am reading all these stories.i thought i was the only one who was mad at my mom,yes, i have seen my mom’s cunt,i have seen my mom’s breast,i have jerked her from behind,i feared,i feared everybody will know,then i got married,told my wife,shared my fantasy,its unbelieveble but true even she likes this on bed.and still i find my mom most beautiful.

Oct 16 2005
7:22 am

hey its really cool to sex with ur mom.i wished i had a mom who would take the initiative herself.tat would be awsome.can any 1 help how to get her aroused?????

Oct 16 2005
8:11 am

well. i think it’s not a big deal her. It’s just a kind of strip-tease! If my son likes it . I will say ‘yes’ immediately! If they have sex, i think it will be better!

Oct 24 2005
7:33 pm

so Clair have you and your son ever had something going on. or do you think about having sex with him at all?

Oct 28 2005
12:05 am

i gave my mom a hour kiss before it was good aw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mom has even diaperd me

Disgusted Mother
Oct 29 2005
11:23 am

Dancing around like a cheap tart is inappropriate and probably humiliating for the boy who was looking forward to go-carting. She had no right to assume they’d want to see her saggy old body wobbling about. I guess that what intoxication does to some people. Sad woman.

Having said all that, dancing around is one thing, sex with a family member is another. Stripping= bad decision, but forgivable. Fucking your own son, the baby you gave birth to? Wrong on so many levels.

All you sexed up boys out there asking for advice on how to introduce the idea of sex to your mothers: don’t bother. Just because you’re fucked up and encouraged by mostly false tales of how mothers “suddenly decided to suck their sons cock” (yeah right!)…it doesn’t mean your mother has ever entertained thoughts of giving you oral sex.

a) She your MOTHER. Why the hell would she?
b) What’s in it for her? You’re going to be crap in bed anyway, she gives you all the pleasure, and you boast about it to your little fucktard friends.

What. An. Appealing. Prospect.

Just another example that some men would fuck anything, souless irreverent bastards. Is nothing sacred?

Oct 29 2005
4:04 pm

Just when I think I’ve seen it all, along comes a topic like this…. is there really no end to the depths to which some humans will sink? How depraved are you little boys, masquerading as men? Get a fucking life, you retarded cunts!!!

As far as I am concerned, pond-life like “aooghaa” represents the very lowest end of the gene pool and should have been castrated at birth. Before he tries to justify his sick thoughts again, you should bear one thing in mind: Is living with your mother, while in your 50’s, normal? How sad….

Oct 29 2005
5:51 pm

well some people are stupid, its gross to think of a mom having sex with kids, this is messed up topic!!!!!!!

Oct 29 2005
11:43 pm

grow up people!! get your mind out of the gutter&get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this world is messed up, messed up badly.

Nov 1 2005
6:52 am

My mom is a strict religous conservative. Always preaching against premarital sex, and all the usual sins you hear about in Church. I was always a horny devil but I never thought of sex with mom and sis until I was around 13. Not all the time. Just when I was jerking. Given mom’s Puritan ways you can imagine my shock one day when I was talking to her in the kitchen and she pulled me in close from behind. Then she started kissing me all over my neck and face. Kept kissing and kissing. After a minute of this I got a boner and I pulled away from her. I was too scared to do anything but I know she wanted it. You have to understand, I was deeply afraid of doing anything sexual due to how I was raised so even when I got it on with girls my own age it was like robbing a bank. No way could I wrap my mind around the idea that she wanted me at the time. But looking back at it it’s obvious to me. Several years later I overheard her talking to a friend saying there was something about a son and how she thought all mothers are attracted to their sons!

I’m not interested in her sexually now. Only was a little after puberty and a little again when I was 17 or so. I suppose if I had better feelings for her it’d be different but we don’t get along at all. I understand those of you who want your moms or dads. Nothing wrong with that. I also have a cousin who is a 10. Absolutely goregous who wants me. We dated a lot (nothing sexual) but never crossed that line. Plan to someday. I’m just getting to the age/maturity when I don’t care what family and other people think.

Nov 2 2005
12:13 am

gross people, grow up now!!!!!! get your mind out of the gutter, act smart!!!!!!!! and grow up,just grow ****** up. your like a freshmen in highschool, you act dumb every chance you get &think sex is funny 24-7 non stop. please grow up people. anyone agree with me?????????
anyone agree with me?????????
anyone agree with me?????????

Nov 2 2005
12:15 am

life is not just about sex&how in the world anyone can think of there mom as a love partner thats just sick!!!! makes me wanna throw up, you sick idiots!!!!!!! gosh you guys are sick, get your mind out of gutter

why do you guys like thinking about sex when you see your mom why? why why??
why do you guys like thinking about sex when you see your mom why? why why??
why do you guys like thinking about sex when you see your mom why? why why??

Nov 2 2005
4:49 am

had i seen my friends mom stripping n wannna seduce me ,i would like 2 see her in my bed so that i can fuck her hard until she screams aaahhhhhhh………..yes…..yes…..after all she is a woman in horny mood so i would like 2 satisfy her needs

Nov 3 2005
1:50 am


Nov 3 2005
7:57 pm

Hey Archy….

If this site offends you this much, you really don’t have to look at it. The name ‘PervScan’ should have given you a strong hint of the content.

(In addition, “its mum, not mom” – aahhhh, 2 great nations seperated by a common language!)

I hope you get just as angry with the many other injustices in the world, such as extreme poverty, famine, genicide etc

Nov 4 2005
12:49 am

you people are gross to think about sex with moms!!!!!!!!!!!! grow up people, get your head out of gutter!!!! you guys are S I C K

Nov 4 2005
5:39 pm

uh uh uh uh awww bring it awwwww

you guys are sick to think or do this to your moms? why in the world do you guys do this?? why why why? what are going through your mind in this time?

gosh you guys are sick as heck!!!!!!!!

explain this please am i missing the big picture?

Nov 5 2005
10:33 am

explain this please am i missing the big picture?

Nov 5 2005
12:25 pm

my mom is very hot, i used to fuck her until she screms,,,ahhhhh.i like her moan..

Nov 6 2005
2:48 pm

Posted by david on November 5th, 2005 at 12:25 pm

david isnt your mom married? how did you get away with all this??? and dont your friends think your crazy or anything??? explain all this please!!!!!!!!!!!!! your mom let you get in her pants why???? why why why?

Nov 6 2005
6:17 pm

Okay, we will wait together for ideas :)

Posted by Joe on October 7th, 2005 at 12:25 am

good luck getting tips ha ha ha.

you want tips?? your gross!!!

Nov 7 2005
10:43 am

Those of you yelling and screaming about how sick it is (like nick) probably harbor secret desires for your own moms. That’s why you are so upset about other people doing things that have nothing to do with you. You’re fighting against your own desires and it’s the only way you know to express the inner conflict. I do wonder why you feel the need to post so many messages that say the same thing, nick.

Nov 7 2005
5:36 pm

Nick get over it!! FUCK!!! if you don’t like get the fuck off!!!!! don’t look at this site!!!! Im sure some of these people don’t have sex with their moms they just fuck around!!! Dum-Ass!!!!!

Nov 7 2005
8:03 pm

im over it, i just wanderd why you liked your mom so much? to be honest with you i have thought about personal stuff like this with my mom,my mom smokes&thats hot!!!!!!!!! her smoking is awsome&hot hot hot

Nov 8 2005
12:08 am

whats the worst trouble someone in here has got in having sex with there mom?? i just wanderd thats it/j/w

Nov 8 2005
4:56 pm

nick how long have you been thinking about your mom? how old are you and her? maybe you should hit on her to see what she thinks? or find way to see her naked to see if she turns you on? Im just saying.

Nov 8 2005
8:37 pm

im 18, i saw her in underwear once but thats it, hit on her how

Nov 8 2005
8:56 pm

has anyone ever caught there mom smoking?naked?or anything like that???

what should i do???

Nov 9 2005
5:20 pm

im 18, i saw her in underwear once but thats it, hit on her how?? how? help me please

Nov 10 2005
3:24 pm

so you do want to fuck your mom!!! you see for talking shit. so hang out with her more and talk about sex like her first time and yours. if she not open to that dude she not into you. also let her see you naked think of a way. how old is she?

Nov 10 2005
3:45 pm

shes in her 40’s and married, dont think i could get away with that!!!! i caught her naked once,&i enjoy seeing her smoke, im in car everytime she smokes!!! so where do i go from here? i could never get in her sack, what do i do?

Nov 10 2005
3:45 pm

dont think i could get away with that!!!!

Nov 12 2005
11:06 am

Dave where ya been???

Daniel Jones
Nov 12 2005
8:33 pm

What the fuck is wrong with you guys wanting to fuck your own mother!?!? I would understand if it was yo friend’s mom, but you people are sick!!

Nov 14 2005
5:21 pm

Daniel Shut the FUCK UP!!!! and read the others comment we talk to nick about this!!!! if you don’t like this then get the fuck off!!!!! nick let you mom see you naked!!! and say that she stills has a body!!!

Nov 14 2005
10:47 pm

how do i come on to her! she will laugh. i try to act indifferent like barly hug her cause my cock will poke her. i dont want to fuck her just blowjobs showers and tit sux. PLZ HELP

Nov 15 2005
4:26 pm

ATT’N: lordazazel
If you had read my post thoroughly you would have seen that I live with my mother in order to facilitate her continuing to be able to live in her house where she had been for many, many years prior to my father’s death. If I weren’t here to take care of things she wouldn’t be able to live here, she would have to be in a retirement home. Were it not for this fact and that I am the only child with no close relatives in the area even, I certainly would never have returned here after 30 years of having run businesses and lived, thrived on my own including marriage, a son turning 35 this year etc etc.

Nov 15 2005
6:27 pm

“Aooghaa”, you are still a sick cunt. Deal with it. As for anyone else who condones this shit, I hope you all get butt-fucked in jail until your ass-strings are bursting at the seams. You make me sick, you filth!

Nov 15 2005
10:32 pm

I agree with Nick,u people r sick Bastard,its a unforgiven Sin to have physical relation with ur mom.There r billions of womens in the world, GOD will never forgive any of U. U people will burn in the FIRE Of Hell.

Nov 16 2005
9:23 am

i am from china .but my mom refuse me ,how can i do

Nov 16 2005
12:36 pm

I think that boys think about every “cooter” (regardless of realtion) for a brief period during puberty. But I also think that thinking about certain fixations after this growing stage shows a lack of progress is dysfunctional. Men are dogs, that is true. But even dogs should have boundaries.

Nov 16 2005
12:40 pm

“…and is dysfunctional.”

Sorry about the bad grammar. While I’m posting again, I have another thought. Many men (boys?) read stories like the one above and assume that mom is a knockout. Reality lets us know that most moms are considered “ugly” (in a healthy way)
to their sons. I think males fantasize about MILFs and play role games in their heads.

Nov 19 2005
12:50 pm

Also, remember that ALCOHOL and PILLS is the real key here. Drug abuse makes people do screwed up things.

fahadalam(TO, ON. CA)
Nov 21 2005
8:57 am

my mom is very religious and strict about premarital sex. when i was about 13 i started to have sexual fantasies about her. i used to tuck in her bad and touch her bras and pussy while she was asleep. once i even lifted her top to expose her full breast.

Bates motel
Nov 21 2005
1:19 pm

I take real good of mother, and I would never dare touch her there..I tried it once and she dam near cut my fucking fingers off. She said all of you are naughty and she’s gonna get you… Norman Bates

Nov 22 2005
4:54 pm

Something like that happened to me except I wasn’t involved. I had a lot of people at my house for a party and I ended up peeking in on 3 teen guys (like 18-19 yo) naked with my mom in the spare bedroom. You can guess what they were doing.

Nov 23 2005
4:14 pm

If I was really horny, and my only chices for satisfying myself were to masturbate or to have sex with my mother (assuming she was willing), the choice is easy. I would do my mother from behind and pretend she is someone else. I would close my eyes, and then as far as I am concerned, I am having sex with a supermodel. She may be my mother, but she’s still a woman, and sex with a woman is a lot better than masturbating. Physically, sex with a woman related to you is EXACTLY like sex with a non relative. I would rather have sex with a hot woman unrelated to me, but if I was really horny, mom would do just fine.

Nov 24 2005
11:16 am

Me and my dog both did your mother one time Anonymous when we found her drunk and passed out in an ally. She got the sandwich treatment, me on the bottom and my rotweiller on top and her in between. Problem was her and the dog got tied up and I had to leave them to go wash off my dick to keep from getting AIDS. Sure do miss that dog.

Nov 29 2005
4:23 pm


“Reality lets us know that most moms are considered “ugly” (in a healthy way)”

Maybe most moms are ugly but my mom was always hot. Everybody who knows her would tell you that. I never thought she was “ugly”. I wasn’t always attracted to her sexually either. That only happened around puberty but then I was interested in having sex with every attractive female not just her. Plus my father was very passive so maybe that was a factor. As I posted before, she even tried to seduce me once.

“I think males fantasize about MILFs and play role games in their heads.”

You must be a woman so…. When a boy hits puberty the slightest stray thought of an attractive girl or woman gives him painful wood and he has to learn to control his thoughts just to keep from walking around with his cock poking out of his pants all day long. There is no doubt in his mind that sex with any woman who can do that to him is going to feel good and that’s just about all women at that point in his life. If he happens to keep finding his mother attractive later in life I can see how it’d be easy to still want her sexually too, especially if he isn’t spending time with other women.

As far as fantasizing about MILFs, you say that as if actually having sex with an older woman is wrong? I’m attracted to women of all adult ages if I find them attractive (physically and mentally). That wasn’t always the case. Until I hit maybe mid-20s I wasn’t attracted to any women who didn’t look young 20s. After that point I suddenly found a lot of sexy things about older women.

Nov 29 2005
10:38 pm

hey my mom is SO HOT but how do i come on to her when my dad and brother are around alot. how am i going to get her naked and suck on her massive tits HOW! PLZ REPLY!

Nov 29 2005
10:46 pm

im 13 and not ugly 6″ cock ( still growin) how can i get my mom in bed! REPLY TO ME!

Nov 30 2005
7:04 pm

tipneeder, eh, I suppose you could tell her how you feel. Even though it is likely she would not respond in the way you want her too I think she could still say something that would be very good for you. First ask her to promise not to discuss it with dad. Then you tell her that you have these sexual desires for her. Whatever you do don’t try to convince her that she should feel the same way about you.

I think it’s healthy to express how we feel in some way instead of keeping it bottled up inside. Even if you find out she’s not interested you will also have the freedom that comes with not having to hide it from her anymore.

Nov 30 2005
7:06 pm

Oh, and don’t simply say to her, “I want to suck your tits!” or focus on the sexual side of it exclusively. Be sure to also tell her you love her personality, how smart she is and other things about her.

Nov 30 2005
9:04 pm

ty for the reply but i dont want her now (i am asking hot girl at school wish me luck) she is sexyer than my mom. ty again

Dec 1 2005
1:28 am

Well good. Picking a girl who isn’t married and living with her husband (probably happily living with her husband) is smarter.

Dec 1 2005
10:25 pm

lol where can i get tips on how to ask out a girl that considers you as a friend not a bf. :P

Dec 1 2005
10:31 pm

Once, when giving my friend’s mother a ride to a doctor’s appointment, I tricked her into leaning out the car’s window. While she was leaning half-way out of the the opening, trying to mail a letter, I eased the window up to where she couldn’t get back in. Her ass was easily accessible as I raised her short skirt and slipped her white panties off. Burying my nose in the warm, musky smelling pussy, she soon stopped protesting and began moaning. We spent the next twenty minutes with me slamming her while she bumped against the car’s door. Later she told me I was the best she has had in a very long time. While she was telling me this, with her hand on my cock I was gettin….GET UP!…GET UP NOW OR YOU’LL BE LATE!
getting a super hardo….GET UP! It’s time for you to get ready or you’ll be late for school again!
Aw geez ma, I was in the middle of a good dream. Maybe I’ll go over and visit my friend after school. Maybe,…if his mother’s home.

Dec 2 2005
2:38 am

Hot story above me. Ill have you all know that im currently jerking off with a sick wanna be mother fucker like me online. We are about to select a vid to bust a nut to, the whole while imagining we are cumming deep in our mothers pussies. MMM email me if youd be interested in joining in! EMAIL ADDRESS DELETED. PLEASE VIEW PERVSCAN’S POLICY ON EMAIL ADDRESSES.

Dec 2 2005
5:03 am

Tipneeder, find a guy who is confident dealing with girls/women. Ask him for advice. The older this guy is the better because he’ll know more. There’s a lot you could learn from older guys. They learned everything you want to know the hard way or had some more experienced guy teach them.

Dec 9 2005
9:51 am

that woman did a cool thing…i wish i was her son…and to the anti-incest brigade out there—i bet u wud hav fantasized about ur mother when u were growing up…its human nature…

Dec 10 2005
9:14 pm

Well maybe she should avoid the alcohol a little but I don’t think that any sort of imprisonment is necessary, I could be wrong.

Dec 17 2005
10:35 am

all I have to do is get my mom drunk and she will fuck you,i dont fantasise about fuckin her myself,but i like to watch other people doing it i am tryin to get around six guys together to gangbang my mom when she is drunk,I want her to get it real good in all holes,if any one has any offers to do this let me know.

Dec 18 2005
6:26 pm

Jason and I take turns spending the night at each other’s house on the Saturdays. On this particular
Saturday, it was Jason’s turn to stay at my house. We did the usual things young 14 year olds do, staying up late, playing games on the x-box. When it was time to turn in, Jason got the portable bed good old mom had brought in and made up for him.
Sleep wasn’t long in coming, we were both pretty tired and it was late..
Later that night, as I rolled over, I could see through the darkness, that Jason was laying on his back with what appeared to be one knee up and moaning softly..probably having a wet dream, I snickered, until I saw the covers moving up and down, slowly at first and then faster and faster till Jason was moaning louder and louder till it sounded like he had reached a climax. “Damn, must be jerking off” I thought, as I tried to go back to sleep. Suddenly I felt a warm, wet mouth on my little willie…and looking under the covers..there was good old mom, going to town on him. It didn’t take me long to blow my load, and sleep overtook me, till the next thing I remember was mom calling me and Jason to breakfast.
Hurring to get out of bed, I found my dick wrapped up and stuck to the bedsheets like a condom…Oh No!! not again…third time this week.
At breakfast, mom had went out of her way to cook a big breakfast for us, and as we sat down to eat, mom asked “well, Jason, how was the bed, did you sleep alright?” then she gave him a sly wink..
I wonder…hmmmm

stephen mallan
Dec 21 2005
3:17 pm

Hello Aooghaa,

I was/am very interested in your dilema as I have experienced a similar problem myself, I don’t know if my experiences will help but feel free to contact me on EMAIL ADDRESS DELETED if you think they might


Dec 26 2005
10:01 pm

When i heard the sound of dads car pulling up the driveway, i knew we’d have to hurry.

You see i had my own mother bent at a ninety degree angle in front of me over the kitchen counter, my cock pounding in and out of her pussy. The sounds of my hips clapping against her fat ass echoed through the kitchen and mixed wonderfully with the sound of our grunts.

Moms once beautiful sundress lay in ribbons around her waist, with her panties now down her knees catching the drippings of our wet sex. It was when dad stepped through the door i pushed all the way in and emptied myself in her.

Jan 1 2006
5:44 am

i had the chance to sleep with my mom once. she was a little drunk and shoved her hand down my pants. i freaked and went home. To this day i wish i had stayed, i have fantasized about my mom for years.

Jan 2 2006
10:55 am

Hey pervboy! I know what you mean about missing a good opportunity. As you get older and reflect back, sometimes you remember the missed opportunities that for some reason or other got past you.
Like the time I found my cousin drunk on the lawn and could have gotten a good blow-job, but helped her home instead (I’m still kicking myself over that one.)
or the time I caught my best friend’s sister getting fucked under the brushes and she offered me some pussy to keep quiet, and I turned her down…or the time I was invited to a Polish wedding, and the reception lasted over three days. Lots of mommas there just “begging” for some dick. But I was more interested in all the free beer. That’s what I get for being a teenager.
Oh well, don’t beat yourself up, everybody wishes they could go back and do somethings over…Next time you get the chance though…go for it..take it!!

Jan 6 2006
11:13 am

Yure all abunch of s>sick fucks, talking like your haed’s emty. My mothers still in prisen foer sticking up a store. Ah’m glad shes their to cause i would not fucke with her fer noting. much less try to put the move on her. Cousin Earl-Ray tryed it one time’n he still kant walk good froom the beaten she giv’em.
Y’all go on an keep spining thim lies, but i thank you’ens is a little teched in the haid.

Jan 8 2006
9:15 am

I’m 41 and have a 16 yo son. I must say I find many of his friends of the same age very attractive and often fantasise about stripping for them. I have also fantasised about having sex with them on a 1-to-1 and group basis. Additionally, I have had many erotic dreams where I am having sex with my son. As a young girl I had similar fantasises and dreams about my father. Such thoughts bring on the most powerful and delicious orgasm.

Jan 8 2006
7:46 pm

when i was 10 i used to sleep with my mom on her bed not fuck just sleep. one night i woke up and noticed her nightgown halfaw up. i had a clear view of her pussy. that was the first time i had seen a real life shaven pussy.

Bates motel
Jan 9 2006
9:40 pm

I snuck a peek at my mother’ pussy one night when she was sleeping in her rocker, and again when she was sleeping in her bed (she didn’t know I was hiding under the bed).

Jan 21 2006
9:43 pm

If it was my mom doing that I make shure she drinks with us and I would get her all drunk and then gang bang her with my friends.

Feb 13 2006
4:09 am

Nice guys, keep the very hot thoughts and stories coming!

Yes that would be great, mom on her back after all my friends have cum in her. Having them watch as i take the final turn… :)

Mar 23 2006
8:47 am

To kaiosama, Joe and Mark. Personally my Mother is not pretty and never has been to me. I am fairly objective about women’s beauty and I am sure this is not a genetic thing. if my Mother had been pretty I would want to have fucked her, I am sure. She just doesn’ look like women I fancy. She has always had small tits and I like big ones.

Anyway, I wish you the best in your indevours to fuck your mothers. THese are my suggestions:

As somebody else suggested, first of all get her to agree not to tell your father (or anyone else) before actually discussing your secret with her. Then find a time when she is relaxed and happy and just talk about sex in general. Then gradually work up to your personal feelings and tastes. All the time you should be slipping in compliments about her – the way she looks and that you like the clothes she wears. Don’t tell her directly that you like her body but tell her you like women with big breasts (if she has big breasts), long legs (if she has long legs) and nice arses (if she has one). That way she will see that your taste in women is matured and that it is not simply a fixation thing. ALso she might get a little jealous and wonder if you like her body.

Then just slip in a comment like: “Actually I really like your body.” Try to sound focused and say it matter-of-factly, and most important, pause afterwards. Let her say the next thing. It is absolutely crucial that she has to say the next thing. The ball is in her court. She will proably say something like ‘Thanks’ but even if she says something angry, at least she will have started talking about it.

If she says something like ‘You should say such things to me’ then just leave it for a few weeks. She will probably feel guilty and it will give her time to accept the idea of attraction between mother and son. After this period of time, start watching for any signs that she is dressing to please you or looking for compliments.

If she seems interested, try something stronger: your bum looks good in that.(Start with fairly tame words like ‘bum’ ‘bust’ and waist – then move on to ‘tits’ arse etc) from here if you get this far you should take a risk and suggest sex. Say something like: I know its weird – Mother son sex but how do you feel about it? Its important to make this a philosophical discussion. First it gets you off the hook if she doesn’t like you coming on to her. You can just say, ‘I was only discussing the philosophical aspects of it.’ Don’t say ‘I wasn’t suggesting it with you though’. That will give you no way back in.

If your not confident suggesting it like this, find a story in the press about mother-son incest and bring it up in conversation. Find our her opinions. Even if she is strongly against it, say something like ‘I don’t see what is wrong with it if they both love each other.’ Her love of her son will make her not want to completely shut off this opinion.

Anyway, you will see my main point: get her talking about it any way you can. Introduce the idea to her. She will think about it and over a period of months she will probably start imagining doing it. In my experience, women put ‘love’ before anything else – even prejudices and will not easily put the idea of sex with their son simply because of prejudice.

Eventually I would guess you will be confident enough to try something physical – although she may well initiate it. I would try cupping one of her breasts and smiling at her.

At all times it is really important to assure her that you will tell nobody about this. It will be a total secret and you must make sure it is a total secret. I would never tell anybody. This seems your only hope cos if she is ever ‘outed’ she will never live down the shame. She would only ever agree to it if it is discrete.

Good luck to you all. By the way, the guy who is 13 – you have got a really big challenge – you might want to wait until you are a bit older, but then again, depends on the mother I guess.

I wish my mother was pretty but good luck to all of you whose mother is. Tell us how you get on.

Mar 23 2006
8:50 am

I am really glad I found this site. This is the first time I have found people talking openly about incest – it needs more discussion.

What I really wanted to know is: are there any brother-sister sexuall relationships going on out there or anybody else who wants/likes sex with their sister.

I am living with my older sister and we live as a married couple. We are moving towards a full sexual relationship although she is shy and it is taking time

Apr 17 2006
5:40 am

Hi All
I am really interested in all the comments here. I had a sexual relationship with my Sister when we were in our teens, but no longer. However, I live with my wife like Brother and Sister and we like it that way. She refers to my parents as Mum and Dad. This is a fantasy version of incest but its legal.

I run a Support Forum for Consanguineous couples (Brother/Sister, Mother/Son/, Father/Daughter) so please visit if you are interested and would like to post with others about the subject. Visit my website.

Apr 24 2006
2:55 am

I was swimming in the pool one day with my best friend’s sister. We’d known each other for so long she was like my sister, but my best friend started talking about how hot she was, and actually started feeling her up to impress me. The next thing I know she’s grabbing his cock and looking at me for mine. We did her at the same time and she thoroughly enjoyed it! I got the impression they did it regularly, but I never asked.

Apr 26 2006
4:55 am

I always found incest to be somewhat of an adrenaline rush. More of a “Oooo I’m not supposed to but FUCK! MMMMMMMMMMMMM SO GOOD!” y’know? I’d probably never do it though. Anyways… anyone got a mom like this who wants to get fucked, email me. Milfs are fuckin’ off the hook.

May 5 2006
4:13 am

I used to cum in the bathwater, knowing mom would soon be in it. Jerking into the warm water is something i still enjoy

May 7 2006
12:12 pm

Karen-would you mind sharing some of the dreams you have been having about your son?

May 9 2006
4:01 pm

Let me narrate how once I (24) had gone to a friends party accompanied by my mother, forty-seven, who also knew the friend very well. Soon after the first three rounds of drinks we all started dancing and sure enough my mom was the first to join the gang. She was drinking all the while and I didn’t realise how high she was until she decided to climb on top of the dinning table! Mom was screaming and yelling with the song, her body moving to the rhythm. I felt slightly embarrassed on this, but the worst was still to come. As she danced on the table a lot of men started cheering her on. She enjoyed this thoroughly and suddenly decided to provoke them further by unbuttoning her shirt and displaying a handsome cleavage! A couple of moms of my friends tried to stop her but she was too taken by the roars of all the men folk, most of whom were my friends. By now I was very embarrassed and decided to stop her but I found it difficult to reach the table where a lot of men had gathered screaming all kinds of remarks. Rather than embarrassing her remarks like “come on gorgeous” and “whoa what a knock out!” were actually exciting her more. The remarks in the room were now openly lewd some of my closest buddies openly commenting about her tits and butt and asking her to strip more. She gave them a wicked smile and unbuttoned her shirt before everyone. In minutes all her buttons were open and my mother’s shirt was hanging from her torso, her boobs arrested by a lacy black bra! She was writhing as she discarded her shirt and threw it into the crowd. I almost froze to the floor but my friends in that room went completely crazy. She was making explicitly provoking gestures like giggling her butt for the boys, and once or twice she even jerked her bosom to entice them. The crowd went berserk as my mother started unbuttoning her pants and gradually pulled them down. Within seconds she stepped out of them, continuing her enticing dance in nothing but a tight bra and brief black panties!! I have to say that she looked terrific, moving her body like a sexy belly dancer, and when she turned around to give all the men an almost naked view of her ass. Her legs were smooth as silk and the milky white flesh of her sexy thighs was an absolute thunderbolt for most men. At this point someone manage to reach her, pulled her down and cover her. I was embarrassed, but also hugely excited.

May 22 2006
8:36 am

When you used to cum in the bathwater knowing your mother would be in it soon, do you mean that your mother joined you in the bath? Even if she was alone was it the same bathwater? Do you know for a faqct that she saw your cum in the water? What did she do or say?

May 23 2006
10:47 am

my mom would get drunk often and sleep late the next day. She had huge tits and I would go into her room while she slept and jack off staring at her tits in a silky night gown. She was overweight and fat tits. To this day I love old, chubby big tit girls. anyone with similar stories email me.

May 24 2006
3:45 am

As you will now realise, you cannot post your email address here. Perhaps you would like to visit my site and post there? There are a lot of men and probably women – even mothers, who would be interested in talking to you about these sort of things.

Jun 3 2006
9:32 am

I always loves sleeping with mom. Many times I have sneaked to my patrents’ bed with some excuse of a bad dream or stomach ache. Mom would be in her loose petticoat abd i loved grabbing her breasts. sometimes i find dad’s hands cupped over it. Dad would then slip over his hand to mom’s other breast and I knew dad also liked kneading mom’s tender breasts. It was on my 10 th birthday, I felt something delightful to hold onto mom’s breasts and moving my hands over her smooth nakedness. May be after a week dad told me i am growing to a big boy and Ishould not be touching mom’s naked breasts and other naked body parts. I asked why and he told me it would stimulate my sex.
Then it was when i was 12 I sneaked to mom’s bed when dad was not at home. i suckled mom’s breasts. Mom said it is to be stopped as she finds my dick getting erect. Thereafter it was only my dream sleeping with mom. I love and adore my mom and dad. They love so intensly! They love me too in the utmost affection.

Jun 3 2006
10:08 pm

How lucky can u get to have a mom to do that. If my mom did that for me I would kick my friends out and start banging her. I was just like Carl when I was 13 I would dream about banging my mom every day. Sometimes wen she was changing i could see her i loved it.

Jun 8 2006
8:43 am

i used to have sexual fantasies about my mom when younger, not anymore, i used to slip into the exercise room while she worked out and was jacking off when ever she was wearing sum tight spandex, my mom had the phattest arse, and it looked great in spandex and the spandex were so tight they used to rise up her crack, once wen she got off the tredmill she bent over and i couldnt resist but get my cock out and shuv it up her nylon covered crack, she never moanded and it from then on in was my favourite time of week

Jun 8 2006
11:01 am

dood u lucky i’ve always had fantasys with ma mom and one day they came true, she aswell has a great ass and by accident i walked into her room why she was was putting her thong on, she needed to put some suntan lotion on so she asked me to rub it on her, so i did, first i rubbed it on her front and back then it came to the legsand ass, i corresed ma mom uo her leggs with the lotion my cock becoming ever so harder, then it came to her sweet buttocks, i rubbed it onto her 42 inch butt cheecks rubbing it from side to side, it was like felling jelly, and i made sure she had a nice massage at the same time, i then for know reason lashed my cock out and stuck ritebetween her lumptious cheeks, and stated humping her likea raging bull, her buttocs clenched then released, and she didnt complain, after that we made sweet love and ive never forgotten it since, and everytime i go past my mom i give a quck squeeze on the arse and ask if she ever wants me to rub lotion i wil !!!

Jun 10 2006
6:28 pm

i dont know about all of you here, but when i was a teenager i used to have dreams of doing stuff with my mom, so one day i came back from ma mates house and there was my mom sleeping in the garden with a summerdress pulled over her arse revealing her g-string and ass cheeks, ofcource my cock immediatly became hard, and although i couldnt do anything to her, i could film her on my camera i had, so i beant down on my knees and leant over her filming up close on her naked buttocks and legs, as she was asleep, she couldnt notice what i was doing, the camera could zoom in soo much i could practically see inside her crack, everytime she shook her legs her cheeks would wobble and i’d catch it on film, lucky me, i then went upstairs and watched it over perfect masturbating material, i still watch it to this very day!!!

Jun 11 2006
5:32 am

Have you ever thought of the possibility that she was not asleep and knew exactly what you were doing – maybe even enjoyed it?

Jun 12 2006
1:34 pm

Tim was enjoying himself very much, yet he was starting to get hungry.
“Suzanne get over to the coffee table and bend over. Your son is
going to fuck you before supper.” She moved to comply. No one in the
room realized it wasn’t Samuel’s voice that had commanded the elder
lady, so enthralled with the actions that were going on.

It was only seconds until she was kneeling in the middle of the coffee
table, her covered bottom facing her son. “Well Samuel, we don’t have
all night – fuck your slave.” Everyone watched as the amazed young
man stood up from his seat then lifted his mothers woolen skirt. Her
panty covered bottom was revealed until her son slipped the garment
past her hips to mid thigh.

Joel barely noticed his sister fumbling with his zipper until he felt
cool fingers wrap about his hard young penis. A quick look at his
sister saw that she was smiling hugely at her new lover, as if she was
eager to please. The youngest male bent over to kiss his sisters
hungry lips again, before turning back to watch the live sex show
before him. Jean’s hand pulled her brothers’ towards her and pressed
it against the mound of her sex, above her pants.

From the corner of her eye saw her classmates cock thrust towards the
kneeling woman, and felt great interest in the actions being
performed. Yet, she also desired more personal action with her
brother right now. Jean wanted to kiss his `thing’, as she so often
did in her fantasies.

Tim watched pleased at how easy it all had been. Jean was enjoying
the new feelings she was undergoing while experimenting with her mouth
upon a cock. Samuel was pounding like a jack rabbit in and out of his
mother, the whole coffee table looked in danger of breaking. Joel
could not decide which show he wanted to watch, his sister before him
or incestuous fuck three feet away. He tried to do both, and his huge
smile told everyone of his pleasure.

Jun 17 2006
11:25 am

For all of you guys who are thinking of ways to see if your Mum/Mom will fuck/suck you, I’ve got one if your mom/mum uses the PC. Make a fake account on MSN Messenger and send her an email or start talking to her and bring incest into it, see how she takes it ;)

mamas boy
Jun 22 2006
1:04 am

dear perv my mother first started stripping for me when i was 14 my huge jugged mother smoking a ciggaret dancing around drunk wearing miniskirts garters nylons spike heels all done up lip stick red finger nails my mother unbutton her top as her massive sagging juggs fall out my mother is now76 years old and she is still sripping for me

Jun 22 2006
5:59 pm

For any of you interested in incest fiction, have a look at first book for sale (click on link below) – Infinite Blue Heaven – A King and A Queen. Let me know what you think.

Jun 28 2006
2:17 pm

dear all

i went to the gym with ma mom the other day to have a workout, as i was on the bike my mom was infront of me on the tredmill, she was wearin a very skimpy exersise outfit, and tight black spandex, that showed off alot of stuff, they were very tight and started to rise up her ass crack, my mind was fixed on her ass and jugs as she jogged, i was transfixed as i saw her ass jiggle about like jelly bouncin from side to side, the spandex gripping under her cheeks, her jugs bounced up and down and everything bounced rhythimically, wen she got off the treadmill, she went downstairs to the changingroom and as it was empty i krept in after her, i hid in a cupboard as she stripped down from her spandex into full naked ness, her buttock cheeks larger than life stearin me full in the face and her shaven pussy lying in deep darkness, she entered the showers and ran hot water over her body, i could see the water trickle down her titts into her ass crack and on her pussy, my cock was so hard i couldnt take it no more, i raced in the shower room lashed it out and stuck it rite between up booty cheeks huming her like a raging bull in wetness, i squeezed her cheeks in agony as she didnt struggle, i even think she enjoyed it, i had an intense orgasm nd wet cum sprayed from my penis all over her fat cheeks, when i finished i took her bak to her locker, dressed her bak into her thong and normal clothes and took her home, wen i got bak in my bedrom she blow me off and i liked her ass out, i couldnt beleive my mom was doing this to her own son, every thurday my mom lets me pick out her gym outfit i make sure its extra small, and when we get to the gym we get our work out on ???

Jul 19 2006
3:40 am

u guy are sick!!! just imagine that your son fucking your wife… what will u do????

Sep 1 2006
11:26 pm

I wish moms like mine would repond. I was 4 when she and dad split. Mom and I slept in the same bed for years. I saw her nude very often. She was not bothered by that. Many of my friends whose mom is a single parent experienced the same thing.

A few years ago when my I was going through some very difficult times, she saw nothing wrong with my going to strip clubs while on business trips and gave me some extra money to have more fun with. Some might say that I’m a mama’s boy.

So, I see nothing wrong with what this mom did.

Sep 16 2006
7:34 am

one night my parents asked me to go to bed early.i dont know what is the reason.i cant sleep.i acted to be mom is a beautiful sexy girl.she was the 2 wife to my father.she was 28.okay.they came to the bedroom and i acted to be father went and cleaned the hairs present in my mom anus paddocks.she too did the same.then one by one they went and took bath.with full dress they came near me.she touched my eyes and see wheather i slept.then she slowly removed all her dress and my fathers too.i clearly watched was an unforgettable day.nearly 6 hours they enjoyed.i too.she shouts when my dad oputs his finger in her anus.she sucks the anus.i toched her anus and breast while she was fucking.i saw while she baths.i saw when she was dressing.i enjoyed.i had seen 10 ladies without any dress.

Sep 20 2006
9:30 pm

my mother id now 76 years old and sexier than ever her measurements are 98″ XXX 38 40 i love to see my mother drunk smoking a ciggarett shacking her huge floping juggs my mother wearing a black leather corsett black garters nylons 6″ black stelletos as i help her to bed nothing better

Sep 22 2006
5:10 pm

I definitelly want to fuck my mom since I´m about 13 or 14 years old. Now I´m 22 but I still want to.
The thing is that i dont know how to tell her what I want.
If someboby have proposed his own mom please tell me how to.

Sep 25 2006
6:19 pm

when i was 14 15 16 i used to peek at mom alot. i saw her bathe. i saw her naked . i snuck to her room and looked at her asleep naked and touched her. she even caught me one night dick in hand and all. when i was 39 and she was 60 i finally got to fuck her even though i felt her up one night when she was passed out. but when i finally got to fuck her it was the best sex of my life good luck to all of you that dream

mommy's pride and joy
Oct 1 2006
3:30 pm

My mother who is 50 years old came into my room one evening with just her red bra and panties on while I (21 years old) was sitting on my bed watching t.v. She sat next to me and I instantly became horny. I couldn’t really control it. I leaned over and kissed her neck and worked my way to her cheeks. Then she looked at me and then I kissed her on the lips and then we made out. She then said we shouldn’t be doing this. But I persisted, kissing her more and then straddled her undoing her bra from the front exposing her size 34 B nice tits that I sucked on. Then I removed her panties and began to fuck her over and over. Sex with her was amazing and now we do it everyday. Good luck to the rest of you who wants to fuck their moms

Stupid people turn hot moms in
Oct 5 2006
7:08 am

Who was the big mouth that tipped off authorities? They say kids are getting dumber, well this proves it. Maybe they are some kids of incestual offspring like in that one other story.

I wish my mom would have been like this

Oct 5 2006
1:55 pm

The fact that mother-son couples are rare phenomena does not necessarily prove that such a relationship is unnatural.Most sons sexually avoid their mothers neither because of religion nor because of law, but just because they find them aged and unattractive.Most mothers put on a lot of weight in their 30’s and turn ugly. If the son gets on the top of his mother’s fat belly to fuck her, his penis may not reach down to her vaginal orifice which lies unnoticeably obscured somewhere between her thighs.

Similarly, most mothers sexually avoid their sons for reasons other than sexual. May be because of age-induced ego ; Or because there are too many inmates in the house ; Or because they are not economically independent. May be there are several other reasons.

The naked fact remains that there are as many mother-son couples as there are father-daughter bonds. Society is loath to admit of this because we got used to perceiving women esp.mothers as veritable angels outstandingly free from the common human cravings and base instincts.We came to wrongly associate men only with every so-called perversion.

If unrelated male-female couples can have sex and still call their relationship sacred, why can’t it be so with mother-son couples ? Sex sans love is a negative energy. But that coupled with love is a positive energy, resulting in all positive things. After certain age, I think it is quite natural for the relationship between the mother and son to go the way of all other man-woman relationships in the world. There are millions of grown-up sons in the world who behave like husbands to their mothers in every matter, short of making a pass at them. They manage their mothers’ finances, control them, order them, shout at them and make them to serve them. If this husaband-like behaviour is overtly consummated through sex, it is just logical, nothing unusual.

Oct 8 2006
5:39 pm

i was with ma mom when i was 16 and she was wearing tight skined trousers on that exposed her thick legs, big hips and juicy ass. my moms ass is so perfect, its not round, but quite wide and very thick. when she walks it bounces up and down and each cheek slaps one another. but the thing about these tight trousers are they used grip her ass and rise up the co crack as if to look like she was wearing anything. so i’d been watching her all day when she got up to get something out the oven. so i followed her she then bent over and her round ass cheeks were straight infront of me so straight away i got hard, she was still bending over and the trousers were rising up her crack so i then got my dick out and lashed up her nylon covered ass crack, her cheeks clenched and she didn’t move i started to hump her toll white cum sprayed all over her cheeks, leaving me drained, she then got back up and let me message her lovely round chedeks for the rest of the day

Oct 20 2006
10:24 am

Vampire Hunters (when my mom Leigh Taylor Young is being fuck)

In the Beginning: It was the year 1998 and the vampire cursed has been lifted in Chicago Illinois, an 80 yrs.old vampire hunter name Kurt Smith with his Vampire Crew composing of his girlfriend Leigh Taylor Young who is now 46 yrs.old (whom he free after being under the love spell of the Vampire Lord), his son John and his girlfriend Iris, the geek Dave Wilkins, the bully Kevin former boyfriend of Iris. . They have been able to defeat Count Von Dracula and seal his body to the Casket and ended his reign of Darkness but after 8 years a blood gripping from the floor resurrected the evil Count Von Dracula he know exact his revenge to the people who is responsible for having him again put into the caskette.

In the Beginning:


In the last hectic years before the millennium rolled around, Chicago finally shook off the shackles of the vampire curse that had hounded its street. Kurt Smith settled back in his chair, eyes moving over his crew. It was a miracle he was still around to see them, not many Hunters managed to survive to the ripe old age of seventy. His eyes softened as they rested on Leigh Taylor Young, amazed that she really was his girl, despite the 34 year gap between their ages. He’d rescued her from a vampire’s love spell, and somehow, she’d thrown one on him in return.

He looked over the rest of his little clan, considering. John, his son, and his pride and joy, sat with his arm around pretty Iris. Kevin, the overgrown bully, watched them with a blank face as they chatted, probably ruing the day he’d let Iris slip through his fingers so that John could snap her up. Dave Wilkins was hunched over his laptop, tapping away furiously, scowling at some elusive solution in one of his beloved mathematical theories. Kurt smiled grimly. They were family, an odd one, but they each had their place.

He was thankful that they made it through the battle without losing anyone. They’d won the day, for the moment, and the Count Von Dracula was locked away in the Casket, the mystical iron box that would only unlock with a key of blood, leaving the city free of his taint. He glanced out the window at his wind-blown city with its gritty, colorful history. If Chicago had survived the mob, they could recover from the reign of terror the Count had presided over. He rubbed his fingers over his neck, feeling a sudden chill.

He dismissed the feeling and turned back to his crew. He couldn’t have known, then, that somewhere in the dark, the lock was waiting, and that already, the cards were being laid out to bring the key to it. Somewhere in that darkness, a friend waited, dreaming and hating, and plotting revenge. The corpse of Dracula has been resurrected by a blood gripping from the ceiling and he arouse from the dead Dracula said “Vengeance would be mine, I would definitely get back at you Kurt and get back the love of my life Leigh”

In the basement of Home of Kurt Smith he tells his odd family that he had sense some danger that Dracula has return from the grave. Kurt then told his clan that they must prepare for the attack of the lord Vampire. He said that they must group them into 3 groups. Kurt then picks up a lottery bowl and then put some balls into it
The results are John and his girlfriend Iris are the 1st partner , Kurt said that they would be a good team but Kevin protested that he must be the partner of Iris because he can protect him from the monster Dracula. Kurt said that he have a partner of his own and then Kevin stares angrily at John and almost they begun to fight but Leigh stops them and he told Kevin that “ Stop it would be you partner as she shows his number 6 and Kevin get the number 9. Kevin then tries to calm down and he said that it is ok for him but when the time comes he would change it. Kurt said that the last pair is he and Dave Wilkins so this complete the groups and told that the must practice and device some plans. He told John and Iris must stay at Iris house so that they can concentrate on devising a plan against Dracula meanwhile Kurt told Leigh that she can stay at Kevin’s House so that he can tutored him more about how to defeat the vampires. Leigh kisses her husband “She told him that Kevin would be huge assets in the success of our team”. So the team has disbanded and John and Iris left for Irish House, Dave and Kurt stay at home and Leigh and Kevin went to Kevin’s House.

Somewhere in the City Count Von Dracula with his assistant Igor pick up some prostitute and then Dracula suck the blood out of this young woman. Igor meanwhile said that it has been a long 8 years since you have been tasted blood and that old Kurt destroy your ambitions to be mastered of the World by stealing to you Leigh Taylor Young. Dracula then lifted Igor and Choke him up. He told him that you lowly life form must not told it at me back again or I would kill you.

In Kevin’s House Leigh get her equipment and stares at the big house of Kevin. Leigh Taylor Young told Kevin that it was a big house but she is said because 8 years ago when Kevin was just 10 yrs.old his families were killed by Dracula. Kevin said that he had forgotten the trauma it and he got over with his life. Leigh then said that she must change here dress and she went to the room. Kevin meanwhile still very jealous at John for having his girlfriend Iris still yet felt so weird because the mother of his nemesis would be staying in his house. Leigh meanwhile return to the living room and then he is seen wearing a body fit sexy outfit that almost reveals the shape of his breast sexy body at 46 yrs.old and standing at 5 ft 9 and weighing at 150 lbs. She still has the body of an 18 yrs.old. Kevin fix his eyes on Leigh and told her that “Wow it is getting hot in here you have a very great and sexy body” Leigh laughed and said “yeah your just making me blush I am too old now and I just have my secret on how I get this sexy body” the conversation started to get hotter and intimate and then Kevin ask Leigh “What is your secret? Come I would show you the secret. The two individuals go to the place and Leigh shows the new model of timework FX. Ok I would show you my secret here is my Timework FX machine it would help you to be able to get cardiovascular work out and then she jump to the machines and she wiggles her sexy butt and ass. Kevin watches and said to his mind that someday I might be able to take a crack on this mom’s sexy body. Kevin watches Leigh pushing and pulling on the other side. He then went and try to use the machine but he accidentally touch the behind of Leigh and he apologized, Leigh said” Ok you must now use the machines and I would teach you on how to use this Bow and Arrows which is an anti-vampire weapon. Kevin removes his shirt and is only wearing boxers meanwhile a thought entering the mind of Leigh and she said that Kevin has a great body who is 6 ft 3 and 250 lbs. She felt so said because his son took his former girlfriend Iris away from him she said to himself that Iris might be not too smart in trading because Kevin is too handsome for this.

In the Home of Kurt both he and Dave are finishing their newly invented machines this is a machine gun which has multiple silver bullet. Kurt told Dave that they must improve it and Kurt meanwhile thinks about his wife. Dave ask him are you thinking about why you let that overgrown bully Kevin to be with your girlfriend Leigh, He is an asshole and you know that he take to his bed very attractive women in our school. Kurt said “my wife is not as dumb as you think he is an intelligent woman and he would not fall for that crap. In the Underground room Leigh and Kevin are both perspiring and you can see the sexy body of Leigh as he remove his tight suit and is wearing a see thru Bra now with her undies. Kevin stares at the mature women and said wow you really have a big and nice tits and boobs. Leigh replied “: Ok your just making me happy admit it your still inlove with my son’s girlfriend iris” Kevin said” yeah but the way it turn me on seeing you like that I also envy that 70 yrs.old Kurt for having you as his girlfriend. Leigh approach Kevin and taps him on the back she then went to the bathroom and take a bath. A mental image of her and Kevin making love is seen in her thoughts but she remembers Kurt as the one he love for saving him to the Spell of Dracula.

It was the crew assembles and then they go to the old castle where Dracula is hiding he had taken the lives of 10 women as they see their rotten body. Dracula said “well the crew is here and he pointed at Leigh and said well my former queen is also long time no see your body became sexier than ever. Leigh said “I would kill you Dracula and I will finally end your reign”. Dracula meanwhile attacks them and Kurt shot him with a spear but Dracula uses his fake clone as he is in the air. He then attacks Kurt and wounded him. Kevin shot him with a machine gun but it took no effect on him Dracula applied the Kusinagi sword from his mouth and wounded the hand of Kevin. Leigh shot his Arrows but Dracula dodge it and then he hit Leigh with a punch. John came from behind and attack him but Dracula hit him with his hands and John fell down. With Iris and Dave standing he took take both down with his craws. Dracula laugh so hard and then he try to kiss Leigh but Kurt holds him down and said to the group that they must pierce him with the spear. Kevin see the spear and then they both pierce Dracula and Kurt in the heart Kurt said “this is the end of your evilness Dracula he then pull his hand grenade and both he and Dracula exploded to the air. Leigh and the rest of the group saw it and she cried Kevin hugged her and told her that he just sacrifice his life for us. Dracula meanwhile rest from the fire and said that he would comeback again.

They have a funeral dedication to the life of Kurt Smith and all of them vow to avenge his death. The crew assemble to the underground hide out and they device a plan for defeating the vampire, Leigh as the leader then device the team into 2 groups which is composed of him and Kevin and the 2nd group with John, Iris and Dave. They were chatting inside the room as John and Iris remembers that it would be the celebration of their 3rd year anniversary as a couple they said that it is still not too late to eat outside. Kevin still jealous told them ok you just go on if you like this angers John who try to punch Kevin and both exchange punches but Leigh and Iris step on and Iris hold John and Leigh holds Kevin. Leigh said that they are both one team and that she would make them to have peace. John apologized to Kevin and Kevin although very angry shakes the hand of John. John and Iris left the house and it was Dave. Leigh and Kevin who are left behind but for a short period of time as Dave told Leigh that he have some assignments to make so he then leaves. Kevin smiles as he realizes that he and Leigh are left behind. He apologized to Leigh for having as fist fight with his son’ he told “Leigh I am sorry that happens” Leigh replied “it is alright why we now practice on how to kill the vampire. Kevin removes his Shirt and then he went back for his work and is wearing his usual boxers. He then focused his sight to Leigh who is at 46 at 5 ft 9 and 150 lbs still has the same body as the day she won the Miss Chicago 28 yrs. ago!! He told to himself that Iris is hopeless for him and he must now put his mind on this beautiful young lady. Leigh told him “you’re staring again at me and I thank you for saving me for Dracula. She then went beside Kevin and she kisses him in the cheeks and told that tomorrow they would go out for a date. They both went to the top floor and both of them take a bath at each separate room. The next day Leigh receive a message that John and Iris are in the Caribbean’s and Dave would not make it because he is making his project. Kevin wakes up and read the message and a smile his seen in his face. He would finally have sex with this mom. They went for breakfast and Leigh is wearing his revealing negligee and his see thru Bra. Kevin has been aroused and his cock almost went to his pants but he controlled it. Leigh told Kevin they can go out for a date but it is a Holiday and it is Halloween that all of the restaurants are full, so they have a dinner later in the house that night and Leigh is wearing White Dress with a short skirt. Kevin cook his big oyster and a big Turkey he then try to talk to Leigh and told her that he is interested in courting here Leigh just smiles and told him” That your to young for me’ but Kevin replied that “ Age is just a number maybe I can get you after Kurt dies and Iris have John. They chatted ands Leigh almost felt said hearing Kurt’s Name but he then speak to his head “That maybe this is the time he could feel the love. As they are going to kiss Vampires emerge form he sealing and they attack him. Leigh meanwhile has his arrows from his legs and shot the vampires and Kevin kill him with a spear and the vampire perished from thin air. Leigh hugs Kevin and they go to the living room and they chatted there Leigh remove his white tops and is only wearing a see thru bra she then took up his skirt and told Kevin to massage his back with oil as they are watching some old Photage of NFL Games. As Kevin is massaging the back of Leigh he felt a huge orgasm coming of his body. He then tries to kiss the back of Leigh and he robs his foot gently. Leigh meanwhile felt arouse to and said that as a reward for saving him from the Vampires he would have an exquisite dance. Leigh dances and his revealing tits are shown and she wiggles her ass. Kevin then tries to kiss Leigh Passionately and both of them are making love in the floor. Leigh told Kevin to go to her room so that they can make love the whole night. Leigh said that this is the reward for Kevin as she always seen him as a very nice young men and Kevin said that he always have a crush on her and feel jealous every time he saw Leigh and Kurt have sex. They went to the bed and Leigh strike his big huge12 inch cock of Kevin and then his blowjob them, Kevin scream as he felt so very good about it. Kevin said that if it aright for him to fuck her, Leigh said that it is very ok because Kurt is now dead. Leigh told Kevin to put his 12 inch cock into his pussy and then they fuck their brains out Leigh said “Ooh Kevin it felt so good it took me years to realize I am inlove with you. Kevin meanwhile thrust his cock deeply as he caresses her ass and then kisses him in French kiss. After that both partners are in orgasm as Kevin shoots his sperm to the tight pussy of Leigh and Leigh exploded his vagina. They both have this position for 20 minutes and then they try the 69 position. They make love the whole night and Kevin told Leigh if he can fuck his ass Kevin position from behind and he fuck the Virgin ass of Leigh who almost screams in pleasure.

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Part two still in process

Part II

Both Leigh and Kevin stopped fucking each other and the next day

Oct 26 2006
9:44 am

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Dec 1 2006
4:04 am

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Dec 4 2006
4:41 pm

wow, what a store guys…keep it up. :-)


Dec 5 2006
11:19 pm

PervScan is disabling the comments on this post. They’ve just gotten too inane…