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Jessica Lynch Nude Photos

“A skin mag claimed yesterday it has pictures of Iraqi POW Jessica Lynch frolicking in the nude with male soldiers before she went off to war. A spokesman for the 20-year-old Army private — the subject of Sunday’s TV movie on NBC that drew 14.9 million viewers — called the plan by Hustler magazine to publish the purported photos ‘unspeakable…’ But now, she may not have to weather the ordeal. On Tuesday, Flynt told The Associated Press he changed his mind about printing the pix because Lynch is a ‘good kid’ who became ‘a pawn for the government.’ Flynt said he bought the photos last month from the men who purportedly participated in the amateur shoot with the undressed Army supply clerk. The soldiers ‘wanted to let it be known that she’s not all apple pie,’ Flynt said.” — New York Daily News (US)

Jessica Lynch is an attractive young lady and probably looks pretty good in the buff, with her military-honed body. Why should she be ashamed to have these indiscrete photos printed? She should just shrug her shoulders and say, like Madonna did when it was discovered she’d made soft-core porn, “So what?” Because really, so what?

Jessica Lynch has nothing to be ashamed of. She served her country honorably. And no one can blame her if, on the eve of her departure for war, she allowed herself an uninhibited night of fun and pleasure. What young person, facing the prospect of death, wouldn’t do the same? For that matter, what old person wouldn’t do the same too? It’s kind of like compressing the fun you’re supposed to have over a long life into a single night — just in case you don’t have a long life. And Jessica Lynch came perilously close to not having one.

If there is any shame in this story, it belongs not to Ms. Lynch, nor to Larry Flynt, who uncharacteristically decided to refrain from publishing the pictures. Rather, it belongs to the fellow soldiers who sold the photos and then pretended it was for some kind of moral purpose, “to show America that Jessica Lynch was no apple-pie saint.” Bullshit! The soldiers sold the photos for the six figures Flynt was willing to pay, pure and simple.

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Nov 17 2003
7:40 pm

I totally agree that Ms. Lynch shouldn’t be ashamed, but that’s too much to ask. she’s been through alot…let’s let her decide what she wants exposed.

And I was proud once more of Flynt…he does seem to make the right decisions, politically.

Nov 27 2003
4:25 pm

She was no saint she had a bad reputation but I still feel bad for her.

Nov 28 2003
12:38 am

my comments is that that bitch(jessica lynch)paid a million just for her story but anyway she was a slut in the army and everybody knows about that every NCO fuch her already i know that i think she enjoys while she was rape..

Dec 1 2003
1:10 am

i sergeant ricky of the u.s. marines had sex with jessica on several ocassions she liked it doggystyle and she is a slut and …oh yeah she gives good blow jobs…

Dec 1 2003
11:15 am

Oh, come on now. Whether or not any of you ever had sex with Ms Lynch — and no doubt you’re all lying — is beside the point. Why shouldn’t she have sex with every NCO, if that’s what she wants to do? Whatever heroism she displayed during her time in Iraq has absolutely nothing to do with her sexual behavior before going. Nothing. The two are separate and distinct traits of character. The biggest slut on the planet can still be heroic — or do you think that heroism is only for virgins? If so, should only virgins join the military? It may be that a lot of virgins DO sign up — but it’s only because the recruiters promise them cheap foreign pussy. “Travel to distant lands, meet stimulating and exotic people — and get them to blow you for the equivalent of one U.S. dollar.”

If you could get pussy stateside, you wouldn’t sign up. Hell, nobody would join the military without the wink-and-a-smile promise of sexual adventure abroad. Stop being such hypocrites. Leave Ms. Lynch alone. If she had her fun, so be it. It was hers to have. None of you jarheads are seriously going to say you’re saving your virginity for when you get home, are you? If you’re that married to your gun, you’re probably sodomizing yourself with it. Sheesh.

Dec 3 2003
3:11 pm

i wanna fuck lynch

Dec 8 2003
11:38 am

lets see her nude. She proably got raped in the war anyway. I would love to see that sweet piece of ass.

andy again
Dec 8 2003
11:41 am

I am horny just thinking about her. I would love to rape that slut and beat the shit out of her. I would finish it off by choking her so she cant breath as I shoot my load in her face.

Dec 10 2003
8:45 pm

Hey, I see we’ve got a real bunch of patriots here. When you are all finished raping Ms. Lynch and shooting your (deficient) loads in her face, why don’t you head over to Iraq and get fucked in the ass by a thousand goat herders. Fuck you all, stupid fucking assholes.

Dec 13 2003
1:32 pm

The former PFC Lynch should not have posed nude in the first place. As a soldier, she is not free to do as she feels. Her status as a “hero” does not make it OK to economically exploit her. By the way, although I have sympathy for her, she is not a hero. Miller, the guy who waxed a bunch of people before he got captured, is the real hero. His ass should be getting the book and TV movie. And while I’m ranting, the media should not try to romanticize PFC Lynch’s relationship with one of her NCOs. That type of conduct is highly unethical for a soldier. If she was one of my soldiers, I would’ve had the platoon sergeant bitch-slap her ass all over Fort Bliss. First to Fire!

Dec 14 2003
4:51 pm

Nice comeback, Supervert…Jesus these comments make me sad, though. Who knew so many people had a hate-on for her?

“That type of conduct is highly unethical for a soldier. If she was one of my soldiers, I would’ve had the platoon sergeant bitch-slap her ass all over Fort Bliss. First to Fire!”

Would you bitch-slap the NCO, Duckhunter? The other people involved in taking her photographs? The guy who snapped the photos? I suppose the armed forces still have a few issues with sexuality. No surprise, just disappointing.

Embarrased American
Dec 27 2003
2:00 pm

Some of these comments – and this entire issue for that matter – just goes to show how fucked-up this country really is. Who gives a fuck?

Dec 30 2003
2:32 pm

I’ll tell you this….regardless of whatever anyone does in their personal life, short of harming someone else or depriving them of some personal liberty, it is their life to be engaged in and their life to be reconned with. Jessica is human and has and will make human mistakes. Because of her recognition factor, to say nothing of her personal beauty, she has suffered entirely too much for any indiscretion that she might have done. I just hope that those who would throw the first stone would also be those without any sins of their own to hide. Such constant and sexually deviant derogatory comments about this vulnerable and beautiful person speaks volumes about the personal values of those contributors to this and other sites. I might also add that such contributions by members of the U.S. Armed Forces speaks volumes about the severe need for soldier education, especially in the areas of English composition and human compassion.

Jan 15 2004
8:28 pm

It seems kind of funny that we don’t see any more of that wonderful made for america ‘rescue’ movie of the Jessica Lynch. Pentagon propaganda at its best.

Jan 31 2004
9:57 am

Lol, losers. You guys, or midnight tranny’s, or whatever you claim to be, need to GROW UP!

Feb 6 2004
7:51 am

Dropping your M16 rifle and NOT doing what you’re trained to do in basic doesn’t make you a hero.

any is back
Feb 23 2004
9:51 am

I am so horny thinking about Ms Lynch’s breasts. I would love to suck on her nipples while I finger her ass.

Apr 30 2004
8:07 am

She was a good fuck but she had a stinky bunghole.

May 11 2004
7:49 am

i believe lynch was captured by the iraqis and she was rescued in a hospital not in an iraqi dungeon stripped naked or chained and bieng photographed.

Jun 12 2004
8:17 pm

I ate Jessica’s pussy we served together in Iraq, I have a copy of the pics she took if anyone is interested for a price.

Jun 25 2004
3:28 am

What the fuck!? dude you are fucked up! What the hellare all of you eeps porblems. ITs Jessica Lynch. If her eapon jammed, why bother carrying it!? If she was raped, she was raped, and the person who did it was probably shot in the rescue. YOu fuckers that want to fcker my want tor emember about her trouble with bowel movements and the fact that she might piss on your wang while you are forcibly sticking up there you sick bastards!

Oct 12 2004
11:40 am

Okay, let’s all be honest here. everyone here wanted to see those naked pics of jess. I know I did. That’s why we’re all here, after all. She’s young, she’s hot, and she’s a celebrity and a hero. Since no one has see these pics, either they are just a hoax by Flynt to get publicity or they are real and jessica has too much integrity to take money to show em. Either way you can’t knock jess for it. Personally, I’m torn. On one hand, I would love to get a peek at her sexy naked bod, but on the other hand, I’m kinda glad that I haven’t. It means that she has integrity. She COULD pose nude and make some serious cash, but she hasn’t.

Apr 1 2005
2:08 am

I think she is the average Army girl, a slut!!! Why else would they join the Army with 250,000 guys and a hundred girls. Why? Because the so ugly or weird in the civilian world to get anyone decent there!! But God bless them, aint nothing like coming back to the barracks empty handed and know you can go two floors down and get a blowjob from one of em’ . Saved many of my nights!! Deep Attack!!!!!!

Apr 25 2005
11:50 pm

I am in the military right now and i just wanted to say sumthin about the comment up there “its a shame to see theres sexuality still in the military” theres sexuality everywhere you go. even worse in the military for a few reasons. one the ratio of males to females is outrageous and most of these girls dont know how to handle it being around all these guys. second the males are horny as hell and stuck on base all the time, and most of the towns that are around bases are out in BFE anyways so theres no decent females around so they’ll take anything. its sad really some of the ugly ass girls u see walkin around with dudes. theres this one girl that has half her teeth, a face that looks like she got beat with golf cleets when she was little. nasty as hell and some how shes married. explain that one to me. only in the military. most of these girls that do join were outkasts in highschool, or ROTC nerds and never had a BF. so once they get in an eviornment like this they become sluts. just like jessica lynch. theres about 50 girls in my squadron and i can tell u slutty ass stories of about prolly 30 of em. gang bangs, sellin themselves, screwin higher ups for rank, makin porno’s in the barracks, getting married with other service members and once that dudes on deployment theyre all over the barracks. i mean like knockin on every door lookin for dick. so i dont feel bad for jessica lynch at all and think the pics should be print just to show how all the military females are. btw i dont think she really deserves all the medals just for making a wrong turn and getting fucked in the ass by a few iraqi’s. cuz i know theres service members that have taken a 556 round to the head and all they get is a letter home and a funeral. -Opei

May 5 2005
8:49 am

Just read the comments above about PFC Jessica Lynch. My god it’s neither wonder you Americans are so unpopular the world over if that’s the way you treat one of your own.
Some of you guys really need to grow up. As for the comments of some supposed US Military personnel whatever happended to loyalty to your comrades in arms, or isn’t that taught to you in the American Military. To be honest I’m disgusted with the lot of you.
Posted by an ex-Britsh Army veteran

May 25 2005
1:36 pm

This is amazing that people are dogging Jessica out for getting laid and having a few pics snapped during a party. This idiotic double standard has to stop. A lot of these guys seem almost jealous. When I was in the Army, in Germany, I banged/fucked/fingered etc…everything and anything (female) that I could get my horny dick in. Black, white, rican, all of it! Wives, dependent’s daughters, anything! I had an awesome time doing it. I don’t blame any Army chick for fucking, what the hell? I recall one time at Ft. Bragg, they passed some chick around to every dude in the barracks, I was sleeping at the time, and on the top bunk, my buddie brought this skank and woke me up saying “hey man, you want some of this” Obviously she had gone through about 10-15 men by then, so I just accepted a BJ and rolled over and went back to sleep. Great times!

Jun 10 2005
2:45 pm

Ya’ll talk about PFC. Lynch all you want, I never knew her. But, I am currently on my second deployment in Baghdad right now. some of the comments i have read disgust me. but whoever makes comments about my army like the ones ive read,you better check behind your doors when you get home.Cause i show no pity to any of you when one of my rangers gets back and slits your throat in your sleep. Yall are no different than these insurgents im fighting right now..curse you all and your families…sleep easy tonight knowin that im still over here…youll get yours

Jul 8 2005
7:52 pm

You fuckers need to get a life! To the assholes that claim to be military and talk about raping Jess, give it a fucking shot, personally I know many like me that would probably put you on the “watch list”. To the rest of you pervs, keep looking for the pics, you won’t find them. Go find some fucking real jobs and give up on the I wanna fuck Lynch craze!

pastor jason
Nov 26 2005
8:12 pm

i would not like to have my name published for no reason just to tell people that yeah she made a mistake and apparentlly they have not. further more to the gutless people who can put down a girl who actually served her country,you should have more shame than the rest of them. Its easy to judge someone when your not in their shoes. It seems that the most of you have no spine,and forgot thier young adulthood.

pastor jason
Nov 26 2005
8:13 pm

i would not like to have my name published for no reason just to tell people that yeah she made a mistake and apparentlly they have not. further more to the gutless people who can put down a girl who actually served her country,you should have more shame than the rest of them. Its easy to judge someone when your not in their shoes. It seems that the most of you have no spine,and forgot thier young adulthood.

just me
May 8 2006
12:13 pm

I think you all are sick…Jessica Lynch lost her sights of what the military is by dropping her weapon on the ground and throwing her arms in the air. She got 11 other people killed. I suggest woman coming into the military for money or school or anything like that should be placed in an office enviorment and left there. Being a woman in the army is hard enough without having some little girl screw us all over by looking like an ass. Plus the NCO levels need to be stepped up. Fratenization is against military conduct. The NCO’s And Privates and any other military personel involved in this should ahve all been court martialed and jessica lynch should have been articled and placed in military prision to rot.

jess b
Aug 24 2006
8:29 pm

Puhlease. Ms. lynch falls under the category that any hot blooded young american woman would. REAL. You guys are just jealous, that she didn’t give you the time of day while on base. I wouldn’t either. Jessica probably got better sex when she was captured than she would have had on the base. 99 % of the american males fall under the category of only acting like they know how to use their dicks, but when it comes time to perform, we have to fake it so they get off of us sooner.

Nov 14 2006
9:52 pm

Oh my GOD, u americans really are stupid rednecks

Jill WIlliams
Feb 18 2007
2:20 am

Well it seems that this ellusive photo has surfaced. In fact I know for sure, I own a copy of it and it has become a big part of my desktop background photo. We all knew it would get leaked somehow…

Now she truly can be everyones hero, day or night.
If you are willing to own this lovely topless rendition, write me at XXXXX at YYYYY if you would like to own a digital file of this background. It is hot, yet very patriotic as well and worth every penny for owning a copy.


Nov 11 2007
6:51 am

I tapped that ass. Jessica Lynch is a slut, and me and four of my buddies gang-banged the whore. Shot my load down her fuckin’ throat.

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