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Man Gives Pig a Poke

“Police are searching for man accused of having sex with a pig and nearly suffocating her by tying a plastic bag over her head. The 22-year-old man from Bhekiswayo tribal trust near Hazyview in Mpumalanga was arrested shortly after the owner of the pig caught him with his pants down behind the animal in March… The owner of the pig, David Mhaule, said on Tuesday that she had survived her ordeal. He said he has eight pigs and that it was not the first time one of them had been violated. Inspector Theledi said the suspect was also accused of molesting a goat last year, but his family and the owner of the goat had settled out of court.” — (Africa)

Another pig sex story! This is the third such incident in a month or so — after the policeman and the septuagenarian — which makes you think it must be the beginning of a veritable trend.

Just what is it about the pig that gives it such sex appeal? It would be tempting to mention its unusual penis, shaped like a corkscrew, except that none of these pig-lovers have been caught doing anything with it. They all seem to have been doing the pig doggy-style, which suggests that the pig must have an appealing anus. Probably the anus is easy to access, since the pig has a short wispy tail that doesn’t get in the way, and perhaps the pink hue is inviting, since it’s the color of a human vagina. Certainly a nice fleshy pig has to be better than a goat, which tends to be thin, hairy, and skittish to boot. What’s more, pigs tend to be relatively tolerant creatures. It’s not like sodomizing a bull, which could turn and gore you.

What’s really needed, though, is a scientific study of animal sex appeal. Zoophiles could be polled on their preferences in animals. Or better yet, scientists could set up a bestiality test laboratory with a coterie of favorite beasts. Volunteers could come in and fuck the animals, and then scientists could note their responses. Which animal would be the best lay? The pig? The dog? The goat? The cow? What do you think? And how would humanity profit from knowing? So people don’t waste their time trying to sodomize woodchucks or have cunnilingus with hawks?

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Sep 16 2003
5:15 am

I imagine a pig would be a good lay pink nice fat and warm. But honestly what is wrong with these people. What is wrong with having sex with women. We are pretty and smell nice, and dont grunt.

Sep 16 2003
3:11 pm

But lily, women do grunt. Everyone grunts when they have sex. Men too. Perhaps that is part of the appeal of the pigs. The sounds they make are reminiscent of impassioned human lovemaking. And contrast that to dogs or goats — it’s no stretch to say we all grunt during sex, but who barks or bleets?

Sep 17 2003
4:30 am

I would say men grunt and women moan in my opinion, I think we should agree to differ.

Sep 17 2003
8:16 am

So men are pigs and women are — fog horns?

Oct 26 2003
12:14 pm

I imagine a goat would be a good lay pink nice fat, jucy and warm. But honestly what’s wrong with these jerk. What is wrong with having sex with them. They are pretty and smell nice, and dont grunt like men !

Mar 21 2004
1:49 pm

Dam, what ever happen to doing it to sheeps?

May 13 2004
10:21 am

Personally I find the goat to be a very sexual animal. Everytime I stroke it’s lower areas the noises he produces are very arousing

May 13 2004
10:23 am

What the hell is wrong with you people!!!
Sex with animals is just wrong you fricken wierdo’s, what the hell is wrong with a nice 13 year old boy freshly picked from the playground mmmmmmmmm

Oct 11 2004
6:17 am

YOU KNOW WHY THEY HAVE XEX WITH ANIMALS. BECAUSE IT IS TO HARD 2 GET A GIRL THESE DAys, sssooo muucchhhh work no1 can b fukd, and y would u waste ur money on a hoe

Nov 24 2004
11:30 am

sex with animals is the best ! the longer i am out the happer my dog is to see me when i get home . my neibor lets me use her pigs their wonderfull , the best part when you wake up in the morning there still there and so is the monney in your wallet

Dec 5 2004
2:32 pm

personally, I have sex with electric hair straighteners and lemons

i also like to sodomize golf cart engines.
while eating applesauce

but hey, whatever floats your boat

a calling from the wise
Dec 8 2004
11:52 pm

you all are fucking gross. i hope you receive a nasty sickness, and die a very slow painful death that costs you and your family lots of money. if you have to fuck a animal to get off you should just stick your dick in a meat grinder. i hope that god has no mercy on your soul and casts you into the pits of hell. when you enter hell i hope you are fucked by the devil and burnt into ash.
thank you have a nice day, fuck off.

Dec 18 2004
4:57 am

I think pigs are the best lovers. the sow on our farm is abs sexy and loving. ive done her lots and she loves it – so do I.

Feb 28 2005
5:28 pm

‘calling from the wise’, more like ‘complete lack of humor’

Feb 28 2005
5:50 pm

What I’m going to say does not mean shit, but why don’t most of those who say sex with animals is sick. Why don’t you guys and girls just try it for your selves and you would see why most like to have sex with animals.

Mar 14 2005
8:49 am

There is no excuse for having any form of sex with an animal. Men who are caught in the act of sexually abusing an animal should have their dicks removed immediately. On the spot no exceptions and if they object just slit their throats and be done with it. Its time society punished these deviant creatures running around in our midst and treated them like they deserve. I for one am so tired of the scum littering the planet.

Mar 20 2005
11:13 pm

But Tom — what about WOMEN who have sex with animals? Certainly it could be seen as abuse if a man forces himself into an innocent creature. But if a woman allows a dog, say, to mount her– the dog is obviously not being forced, nor is the woman, as she invited the behaviour. So disregarding any moral sense of propriety, is she truly guilty of abuse?

May 9 2005
6:03 am

If women were not picky about a mans looks ,
men wouldn’t have to have sex with animals.

May 30 2005
5:05 pm

“There is no excuse for having any form of sexaul act with an animal”

Well ok ok. Just one thing I don’t get is if a female animal is in heat and comes up to you and you mate with her… that should not be abuse cuz that animal wanted to mate. Am I corected and secondly what if you only have one of the type of animal and no others, so you think ‘What the hell I may help her with her sexaul need’.

Jul 15 2005
2:25 am

Here are the facts. Many of are descended from the Romans. This means we have similar genes and are likely to have similar behavioural traits. Now, the Romans had sex with every imaginable creature including babies, women and animals during huge orgies of unimaginable degradation. Every human has the ’stupid horny’ genes otherwise we would not have survived evolution and would not be here now. When we are not under watchful eyes we are allowed freedom and seek to fullfil our natural sexual curiosity. We all have the urges, suppressed by law and culture. Guys, it’s all good and fun, you will only be alive for a short time, there is no heaven, hell or observing god – enjoy. If you still believe in a little devil in the centre of the earth, talk to a geologist. If you still believe in a god in the heavens, talk to a molecular biologist. There is no punishment, just vast opportunity; 6,000,000 jews tortured to death – no punishment. Do what you like and be smart enough to conceal it from the unenlightened masses.

larry w. henry
Jul 31 2005
1:48 pm

i agree we zoo persons just love animals need to touch and sooth and comfort are best frends . we also need the same and people can not undesstand that love is so strong that people reach out to what is important to them..

Sep 10 2005
4:59 pm

sex with a pig is tha best i’ve don it many times and it’s great. and ive the animal don’t wants it then she would go away en i’ve she loves it she let it so you can mount her

Nov 15 2005
11:19 am

I fail to see why a society that allows the hunting, killing, dismembering, and consumption of an animal as acceptable, while sexual activity with same animal is “wrong”. I have no problems with people hunting, please don’t misunderstand. This is just for comparison.
Most cultures throughout history have had these relationships with various animals. I don’t belive that anything has changed, nor will it in the future. The largest influence dictating what is acceptable, and not acceptable was the invention of the Judeo-Christian belief system. Before this concept was created sex with animals was normal in society. Pottery has been found with graphic depictions of activities with various animals, but don’t expect to see them displayed in our favorite museum. The same is true with ancient stone carvings.
I belive that as long as there is no physical abuse/restraint/etc. involved, two beings in privacy of a house, barn, wherever can do as they please. (Persons participating in S&M obviously excluded from this standard)
The problem with many of these stories that I see is that there are other crimes being committed. Namely, B&E(breaking and entering), and trespassing while having sex with someone else’s animal. Allrighty, public indecency too. If you feel drawn to sex with animals, have the “decency” to adopt the animal of preferance, protect, and care for it as well, or better than yourself.
On “Consent”: When a mare is in the mood, and she trusts the individual taking care of her, she usually will show mating behaviour. Sniffing the handler’s genital area, possibly nibbling, up to and sometimes including attempting to sit on you. I’ve seen a couple horse owners afraid that “the horse was spinning around to try and kick me”!! *smirks* Definatly not the case as viewed including body position, and “other” signs. Most horse owners that actually pay attention, can read more body language from their equine friends, than the casual horse owner who spends little time with them.
I am not very knowledgable concerning canines. However, having a dog attempting to mate with your leg should be pretty obvious as to what he’s thinking. I wouldn’t deduce that he was interested in playing a game of parchisi.
If the arguement concerning religion is discounted as the complete control of the individual that it is. I have not seen any beliveable arguement as to the “morality” of the practice.
Man, as much as people try to deny, is an animal. No better or worse than any other, just higher on the food chain.
So, love whom you choose, protect them, and care for them to the best of your ability. Live life, and enjoy the limited time you have. And because there are many people that cannot, or will not understand, perhaps for now keeping your sexuality private is the best idea.

pig lover joe
Dec 5 2005
5:04 pm

OINK OINK OINK thats the sound i like to hear from my “victims” I love the pig more so when they have ten pert nipples to choose from, there is nothing more enjoyable than sucking on a nipple while the little pig bastards are also sucking on the nipples it is like one big pig orgy

Apr 26 2006
7:30 pm

Here is something about the “BIG MAN” (God) himself I don’t get. I hear that he can see into the future, pasted, and such. Well if he is as POWERFUL as he is said to be, he could use is to stop sex with animals, but nothing ever happened. proubly it’s because he sees no problem with it, as long as he sees us loving our animal and caring for them, I doubt he’d have any problem with taking the love you give your animal to the next level. I don’t know but this is one thing that has always been bugging me for ages.

Albert Jhonson
May 8 2006
10:16 pm

I have sex with many breeds of bitches, they like to please their masters, if a bitch trained for sex with you, she will always snif on you penis, bitches also hump when you enter them.
Sheeps are also very cooperative, they like sex with men, and the same with goats.
Sow is gods sexiest creature, she loves men penis.

Wade Schwartz
Nov 23 2006
11:32 am

Better a Pig then a 12 year old boy.
I have a pet sheep that just loves it
when I come to visit her.

Dec 9 2006
8:53 pm

You guys and gals are all sick and discusting and gross. I hope your dicks and pussys fall off.
I’m going to fuck my pet elephant now……….

Feb 25 2007
3:12 am

i am a male of 20 and serving in pakistan army as camando. i like animals for sex . she dangi, she horse, she dog and she monkey is my faverite for sex

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